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This is my second story about a very special friendship between a teacher and his young student. As some complained my first was too long I cut this one up in three pieces with three ‘levels’ of cruelty to go with it. Even though the last one is a bit long again, I’m sure this shouldn’t be a bother.

So don’t let the cutesy stuff in part I fool you… read part II and III to find out :-) Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Evan unlocked the door in the hallway, leading him to his favourite stairs in the house. He enjoyed walking up to the first floor taking him to his bedroom where he spent lazy Sunday mornings reading a good book in his kingsize bed. Next to his bedroom his bathroom was situated, which contained a huge tub where he could lounge for hours. He enjoyed walking up the next stairs taking him up to the attic, which he turned into a small gym to keep his body in shape and his head clear. He could afford his luxurious lifestyle by making a decent living being teacher at a high school for the privileged children of doctors and laywers. But all those stairs could not compare with the stairs leading him down to his basement. The place he loved, but kept well hidden from the world.

He toggled the switch, lighting up a room which was inherently dark, as were Evan’s thoughts as he walked through the room. He let his hand slide over a cold iron table with handles bolted on the surface. The odd piece of furniture in the middle of the room always remembered him of old Frankenstein movies. He looked around, gazing at the leather straps and hooks hanging on the walls. He admired his wide variety of toys laying in neat stacks in the corners. Whips, gags, electric devices and rope decorated three sides of the room.

The last wall was covered with drawings, pictures and photos of women. Many of them were in compromising positions. Some were fully tied up, while others were only gagged. Some had their body decorated with a variety of objects including needles and hooks. However, his favourite picture was a simple black and white A4 paper from a copier. It displayed a young girl, flattened on the glass from the waist up. He smiled contently, grabbing the bottle of wodka and the two glasses he came for, then went back up the stairs. He locked the door carefully and made his way into the kitchen.

He stood in the doorway, looking at the open drawer next to the refrigerator. He couldn’t remember leaving it opened. He stepped towards the drawer curiously, looking down on his neatly ordened set of knives. The meat knife was missing. Evan felt a shiver down his spine; he was sure he didn’t use it.

“Looking for something?” a sweet female voice he heard ask from behind him, while Evan felt a sharp object pierce into his back. Nevertheless he turned around slowly, facing his attacker. He met the bright blue eyes of a young girl, hidden behind locks of honeyblond hair. In her hand she held the missing meatknife, poking it in his stomach softly. The girl smiled, perfect white teeth formed a breathtaking smile.

“Jesus Cassy, how often have I told you not to sneak up on me like that?!” Evan leaned forward to grab the knife from the girl. She didn’t push the object further into his body but flipped it around elegantly, handing him knife with the same wide smile. “A couple of times…” she grinned and jumped on the counter with ease, grabbing the bottle of wodka Evan just took upstairs with him, opening it and putting it to her full pink lips.

Evan leaned forward again and grabbed the bottle, yanking it out of her well manicured hands. “You’re too young to drink this, you know that.” She rolled her eyes. “Are you going to whine about everything today, Ev? I drink this all the time; I got a fake ID through my brother’s friend.” Evan walked in front of her, putting his hands on both sides of her long legs, which were only slightly covered by a short pink skirt. “You’re 16 and therefore too young to drink. As your teacher I’m supposed to look after you. End of story.”

As her teacher, Evan obviously knew a lot more about her than just her age. Her name was Cassidy van der Sluys, but over the months he decided that ‘Cassy’ was a ‘cuter’ nickname for her. It was a name which seemed to perfectly fit a pet. She was the daughter of Marcus van der Sluys, a wealthy and very influential Euro-banker. If he’d ever find out his little princess spent more time at his place then she should… it was a thought Evan rather did not think of. Her favourite color was pink, -or so he assumed as she wore her clothes and makeup mostly in this fashion. That did not have to mean much though, because most of the snobby rich twats in his class were dressed in pink. They were all the same. No interest in his stories on the Cold War or the Nazi-regime. “Hell, why should they?” Evan thought more than once while trying to educate his class on Stalin’s regime as simply as possible. They’d inherit their fortunes soon enough - work and intellect were not an issue or interest for many of them.

Cassidy wasn’t much of a perfect student either. She was a loud mouth and obviously had a lot of teen power amongst her peers. She turned sixteen last June. He remembered her birthday thanks to the wild mob of jocks barging in on his Monday-morning class to bring Cassidy roses. She was popular, thanks to her many millions and her stunning beauty. The latter was quite a distraction as she sat right in front of him 3 times a week.

“What is your obsession with knives anyway?” he asked, while studying the blade of the knife before putting it back in its rightful place in the drawer. Cassidy shrugged. “Don’t know, I just like them… Maybe that kinda started a couple of years ago when I accidentally cut my brother when we were fooling around. Sharp things are just… fun.” Evan stepped back towards the girl again, locking her swinging legs against the cupboards. “You’re a sick girl, you know that? And we do not say ‘kinda’, we say ‘kind of’.” His reply was another grin. “I know, I know… so how about that wodka?” Evan laughed. “I’m not giving you any alcohol, young lady!” He laughed even harder looking at her pouty face which had turned to the ground. He gently lifted her head back up with his hand.

“I’ll give you someone else if you behave though…” She looked back at him, slowly forming a naughty smile. “What would that be then, Teach?” Evan felt a spasm in his pants. She hated being called ‘Cassy’ and in return she had named Evan ‘Teach’. However, this had the opposite effect. By now she knew his weak spots well. He moved one of his hands towards her leg, crossing over it towards her thigh. She jumped by the ticklish sensation. Evan stopped his exploring and looked at her giggly face with a straight face. “Now Cassidy, sit still or I’ll have to punish you.” She snickered and spread her legs a little wider before holding still. Evan moved his hand towards the near piece of underwear. “Good girl.”

His hands now reached a soft cotton fabric under the skirt. He loved that subtile distinction between the little rich girls and trailertrash. Trailertrash wore cotton wool and cheap elastic bands for thongs. Rich girls felt different… they wouldn’t settle for anything less than silk and soft, expensive cotton. He wasn’t about to waste too much time on a piece of fabric though, knowing what was hidden behind it. He shoved the underwear aside gently.

While indulging Cassidy in a long, deep kiss he not-so-gently forced his indexfinger inside her still fairly dry pussy. She squeeled and withdrew her face from his. “The fuck?”, she yelled while looking at her teacher slightly pissed off. “Can’t you check if I’m wet first?” He kept his finger well dug inside of her. “Then I suggest you get wet faster” he shrugged indifferently. With a fair amount of friction he moved his finger in and out of her slowly. She wasn’t about to let him continue to do so for long. Locking her legs she pulled his hand off her body irritated.

Evan didn’t justify her defensive behaviour with a reply and simply forced her legs apart again, pulling her towards him harshly. The rough movement caused Cassidy to fall backwards and hit her head on the window. She reached for the pained spot with a groan, while Evan pulled her skimpy top and bra up, revealing a bare chest and a pair of beautiful breasts. She had a C-cup with impeccable round pink nipples which, so Evan already knew, rose to a very decent size when stimulated properly.

He leaned forward taking one of the nipples in his mouth, sucking lightly while moving his right hand to play with the other one. Tweaking it he finally got the reaction he wanted and felt them grow harder and longer by his touch. His sucking got rougher, occaisonally giving a teasing nibble. His left hand went back under her skirt. She had started to lubricate herself now, as his finger slipped in with greater ease than before, causing the girl to gasp. “Are you going to behave now or should I just stop here?” he asked with a sly smile. Her cheeks started to color slightly red. Cassidy nodded and spread her legs wider; answering equally teasing “Will you shut up and fuck me already? I gotta go in 20 minutes.” Evan smiled. “Fucking you? You weren’t behaving just then, were you? I think I’ll just have to punish you by not fucking you today.” Cassidy shot up with a yell. “What? Oh come on! I told you I…”

She didn’t get to finish her sentence as Evan interrupted her rudely by a slap in the face. “I think I made my point clear. Now lay back down and stay down, you spoiled little bitch.” She gave him a very distinct ‘fuck you’ look but remained silent. Evan was surprised by her submissiveness today. He knew her to be quite different. With that thought he felt like stretching his limits - and stretching something else while at it. He put a second finger on the moist entrance, moving it inside of her gently. Cassidy had relaxed her face and leaned on her arms to hold her body up, letting the window support her head while laying back on his kitchencounter comfortably. As Evan moved his thumb up to tease the little round button she let out a soft moan, closing her eyes contently.

This was his queue to test her for today. Without any sort of warning he inserted the other two and forcefully pushed his four fingers inside as far as possible. He felt the edges of her entrance tighten up around his hand. He had been wanting to fist fuck her for a while now, but her vagina was as stubborn as she was herself. His hands weren’t small either. He figured that with a good amount of force it should be able to stretch enough to let his entire hand in, but Cassidy had made him pay for every time he tried to use her as a piece of elastic. Today wasn’t any different.

Her hand hit him with a loud slap and a coloured print formed on his cheek as she sat up straight. “I fucking told you to stop fucking try to rip me in half, stupid fuck!” Evan rubbed his cheek laughing. Luckily she wasn’t as submissive as he thought. “And I told you to stop saying ‘fuck’ so many times.” She rolled her eyes sarcastically while locking her legs again. Evan figured he tested her enough for today. He didn’t want her to be late either, as much he liked to have her at his disposal for a longer time.

He kissed her once and rubbed his slippery index finger, which had resided inside her wet pussy moments earlier, on her lower lip. He moved it inside her mouth softly while looking at her determined, warning her silently not to pull off any tricks. She held still. “Are you waiting for a hard copy of my permission? Start sucking.” Closing her lips around his fingers, he felt her tongue dance on his skin, cleaning every last drop of her juices. “Good girl, if I had any stickers I would’ve given you one” he grinned sarcastically. “Fuck you” was the only reply he got. His second offer was of a different nature. “Or shall I eat you out instead?”

He met the eyes of a slightly insulted beauty who kept her mouth shut. “Say it.” Evan said mockingly. He had too much fun seeing her a whole lot less cocky as she was during the week in class. Cassidy sat up straight and stretched her arm, digging her nails in his skull and pushing his head down in silence. He decided to oblige and fell to his knees. He teased her enough for now. Pushing up her skirt, he forced her to lay back so he was able to slide off her underwear. He loved the smell and heat which came his way. “The only part of her which is sweet” he thought with a grin before moving his face closer.

He kissed her thighs before moving to the side to kiss her clit. He did so again, this time sucking it a little. He continued to kiss the rest of her pussy, contently licking off the juice left behind on his lips. He loved her taste and he wanted more. Evan let his tongue slide out his mouth moving it over the length of her pussy up towards her clit. He straddled her thighs, seeing more moist escape the little hole and her lips turning deep red. Moving back in, he started licking and sucking her clit more, while moving two fingers back in and out.

Evan knew he had to work her a little faster than usual, as they had about 10 minutes left before she had to leave. He had enough confidence in himself to still give her a mindblowing orgasm within that time. His motions became rougher. He heard Cassidy moan equally louder while her breathing sped up. He could vaguely see how she started to caress her breasts and nipples. He felt his cock push against his pants painfully and cursed himself for not obliging to fuck her. But he had to be strict. After all, he had to teach the little bitch whose boss.

His suction turned stronger while he let his tongue move little circles around the swollen little bud. She spasmed everytime he crossed the button. He felt wetness slide down his fingers and he was positive some was dripping on his clean kitchen floor. Cassidy was moaning loud enough for anyone in the house to hear, luckily they were the only ones in. ´Come already, damn brat” Evan growled at her in his mind while slamming his fingers inside of her, moving to her g-spot.

It had the wanted effect. Evan felt all her muscles tighten around his fingers just before another stream of wetness escaped her during an orgasm, which could have easily been heard by the neighbours with the amount of noise she made. He licked up the remaining juices, swallowing them contently before moving away from her. Cassidy lay back on the counter for a moment catching her breath again. Evan took a clean kitchen towel and threw it on top of her. “Clean yourself up” he yelled back while grabbing both of their coats in the hallway.

When he came back Cassidy sat up straight, rubbing the cloth over her still red and pleased pussy. She threw the soiled towel back at him teasingly. He caught it but let it fall down; he had more to clean up from the floor later anyway. She got off the counter and stepped back in her underwear, then straightening her clothes. “Hurry it up, will you? You said you had to leave quarter to and it’s now nearly ten to, because of your little beautysession.” Cassidy ignored his nagging. She put her hair back up in a neat ponytail using the window for a mirror before turning to him.

“Can you drive me to ballet class? Else I’m going to be late…” she pouted. Evan smiled, he saw that one coming. “Sure. Let’s go.” He put on his coat which he took out together with hers, seen as he already expected her to ask him for a ride. He turned in the doorway to see what took her. He caught her gulping down a big sip of the wodka he had put away for her earlier. She met his punishing eyes with another breathtaking smile and walked past him towards the door. He followed her, rolling his eyes.

Besides the casual sex, Evan en Cassidy shared an extraordinary friendship. Which had started in any even more extraordinary way….
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