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She was mine tonight.

She had shot her mouth off, claiming to be right about some trivial fact, and bet me a night of complete servitude to the one who was right by the “loser”. She laughed so hard when I agreed, but knowing I was right, I pushed her on it. She was confident as well, and agreed, adding…she was going to go extra hard on me, since I was “cocky”.
Together we found the answer on the computer, a sexual energy in the air.
We soon discovered I was correct.
I told Sheryl to kneel before me…naked- NOW
She complied quite nicely, despite this being her 1st time as a submissive in a role play. Sheryl liked to dominate me; we had done this a few times before
She looked up with her sexy eyes and called me Master
I fed her my cock, letting her suck and lick it for a few minutes. I stopped her and laid her on the bed, tethering her wrists to the headboard, leaving her helpless and vulnerable. Her nipples were incredibly erect, giving away her arousal. I had to suck them.
I stuck a well lubed rabbit vibe in her sopping pussy, but ignored her pleas to turn it on and fuck me.
It just filled her, and left her anticipating. I loved the tease, and waited until she begged frantically before turning on the vibrator to a low setting…only enough to drive slave Sheryl crazy with desire.
I kissed her deeply and whispered in her ear, telling her I loved her and was going to give her the time of her life and make her beg to be my slave again.
I turned up the speed of the rabbit and it began its assault on her pussy and clit. She burst almost immediately into a quick hard orgasm, yet was eager for the next as she started humping and pleading for more…
I decided I needed a beer, and got up and left the room, leaving Sheryl to race for her next rabbit induced cum.
I came back a minute later with a bucket of beer on ice. I took a swig, and then kissed Sheryl. I ran my hands all over her body, enjoying my control and the affect my touch had on my slave.
She was about to cum again, when I started licking her clit, competing with Mr. Bunny for her engorged clit. Wave after wave of juice squirted from Sheryl’s pussy, drenching my face while I sucked on her clit.
As she subsided, I stroked her hair, and kissed her letting her tasted her lust on my lips. She started to beg for my cock…fuck me, let me suck it…she ranted and begged, but I held back, and instead pulled the vibe out of her and untied her arms. Dance for me I told her as I helped her up. Beg for my affection with your body…NO WORDS
She began a slow but hot dance showing off her hard round ass, toned abs, and sexy legs. She used all of her charms doing her best to please me. Her body looked great, and she enticed me with sultry poses, expressions and moves.
She came forward, and straddled me and began a lap dance. Sheryl ground her soaked pussy on my leg, and rubbed her boobs against my face. I kept still, resisting the desire to touch her, or grab her. I was still dressed and my cock was straining the denim, and the wet spot was obvious. Sheryl unleashed some killer moves…she was working her body for all she could. She shook her ass, and swayed her hips right in my face, so close I could almost taste her. Her pussy was sooo wet, I could see her juices running down her thigh. I was so turned on, but showed her nothing except my raging hard on.
She started to lose her cool, and tried to rip open my jeans, and actually tore open my button down shirt- sending buttons flying. Then she got aggressive and started to fall into a dominatrix role…
Fuck me John, NOW she snarled as she unbuttoned my jeans. I wanted so bad to succumb, and allow her to have her way with me, but I came to my senses and told her to STOP.
I guess you are incapable of being submissive by choice. So, I will bind you. On your knees, hands behind your back. No she said…fuck me! I grabbed her wrists and held them tight, wrapping silk rope around them and then tying them together behind her back. I wrapped the rope up her arms, bringing her elbows together. I then ran another rope tethering wrists to her ankles. I stepped back to admire my handiwork. I told her she looked so sexy, and vulnerable, I had to take some photos, and grabbed our digital camera. She protested at first, but then began to get into it, showing me some of the sexiest expressions. Her tits looks so sexy, thrust up because of the way her arms were bound, and her nipples were harder than I had ever seen. I got several great shots, and encouraged her by telling her how slutty and whorish she looks.
I began to pull and twist her nipples, which made her squirm…it had been quite a while since I had touched her. She began begging incoherently, and I threatened to gag her.
She quieted, but not for long, and I did gag her…with my cock in her throat. I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth and she busily sucked and licked. She was into sucking dick in a way I had not seen in all our years together.
I pulled away from her, so I don’t cum yet, but tell Sheryl I was bored. Knowing her fear, I asked her if I should fuck her ass…she shakes and pleads. I have no great desire to fuck her ass, I just wanted to see her squirm, so I told her I wouldn’t if she would agree to be my slave again. She agreed enthusiastically.
So I had to untie Sheryl and let her stay free, and we fell into a 69 position on our sides. She exploded and flooded me with cum. She just kept cumming and I kept sucking on her clit, and then saw the rabbit next to her on the bed. Sheryl was lost between cumming and sucking me and had no idea what hit her when I plunged the buzzing bunny into her sopping cunt. She stopped flooding my face, she was fucking squirting!!!
I put Sheryl on her hands and knees and slammed into her dripping pussy from behind. I grabbed a hold of her hips and drove into her hard and fast until we reached a common crescendo, exploding together in a deeply satisfying orgasm. Sheryl was screaming out and clawing the bed, while I howled and shot blast after blast of man juice into her wet pussy. I fell over exhausted, expecting Sheryl to join me in a content snuggling session.
That thought left swiftly when Sheryl was over me in a flash…grabbing my wrists and tethering me to the bed posts.
She announced my turn, and plopped her cum filled cunt onto my face…but that’s another story


2010-05-01 00:46:54
made me very wet thank you

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