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Strange days indeed
This is true story. My mother in law was, let's say, a bit of a tramp in her day. The stories I heard about her were, a source of embarrassment for my wife's family, rather excited me. Men validated her, it seemed. If some guy was after her, she was in her element. She was a pretty strawberry blonde and had a nice body. She was thin in the right places and she had a tremendous rack. She got divorced from wife's father and ran away from my wife's family when she was in her forties, to test the waters. She went to California and then to Las Vegas. As she got into her early fifties, she reappeared and somehow got back into semi good graces with her family.

After we were married and had several kids, my MIL came to help us. In fact she lived with us for several years. Soon I noticed that I became an object of her conquest.

My wife and I began to experience marital difficulties and it was related to my wife's inability to stay at home, kind of like her mom. Work became everything to her, she was gone constantly. My MIL became a bigger part of my life as she and I shared kid duty.

On days my wife traveled I noticed my MIL dressed more risque. Sometimes at night after the kids were asleep she would wear a very sheer T-shirt with no bra and an old pair of my gym shorts on. This was a turn on as she had nice tits. Other times she wore a little flannel nightie that basically exposed her ass when we would go around and pick-up toys from the floor. Needless to say, I made sure the floors were littered with toys.

Time went on, when my wife was not at home we began to share drinks and stayed up late at night talking. Our conversations always turned to sex. One night she even gave me a bit of a lingerie show. She wanted my opinion about some clothes that she wanted to wear on a date. An out of town guy was coming in to see her.
She changed and came back. After showing me her outfit she unbuttoned her suit coat thing and showed me the camisole she wanted to wear. Her coat was black and the camisole was a see through nude color. In essence she got drunk and showed me her tits. It was nice. Often she told me she was proud of her body and once said that she still had the same chest she had when she was in her thirties. When I agreed that she had a nice chest, she acted taken aback and asked how I would know. I explained that sometimes the things that she wore were revealing. She asked if I was offended. I said I thought it was enjoyable. I asked if she was offended that I admired were physical attributes. That is why women have them she said, for men to enjoy them. She said she would never wear such things in front of my wife, her daughter, as my wife would not approve. I agreed.

The hostility between my wife and MIL was extraordinary. One morning she came out in her panties when she thought I was the only one home. My wife had yet to leave and caught her in the kitchen before I saw her and world war three ensued. For awhile things settled down but not for long.

On some occasions during our unchaperoned drinking sessions we talked about her dates. She made it very clear that she was sexually active and liked it.

Then one night when my wife was out of town we put the kids down and we started drinking.

We sat on a couch and drank wine. The TV was on and something news worthy was happening. She insisted that I move closer to her to see the TV better. In fact, she suggested that I sit on the floor in front of her. Soon I was nestled between her legs with my back resting on the couch. This was very uncomfortable because I was at a loss as to what to do. She excused herself and came back dressed in her little flannel nightie that barely covered her ass and she turned off the lights.

She sat to the right of me. Then said she was having trouble seeing the television from that angle. Rather than to ask me to move she swung her leg over my head and slid over. Whether I caught a smell or heard skin rubbing on skin, I knew then that she was not wearing underwear.

She put her hands on my shoulders at one point. I felt uncomfortable so I got up and moved onto a chair slightly on an angle from her. She watched TV and drank for about five minutes while I craned my neck to see the TV, we engaged in small talk. Then I summoned up my nerve.

I moved to the floor again in front of the couch but next to her. She and I talked about some non sense. And then she made some kind of move that for some reason I thought was an invitation. It was the way she crossed and recrossed her leg in rapid succession, I think.

Anyway I turned into her and knelt between her legs. She asked what I was doing. I did not answer. I gently parted her legs and went down on her. She did not object. I put my face between her legs and thought I just wanted do to this for a moment or two. Her pussy was moist, and musty smelling. It tasted good. She had rather large pussy lips. She did not make any noise. My hand found it way under her flannel and I started massaging her tits. I rolled her nipple between my fingers, they were long and thick, just like her daughters'. She just began to breathe a little heavier when a suspect noise from the other room interrupted my session. I stopped, disengaged from her and went to check. The kids were sound asleep. Feeling the guilt and the horror, I decided to call it a night even though I had had a huge hard-on.

When I returned she asked me why men like to do that to women? She asked is it because it makes women get all wild and loose. I said that that was part of it. She was talking about eating pussy. Then I told her we had to stop. My MIL had a propensity to tell stories out of school and I was worried that this episode would come back to haunt me.

I told her she could sleep in my room and that I would sleep in the den. I walked to a certain point and she followed and asked about the sleeping arrangements as if she didn't understand what I had just said. She asked if I was sleeping with her. This I thought was crazy as my kids could walk in and find us. I explained and said no. Agreeing, she asked if there was any other way. Before I left her she touched me. I went down stairs and tried to sleep. The next morning I woke up and expected her to be cold as she would probably be regretful but I found she was normal.

I really don't know how many men can say they did what I did. There is so much more here.

More later.

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2011-10-30 22:24:16
I disagree dude, if that was me i would've phuck her right there hard.

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2010-04-20 08:11:42
yes you did crazy man, you are srupid

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2010-04-10 11:55:37
well who would do what you did, crazy man

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