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My name is Brian and my wife of 15 years is Claire, Claire is a petite woman standing only 4 feet 11 inches and weighing about 90 pounds. She is 40 years old but looks 30 and has a great figure with nice tits and a great ass even though she is small.

About 6 months ago we made a bet on a baseball game and the stakes wrer that the loser would agree to one sexual request of the winner. She agreed not knowing what I had in mind. I won the bet and she asked what I wanted her to do, I said I haad to think about it even though I knew what I wanted, I just did not know how she would react since she is basicly conservative.

The next day I hander her a "gift certificate". It read the presenter of this is entitled to one complete blowjob, the presenter has the right to get this at any time, in any place, can dress me as he choses and play with my body while I blow him. I agree to finish the blowjob and swallow all the cum, I agree to lick his cock clean and kiss and suck his balls as part of the blowjob, signed Claire.

She read the "gift certificate" and started to complain saying she thought that I would give it to her at a public place or something like that . I told her a bet was a bet and since she lost she should just sign and leave the rest to me. She called me some names but signed the paper.

The next few days she kept asking me when I was going to collect on my win and I just kept telling her that I would when the time was right.

She did not know that I had no intention of collecting and that I was going to pass the gift on to one of my friends to collect.

On the following monday I spoke to my freind Bob who had just retired after 20 years with the local police department. He is 46 years old and a very old and dear friend. I wanted to give him a special retirement gift and one of Claire's blowjobs seemed the prefect answer.

I arranged to meet Bob at a local tavern one afternoon and told him what I had planned. He was thrilled but said Claire would never deliver. I know Claire and her personality and I did not think she would back down but would be shocked beyond belief that I did this,

Claire goes to the gym every day from 11 AM to about 1 in the afternoon. At about 1 PM I called her cell and told her that I was stuck at the train station and my car would not start and asked her to pick me up after she left the gym. The tavern is right next to the station. Bob and I had some lunch and a few beers and waited for her to call me back.

A few moments later my cell rang and it was Claire. She said she had just finished her workout and shower and was on her way to the station to get me. She said that she was in her sweat suit and her hair was still wet so she wanted me to be outside waiting for her when she arrived. I assureed her that I would be waiting.

About 10 minutes later she pulled up to the station and Bob and I were waiting. She looked suprised to see him and more suprised when I got in the back seat and Bob got up front with her. She asked why Bob did not just drive me home or jump my car and appeared a bit annoyed. I explaine that there was nothing wrong with my car and that it was now pay up time. I did not sink in and I asked Bob to show her the paper I had given him which he did.

Claire's eyes almost bulged out of her head. She asked if I was serious and I assured her that I was. She must have asked five times if I really meant this and I said yes each time> Bob was now nervous and said we could call it off is she wanted to. I informed them that I won the bet and this was what I wanted and Claire should pay up or back down and admit that she welched on a bet.

Claire said she would never back out and said "lets go." She drove to the back of the lot and parked. It was the middle of the day and quite bright out but nobody was around since the lot is used for comuter parking and it was not time for people to be returning from the city.

She asked me what she had to do and I said that was up to Bob. She read the paper again and asked Bob what she should wear. He looked very scared but shocked us both and said "Nothing I guess". Claire then looked me in the eye and pulled her sweatshirt off and throught it in the back seat. She had nothing on under the shirt and was topless in the car. She pulled down her sweatpants and panties and took them off and again gave them to me. She was now naked. She looked at Bob and smiled and said she was ready and that he should get ready also as she was going to pay off her bet the best she could.

Bob pulled his pants down and in seconds Claire was all over his cock. She made a point of making as much slurping noise as she could. She stopped looked at me and asked if I was enjoying myself. I said "You bet" and she said no more bets today. She told Bob that part of the gift was that he could play with her body and she wanted the bet paid in full so he should get to work. She continued sucking his cock as he now played with her tits and ass. She was like a crazy person, sucking like mad for a minute then licking up and down his cock, she took both his balls in her mouth. She then took his hand and put it between her legs and moved to kneel on the seat. Her ass was up in the air and anyone passing could have seen what she was doing. She went back to the blowjob and soon Bob stated he was going to cum. Claire never broke stride and took his cock deeper as he filled her mouth. When Bob was finished Claire took his dick in her hand and milked the last of his cum and licked it clean. She asked me if the bet was now paid, I said yes. She said she had to go home and dry her hair and we should let her go. I got out, tried to kiss her goodbye but she said she had dick breath and she would see me later.

I was truly afraid I had gone way to far but when I got home she was not mad but warned me never to lose a bet to her as she would get even. Days later she admitted that even if she was embarassed by what she did, she had a good time acting the part of the slut wife


2006-10-14 02:37:33
Good story, I like a gal that pays off. I also like little
women. Enjoy her or I'll be thhere to take her.


2005-12-11 09:44:54
could have done with more action but it was ok i suppose, dirty bitch thats just not funny at all, i think u should stick 2 your day-job ; sucking cock


2004-07-06 03:30:40
Yeah, it's a good idea, but it needs quite a bit more story or action or something. Just add more; what you have right now is fine.


2004-05-17 20:34:49
fine short story


2004-04-07 23:54:55
this suckd, haha get it??
seriosly it wasnt that good, more action needed

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