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I woke up about 4 in the morning and figured i should make some tracks before Clara and Carla's family found me. Istill had no idea where i was heading so i just started walking toward the interstate.i had been walking for about 45 minutes when an old buick passed me i said Oh shit as the tailights came on and the car backed up to me.

the passenger side window rolled down slowly and i heard a voice i recognized it was Roger Morgan the old gent from the card game " well if it inst mr Andy the man who went from a jack to a king"

I shook my head and closed my eyes

Where you headed ? he asked

damned if i know

i've been there hop in i'll take you as far as Silver Creek Georgia thats where i'm going

I hadnt had a better offer in awhile so i hopped in

As we rode on and crossed into georgia my mind was wandering.cant lie about it i was feeling pretty sorry for myself. after all at this point in my life i was i a pretty sorry state. My ex wife was shacking up with my ex best friend back in north carolina . my dream car i had lovingly restored was in the posession of a red neck in south carolina and i was flat borke not to mention i had taken advantage of 2 kids only a few hours before

just when i thought things couldnt get any worse Roger started to tell me his life story seems Mr Roger was a retired accountant who had worked for a chain of hardware store for over 40 years. a member of AA he had been dry for nearly 12 years a widower for the past 8 years who had a daughter he had been visiting in Carolina when he met me he showed me a picture of his daughter and her twins Carla and Clara

nicelooking kids i said

yeah full of spunkhe laughed

i fought off the urge to tell him that i almost added to their supply of spunk but i didnt

Roger also made a point of letting me know he was silver creeks very own bookie taking bets on anything and everythnig i also noticed he was a chain smoker of chesterfields too

i told him my story too andwas finishing up as we hit the cit limits of silver creek populatin 994

guess i mkae it 995

guess so roger said

there wasnt much to thislittle backwater town we drove through downtown which consisted of a few old buildngs we then drove through asmall area of nice homes then hit themain artery which led to the interstate on this stretch of road was were everything literally was 2 bars the Pigs eye and the short stem a play on words of the long branch.we passed a group of old men sittng outside the grocery store and roger had to let me know he had screwed all their wives and a few of their daughters too he laughed tik his smokers cough cut the laugh off there was a used car lot called tinys and a gas station called earls we stopped at a greasy spoon diner called Mommas andRoger offered to buy me breakfast i quickly agreed

we stepped inside and the place was packed there were about 7 or 8 girls waitng tables allof em in denim shorts and aprons all of em had on tee shirts all of which were pail yellow and siad im not momma but i work for her my name is and then each girl ahd her name tage at that spot cute i thought

roger waded through the dining area to the only empty table in the joint welcome to my office he said as we sat downa cutie with Becky on her name tag walked over and siad heres your mail roger you want the usual yes miss becky he sid as he never even looked at her too busy sorting his mail to check out her cute ass and what would you like handsome ? becky asked me Roger told me ot order whatever i wanted what i wanted wasnt on the menubut i chose steak and eggs with hashbrowns and coffee

down boy roger said

huh i replied

dont huh me i saw how you checked her out

so ?

a little friendly advice mr andy becky is screwing the sherriff and he might not like you trying to move in


becky returned with our food rogers usual turned out to be toast and coffee

roger fished a griefcase out from a nearby shelf and filed away his mail then put the briefcase back

we ate chatting about not much of anything afer we finished roger looked at me

so waht are your plans mr andy ?

dont have any

he looked at me as if i was a fool and i guess i was

dont you think you should have a plan ?

i shrugged like some snotty nosed high school senior being chewed out by his no nonsense dad

son you need some guidance

lucky for you im just the man to impart some wisdom to you

i stared at my coffe wishing he would run out of air soon

first off you need a stake he reached into his jacket inside pocket and pulled out an old checkbook held together by rubber bands and taking off the bands counted out 250 dollars

there he said

thanks i said

thanks my ass you'll pay it back with interest in exactly 2 weeks understand

this kindly old mans eyes went stone cold as he stared at me

i nodded trying to figure out how i was going ot accomplish this feat of magic

ok he said first off down the street that mtel we passed on the way here the travel inn ?

yeah i remember

ok go there see roy and get you a room by the week he charges 80 bucks and the rooms are nice and include fridge and microwave

elvis would be so jealous if he were alive to see my graceland i said

shutup asshole im doing you a favor

ok ok it was just a joke

when you look and act more like a man then you can joke

alright already

after you get your room the goodwill is just a short distance up the bypass just past the winn/dixie

go there get you 3 or 4 changes of clothes then burn the ones you have on cause they smell like you shit in them

i took a deep breath but knew the old man was right

then on your way back to the motel youll pass a barber shop at a little strip mall get yourself a god haircut also there is a dollar store in that same center get yourself some socks and underwear

i felt like being asmart ass again but didnt

then get a steaming hot bath and meet me back here

i nodded

you do understand mr andy ?

yes i do mr roger

i did all that my new mentor had requested and walked back to rogers "office"

he was concluding a call and motioned for me to sit down the crowd had thinned and there were only 2 girls working now neither of them Becky

a sweet little redhead with josie on her name tag asked me if i wanted anything i said just coffee sure thing sugar she said i watched her ass walk away and heard roger clear his throat to let me know he wanted my attention

well you do look some better


you shouldnt be such a wise ass all the time mr andy

im serious i appreciate all youve done

he nodded at my apology

ok good now you can start work becky sat my coffe down and hustled off i made a point of not checking out her cute ass this time

does that mean youre my boss ?

you got that right

ok boss man whats my job ?

first thing i need you to do is take my car up the road to tinys auto sales see lisa and tell her roger wants the works oil change tune up lube wax wash detail inside and out


then i need you to go to the winn/dixie and get a monet order for 500 dollars stick itin this envelope and drop iton the mail box there

got it ok

then go to the liquor stoer a bit further up and tell them youre there for rogers package bring it back here and we;ll go from there


you mid being my errand boy andy ?

best job i ever had i said just a little sarcastically

he grinned

we'll see about that

well get going he said

your wish is my command

ill let you bye with it this time at least you look like a man

i bit my tongue and headed out

i pulled up to the small building that was th office for tinys auto sales and went in side it wasnt hard to find lisa she was the only one there

"Hello ma'am" i said

well hello yourself lisa replied

she was in her early 20's shoulder lenght sandy hair with soulful brown eyes a little chubby with a nice rack

and just how can i help you today handsome?

i held up the keys and said Roger wants .....

the works she said finishing my sentence

youre a mind reader i said grinning

not really i just know roger hell if i was a mind reader i'd know your name

oh um my name is andy

well glad to meet you andy im lisa

i nodded and said nice to meet you

not wearing a ring but i can see by your left hand you usually do

i looked down where my wedding band had been for 8 years

yeah well stuff happens

divorced ? she asked



its ok no big deal i guess i shouldget on back still got errands to run

ok well you come back when you can stay longer andy you hear ?

yes maam

i left and walked across the street to the winn dixie and took care of the money order business then on up the road to the liquor store and picked up rogers package a 12 pack of stroh's a pint of beam and a carton of chesterfields plus a racing form roger had arrnaged for it to be put on his tab so i walked back to mommas and gave my boss man his package he fished the racing form and 2 packs of the chesterfields out and had me put the rest in his buick i went back inside and sat down

well boss anything else

not today andy you done any thinking about your future ?

a little

good meet me back here about 8 am in the morning

ok i noticed he was peering over the racing form

could i place a bet through you ?

he handed me the form and said your money is as good as anybodys andy

i looked at the 4th race 4 being my lucky number and whatta you know a horse named saras folly was going off at 250-1

i fished a 20 from my wallett and said put it on saras folly in the 4th

roger choked on his chesterfield

boy youre crazy

thats my ex wifes name

he chuckled still trying to catch his breath ok mr andy its your money

see you tommorow i said as i got up

yeah yeah yeah he said returning to reading his racing form

it was late when i left mommas i stopped off at the short stem a terrible pun aimed at the long branch

i had 3 beers and walked back to the travel inn a distance of about 50 yards

i opened the door and looked around outside a quiet peaceful night

i stepped inside and kicked off my shoes turned on the tv the braves were playing the giants i used the bathroom stripped down to my shorts lost interest in the game flipped off the tv and went to bed settling in for a good nights rest

Wrong !

less than 10 minutes later there was a banging on my door and i heard a female voice screaming Murray open the fucking door

come on murray open up

i got up pissed at whoever was outside and swung open the door

there stood a 5-10 black haired blue eyed godess

hell youre not murray

and neither are you

she snorted thats funny she was a bit drunk and a little crazy i decided

she definitely had all her curves in the right places

so where the hell is murray

hell i dont even know who murray is

murray covington the guy who lives here

about that time roy the hindu guy who owned the motel staggered up

Miss Swan Mr murray died 2 weeks ago

what ? no way

he nodded and i expected him to say yes way but he didnt

heart attack Mr andy stay here now he friend of Roger

Swan looked bummed a tear started to trickle down her face

i felt bad

roy asked her if seh needed a room

i guess so she said

have to wait til someone check out full up right now

you can stay with me til a room opens up i said

i was thinking she might need a minute to think it over but she burst right on in roy was already heading back to his bed i checked miss swan out more carefully once i had shut my door

she was wearing a halter top short shorts pink with a nike swoosh on te side and sandals

i'm robin swanson

pleased to meet you she smiled

swan is my stage name

i looked at her

stage name

yeah i was a stripper in atlanta til my husband od'd on heroin and i had to come back to this shit hole town we grew up in

you got any beer she asked

i walked to the fridge and got 2 cans of beer i handed her one we popped em at the same time

nick thought swan would be the prefect stage name for me you know a play on my last name and swans are supposed to be so damn graceful and all that

she belched a belch that would make a sailor proud and we both laughed

so you still use your stage name here ?

only when i'm tricking there are some people who only know me as swan and some who only know me as robin

it was about then she noticed my cock bulging in my fruit of the looms

you wanna ? she asked

i siad sure how much ?

we'll take it out in trade since youre letting me stay the night

she stood and undid her halter and man did those tits look great

while she was taking off ehr shorts and panties i stepepd out of my skivvies

lay down she said

yes maam

i laid on my back and she climbed on top of me we were in a 69 in just a few heartbeats

her cunt was musky smelling and tasted salty sweet as i licked her pink clam

she took my erection in her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head i gasped and she giggled pulling off to snort and then back down sucking in long serious bobs of her head

she moved down a bit taking her cunt just out of reach of my tongue so i did the next best thing and fingered her as she nestled my swolledn cock all slick with her saliva between those gorgeous melons and we titty fucked a while

then she moved in further down getting into a reverse cowgirl position sliding her juicy cunt dwon my cock

i swa her face in the mirror across from the foot of the bed as i fucked her faster and faster she rode and grunted and soon was cummng which caused a similar effect

to me she rolled off me and we both fell asleep

when my wake up call came at 5 am i woke up alone

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2011-01-08 10:37:49
I liked the story; a nice cute humorous adventure with no high brow pretentiousness. This is mostly an enjoyable fantasy but, still needs to have some credibility which is kinda of lost with Roger giving $250 to Andy who is a stranger, also he told Andy to get him a $500 money order, I presume he had to give him more money ($500) to get the money order. My point is it seemed strange for Roger to trust this road bum Andy by giving him $750, which Andy could just choose to keep on walking with instead of being tied down with a job that he don't know whether he might like since he don't know what the job will be.

So if this cute story continues maybe Wheelkat you should fix these questions I've raised.

Also, have to say I like Andy, he seems kind of cute!

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