Chapters 35-37
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Chapter XXXV

Jeremy woke in the morning the sun was just clearing the horizon he stepped out over a sleeping Tiffany and went to have a look around. No one else was up yet so he took the opportunity to take a little swim before breakfast. He spent almost half an hour exploring the lagoon he was already familiar enough with it on the surface, but he explored the rocky floor of the lagoon there was really not a lot to see a few small coral outcrops and a few bunches of sea urchins. There were a few underwater caves that he noted but did not explore because he didn’t trust that he could get out if he went too far. He swam back to the shallows and was met by Shannon on the beach. “What’s the matter with Tiffany?” she asked.

“Ask her” Jeremy said and sat down as the other girls started getting food sorted out.

Tiffany got a plate and brought it to Jeremy then she turned to Rachel “Would you please let me eat your pussy?” she asked “Please Rachel I need to eat your pussy please let me she said getting down on her knees and she started to lift Rachel’s skirt up with her fingers before Rachel slapped her hand away.

“Why the fuck should I do that you bitch after that performance you put on yesterday, you know damn well we are all drooling for a piece of that.”

“Please Rachel I need to eat you I want to suck your pussy” she said her face inches from the other girl’s skirt clad crotch.

“No now fuck off what’s up with this sudden lesbian crap” Pricilla burst into tears and retreated to the shelter of the cave. Jeremy finished eating the other girls looking a bit confused but he ignored them and went ahead and walked down the path toward the Japanese base.

“What was that all about” Naomi asked as she intercepted him on the path

“That’s what I would like to know “Nicole said coming up behind her

“Well…” Jeremy said “That’s a tricky question if I tell you it’ll spoil the surprise then on the other hand I’m kind of fed up with everyone taking advantage of my good humor as it were?”

“Some kind of punishment?” Nicole asked

“Something like that” Jeremy said as they continued down the path.

“Get on your knees bitch” Pricilla’s voice came from a clearing off the path. The three of them looked over some brush to see Pricilla legs splayed her back against a tree Annabel dutifully kneeling between them Pricilla Annabel’s hair clutched in one claw as she rubbed her slit against the older woman’s face. “You like fucking my dog don’t you bitch?”

All that could be heard from a distance was a low moan.

“Norman get some” They heard rose say from behind a tree the dog rushed up behind Annabel and started licking her from clit to ass with his long agile tongue. Rose moved from behind the tree her naked body glistening in the dappled light. All eyes could see Rose’s fingers dipping into her dripping slit as the dog mounted Annabel.

“Yeah Take it like the bitch you are” Pricilla said. Annabel simply grunted as the dog pounded her swollen slit like a jackhammer. “Yeah that’s it fucking make me cum” Pricilla howled her legs trembling, Rose moved to replace her “now eat my sister you slut Pricilla called out as she caught her breath. They watched as Pricilla reached under Annabel and started pulling her nipples slapping them and squeezing them.

“I gotta pee” rose announced

“Drink her piss bitch” Pricilla said squeezing one of Annabel’s breasts in her fist. Both Naomi and Nicole unconsciously rubbed their own breasts. Rose unleashed a stream of yellow fluid into Annabel’s mouth “Swallow it you fucking traitor.” Annabel did as she was told. Her face and hair streaming wet with urine. She tried to sit up to catch her breath but the weight of the dog on her back and Pricilla’s fist on her tit held her in place. No one told you to stop eating pussy cunt. Pricilla said. Annabel pressed her face to Rose’s pussy again and she moved vigorously to bring the other girl off. Rose soon collapsed on the sand as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Norman his cock still stuck in the woman’s pussy was dragging Annabel across the clearing. Pricilla got up and took hold of the dog, as Annabel groaned I have one more thing to do to you bitch she picked up a bowl of what looked like water. She pulled out a string of fiber from it.

“What’s that” Nicole whispered to Jeremy

“No idea” Jeremy whispered back They watched as Pricilla wrapped the strips of fiber around Annabel’s nipples.

“Better hope you can get someone to suck those nipples of yours bitch” Pricilla said“That’s some strips of hide that I got from the last goat we skinned it’ll shrink up and make your nippies fall off it you don’t keep it wet. Though I wouldn’t mind that too much if they did” Pricilla reached down between Annabel’s legs Norman having dislodged himself and she took a handful of the frothy slime of dog cum and girl juice and rubbed it on Annabel’s face. “Don’t want you getting chapped lips.”

“Suck him hard again” Rose said pointing to the dog that was now sitting off to the side of the clearing, licking his still oozing cock. Annabel made to get up

“Crawl like the bitch you are” Pricilla said slapping Annabel on her breast leaving a bright red handprint on it. The other breast was already developing ugly black bruises. Annabel got down on her hands and knees and crawled over to the dog she leaned forward to lick his cock and gagged. “Suck it bitch” Pricilla said pushing her head forward. Norman’s enormous cock slowly slipped between Annabel’s stretched lips.

“Yeah take him to his balls bitch” Rose said Annabel gagged again as the large cock began to swell and fill her mouth. The dog mounted her face and started humping his balls bouncing merrily again her chin. Then he held still from her gagging and loud swallowing it was obvious the dog was spewing his creamy puppy juice down Annabel’s throat. A few minutes later he popped out of her mouth his knot dangling above his lengthy piece of meat something the size of a golf ball now though it was obviously bigger before.

“Fucking wild” Nicole whispered as Naomi took Jeremy and her by the arm and led them down the path. They found their way to the base without incident. Naomi worked on inspecting the Aircraft. Jeremy and Nicole worked on mounting the large propellers. It was about an hour before noon when they finished. There was still the problem of fuel. Naomi laid out on one of the workbenches.

“How about a quick fuck” Naomi asked, ”I’m fucking horney as hell”

“Aren’t you supposed to wait for your turn” Nicole asked.

“What I don’t think he can get me pregnant again no harm no foul.”

“I really think you should bring this up with the other girls.”

“What and have to fight over this gorgeous monster?” Naomi asked slipping her hand under Jeremy’s skirt

“What about me?” Nicole asked you don’t think I don’t want open access to his cock all the time too… I’d beg him right now to knock me up if I thought for a second he would.”

“Oh please just because you get an itch this is all hormones you know what it’s like to be pregnant?”

“What you don’t think I have hormones too? You don’t think this little bun maker isn’t screaming to be filled” Nicole asked rubbing her belly

“Girls behave” Jeremy said finally “Look you guys are going to have to work something out we will have to make an announcement at supper or something.”

“The hell I will” Naomi said

“If you don’t I will” Nicole said

“What makes you think that you’re in charge?”

“What makes you think you can think straight with a bun in the oven?”

“I well?”

“You girls settle this I don’t care how but I’d prefer you didn’t kill each other, we still need each other.”

“We don’t need all of us,” Naomi said

“We do need all of us Naomi I’m not going to let you endanger any of these girls after I have worked so hard to take care of them and saved them”

“Big Jeremy the hero Oooh” Naomi said

“Naomi shut up” Nicole said as Jeremy walked out the door. He was halfway back to camp before the other two caught up.

“I’m sorry Jeremy” Naomi began “I guess I got a little crazy back there”

“Me too” added Nicole “I don’t know what it is about being with you makes us want to be with you”

“Look girls I don’t care what the problem is lets just make sure it’s taken care of. You all need to be have in fact maybe that’s what you all should do when we get back is come up with a code of behavior so that we can all get along equitably.” Jeremy sighed “I don’t like being taken for granted, I don’t like being taken advantage of and I don’t like fighting, and we really have to do something about Pricilla, that girl has a mean streak a mile wide.”

“Your not wrong there” Nicole said Naomi nodded in agreement. When the three of them arrived back at the camp Tiffany came running up and dropped to her knees

“Master forgive me. I have been bad if you wish to punish me further I will accept whatever punishment you desire for me. I neglected to let Rachel taste your wonderful cock and drink your wonderful seed.” She was crying there in front of Jeremy he took her by the hand gently and tried to pull her to her feet. “Please master I am so unworthy to be your slave I have failed you in so many ways.” Jeremy looked over at Naomi who just rolled her eyes.

“Tiffany I never asked you to be my slave and I only gave you a penance because you had apparently forgotten what you told me and you got greedy”

“I know I admit it I was greedy I love you Jeremy I love your cock I want you baby so badly it hurts. I am so unworthy of you.”

Jeremy sighed “very well Tiffany you are forgiven but I expect you to help keep the others in line especially Shannon and perhaps also Pricilla and Rose.”

“Of course master it will be my pleasure to keep order to remind the others of how you saved us and how you are our hero and should be properly worshipped and not treated like some object” Jeremy was more than slightly annoyed, “Rachel would you come here” Tiffany called.

“What is it” Rachel asked coming out of the kitchen area.

“Let me finish for you I’ll do whatever it was that you were doing, Please come and enjoy my master’s cock, taste his sweet seed savor it please?”

“First you want me to let you eat me and now you want me to… Why?”

“It is a gift to you Rachel an apology for my bad behavior”

“So I can just?” Rachel asked gesturing to Jeremy’s crotch.

“Please do Rachel and enjoy” Tiffany said smiling as she turned to take over food preparations. Rachel walked up to Jeremy and took his cock in her hand. She kissed him experimentally as she stroked his hardening member. She slowly stroked his cock as he embraced her the long slow kiss to eternity as they drank from each other’s lips.

Rachel slowly kissed her way down Jeremy’s sun glazed chest, kissing and tasting his nipples, her mouth tasting the firm flesh of his pecks. Her tongue dancing down his abdomen her fingertips dancing on the hard firm flesh. She brushed her lips against his cock; she inhaled his smell. Her lips parted and her pink tongue touched the tip of his cock. She slowly painted his the length of his cock with the tip of her tongue. Then she flattened it dragging her tongue up and down until it glistened with saliva. She slowly took the tip and held it again her pursed lips as she looked up at him her lips parted as she sucked him inside of her mouth. The warm wetness thrilled Jeremy as Rachel slowly sucked Jeremy slow long strokes as she buried her nose in his pubes. She tickled his balls with her fingertips and hummed slightly as she felt them tighten. She squeezed her own breasts as she felt him throb and then erupt in long streams of hot man cream. She swallowed and kept sucking getting every bit of his precious man cream from his sensitive cock. “Wow” Jeremy gasped after a few seconds.

“Thank you” Rachel said turning back toward the cook fires her hips swayed seductively.

“I’m in trouble” Jeremy said

“I don’t know what your talking about stud” Nicole said stepping up beside him

“Yep I’m in big trouble.”

They ate lunch and the chat was uneventful until the end when Nicole announced that later tonight there would be a conference. Jeremy looked for something to do anything to keep his mind off the willing women. He went and counted time on the calendar to try and figure out what the date was. He knew it was mid summer in the US but here in the south it must be mid winter. That meant that the storm was a fluke and it would be best that they get off the island before summer here. Maybe July or early October. Maybe he could just spend the week knocking them up. No that wouldn’t work, he had to get the plane ready once it was ready it really wouldn’t matter. Life could go back to normal. Would his life ever be normal again? He sighed and sat down in the shade and closed his eyes.

He woke as the light was fading and he ambled down the path towards camp. He almost tripped over Annabel who was lying naked in the middle of the trail. He knelt beside her she was still breathing her breasts were horribly bruised as was her pussy. Her ass was covered with red stripes as was her stomach and thighs. He gently roused her; it took a moment for her to open her eyes. “Annabel are you okay?”

“I’ll be fine master” She said

“No you’re not fine what happened?”

Pricilla and Rose had me suck off Norman again and they had him fuck me until he wouldn’t anymore and then they got a fish from the kitchen and shoved it in my ass and one of them fucked me with that and the other fucked me with one of those wooden dildo’s that Shannon made. They made me eat them while they beat me with switches and sticks, and then they…

Jeremy hushed her and lifted her off the ground and carried her to his hut setting her inside. He got a plate of fruit and heaped it up with a double portion while the girls all looked at him confused. Jeremy sat down in the hut with the bruised Annabel and slowly gave her bits of fruit and water as she faded in and out of consciousness. He examined her fully and found the tail of a fish still sticking out of her ass. He gently dislodged it and tossed it out the door. He let her rest there beside his bed. Jeremy sat there looking at the beaten and broken body of the woman who was tortured and blackmailed and degraded first by her employer and later by two women who claimed they were loyal to him. He unclenched his fist he hadn’t realized that he was that angry, he was really angry, he looked at his palm where his nails had left indentions on them. He started counting… he got to fifty when Tiffany poked her head in it was dark outside.

“Master” she began “Oh? What did you do to her?”

“I didn’t do anything to her Tiffany what is your message?”

“Oh um Nicole and Naomi would like to see you the meeting is over and they want to tell you about everything.”

“Very well Tiffany” let them in and get me some more water and a rag if you can find one”

“Yes master I will” she ducked out of the door and he heard her saying, “master will see you now mistresses”

Naomi and Nicole ducked in and sat down before noticing the supine Annabel lying beside Jeremy.

“Jesus” Naomi said Nicole sucked her breath.

“Is she going to be okay?” Nicole asked

“I hope so” Jeremy said softly

“I had no idea” Naomi said

“I don’t think any of us did” Jeremy said, “This has to stop” his voice was the cool steel of a sword blade and it cut the silence inside the hut.


“She is under my care from now on” he said “I will have Tiffany and Shannon and probably Sunni here taking care of her when we are working on things, at least until she is strong enough to get around, that maybe several days.”

“Okay” the two girls responded

Tiffany ducked her head back inside with four coconut containers of water and she tossed him a ragged tank top “As you requested master my shirt was about all I could find that wasn’t completely threadbare.”

“Good job Tiffany, come sit,” he said gesturing to the only empty spot in the now crowded hut. Jeremy started by dipping the cloth in the water and gently rubbing Annabel’s head and then the rest of her body, she shivered slightly at the touch but didn’t stir beyond that. He had Tiffany do the same. “Okay girls fill me in”

“Well the girls decided that a month was too long to wait for cock so every five days they will draw straws to see who gets their pussies plunged.” Nicole began

“But those girls who are pregnant or become pregnant can ask for a frolic anytime after your morning”
Naomi smiled.

“I see” Jeremy said

“And once you’re through plowing all those fields we’ll talk to them about getting the ship out.”

“Sounds like a plan. When does this start?”

“In four days that way Tiffany has enough time to get knocked up”

“Okay great now then Ladies I need some rest”

“Night” Nicole said kissing him deeply on the lips.

“Good night hero,” Naomi said kissing Jeremy also but she sucked his tongue briefly and then sucked his lip, “Until I get a chance to get pounded by that beautiful pole of yours again”.

Chapter XXXVI

Jeremy woke in the morning. Tiffany was lying on the other side of Annabel. He gently woke Tiffany and then Annabel. “Master?” Tiffany asked

“Go get some more water please Tiffany” She smiled and hurried from the interior of the hut. “How are you feeling Annabel?”

“I hurt but you shouldn’t trouble yourself with me you should have left me to die”

“Annabel you should know by now that, that is something I could never do.” Jeremy said softly

“Master I am so unworthy of you I am so unworthy of these wonderful women who care so much for you, I wished to hurt you I planned on it, I hated you for what you did…”

“Hush” he said touching his fingers to her lips “That does not matter now Annabel, I am worried about you, you need to rest I’m going to make sure that the girls keep an eye on you while I take care of some things around camp. I’ll be nearby so if you need or want to talk to me just ask them to come and get me.”

“Master you are too kind to me”

“Annabel rest please and get better I won’t let them hurt you anymore”

“But master…” she said her lip trembling “I deserved to be hurt I should be beaten and fucked and abused I’m a…”

“You are a woman who has been mistreated for too long Annabel” he kissed her softly on the forehead, she sobbed “Show everyone else that you have changed that you are loyal to me and that you have given up your past and that your devoted to everyone here”

“Yes master” she gasped

“Now rest, when Tiffany returns I want you to drink plenty of water, and I want you to eat.”

“I don’t want to be too fat for you master”

“You shouldn’t worry about getting fat Annabel, you will be fat soon enough with our baby in your belly”

“You… you would really give me your baby? Our baby?”

“Rest” He said kissing her softly on the lips.

“My chest hurts my nipples are on fire” she said softly fading back into unconsciousness. Jeremy identified the rawhide strips that were wrapped around each nipple he removed them as gently as he could and crawled out of the hut just as Tiffany returned.

“Keep an eye on her Tiffany I’ll have Shannon come and help you one of you two are to be with her at all times.”

“Yes master”

“If there is a problem or something changes you are to come and get me immediately.”

“Of course master” Tiffany said. Jeremy met with Shannon at the cook fire and asked her to go and help Tiffany. Shannon hurried off while he ate.

They finished off three of the planned six huts in addition to his main hut. They were drier than the cave and they were a lot more comfortable. Jeremy checked in on Annabel around lunch time she was sleeping as peacefully as he could hope and her bruises had gone from what was mottled red to a ugly black. She was a little feverish and with the help of the other girls he got her to eat and drink. When he stepped out of the hut to continue work. Sara met him, “Can we talk for a minute Jeremy”.

“Sure” Jeremy replied walking with Sara down one of the game trails.

“Why are you so good I mean all that girl has done since we got stranded has been to cause trouble, I know the way that Rose and Pricilla and the other girls were treating her but I mean why stick up for her now?”

“Because someone had to, because I couldn’t let you girls beat her to death to torture her anymore, I’m mad at myself for letting it happen in the first place but I thought maybe the girls would get their aggression and anger out but its only gotten worse.”

“You are just too good for any of us Jeremy”

“Maybe Sara maybe but this has to stop.”

“I don’t know how it will”

“One way or another it will.”

“What if we never get off the island Jeremy?”

“Let me worry about getting us off the island Sara I have a plan and it should work” Jeremy at that moment noticed something he hadn’t noticed before, Sara was wearing a watch. “Sara how long have you had that?” He asked pointing to the watch

“It was a Christmas present from my grandparents.”

“Can I see it?”

“Sure Jeremy I guess?”

He looked at the watch it read Midnight and it was still moving the second hand still sliced forward. “Have you changed the time on this?”

“No I mean I don’t know how much time change there has been I’d all but forgotten about it.”

“Sara Baby your beautiful” he lifted her in an strong embrace and kissed her hard and then ran down back to the camp

Jeremy sat down with Naomi… “Can we figure it out with this?” He asked

“Oh hell no, one of these girls didn’t have a time piece. I guess I lost mine in the crash…”

“Yeah mine drowned in the salt water digital Timex piece of shit. Good for 30 meters water resistant unless its salt water.” He grinned

“So lets see California time is +6”

“Right” Jeremy said “so we mark time at Noon tomorrow and we should be able to plot our position on one of those old flight maps and then”.

“And then we can find the nearest port and get home”.

“What are you guys talking about?” Sara said walking up.

“Sara baby this your watch?” Naomi asked.

“Yeah Jeremy was real excited about it for some reason.”

“Your beautiful baby, now we have everything we need?”

“What are you guys talking about” Rachel asked.

“These two are crazy I think?” Rose said, “getting all excited over a watch”.

“You girls really don’t understand do you” Naomi said.

“What?” they all echoed.

“It gives us a point of origin it will tell us within a few miles where we are”

“What if I knew you could figure out where we are with a watch I’d have given it to you on the first day” Sara said.

“I still don’t get it” Rose said, “How does that tell you where we are exactly?”

“You know what time zones are right?” Jeremy explained

“Yeah so what?”

“Well if we know what time it is at say California which is where this watch is set to, and we know that that is Greenwich plus six then when know what time it is at zero latitude. We take that and we do a little bit of math and presto we know where we are in the pacific.”

“Plus shooting the sun or stars with the sextant and we have two sets of coordinates”

“You lost me,” Rose said

“Jeesh didn’t you take algebra or something in school?” Sara asked somewhat disgusted.
“Well we did but we didn’t do much work mostly Pricilla gave the teacher a lap dance and I recorded it and then we made sure our grades were good enough to pass, he would have hated it if his wife got a copy of that tape, never mind the principal or the police.”

Naomi shook her head “so you don’t know about x and y coordinates and how they go on a map?”

“Um not really”

“Lets just say that tomorrow we will know exactly where we are and we will have a much better idea of how to get home.”

“Oh no we aren’t leaving until Jeremy puts a baby inside me” Rose stormed

“Me too” Rachel said

“Oh he better not think we are leaving without filling my fertile little…”

“So does this mean your going to knock us all up tomorrow?” Rachel asked smiling

“No we still have to have a way off the island” Jeremy said

“Well build a bigger boat then” Rose said

“No matter how heroic and wonderful you girls think I am it still won’t make me a master boat builder, I know next to nothing about building a sea going boat that canoe is about the best I can do and at best we could get a week’s supplies on it which is not enough” Jeremy sighed.

“All of us we could get pretty far in a week” Rose said

“A week’s supplies for one” Jeremy corrected her. “Lets get ready for supper” Jeremy perched himself on a rock near the camp and watched as the girls busied themselves with preparing food and gathering wood and other materials.

“Are you really going to get us off this island” Pricilla asked him

“What do you think Pricilla?”

“I think that if anyone can you can”

“Well thanks I think”

“I heard about what happened to Annabel it sounds horrible”

“It was”

“Who could have possibly hurt her like that do you think?”

“I think you know damn well Pricilla who”


“Don’t play innocent with me Pricilla I saw you abusing her”

“You did?”

“I did you and your sister”

“Well then you know it was all Rose”

“I know Rose probably better than you think?”

“I don’t think so,” she said threateningly

“Get off of him Pricilla” Rose said grabbing her sister by the hair

“What you think he’s going to impregnate you after everything you have done?” Pricilla asked pushing Rose away

“I know he will he made a promise and I know he will take care of me no matter how much I don’t deserve it”

“All men are the same use you and lose you”

“Not Jeremy” rose said fire on the edge of her voice

“You think your better than me bitch?” Pricilla asked her sister by now the other girls had heard the commotion and started congregating.

“I don’t think” Rose said her voice cut through the silence like a bullwhip “I know I’m better than you and I will..”

“The Fuck you will bitch” Pricilla took a swing towards Rose it never connected Jeremy held her by the wrist. “Let go of me asshole” Pricilla screamed Jeremy took her other wrist and held them behind her back. Pricilla kicked and screamed

“All of you go about what you were doing if you weren’t doing anything then find something else to do.” Then he leaned forward and whispered into Pricilla’s ear “You come with me” he pushed her down the beach she stumbled a few times and finally fell. He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. He marched down the beach and set her down on the sand.

“You’re a fucking asshole you know that?” she said spitting on him

“Well I try not to be”

“Giving all these girls false hope making them think that maybe we will get rescued you know damn well that isn’t fucking going to happen”

“I do” Jeremy admitted

“Then you’re a fucking coward for giving these girls false hope making them think that some how you will make it all better”

“Pricilla if I had a dime for all the things you don’t know”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I unlike you don’t intend to spend the rest of my life on this island”

“What your going to knock us all up and fucking leave us like every other man would?”

“Nope that’s not my plan either”

“Well then what is it if you know?”

“Pricilla” he said touching her shoulder

“Don’t fucking touch me you fuck you think I want your cock inside me that puny little thing will never satisfy me.” She slapped him “Just because I’m a girl don’t think you have me all domesticated and shit like you did with that cunt Annabel.”

Jeremy took the slap without flinching and then he grabbed Pricilla in a bear hug “Pricilla dear, there is a plane it needs work and we have been working on it but it should be ready when we are ready to leave. I’ll take you home to your friends and family back to civilization.”

“I… I don’t have any friends, and my family has probably forgotten all about me by now they never cared what me or rose did it was always about money.”

“You do have friends Pricilla people who care about you? You think your sister would have gotten in your face if she didn’t care about you?”

“Yes she cares about you she wants to be normal”

“I have a little secret to share with you Pricilla what has happened here will brand us as never normal”

“So what are you saying?” Pricilla asked

“I’ll always be here for you Pricilla if you want me”

“No, no, no!” she screamed “its not fair you can’t be this good you can’t” she balled her fists and pounded his chest, he just held her as she finally let her fists dropped to her sides and she sobbed against his shoulder “promise me” she gasped “that you will never leave me or my sister”

“I promise” he said kissing her tear streaked cheek he lifted her into his arms and carried her back to camp and laid her inside one of the newly completed huts as he went about getting food for himself and then asked Rose to get food for her sister and told her where to take it.

Chapter XXXVII

Jeremy woke before dawn; he saw both Tiffany and Annabel were sleeping peacefully in the half-light of the hut. He moved to kneel beside Tiffany he gently touched her knee with his fingertips slowly sliding them up the inside of her thigh. He brushed her check with his hand and caressed the raised nipples on her nearly flat chest. She moaned softly as his fingers traced delicate lines up and down the insides of her thighs. She gasped and parted them slightly. Jeremy traced little trails through the thick hair that was now covering her pussy, he remembered a time when she had kept it shaved and smooth as a baby’s butt. He leaned forward and sucked one nipple and then the other bringing them to their full swell. He positioned himself carefully between her thighs and pressed his cock into her sweet juicy opening. He slowly pressed himself fully inside her and then he kissed her she woke with a tongue delving her mouth and a cock plumbing the depths of her pussy her eyes opened and she looked into his she grasped his head as his hips began to move. She wrapped her legs around him tilting her hips up to meet him. It was a slow delicate thing her pussy sucking at his hard thick meat. She gasped as he sucked and chewed her nipples she held his head against her breast until their movements became more urgent and the gasping and breathing reached its crescendo and Tiffany screamed as Jeremy erupted inside her the hot cream flooding her hungry womb.

“What’s wrong” Annabel asked weakly.

“Nothings wrong Annabel” Tiffany murmured, “Everything is just perfect.” Jeremy got up a few minutes later and Tiffany insisted on making sure he was cleaned up. She slurped greedily at their combined juices and wouldn’t let him leave until she was sure she had gotten every last bit of it.

Jeremy walked outside and headed to the Japanese base before the sun even rose. He got there just as the sun was clearing the horizon. He put a stick into the ground in the middle of the complex. And started looking around he found what he was looking for a pipe sticking out of the ground, he uncovered it some more moving sand away and followed in the same direction occasionally uncovering more as he progressed. Until he found what he was looking for three buried tanks… he hoped at least one of them was still intact he uncovered the fill ports. And with a wrench and a lot of straining the rusted bolts finally gave way one was full with what smelled like gasoline or maybe kerosene, the next was filled with oil and the third was filled with foul smelling sand. They could do it he congratulated himself. He walked to the head quarters building there was an old map on the wall. It was very old. But he found a compass and measured out the scale on the compass.

He used a bucket that he dusted out as best as he could to start transporting first oil to the engines of the plane. He hoped the oil filters on the old engines would survive. It took him till nearly noon when he went back to the stick. He watched it and the clock until the shadow disappeared. He then calculated that it was two hours and forty-five minutes ahead of California. That put them at almost plus eight, which put them pretty close to the Pacific Rim. Naomi showed up a few minutes later with Nicole and Pricilla in tow.

“Wow I never knew this was here,” Pricilla said

“Go look in there Pricilla, but understand you can’t tell the others yet it’s still not ready” Pricilla wandered into the cavernous hangar.

“Any luck with fuel and oil?” Naomi asked

Jeremy smiled “In fact I think we have plenty of both.”

Pricilla came out a few minutes later “Holy crap that is a big old plane its kind of weird looking though.”

“That’s because it’s a flying boat hun” Naomi said

“A what?”

“Back in the olden days” Nicole began “Someone thought it would be a good idea to have planes that could land on water and had extended ranges for well war mostly”

“So this is an old war plane like Vietnam or Iraq?” Jeremy and Naomi both nearly doubled over with laughter “What’s so funny?”

“This relic here Naomi said is from the Second World War”

“Uh that’s really a long time ago.” Pricilla said

“Yep” Jeremy said

“Will it fly”.

“One way to find out” Naomi said.

“You mean you don’t know?” Pricilla asked dumbfounded.

“Well no not really I mean it has been sitting on this island for, well longer than any of us have been alive” Nicole commented.

“I am betting it handles like a school bus,” Naomi grinned.

“Who’s going to fly it don’t tell me you know how to fly Jeremy” Pricilla asked.

“Naomi can fly, I mean sure I could fly it but don’t ask me to land or take off or anything like that”
“So what’s the next step then”.

“Oh I figure in a couple of days we get this canal in front of the hangar dug out and we’ll see if it will float… maybe more than a couple of days, no rush I mean unless your in a rush.” Jeremy smiled.

“Oh no, no rush I just well I never believed that this is incredible.”

“Your telling me” Naomi said “You don’t even want to know how hot I am for this plane.”

“Why” Pricilla asked.

“Well for one most of these planes were either destroyed or dismantled after the war, that makes this relic almost a one of a kind.” Naomi purred.

“Is that supposed to mean something?” Pricilla asked.

“Maybe only to me” Naomi said lightly rubbing herself.

“your not going to do that while we are flying are you?” Pricilla asked.

“Oh no maybe just for the first twenty minutes” Naomi grinned “God you don’t know how hot this makes me just talking about it and we are actually… fuck!”.

“Right ladies if your done with your fantasies some of us should get back to work Naomi can you see what you can find and see if where we are and what’s close I think I saw some maps,” he gave her the time adjustment down to the minute and headed off with the other two girls. He really needed to check in with Annabel.

Several minutes and half an island later Jeremy walked into camp he ducked into the hut that he shared with his current playmate and Annabel. She was doing better the bruises were starting to yellow and she was conscious and more than a little irritable. “I need to get outside Jeremy I’ve been cooped up in here for I don’t know how long”

“Sounds like a good idea to me if your up to it” Jeremy said.

“Really I mean your not going to keep me locked away in here?”.

“No just stay in camp and help out where you can and don’t over do it.”

“Thanks sweetie”.

“If you start feeling tired I want you to relax, come back in here if you need to”.

“Yes master” Annabel said Jeremy could only smile the rest of the day progressed fairly uneventfully and it was dark before Naomi arrived back at camp. Jeremy waited until after the evening meal for her to tell him what she had found.

“Well I figure if we take a heading west south west we can probably hit New Zealand or if for some awful reason we miss that enormous land mass we can’t miss Australia.” Naomi confided in the now empty hut.

“Can you work out a flight plan” Jeremy asked

“I can and have I’ll refine it over the time we have left, it might be a good idea to test fly the bitch before we actually have everyone on board.”

“Yes though I’m not sure how much fuel we have if it’s even enough to fill the tanks”

“We don’t need to fill them all the way the first time out.”

“You sure?”

“Yes I checked them and opened the drain plugs to get any moisture out so hopefully we can test it sooner rather than later”

“Actually I think later is going to be the order of the day” Jeremy responded.

“Yeah I kind of figured that” Naomi said.

“Will we make it as far as New Zealand?”.

“My best estimates make it about 1200 miles to there figure they will catch us on radar and will respond by at least sending someone out to see who we are. Most of the Flying boats that I have looked at specs on had a range of over 2000 miles so we should be fine, compass headings might be a little tricky but if we take off in the morning and fly away from the sun all day.”

“The compass is broken?”

“Looks like it or it maybe I haven’t figured out what’s the matter with it.”

“We’ll figure out something maybe it just needs a good whack with a mallet.”

“Maybe” Naomi agreed, “I hadn’t thought of that”

“Right lets get some rest then”

“Naomi left and Tiffany came in from where she had been waiting outside”

Still more to come

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