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It was about 6:30 and Chelsea went home. Since we were family my mom stayed to talk to nikko's mom. His brother was out and his sister was at a friends house. We were all alone up in his room with our moms talking downstairs.
"How long are we going to do this?" I ask him concerned.
Hes laying with his head on my lap. " I dono. Y? ur not gonna tell anyone right?"
"of course not u idiot" I say a liltle agitated that he would think i would be the one to fuck things up.
"Right. Srry" he said sitting up getting really close to me. He holds up the condom.
"how did you know where those were anyways?" i asked
"Well, ... I...just did K?" he said uncomfy.
"ok then" I say giving him a deep soft kiss.
We roll over into the middle of his bed he throws his stuffed pig collection onto the floor.
I pull off his shirt and feel his abs. OMG there is nothing that turns me on more than abs and he had a six pack.
"What are you doing" He asks looking at me funny.
"I love abs they turn me on" I said not looking away from them
"good because that i have. An ass i dont." he said with a frown
"u do 2" i said grabbing hs decent ass not much mind you."its right there"
"o ic" he says as he gives me another kiss. He pulls off my shirt. I take off my bra.
Ironicly enough in the car i had honey dust. Which is a powder you put on your body and it tastes good when ppl kiss you. So at 6 i went outside and put it on me all over my body. As he kissed down my neck he sat up really quickly.
"Wat?" I ask pushing myself on m elbows.
"You...taste good?" he said confused
" O its honeydust silly" I said laughing.
" O ok i like it" he said as he kissed down my chest and down my body to my jeans. He unbuttoned them and kissed me to the edge of my pink underwear."I love you Tori"
"i love you to nikko" I say as i take off his belt. He pulls off the last of my jeans.
" Do u want to put the condom on me or should i?" He asked stripping off his underwear as i do mine.
"um? don't know how." I said. I'm only 13 mine you so they dont teach you that stuff at catholic school yet.
" O" he laughs" I will then"
He puts on the condom and starts to wave his thing around.
" WTF r u doing?" I ask looking at his thing longingly.
" I dono. You ready for it?" he asks kneelng in front of me.
"O yes plez"
"front or back?"
"Ok well her we go""
He pushes himself into me with such force i go back and wack my head on the head of the bed. " Ow shit".
" R u ok" he says
" fine just keep going" I say so thrilled to get him in me.
He starts to hammer me hard. And i soon follow his lead of the rythm.He gose in out in out his stomach wacking my legs as he gose forward.
My orgasm is cumming fast but i try to hold it untill a sign that hes cumming to.
" Tori?"
W..AT?" I ask not really wanting to talk
"I'm cumming are you?"
He hammers me even faster aned starts to give out quiet moans. He grabs the lilttle remote for his stereo and quickly turns on his stereo loudly to 93.3. His moans become louder and mine soon follow.
"OOOOO GGGOOODDD NNNIIIKKOOOO PINCH MY NIPPLES PLEZ" I say loudly but not loud enogh to be heard downstairs.
He pinches them and comes down and starts to suck them. This makes my body go nuts and start to give lilttle spasims here and there.
"GGOOODDD TTOORRII u turn me on so much."
He says as he's almost super speed humping even faster
He puts his hand over my mouth yet again and keeps hammering.
And finally he cums as i do.
My back arches and e digs in even more then before.
"O my god" I gasp as i get enough breath to talk.
"I know" he said "You were amazing"
"me no u did the real thing" I said
"I know but you did such a good job turning me on" he said sliding out of me the condom fulled with cum.
He throws it away in his trash and i et up and start getting dressed
He comes up to me and stands behind me and kissses my neck
"Nikko" I gigled"that tickles Knock it off"
"Y ur so sexy i just want to suck on you all day" He said not letting up on my neck
"Excuse me but i thought it was my turn to
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