What every teenage boy wished would happen...
Yeah this is pretty much my first erotic story I've written, so please let me know what you think. Criticize it, praise it, whatever. Just let me know so I can decide whether or not to write some more.

Like many teenage boys, there was that one teacher that you were in love with. Whether she showed you a lot of attention and care, or if she was just freaking beautiful/hot, there was that one teacher that you would fantasize about. Well, one of my English teachers in high school was gorgeous and fooled me one time into thinking she was “coming on to me.” I realize soon after that wasn’t the case. But like the horny teenager I was, I definitely fantasized about it. So here’s what I wish happened…

Looking through the newspaper over a strong, but bitter, black coffee at the local caf?n town, I quickly glance through the news. “Nothing interesting…oh, that’s sad…what a moron…” I said to myself looking at the numerous articles in the paper, just wanting to jump right to the sports section. Before switching the section, I notice an article on an English teacher from my alma mater, “Hmm, wonder who they’re talking about?” Glancing through it, I notice the name of my former English teacher, Ms. Stewart. I look away from the newspaper and think back to those couple days in high school that changed my life. I take a quick sip from my coffee as I go back and read the article. Short summary: she won teacher of the year. No surprise, her dedication and her love for teaching was something I never saw in any other teacher. But that’s not what “changed me.” Sure, she did enlighten my education, and I did learn more about myself through the literature we read and discussed. However, the moments I’m talking about all began on a day where I was up all night, the night before.

Finishing a poetry project, well starting the project, the night before it was due was a terrible idea. I managed to be the first one into the classroom and immediately turned in my project. Ms. Stewart looked up and gave me a big, warm smile as I walked up to her desk. God, she looked beautiful…had the most perfect body; she had the curves and the breasts that were not too big, but not too small either. The baby blue blouse showed them off well, with a few buttons undone to show off some cleavage. “Hi, Sam, you look tired? I hope you weren’t up all night finishing this project.” She smiled and laughed as I handed my project to her. “Well I kind of was, but it’s my own fault.” I laugh as she glances through it, stopping on one poem that made her tear up a little. “Sam, this poem is beautiful.” She said so sincerely, as she grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes for, what seemed, the longest time. Soon, other students started walking in and I walked over to my desk. “Damn, what just happened,” I asked myself.

I really could not tell you what she was teaching that day. All I could think about was how she reacted to that one poem. Was she coming onto me? I thought that was crazy, being that I was a 17 year old male and her being a 30 year old teacher. But, I thought about it more and more, thinking back this past year at some other signals she gave me that I never thought of before. I couldn’t stop thinking about her; sure, I thought she was attractive and all, but never have I fallen for her. As class starts to dwindle down for the day, we start on our reading for the next day. Ms. Stewart walks over to her desk and jots something down on a blue post it and walks over to my desk and places it in between some of my stuff, so no one can glance over at it. “Sam, would you mind staying after school today to talk to me? Don’t worry, you’re in no trouble. : ).” What the hell?!

My last period was study hall, so you could imagine how much work I accomplished there. All I was able to accomplish was a series of daydreams; all with me bending her over on her desk and fucking her like mad. The past 2 hours, I noticed my teenage hormones kick in and my desire for my teacher pick up. I wanted to fuck her, no; I wanted to make love to her. I wanted to make gentle and rough love with her. I told myself, though, that there was no way she could be seriously into me. No way. So after the period dragged on, the bell finally ran and I quickly walked back to her room. She was wiping the board off and didn’t notice me walk in. I slowly made my way in as she dropped the eraser on the ground and went to bend over and pick it up. Her blouse went up and what looked to be a blue laced pair of panties popped out. Besides noticing her favorite color was blue, I noticed myself lusting over her ass. I just starred as she stood back up and looked back at me. She gave me her trademark smile and said, “Hey Sam, thanks again for staying after school. I know, I’m sure you’re wondering why I asked you to stay. So why don’t you grab a chair and come beside my desk.” As we got ourselves situated, she scooted closer to me.

“So, Sam, I know we kind of had an awkward moment earlier today. You know, me tearing up over your poem, and I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t weird you out.” She asked, looking at me deeply with those eyes. “Uhh, no Ms. Stewart, it’s quite alright, I’m glad you liked them. Maybe that will mean a good grade on the project.” I joke with a nervous laugh. “Well if your other poems are anything like that, I’m sure you’ll get an A, and maybe a girl if you show them off.” She giggles as playfully slaps my arm. She continues, “But yeah, that poem just melted my heart. My boyfriend has lately been ignoring me and I just haven’t felt happy in a long time. But your poems really just made me smile…” She trails off as she looks into my eyes and leans in close to me. My God, she’s stolen my heart. I know I’m only 17 years old, but damn, whether it was love or lust, I wanted her.

Before we got close to kissing, she catches herself and apologizes profusely. “Oh my goodness, Sam, I’m so, so sorry. I’m supposed to be your teacher; I can’t be doing this to you.” She says frantically. I look at her and rub her back, “Look, Ms. Stewart, it’s okay; I got caught up in the moment, too. It’s all good.” I smile, reassuring her. Damn my conscious. She smiles back at me, “Well good, it’s just that I have not had my ‘needs’ met in a long time, you know what I mean. Oh God, there I go again.” She scoots away from me, looking extremely confused. Hell, I couldn’t blame her, so was I. “Uhh should I go?” I start to stand up. She stands up quickly with me, “Sam, I’m so sorry, again. This will never happen again.” She says as she puts her hands on my arms. We look deeply into each other’s eyes. In that moment, I told my conscious to go to hell.

We both lean in at the same time and kiss each other deeply. We wrap each other’s arms around the other and kiss like we haven’t kissed before. My God, her tongue felt so smooth massaging against mine. We kiss for what seemed to be hours, but was only five minutes. We pull away and stare at each other. Before she could protest, I put a finger against her mouth and said, “Shh.” She started walking away, leaving me to think, “Is she leaving?” My question was answered when she closed the door and locked it. She seductively walked back to me, grinning, as she comes close to me and kisses me softly. She then pushes me back into her chair and rubs my shoulders, down my chest, but pulls away and turns around. She grabs my hands from behind and says, “Touch me, Sam, touch me wherever you want.” I gladly comply and start with her hips, rubbing her thighs, and then moving them to her firm ass. After squeezing and feeling it for a minute, I reach around and undo her pants. She helps me scoot them down her thighs and legs, leaving me a view of her ass in those blue laced panties that turned out to be boyshorts.

She turns around and grins as she mounts me in the chair. We kiss passionately some more, our hands exploring our bodies some more. I slowly begin to unbutton her shirt, as she unbuttons the shirt I have on. We toss our shirts off to the side and resume kissing. I just could not get enough of her lips! I then kiss her cheek a few times as I progress down to her neck, which I would find out to be a sensitive and a turn on spot on her body. She moans softly as I nibble on her neck, my hands rubbing her breasts gently. I kiss down more as I reach her chest. I run my tongue up and down her cleavage, tasting her. As I do this, I undo her matching blue bra and pull it off, revealing the nicest D cup breast I will ever see. Starring at them and rubbing them with my hands, she moans, “Sam, please kiss them…suck on them…nibble on them.” She nearly begs. I lean my head down and kiss and nibble on them one at a time, leaving the other not neglected, but gently rubbing them.

After a few minutes, she lifts my head up and kisses me, and then slowly slides down my body seductively, resting her knees on the floor in front of me. She rubs my thighs up and down and looks into my eyes, full of lust. “You want me to rub that cock of yours, don’t you Sam? You want me to stroke it up and down, and suck on it soo hard. You want to feel it in my warm mouth, my tongue massaging the head. Mmm…” She says so seductively. I moan and nod in response, “Please, Ms. Stewart, please.” I simply say, I had no clue what else to say, I was on cloud 9. “Sam, I’m about to suck your dick. So no more formal talk, call me Maggie.” I grin and nod as she slowly takes my belt off and undoes my pants and slowly pulls them down, along with my boxers. My hardening 7 inch dick pops out in front of her, as she stares at it with a look of hunger. She grabs it and slowly strokes it up and down, as it hardens more in her hand. I am lost in pleasure, just from the hand job she was giving me. She strokes it a few more times before moving her mouth to the head of my dick and runs her tongue over it, licking and tasting the pre-cum that’s already come out. She licks my shaft down to my balls, taking them into her mouth as she strokes my cock some more. She then licks the length back up to the head and wastes no time taking it into her mouth. She quickly bobs her head up and down, stopping every so often to play with the head with her tongue. I throw my head back, rolling my eyes in pleasure as she gives the best blow job I will ever receive from a woman. I run my fingers through her long, blonde hair, yanking on it slightly as she sucks my dick. Still being an amateur in the world of sex, it doesn’t take me too long to feel that I’m about to cum. Before I can even open my mouth, she takes it out of her mouth and kisses the head and smiles back at me. “If you think you can cum now, you are so wrong. I am not even close to being done with you.

We both stand up and kiss each other some before I push her back onto the chair. I get on my knees in front of Ms. Stewart, or Maggie, I mean. I kiss her thigh and slowly work my way up towards her sweet wetness. Once I reach her panties, I notice that there is a defined wet spot where her pussy should be. I grin and kiss that wet spot, tasting her wetness slightly, but loving how it tasted. She moans as I tease her, “Sam, please, taste me, lick me, I need it so bad.” I grin as I slowly pull her panties down to reveal her already soaking wet pussy, and a nice little rose tattoo on her hips. I move my head closer and slowly run my tongue up and down her wet pussy lips. I then flicked my tongue against her clit a few times, before taking it into my mouth and gently sucking on it, flicking my tongue gently over it. As I did this, she moans loudly, but quiet enough not to draw attention to the room. I also rubbed her pussy lips with my fingers, before thrusting one into her, in and out slowly at first. As I put the double sensation on her clit and pussy, I picked up the pace with my fingers going in and out of her tight wet pussy. She got wetter and wetter as I continued to add more pressure to her pussy with my mouth. She moaned more and more as she was so close to cumming. “Sam, oh my god, please don’t stop. Don’t fucking stop! Make me cum with your mouth and fingers, I need to cum soooo bad! Yes!” She moaned, trying to hold back the screams. I continued my assault on her as I finally brought her over the edge. “Yes, yes, fucking yes, I’m cumming, don’t fucking stop until I tell you to. Yes, taste my cum, Sam, yes!” She moans as her juices flow out. I lap my tongue on her pussy as she continues to cum. “YES!” She moans loudly as her orgasm slows.

I lean up to her and kiss her deeply, and so affectionately. This wasn’t just some random fucking, this was full of passion. I help her up and lead her over to her desk. She quickly removes random, loose papers and supplies off her desk and then sits on the edge of it. She wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me softly, and hugs me close. She whispers into my ear, “Fuck me Sam, I need to feel you inside me.” She kisses and nibbles on my earlobe as she reaches down and grabs my dick, slowly stroking it up and down and guiding it to her pussy. Feeling more confident, I take over and line it up, but teasing her as I rub the head of my dick up and down her pussy lips. I lean into her ear and whisper, “Beg me, Maggie, beg me to fuck you so good. Beg me to fill your pussy with my hard, throbbing cock.” She moans softly into my ear and whispers back, “Please Sam, please fill my pussy with your cock, I need it inside me. I need to feel you inside me, I need it! Fuck me, Sam, fuck me hard and good.” After I tease her some more, I slowly thrust my cock into her. We both moan as her tight pussy takes my hard cock into her.

We lean our heads into each other, our eyes shut at first as I slowly thrust in and out of her. I lean in and kiss her softly before pushing her back onto her desk and throwing her legs over my shoulders. The animal in me broke out; I looked into her eyes full of lust as I began to thrust hard into her. In and out I went into her, rubbing her clit with my thumb as I fucked her so good. “Oh Sam, where have you been all my life, I’ve never been fucked this good in my life!” She moans out as she rubs and plays with her breasts. “You’re so fucking tight, Maggie, I never want to stop fucking you!” I moan as I slam harder into her. She has me get off her and throws me back into the chair. She mounts me again but immediately gets my cock back into her. She doesn’t waste any time, she bounces up and down on my cock, wrapping her arms around me and moaning into my ear. I rest my hands on her ass, as I play with it and smack it here and there. “Yes, smack my ass Sam, smack my nice firm ass!” She moans as she fucks my cock as hard as she can. She rides me harder and faster as I can feel her pussy clamp down on my cock. “Yes, Sam, I’m going to fucking CUM, yes! I love you, I love your fucking cock in me!” She screams as she starts cumming all over my cock. This puts me over, no surprise, as I feel my balls tighten and my load quickly working its way up. We moan with each other I shoot the thickest and hardest load of cum into her. We both pant and moan as her pussy milks my cock of all the cum it can. We rest in each other’s arms for a moment and look into each other’s eyes. We kiss each other so passionately after the love making we just did.

I smile and stroke her cheek, “Maggie that was amazing. I can’t believe we just did that. It was too good.” We laugh and kiss each other again. I quickly realize that while we were fucking, I didn’t wear a condom and that I kind of came in her. I look at her with horror as I say, “Uhhh Maggie, I didn’t have a cond…” She laughs and kisses me softly, “Oh, Sam, don’t worry, I’m on the pill. I might have been lost in the moment, but I would have made you pull out at least, if I wasn’t, silly.” I felt relieved and went back to the feeling of passion and love. “So Maggie, what does this mean? Is this a onetime thing, or what?” I ask as we continue holding each other. “Well while this was amazing, and all, you are my student and I am your teacher. We did get lost in the moment. So maybe we should just leave it at this.” I think a moment, and realize that she is right. I mean I should be lucky that we did this. Period. “Yeah, you’re right, but I will definitely remember this and never regret it.” I grin as I kiss her again. She pulls back and smiles, “No regrets at all.”

We got cleaned up, dressed, and kissed each other one more time before saying goodbye. As I walked out to my car, I was lost in my thoughts. But I was left with the biggest smile ever. The next couple weeks went by alright; nothing was awkward between Ms. Stewart and me. Then one Friday a month later, she put a blue post it on my desk, like before. This one shocked me, but then brought on the biggest smile of my life. On it was an address and a time of 7 at night, “I left my boyfriend and I need some comforting ; ).” I looked at her and she simply just winked at me and began grading some papers at her desk. Well, who could resist the temptation of another wild encounter with Ms. Stewart?

“…excuse me, sir? Do you want another refill?” Got lost in my past, and now have a hard on. I accept the refill and flip it over to the sports section, but still smiling over my favorite sexual partner.


2011-03-16 22:37:50
of course its corny : p most of these are, but thanks!!

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2011-03-13 10:09:07
A little corny but good :)

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2010-11-01 19:14:39
Omg this story was unreal pls continue it bro

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2010-07-07 03:16:12
OH MY FUCK, THATS MY FUCKING TEACHER! HAHA NO WAY!! can i tell her i know you? i want some of THAT!!


2010-07-05 18:12:56
well there was this one teacher, and she happened to teach 12th grade english, AND she was hot but things like that didn't happen those days

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