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The day after my first sexual encounter with my daughter...
When I woke I had the feeling I had spent the night dreaming about what had happened the night before. For those first few seconds of the day when you remember the night before but are not sure which bits are reality and which bits are a dream were happening to me. Had I really done the ultimate in bad deeds and deflowered my own daughter? Had we really spent the previous evening tasting each other’s bodies, concluding in love making to the highest degree? Had a Daddy really got so turned on and fucked his own Daughter? With that final question still on my mind the bedroom door suddenly opened and in came Chloe, the gorgeous Daughter I had been dreaming about, carrying a tray laden with tea and toast. She wore a tight t-shirt and had those snug fitting girlie boxers on that I loved so much and she was smiling from ear to ear.

“Morning sleepy head,” she pronounced as she placed the tray down on the bed, sliding onto the quilt and pulling one leg up under the other. “I thought I was going to have to wake you, but you just beat me to it,”
she said as she picked up a triangle of toast and bit into it.

“Morning babe,” I replied, blinking hard to make sure I was taking in the full beauty of her sat in front of me. “I, err, hope I wasn’t too out of place last night with you as I really should have known better,” I continued as I sipped at my cup of tea.

“Course not Dad,” she said with a mouth full of toast. “And anyway, as they say, it takes two to Tango, and I’m a big girl who could have said no!” She continued smiling and eating her toast. “Anyway,” she added when she had finished her mouthful, “I told you I had wanted my first time to be with someone who was really special to me, and that’s you” she said nodding at me.

“Well I’m flattered” I said, “But that doesn’t mean to say that it was right of me to take advantage of you in that way”.

“You didn’t take advantage” Chloe said sharply, “if anyone took advantage, it was me. I was the one who played on the fact you must have been desperate for a bit of nookie after all this time without a woman, so if anyone’s to blame, it’s me.” Her face beamed again in a smile and I knew it was useless to argue the point any further, so we sat and ate toast whilst drinking our tea together in bed.
I stood under the hot water jet of the shower contemplating the previous night and the fact that Chloe had woken up this morning and acted more like a girlfriend than a daughter, bringing me breakfast in bed, sitting with me joking around. I could hardly take my eyes off her fantastic figure as her tight shirt showed off her beautiful breasts and her tight panties giving off the faintest outline of her pussy. The pussy which I had licked and fucked for the first time last night. As I soaped my body and ran my hands down over my cock it was as rock hard as I had ever known it. I tried to tell myself how wrong I had been and that I shouldn’t be getting aroused because it was my daughter but my body wasn’t listening to my mind.

I stepped out of the shower and started to dry when Chloe just walked straight in completely naked and took my place in the cubicle. I watched with fascination as she dutifully washed her hair and body, the outline of her teenage frame just visible through the steam and water covered glass. She knew I was watching her so put on a little show, teasing me as she stood full frontal with her arms stretched up rubbing the shampoo in her hair knowing that I would just be able to make out her breasts and small dark patch of pubic hair. Leaning forward she then pushed her gorgeous tits against the glass which obviously gave me a very clear view of her nipples as they squashed against the wet surface. Standing back again left their imprint for me to see and Chloe bent down slightly to peer through the shapes at me, smiling again as she saw my erection sticking out in front.

Switching the water off Chloe came out of the shower and I handed her a clean soft towel which she wrapped round herself before grabbing a smaller towel to dry her hair. She bent over letting her hair fall forward as she towelled it dry, the wetness from her body forcing the material wrapped round her to cling to her showing off her fine ass. I couldn’t stop myself any longer as I walked up to her and spun her round to face me, her damp tussled hair looking so sexy against her sweet complexion. She let her towel fall from her body as she stepped up on tip-toes to kiss me. I pulled her nakedness close to my own and lifted her as we continued to explore each other’s mouths with our tongues. Her breasts pushed against my own chest as she wrapped her legs around my waist, my hard on pressing into her ass cheeks as if she was balancing on it. I backed up out of the en-suite and gently placed her on my bed. I lifted her legs up by her ankles and kneeled down on the floor before planting a big kiss on her sweet teenage cunt. Holding her legs now by the thighs I lapped at her sex like a hungry cat, her wetness mingling with my saliva as her pussy lips glistened in the morning sun shining through the window. As I continued to lick I felt Chloe’s heels on the back of my head as she pushed me harder into her, my tongue now entering her as far as I could, her sweet juices flowing down my chin as my head moved backwards and forwards.

She seemed so light as I lifted her across the bed, hungry for more sweet tasting pussy I knelt over her in the traditional 69 position and continued my onslaught on her clit with my tongue. She allowed her legs to spread wide and I licked up and down her slit, even venturing down to her freshly washed asshole to ensure I got to taste all of her. She was moaning with pleasure as I felt her grab my cock and pull me down into her own wet mouth. I could not honestly think the last time I felt this hard as she sucked me deep into her mouth whilst massaging my balls. She then grabbed my own ass cheeks and squeezed as she worked me with her tongue, flicking the end of my knob before burying it deep in her throat. The wet sounds were as much a turn on as the action making them, all leading towards an epic orgasm.

As my balls started to ache from wanting to come, I knew from Chloe’s gasps that she was herself close to climax so I slipped a finger into her tight hole, knowing that only last night had it had its first real penetration by someone else. Aware that she may still be a little sore and getting used to the feeling of something inside her I gently moved my hand as I continued to flick at her clit. Her muscles seemed to suck my finger in and she was soon begging me to add another. I slipped a second in and started to finger fuck her with the juices making it an easy job. As I increased the speed and pressure I felt her wanking my cock harder into her mouth, gasping with delight at the attention she was receiving down below. As she let out a long grunt, her vocal chords vibrating her mouth against my own hardness, I felt her muscles contract as her orgasm hit. I continued to thrust my fingers in and out to make sure her orgasm was complete as I felt my own semen rising. Sensing I was about to shoot my load, Chloe removed the head from her mouth and wanked me as fast as she could, watching as I spunked all over her delicious tits. She milked me dry before I collapsed on my back beside her, both panting with the intensity that had just encompassed our bodies and erupted in such pleasure.
As we walked around the garden centre I had been surprised at how busy it was. Chloe had suggested this place as it had a nice restaurant within its grounds that served good food as well as deciding that a few new plants around the house would help cheer it up and make it feel more homely! As well as that there were quite a few youngsters that worked there at weekends and she was enjoying the attention she was receiving from them as they watched her walking around.

Having showered again after our session earlier Chloe had dressed in a rather short flimsy skirt and tight top which again showed off her lovely figure. She wore one of the new underwear sets we had bought yesterday which consisted of matching purple thong and bra. The padded bra made her 32C breasts seem a little bigger than they were, and so against her slim tummy and tight top she was quite noticeable. She had made me stop at the chemist on the way to the centre to buy some condoms, the first I had bought in a long time which were now safely in the glove box ready for later.

It wasn’t just the young boys that I saw checking my daughter out as we walked around the place, at one point I saw a father gawping at her chest as he was ushering his own kids into the pet area. His wife had seen him looking and had given him a dig in the ribs with her elbow as she told him to stop ogling young girls and to pay more attention to his own kids. Saying that, Chloe was walking around the place as seductively as she could, at one point bending over to look at some rabbits in a pen without bending her knees, ensuring her skirt was riding up her legs and sitting just below the crease of her arse. Those that were looking were almost certainly getting an eye full of her cheeks, and possibly her thong covered pussy. Then she would reach up to the top shelf to fetch something that she wasn’t really interested in apart from the fact that again she was showing plenty of sexy leg. She knew she was getting the attention and would then walk over to me and hook her arm through mine as she would say “come on Daddy, let’s go find some plants/fish/food” or whatever she fancied as she marched me off away from the teased men.
Sitting in the restaurant we had a corner table where we were eating our lunch. There were planters all around the place with colourful flowers in giving the impression of an outside garden area. Because of where we were it seemed pretty secluded, despite the full restaurant with all the other people milling around. Suddenly I felt a hand on my thigh as Chloe reached down and touched me. I nearly choked on my food as I looked across at her cheeky grin.

“Chloe”! I announced as I gestured at all the people around us.

“Oh stop worrying Dad, it’s too busy for anyone to notice, and anyway no one can see us” she replied nodding at the large planter that was separating us from the adjoining table. Suddenly Chloe started shifting around in her seat and reached down under the table. With a wicked grin she told me to hold out my hand and proceeded to place her thong into it which she had just removed! I must have flushed as red as the roses in the planter near us as I quickly went to stuff them into my pocket.

“Not so fast you” she had said staring me straight in the eye. “You have to sniff them before you put them in your pocket so you can tell how horny I am” she said as she stuffed another fork full of food into her mouth.

“Chloe, for goodness sake! What if someone sees?” I asked.

“No one will, just do it” she told me. So I brought my hand up to my nose and took in a deep breath, sniffing at the silky material as her musk filled my nostrils and automatically my cock sprang up in my jeans. She continued, “now reach under the table and feel how wet I am”.

With my hand shaking, I took a quick look around to see if anyone was watching us and then placed my hand on her thigh. The softness was incredible and as I slid it up further I felt the edge of her skirt. I carried on until I reached my goal, her legs already slightly apart, her wetness in effect on show to the world. I slipped a finger across her clit before dipping it in her dripping lips.

“Now taste me” she ordered taking a sip from her orange juice, smiling at my embarrassment over the rim of her glass.

There was no doubting how wet she was as I pulled my hand back from under the table and put it a finger into my mouth. The taste was incredible, complimenting the musky smell I had against my nose only moments ago, she knew I was as turned on as her.

“I want you take me home now and fuck me” she stated as if we were sat on our own in the middle of a secluded field, not seeming to care if anyone heard.

Unable to even think about anything else, I got up hoping that no one would really notice the bulge that was straining against my jeans, thankful that they were quite tight which meant my cock was not sticking too far out front. I scooped up our recent purchases and headed to the exit knowing that Chloe had more than likely left a tell tale wet patch on her chair from her juicy slit.

“I can’t believe you did that” I said as we were walking towards the car. “That was so risky”!

“Oh stop worrying Dad” she said as she skipped alongside of me. “No one noticed, and if they did then they would just be jealous of you having some sexy fun so just enjoy it”.

“I did Chloe”, I said, “that’s what made it extra wrong”! We both laughed as we got into the car and I started the engine.

Still horny as hell, Chloe spread her legs again and I reached over and played with her gorgeous little clit all the way home, only taking my hand away occasionally when I had to change gear. On drawing up on the drive, Chloe grabbed the bag from the chemist out of the glove box and we disappeared inside, locking the door behind us.
As my cock slid into her tight cunt, I buried my face into her sweet cleavage still encased in her new underwear. We had stopped only long enough for me to undo my jeans and slip on a condom before I lifted her cute ass up onto the kitchen worktop and entered her there and then. Slowly she removed her top and reached round to undo her bra. With those discarded on the floor she pulled my own shirt over my head and kissed me passionately on the lips. I reached down and took her still damp thong from my pocket and wrapped it clumsily around my cock as I shafted her. More juices flowed over it and I held it up again to my nose and sniffed deeply. The smell of her sex as well as the tightness of her muscles had taken me beyond being turned on to almost raw animal feelings. I pounded into her as she gasped with pleasure, her legs wrapping round me pulling me deeper inside until my balls were slamming hard against her arse, her head thrown back in pleasure as she continued to control the pace of my thrusts with her legs.

She suddenly brought her head back forward and stared me deep into my eyes as she gritted her teeth together and told me she was about to come.

“Make me come Dad” she said, “fuck me hard and make your sweet daughters cunt come”. I continued the thrusting and pounding knowing that I too was so close to that magic feeling. “Fuck me with all your strength Dad” she continued through determined, gritted teeth, “Fuck me like you have never fucked another woman and make my pussy squirt its juice all over your hard cock”!

Well I was certainly fucking like I had never fucked before, and I had never heard anyone speak like that before during sex, especially her mother, and it was sending me wild. As my own orgasm started to rise I was glad to hear the initial screams of delight as Chloe too got to the point of no return. In a sexual crescendo, a few extra thrusts and the gates of heaven opened. My legs went week as my spunk erupted inside her, thankful of the rubber barrier otherwise I would have been worried the force would have shot her womb to pieces. Her legs clenched me tighter in as our orgasms matched pulse for pulse, the sweat sticking our top halves together as her own fluid did the same below. Lifting her off the kitchen top, her strong pussy muscles not allowing my cock free, I carried her into the lounge where we collapsed onto the sofa in a sweaty heap. My head spinning with a feeling of pleasure I had never witnessed before, it seemed an age before either of us made a move. It was only when Chloe finally lifted up from my chest and looked at me that I noticed my cock was still hard and still held in place between her sweet cunny lips.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me” she had said as she shifted slightly to make sure she wasn’t imagining it. Sure enough I seemed as hard as before. Maybe her muscles were so young and tight that they hadn’t let the blood flow back out of my erection. Whatever the reason, we now found ourselves with me on my back and Chloe sat up straddling me, her hands on my stomach as she gently swayed back and forth with my shaft well and truly buried in her sweet hole as I stared up at her budding breasts with nipples pointing straight at me. This was going to one weekend I would remember for the rest of my life.


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Pammie came into the den in her thin robe and opened it to show me her sheer little panties and nothing else! I was already stroking my cock and she reached for it to slide her hands and then her mouth up and down the shaft. My daughter was so sexual. I pushed the robe off her shoulders and then slipped off her panties. I fingered her for a few minutes and then she climbed onto my lap. She slid my cock into her moist cunt and we fucked until she started to cum screaming. I blasted a load into her pussy and we collapsed in each other's arms. What a weekend this was turning out to be! Happy birthday, papa! I can't wait until next week when I turn 12! I couldn't either. Love you, Pammie!

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