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Continued from Part One, the story of a woman catures by a lusty blonde lesbian, a dark dominatrix woman, and a tall, black man with a cock bigger than she has ever seen before.
As soon as the others had left the small concrete cell, the tall, blond woman began to walk towards me with slow, measured steps. I saw her lick her lips once as her eyes ran over the length of my naked body...once, twice, and a third time, before she finally spoke in her lusty, lush tone.

"You may call me Miss Jessica, nothing else. And you had better enjoy me, I'm the only one here who's going to be nice to you." She flipped her blond hair and took the final step closer. I could see her large chest inches away from my bare stomach. My pussy ached, and I could feel liquid tingling on the edges of my swollen pink lips.

"Please...please get away from me and let me go.." I said, trying to bargain with the woman. "I promise I won't tell anyone."

The woman flicked out a manicured nail, and, without warning, began running it around the tip of my already aroused nipples. I released a gasp and clenched my eyes shut, trying to suppress the urge to moan. "You don't really want me to stop, do you?" she said, poking my nipple so that it was momentarily lower than my breast. I tried so hard not to moan from the pleasure of this touch to my stimulated tit. She surveyed my body once more, giving me an all-too-knowing stare from underneath her thick black eyelashes. Her hand moved slowly around my torso as she walked in a circle around my dangling and completely exposed backside.

"You're enjoying it too much," she said again. I could tell that she was peering up my blazing pussy even without my having to check. She ran her nail down so that it was millimeters away from my throbbing clitoris. "I could send you to Julius right now if I wanted, you're already ready for him to fuck you senseless."

"NO!" I cried, unable to contain my fear of the powerful man. "Oh no, please...don't do that!"

"Then stay still, and give in to the pleasure you're feeling..." Suddenly, Miss Jessica squeezed my clit hard between her thumb and forefinger. I cried out in pain and pleasure, screaming with the ecstasy I felt at her touch.

"OHHH! go! PLEASE LET GO!" I cried, not wanting her to see how much the squeezing motion was arousing me.

"Let go of what?" she asked, awaiting my answer.


"What do you want me to stop squeezing?" the woman said, mercilessly twisting and poking my flaming clit, arousing me to the point of cumming.

"P-please! S-sto...oh... PLEASE! Stop t-touching my pussy!"

"Why do you want me to stop?" Miss Jessica's lust was unmistakable, and her finger teased my pussy lips, running the length of it in between them and itching my wet organ. I was dying for her to stick her fingers in me.

"It's too...t-too much..." I moaned.

"Well, we wouldn't want too much of that, would we?" Miss Jessica suddenly withdrew her hands from my pussy and clitoris and walked to face me. The teasing without satisfaction made me half-mad. I wanted something in my pussy so bad that it was causing me physical pain. She turned to face me, and without warning, she began to toy with the straps of her bra, pulling on the blue string halter tie, until it loosened.

The bra fell away, revealing the round, C-cup breasts that I had noticed the first moment upon surveying her in my fear and excitement. Her tits were very large and brown, and her nipples were long and perky. It appeared that she had taken extreme pleasure in watching me beg and suffer raunchily at her hands. The next to go were her skimpy panties. I had gotten a full view of her plump, round ass, but her pussy was clean-shaven and had brown, pristine lips. It was a beautiful sex, and a small line of clear pussy juices were running down the insides of her toned thighs. I wanted to lick them up, and in my anguish, I caught myself licking my lips.

"I'm just here to warm you up, to get you in ecstasy, to make you cum uncontrollably until your pussy is begging for a good slam. But don't get me wrong...we are going to enjoy ourselves. By the time this night is through...I will have made you mine completely..." She ran a hand over her breasts and licked her lips, then, without warning, she leaned in and kissed my on the lips. It was gentle at first, her lips playing with mine, but them her small tongue flicked into my mouth, trying to find mine, and entwining with it.

"That's the idea, you little slut..." Miss Jessica drew away after a moment and walked over to a small door in the corner. She walked inside the little room and stayed there for a few minutes.

My wrists ached as I hung from the ceiling, my pussy dripping and my tits aching with the need to be touched. I considered how I was going to get out of there, and how I would make my escape before I was fucked mercilessly by the other two captors. The darker woman looked like she would be a real ball-buster, and I was frightened of Julius. I didn't like to fuck hard, especially by men I didn't know. I would have to get out...but I wasn't sure how I would do it. I sighed and closed my eyes, just for a moment... and then, suddenly, someone put a rag doused with some chemical over my mouth and nose. I struggled and then, everything went dark and I went limp.

When I awoke, I hanging above the dungeon floor. There were thick ropes around my ankles, wrists and neck, and I felt sore as soon as I tried to raise my head. The ropes around my legs and wrists were attached to some sort of pulley that was hooked around the ceiling beams . I could have reached them, were my hands not tied behind my back with forceful knots. The worst part was, my legs were spread wide apart in a straight line on either side of my, leaving my pussy and asshole totally exposed to the open air. A bit of pussy juice flowed down my pussy, leaking into my ass. I struggled against my bonds, and because I appeared to be alone, I even cried out for help. As I could have predicted, nobody heard me.

"You looking for me?" Miss Jessica walked back into the room, carrying something in her hand. "Because I know you're tied up there for a reason. You must have been a very bad girl." The thick lust in her voice was unmistakable. Now I could see what she held in her hand, an assortment of vibrating toys in many shapes and colors. The biggest was shaped like a cock, purple and at least a few inches wide.

"I don't know what you're talking about," I said, unable to focus on anything but the huge cock toy. "Please, please let me go."

"But I can't let you go until I've taught you to be good," said Jessica innocently. She set the toys down on the floor beside her, crouching and surveying my body. She ran a long finger down the length of my outstretched form. The tip of her nail caressed my lips as I parted them slightly, and she continued down my neck and over my chest, directly hitting my right tit as she passed. I moaned gently, almost involuntarily but not wanting her to know that it was causing me pleasure. I wasn't going to let her know that I...liked it. The tip of her nail ran across my stomach, causing me to tense and squirm as she circled my midriff, and slowly continued along the inside of my legs.

"Do you like the way I touch you?" she purred. "Aren't you so humiliated that I am making your pussy drip with excitement?"

"T-that isn't true!" I stammered, lifting my neck to look down my body at my pussy. Even without looking, I could tell that she was right. A small line of pussy juice ran down from inside my inner lips to my tiny asshole.

"But it is," she crooned. "Why, I can even see right up your little cunt, and my, aren't you big."

", I'm not..."

"Well then, I'll just have to work even harder to get you to cum," said Miss Jessica. And, with that, she pulled two small vibrating buzzers from her pile of toys, and switched them onto the highest setting. She began to run them around my breasts as I struggled and begged her to stop.

"Oh please, Miss Jessica, no! Not my tits, please, I'll do anything!"

"You're so sensitive here," Miss Jessica said, almost curious. She took the larger of the two buds and lightly poked the tip of my nipple with it ,over and over, until she evoked loud cried of protest and ecstasy from me. "Don't you love having your nipples prodded?"

"Oh..." I could only moan in reply, and utter the occasional protest. Miss Jessica worked on my breasts for what seemed like an hour, fondling them, rubbing them with the vibrators, and tracing the buzzing buds all around my tits and stomach. The rough, hard vibration of the toys created a fire in my torso, and soon I was squirming and squealing with pleasure and disgust at how aroused my nipples were. They were three times their normal size, and trembling even when they weren't being prodded by the vibrators. And after that long hour, I felt the fire burning in my pussy. My resistance was wearing thin, and I was ready to squirt. But I didn't want body strained to resist the urge to cum...and Jessica hadn't touched my pussy yet.

"Please," I moaned, my voice light and strained from the strength it took not to cum all over. "I can't take it anymore, please stop."

"Feel free to release it," said Miss Jessica. "You know you want to cum. Your body is telling me how horny you are."

" don't want to! D-DON'T LOOK!" I screamed, and let out a cry of pleasure as Miss Jessica smacked me firmly across my breasts. I came, and my body buckled against the tight bindings that held me in the air, pussy exposed. The thick, white cum that squirted from my pussy dripped down onto the floor. Miss Jessica knelt down on her knees, her backside high in the air, as her long, pink tongue slurped the pussy juices from the concrete floor.

"Yes, this is genuine cum," she said as she finished licking it from the floor. "And I haven't even touched your dirty little pussy yet."

I was sore all over, my arms and in my back, but especially in my lower torso and crotch. My pussy was on fire. I was pretty sure that Miss Jessica could see it twitching like crazy, begging to be touched. I could only imagine what would happen if she continued to tease me.

Miss Jessica walked behind me to the box of toys, so that I couldn't see what she was doing. My body shook with anticipation, my fingers quivering and my pussy twitching. When she came back, I craned my neck to view her standing in front of me. Strapped to her pussy was a long, black, 10-inch dildo, with ridges cut into the sides. It was huge. I had never seen anything so daunting in my life.

"Are you ready to feel my ecstasy?" she asked, her gorgeous hair falling around her devilish face. She walked slowly over to me, the rubber cock twitching as she moved. She reached out her hands and began to rub my clit with one as she ran her long fingers over my pussy lips with the other. I clenched my teeth, trying to contain my loud moans.

"P-please, not there...mmph," I weakly protested.

"You don't want me to fuck you?" Suddenly, her hands were gone from me, and she began to walk away. "I've already made you cum once...I guess I could leave you to hang here for the night, unfulfilled..." She reached for the keys to the door of the cells, making to open it.

I panicked. I would go crazy if I didn't get fucked right then and there. "Wait, please!" I cried.

Miss Jessica turned her head. "Why should I?"

"B-because you can't..can't just..." I stammered.

"I can do whatever I want." Miss Jessica turned around and slowly began to walk back. "You keep saying no. I've already forced an orgasm out of you." But she knew exactly how I was feeling. I could see in her eyes that she wasn't going to let me have it until I had been thoroughly humiliated.

Miss Jessica was standing back by my pussy now, between my outstretched legs. The black cock toy was so close to my pussy... "You're a big girl," she moaned softly. "Beg for what you want."

I was silent for a minute. "Do it now, or you'll never feel this cock inside you."

"I...I want you to fuck me," I whispered as quietly as possible.

"What was that?" The tip of the black cock toy was teasing the edges of my pussy lips now, skimming them up and down. The feeling was so unbearable. "I didn't hear you. Say it louder."

"I want you to fuck me," I said again.


"PLEASE fuck me!"

"Scream for me!" The cock was so close to me now.


With a load cry, Miss Jessica forced the entire length of the cock toy into my pussy at once, hard and fast. It filled me up so completely that I felt like I was going to burst. I screamed out in pleasure as the thick member that my captor wore pounded into me. My brain was reeling, and my pussy was trembling as wave after wave of hot sex ran over me. Jessica's hands reached up to grab my breasts, pulling herself further into me while her hands mercilessly clawed my huge, sensitive tits. This only served to throw me further into my ecstasy, and after a few minutes I came, screaming and moaning as my body was racked by waves of orgasm.

Miss Jessica pulled out and unhooked the sex toy strapped over her pussy. It was covered in my cum. Ropes of it dripped from my vagina to the floor, and now came falling from the toy, too. I watched, my neck craned as she licked my pussy juice from off of the dildo, running her long pink tongue over the length of it and slurping it up as if it were a reward.

"You've been a good little slave," she said once the dildo was cleaned. "You understand now what you're in for. Because you cooperated so well, I will let you down for the night." She used the pulley to lower me to the floor, and then untied me. I was so physically exhausted from being forced to orgasm over and over that escaping barely even crossed my mind as she led me to the far wall of the cell. She chained my arms behind my back and chained my legs spread apart to the ground. I was increasingly uncomfortable, but it was better than hanging off of the ground all night. I was still sore at my wrists and ankles, and I ached to touch my pussy again. It was impossible, considering the way my hands were chained. Miss Jessica got up and walked to the other side of the room for a moment, her blonde hair swayed and her bubbly ass looking so perky. After a moment, she headed back towards me, carrying something behind her back.

"Even so, I have to have you good and ready for tomorrow. You've got a long day ahead of you. So here's my little present." From behind her back, she drew two things. One was a roll of heavy-duty strength black masking tape, the kind that can tear the hair straight off of your body and stick forever to anything. The other was a six-inch dildo with a rotating, wiggling tip and a clit bud sticking off of the top.

"Wait... what are you doing to do with that?!" I struggled against my bonds, realizing what was going to happen.

"I have to have your precious cunt nice and loose for my friends. This toy will keep your pussy company...all night long."

"No, please!" I begged. Even as I watched, she switched the toy on HIGH and was inching it towards my still-wet pussy. She stuck it all the way inside of me. I could feel the top of the toy penis wiggling around inside of me while the bud pushed hard onto my clit, vibrating so fiercely that I cried out. "AAAUGH, ohmigod, please, take out right now!"

Miss Jessica giggled, tearing a long piece of the heavy lack tape off of the roll. She secured it tightly across my pussy, trapping the toy deep inside of me, and filling me up completely. "You're so fucking kinky," she whimpered. "And still begging for mercy... I can tell my friends will have a lot of fun whipping you into shape." She winked, slapped my pussy sending the vibrator into another series of hard vibrations as I cried out in pleasure, and got up, walking towards the cage door. She went through, locked it up, and left. As she went, the dim lights in the room went completely dark. I was naked, cold, alone, and writhing in ecstasy.

I could tell already that it was going to be a long night.

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