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The past year had been a pretty lonely time for me. My mother and father had gotten a divorce the

previous year (I was 10). I didn't know exactly why they split up but I never got down on myself because I

was fairly certain that it had nothing to do with me. I loved both of my parents equally but one, my mother,

was always emotionally distant and the other, my father, was always physically distant.

My father, Jake, was physically distant, being an airline pilot for Southwest Airlines, but was

never emotionally absent like my mother was (who usually spent most of her time out on the town doing

God knows what while her husband was away on long flights). My dad was awarded custody of me after

the divorce and my mom was no longer in the picture. The salary of a junior captain for a major airline was

not too shabby so it was not difficult for my dad to hire a nanny for me and to buy me all of the things my

heart desired. It turned out that I liked the material things, but I could live without them; I missed my dad too

much to be completely content. He was still around a little; a weekend here, a weekend there. But i still

missed the times when we would spend weekends together when Mom was working or out with the girls.

We would do yard work together and fix little things around the house. I missed being with him in the

summertime when Mom would be gone for a day or two. One day stays in my mind particularly.

"Knock knock!" I heard my father's voice outside my bedroom door.

"Just getting ready, dad!" I shouted, trying to get my boner to subside after the wonderful

dreams I had just woken up from.

I had my back turned towards the door pulling up my shorts so if he did decide to open the door, he

wouldn't see my 11 year old boner sticking through my shorts. The door opened so fast it hit the door-stop

as I was bent over pullling my shorts up with my ass pointing straight at him, and he paused for a second

like he had just walked in on something he shouldn't be seeing. But I'm supposed to be his little boy,

right? What's wrong with that, I thought.

"Ehhh, you ready to cut the grass?", he asked in a nervous tone.

"Sure dad, just let me finish getting dressed, ok?" I said.

"All you really need is a pair of shorts, I'm not going to wear a shirt. I think i'll soak up some

sun today!" he said in a tone I was not too familiar with.

"Oh cool! Ok dad, i'll be right down!" I exclaimed.

The thought of my dad working in the yard showing off his slim but muscular physique, sweating

shirtless and looking like a sexy chisled statue was too much for me to handle. I'd have to be extremely

focused in my mind on the girls at school not to get aroused watching him work and sweat and be the envy

of all the other dads in the neighborhood. God, I'm such a little slut, and even worse, I'm having these dirty

fantasies about my own dad! Gosh! Do I need help or do I just need to direct my lust elsewhere?

Elsewhere sounds good; I don't need to see a shrink or anything, I'm just a horny kid, nothing wrong with

that, right? Ok, deep breaths, let's go work in the yard!

As I walked on to the front porch I saw my dad trimming the hedges wearing nothing but a pair of

navy blue knee-length basketball shorts. Everything was exposed above his waist. I stood there on the

porch feeling strangely aroused and also inadequate wearing a pair of similar black basketball shorts and

a white tank-top. I asked my father if i could help with the hedges and he said no thank you. But what I

could do was to go get the riding lawnmower ready. So I did what I was told and poured some gas into the

big Honda riding lawnmower and brought it out to the front yard for my now sexy, sweat-drenched dad. He

finished up the hedges, which he made look pristine, and then got on the lawnmower. He did about half of

the front yard and saw me sitting on the steps of the front porch looking bored; I guess he forgot how much

I loved to cut the grass on that lawnmower.

"Hey buddy, wanna finish the front yard?" he asked.

"Yeah! Can I?" I asked in an excited tone.

"Sure bud, just jump up here and take the wheel!"

My dad spread his legs apart and i ran up to him and the mower and climbed up into the front half of

the seat. I wiggled around until i was comfortable, wedged up against the front of the seat and my dad's

warm crotch. I could feel his limp, but very large package pressed up against my butt and lower back. It

was all I could do to keep a straight line on the grass, I was overwhelmed with sexual urges and feelings

that were all brand new to me (except with me and my closest friend Mike, who helped me experiment a

little. But that's another story). As the mower vibrated beneath us, I felt turned on like never before; part of it

was the 10 horsepower engine going at full throttle-the other was my ass vibrating like crazy up against a

giant cock that I knew I could never handle! Just as we were about to cut the last section of the front yard, I

felt something swelling behind me. Oh my god! Is my dad getting a boner? A million dirty thoughts raced

through my mind until i realized it was just probably the vibration of the motor arousing him (and his

encredibly large dick!) I didn't care what was causing it, I just wanted to ride this lawnmower with this

huge cock rubbing against my ass forever! We finished up the front yard and my dad put his hand on my

shoulder and said,
"Hey bud, wanna get a glass of lemonade or something before we cut the back yard?"

Part of me wanted to keep riding forever and feel his huge cock grind on my ass but I knew he was hot and

could use a break; I was thirsty too so I agreed to go in for a cool break. We went into the kitchen and

shared a tall glass of lemonade while every time he leaned back to take a sip, I stole a peek at his

magnificent package bulging out of his shorts. I also was hoping the same from him and caught him

looking at my crotch as I leaned back to pull my tank-top off as to get ready for the hot sun outside. I was so

turned on but felt a little wrong for the feelings I was having. But I eventually decided to go with it...There

was obviously something we couldn't ignore.

We started to cut the back lawn (which had an eight-foot-tall privacy fence around the entire

length of it) the same way we cut the front yard; Dad behind and me in the front. I could feel his shirtless

muscular chest against my back and I leaned back a little to press our bodies together. I felt his dick

begin to grow again in the exact same spot as last time; right up against my ass. As I drove the

lawnmower back and forth across the back lawn, I began to slide back in the seat, grinding my ass up

against his hard manhood. After a minute or two of that, he grabbed my hips and started reciprocating my

movements until we were nearly dry-humping each other on the lawnmower. At this point, my daddy's cock

was rock hard and so was mine! I just wanted to get him off the way Mom never could. He was such a

good man and deserved all of the sexual gratification one could desire, and if I had to be that lucky person,

then so be it! At about this time, the lawn was completely cut and professional looking.

"Wanna take a swim Kevin?" He asked.

"You bet! Race ya there?"

"Well I gotta go grab my trunks first!" Dad said.

"Who needs trunks? It's just us guys!" I explained.

"Uh, ok, last one there has to make us drinks!" Dad yelled.

We raced to the gate of the backyard pool, climbing out of our shorts and underwear, and I,

being so young and swift beat my dad into the pool but he splashed in right after me, tackling me

underwater. We wrestled around naked under the water til we both emerged for air.

"Looks like you're making drinks, old man!" I joked.

"Yeah ok, Kevin. Margarita for me and Lemonade for you, little boy!"

"Hey, I'm not that little! How about a margarita for me too?

"Ok, but if you tell your mother, I'm gonna whoop your little ass!"

"Not a word, dad, I promise"

Dad came out with the two dinks and he climbed in the pool, still naked and handed me my drink. I

took a few sips and let the cool beverage settle in my empty stomach.

"Taste good?" my dad asked.

"Yeah. It's a little strong though", I replied.

"Yeah, I didn't think you could handle it, wimp!" he joked.

"Whatever! I can too!" I said, trying to act older than i was.

So i took two huge gulps down, nearly choking, just to prove I didn't need to be treated like a

child.I'm not sure if it was the hot sun or my empty stomach or both, but I soon began feeling a little dizzy (in

a good way). So my dad and I floated around naked in the pool for a few more minutes and dad finally

gravitated over to the jet that was shooting water into the pool in the shallow end and rested his back up

against it. He looked like he was in a state of ecstasy as he swayed back and forth massaging his back

with the powerful jet. I slowly swam up in front of him so we were facing each other. He didn't know I was

right there in front of him; his mind was in outer space. I wanted to reach out and touch him so bad but

even with my buzz, I felt too nervous of what his reaction might be. I swam over to the edge wher my drink

was and took another large swallow from the frosty glass. Now all (or most, anyway) of my inhibitions flew

out the window and I couldn't deny my urges any more. I turned on my back, pushed off the side of the pool

with my feet, and bumped up against my dad's flat stomach and muscular chest. He wasn't startled at all.

He just continued to enjoy his massage while my back was pressed against him.

He reached both of his hands out and slowly bagan rubbing my hips. It felt so amazing! I was in

heaven being rubbed down by his strong hands. I reached behind me and began rubbing his hips like he

did mine. I moved my hands up and down his sides and even grabbed his hips and pulled my ass closer

to his uncovered crotch. The cool water and the feeling of his giant 8 or 9 inch cock sliding gently up and

down the length of my ass crack was more than I could handle! My smaller but fully capable prick grew at

an astounding rate. I felt as if I was going to explode right there in the water just from the sensation of his

hands and delicious-looking penis. I couldn't take much more of this; I moved my hands down from his

hips and slowly slid my fingers along the entire length of his now throbbing shaft. I wanted him so bad and

now I knew that he wanted me too. Most of my anxiety subsided and I began to relax a little.

I wrapped my right hand around his swollen rod and slowly began stroking him just like I had done for my

friend Mike and like I do to myself often. He moaned softly into my ear letting me know I was doing it

right. I kept jerking his cock underwater and sometimes positioning the head of his enormous dick on my

tight little asshole. I wanted him inside me but I knew I couldn't handle his monster as tight as I was, and

with very little training in that department. But it still felt great to push my butt harder and harder up

against his swollen cock head. He must have liked it too because after a few minutes of that, he reached

around the front of me and began reciprocating the actions I had done for him. He slowly slid his fingertips

along the length of my penis. It felt so good and he knew it. He slowly bagan jacking me off from behind as

I ground my hips on his hard cock. He also knew I wasn't ready for a huge package like that; but he knew

what I wanted. As he stroked my penis with his left hand, he propped my up with his knee, laying me on my

back. Her slid his right hand between my legs and around to my firm little buttocks. He spread my ass

cheeks apart ever so slightly and began to run his finger in a circle, tracing the entrance of my anus. His

middle finger felt so good rimming my asshole and sent me into a whole new world. He slipped the tip of

his finger inside my ass just a little bit as my sphincter tightned and trapped it just barely inside me. He

must have felt how tight I was and he slowly slipped his finger back out and continued the fantastic

rimming action of my tight little boy-pussy. At my age and with my raging hormones I knew I couldn't last

much longer. His gentle strokes made my dick rock hard and my whole body bagan to tingle. I knew this

feeling; I knew I was going to cum if he kept stroking me like that. My body tensed up all at once and the

most amazing sensation took over my body as my hips bagan to jerk uncontrollably. As I twitched, His

hands didn't stop as stream after srteam of my gooey boy juice erupted from the tip of my penis. As I finally

came out of my trance, I turned toward's him and hugged his waist and told him how amazing that was.

"Oh wow, dad!"
"Wow? Did that feel good?" He asked rhetorically.
"Incredible", I said.

After his amazing touch I knew I had to do something to repay him for the best orgasm I had ever

had. Still facing him, I grabbed his still throbbing hard cock and began jerking it just I had before. He

leaned his head back and continued moaing softly. We both knew I couldn't let him use my ass to get off

(although I hoped one day I would be able to handle him). I told him to get out of the pool and lay on one of

the patio chairs so I could bring him the drink he had forgotten about. He got out and made his way to one

the chairs that outlined the pool. It was at this time I was extremely happy we had the tall privacy fence. Still

naked, I climbed out of the pool and walked away from him towards where he had left his drink. I caught

him steeling glances as I bent over and picked it up. I walked back towards him, drink-in-hand shaking my

hips a little trying to look sexy. I sat at the foot of his chair which was fully reclined and he sipped his drink

in peace as I stared at his enormous boner that had a load inside begging to be released. So I did what I

knew he wanted and wrapped my little hand around his swollen tool and began jerking it off just like

before. He had made me feel so good a few minutes ago, I really wanted to out-do him. As I jerked him, I

saw a small pool of precum glistening on the head of his penis. I slowly stuck my toungue out and licked it

all up at once and swallowed it down. It didn't taste like much, a little salty, but other than that it was just the

erotica of licking up another man's juices that turned me on so much! I had been teasing him for so long I

could tell he was ready for a release. I didn't want to be a tease, so I took his entire head into my mouth

and began moving my tongue around it as sensually and intentively as i could. He threw his head back in

ecstasy and I could tell my dad was going to get off soon. I continued stroking his massive cock as i

stuffed as much of it as I could into my little mouth. I was soon stroking and sucking his cock violently.

with every up and down movement of my head, I could feel his manhood swelling up. I sucked and licked

and jerked his cock as if trying to milk every last drop from him. A short minute later, he bagan to breath a

lot heavier as his hips started to jerk up and down, thrusting his huge dick further down my throat. He

grabbed my head by the sides and made one last upward thrust as I felt one huge hot sticky rope of cum

hit the back of my throat, then another, then one more. My throat was full and I swallowed the sexy man's

load as fast as I could. The fourth or fifth spurt had been too much and began leaking down the sides of

my mouth and down my chin. As his drained cock began to go limp in my mouth, I let it out with a "pop"

sound. I sat there, drooling cum staring at my dad's smiling face. I realized the warm cum was on my chin

and I scraped it all up with one finger. I stuck my finger in my mouth and sucked it clean and swalloed my

mouth's contents. His smile grew; I guess he liked the fact that I was turning into a slut as much as I did.

To be continued....


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I remember when my dad was still alive I wanted to play with his cock which was in the neighborhood of 8 or 9 inches but he was very straight and I never got the chance

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