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I, Lee, was born in 1991, and my baby sister, Isabella, or Izzy as I call her, followed two years later. Throughout our early years we were always together, playing games, friends, etc. But as we got older, and as our bodies changed, so did our relationship. We were still extremely close, but we couldn’t remain as we were before. As I moved on to middle school, and high school, I remained friendly with her, but as I was entering my senior year in high school, Izzy was beginning her sophomore year, just and I was beginning to notice how exactly she had changed.

Being quite well off, my sister and I attend a local private school, uniforms and all. It was the first day of my senior year, and for the first time, I would be driving my sister and myself to school. I was up a bit earlier than usual to start my car, so it would be warm by the time we would be leaving. As I headed back up the stairs to get dressed, I saw Izzy cross in front of me. She was headed for the bathroom, still half asleep, her long black hair held in place by a yellow Alice band, flowing just past her neck and her back, only in a black “wife-beater” and some white and blue striped underwear. I tried to look away, but for the first time in my life, I couldn’t. She looked at me as I came up the stairs and mumbled something to me.


“Good morning…”

I couldn’t believe that she was just walking around in that. But I couldn’t think about that. I had to get ready for school. As the bathroom door shut, I headed into my room and shut the door behind me. I slipped the athletic shorts I had on off, and pulled out some clean boxers from my drawer, and pulled them on. Out of my closet I grabbed some clean khaki pants, and the dress-shirt that my school required. I put on the pants, then shirt, and tucked it in. From behind my door I retrieved the standard dress-belt that was also required by my school. I opened my door to the hallway and walked to the stairs. As I was about to go down, I noticed my sister’s door was slightly ajar. I quietly walked over and looked in.

She was standing there in a matching bra and panties with her uniform spread across her bed. Her body was incredible from running track, and her ass was a perfect heart shape. I couldn’t stay there long, she might turn around and see me.

I made my way down the stairs and sat down at the kitchen table to eat the cereal that my mother had poured for me. About five minutes later my sister came down the stairs and rounded the corner into the kitchen. The girl’s uniform was quite nice. She wore a pleated black mini-skirt with dark grey or black tights underneath with a white polo and dark blue sweater-vest over it. I guess I was staring because she gave me a weird look. I turned away and continued to eat my rather bland cereal. She sat down across from me at the table and began to eat her own.

As we finished eating it was about time for us to head out, so we grabbed our bags, said our goodbyes, and headed outside.


“Yeah, what’s up Izzy?”


“Well, if you’re okay, let’s get going. No need to be late on the first day, right?”

She smiled and got into the passenger seat of my black Acura sedan. For a moment I wondered what she had wanted to say, but shook it off. I got into the driver seat and put on my seatbelt. She was already buckled in, and had the seat warmer on to warm up the cold leather. I put the car into drive, and headed out.
We arrived at the gated school in about fifteen minutes, and I pulled into the senior parking lot after showing my student identification to the security. I parked near the door into the school.

“Lee…can we walk in together?”

I laughed a bit at this, but went along with it.

“Uh, sure. Let me get my stuff together.”

I pulled my backpack out of the backseat and threw a few notebooks in so I could keep separate class’ requirements separate. Izzy sat patiently waiting for me.

“Alright, let’s go.”

She opened her door, and immediately a gust of wind blew her skirt up, revealing her panties to all people in sight. She pushed it back down as fast as she could but the deed was already done. She was blushing quite a bit, and looked very frazzled.

“You alright?”

“Um…yeah, I think so.”

We began to walk in to the school’s side entrance, and a few junior boys that I knew stood outside. I guessed they saw what happened, because all of them stared at my sister as we approached. Just as we walked by them and hit the doors, one laughed and blurted out something that I did not want to hear.

“Nice undies! Think we can get another peek?!”

Izzy blushed and looked down at the ground. I grabbed her shoulder.

“Just go inside and wait in the gym, I’ll be in soon.”

She nodded and headed inside.

I turned to the boy who made the remark and pushed him against the brick wall.

“I’m sorry, but did I hear you say something?”

I picked him up against the wall and held him there.


“N-n-no, I didn’t say anything! Sorry!”

“Good. If I see any of you looking at her again, I’ll break your neck.”

I smiled at the group and let the boy down. All of them scrambled around front, and I headed inside. There just inside of the gymnasium, Izzy was standing.

“What did you do? I saw those boys run into the school at another entrance…”

“I warned them that if they do anything to you, I’d kill them.”

“…How charming. But thank you.”

“Listen, Izzy, my first class is in the science wing, but if you need anything, just text me. I’m never far away.”

She smiled and managed an “Okay”.

I began to walk away, and headed to my first class of the day. Now school is school, and it sucks. But I really enjoyed the social factor. I began to notice the people who were in most of my classes and immediately started to become friends. Not like usual, Izzy would text me several times throughout my day asking how things were going. I’d tell her everything was fine, and ask her about her day. She would reply the same as I would, and that would be that.

When the last bell of the day chimed it was the usual frenzy out to the parking lot, and immediately my phone was ringing. On the outside screen it read “Izzy”. I flipped it open.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing. How was your day?”

“It was fine. Yours?”

“Good, I’m in some classes with some friends, and I made some new ones.”

“Awesome. Do you want to ride home with me, or do you know if any of your friends are going to giv—“

“No, I want to go home with you.”

“Uh, okay, just meet me out at the car.”

“Okay! See you there.”


I closed the phone and slipped it back in my pocket. She was acting pretty weird, at least weirder than usual. As I walked out of the school at my usual relaxed pace, I saw Izzy waiting by the car, dark-brown hair blowing in the wind. I pulled the keys out of my pocket and unlocked the car from a distance. Izzy opened the back and threw her bag in, then hopped into the passenger seat. I opened the back door of the driver side and threw my stuff in, and then got into the driver seat. She looked over at me and smiled. I started the car and began to pull out of the school’s parking lot. As we drove along through the downtown area and towards our house, Izzy seemed a little tense.

“Um, Izzy, are you okay?”

“Y-yeah, there…I just wanted you to know that I…”



I laughed a bit. She looked over at me with quite a serious look upon her.

“Don’t laugh! It’s not funny.”

“Izzy, I’m laughing because I have no idea what you’re even trying to say. Just spit it out!”

“Fine! I know you were looking into my room this morning.”

Oh boy. How could she even had known? She was facing the complete opposite direction. Did she hear me?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Why would I be peeping on my little sister?”

“It’s okay Lee. I don’t mind. I left it open hoping that you’d see me. You think I’m pretty, right?”

“Isabella, what you’re saying is wrong.”

“But to me it’s just right…I love you…”

She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and put her hand on my right thigh, and started rubbing.

“Izzy, stop! We can’t do this. You’re my sister!”

In my head I was enjoying it, but it couldn’t happen, at least…not now.

“Why not?! I love you, and you love me right?”

“I do love you Izzy, but…”

“But what?!”

She grabbed my hand off of the shifter, pulled up her skirt, and put my hand right on top of her mound. Even through her tights and panties I could feel the heat coming from underneath. She was hot, and she was hot for me. I did what every guy would do. I went with it.

I immediately began to dig my fingers into her. I pulled her tights down her legs as far as I could and hooked my fingers around her panties and directly into her tight cunt. She was soaking wet, and my fingers slipped right into her. I began to swerve on the road, and pulled my hand out of her “pants” to regain composure on the road. I saw her pull her tights up over her panties and began to stare at me.

“Give me your hand.”

“Jesus Izzy, we’re going to crash if you continue!”

“Just keep your eyes on the road and give me your hand.”

I gave in and put my right hand in her face. She giggled and took my hand. I was driving steadily until I felt her tongue licking my middle finger from top to bottom. Under normal circumstances, I didn’t think this would turn me on, but it did, very much so. She began to suck each one of my fingers, and good thing this car’s windows were tinted, because the people we drove by would probably be a little surprised by what they saw. It felt incredible, and these were just my fingers. I noticed Izzy had her free hand underneath her skirt and she was moaning with pleasure. We were nearing our neighborhood, and we couldn’t drive through it like this. I pulled my hand from her mouth and wiped it dry on my pant leg. At this point I was hard as a rock, and I was having a hard time keeping that fact from Izzy. She grinned and continued to fondle herself. I shook my head and continued driving.

“You know Lee,” she moaned a little, “Mom won’t be home for another few hours…”


“So…what do you say about coming up to your room with me when we get home?”

“Izzy, we cannot do this. What happened in this car, cannot happen ag—“

“Just follow me when we get inside.”

She winked, pulled her hand out of her panties, and looked straight ahead. I was a bit nervous about what she was thinking, but my second brain was starting to take over, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.
I backed into our driveway as usual, retrieved my bag from the back, and exited the car. Izzy was already opening the garage door, and I locked the vehicle as I walked inside. As usual, our mother’s car was nowhere in sight, and we headed inside. We through our bags into the dining room, and Izzy motioned for me to follow her. She began to head towards the stairs, and started to peel off her tights, letting me see up her skirt as we climbed. I could see the blatant wet spot from earlier, and I was immediately hard again. She
stopped at the top of the stairs.

“Go into your room and wait for me there.”

I did what she said, my newly formed tent leading the way. I sat down on my bed, and seconds later Izzy entered the room with just her white polo and skirt on. She came over and straddled me, literally sitting right on my dick. She cooed as it rubbed up against her, and began to grind against it a little. I pulled her face toward mine and locked lips with her. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths, and my god, she tasted like heaven. She pulled away and grinned.

“I think your friend down there would like some attention, hm?”

She lifted herself off of me and sat on the floor directly in front of me. She deftly undid my belt and pants and pulled them off. She grabbed my cock through my boxers and squeezed.

“My god Lee, you’re hard as a rock!”

She pulled my boxers off and stared at my member in its 7.5” entirety.

“I-it’s big. Very big.”

To tell the truth, it isn’t that big, but average. Assuming this was her first time, Izzy had no idea, and that’s just fine with me.

“I just…rub it up and down, right?”

“Mmmm, yeah, rub it, jack it off.”

She giggled and began to jack me off. I don’t know what it was, but someone else doing this for me made it feel that much better. All of a sudden, I felt something warm and wet run all along my shaft. I looked down to see Izzy’s tongue swirling the head of my dick.

She winked and said, “I’ve seen a few videos.”

I nervously laughed, and let her continue. She licked it up and down, and soon after that about half my dick was in my baby sister’s mouth. She sucked and licked simultaneously, and it was like nothing I had ever felt before. There’s just nothing you can compare it to. I didn’t want to finish just yet, and I wanted to explore my sister as well.

“Izzy, come here.”

“But I can’t suck you from up there.”

“No, but I can taste you.”

She grinned and gave me one last lick, and stood up. She sat on the bed and spread her legs. I knelt down in the best spot possible, and took a good look at what was before me. Izzy was stripping off her polo, and unhooking her 32B size bra. Her breasts were small, but perfect in my eyes. I smiled and pulled her striped panties off of her. I rubbed her clit a tiny bit before plunging my index and middle fingers into her. She yelped a bit as I touched her most sensitive body part, and then continued to moan as I fucked her with my two fingers. Inside her tight cunt I could feel her hymen, but I didn’t want to break it then. My tongue probed inside of her snatch, and I tasted it all. Her must, sweat, sweetness was all there, everything was so incredible.

As my tongue explored the depths of her sweet cunt I rubbed the love button just above my nose. She jumped when I touched it and I saw her eyes roll into the back of her head, and like magic my mouth was awarded with Isabella’s juices. I stood up over her convulsing body with my rock-hard member at full mast. Izzy opened her eyes to see the head rubbing against her virgin pussy, looked up at me and nodded. With all my willpower fighting against the urge to cum right then, I took my cock and eased it into my baby sister’s eager pussy. I got maybe three inches in and felt myself at a stop, and saw my sister cringing in slight pain.
“Just do it, quickly, Lee…”

I nodded and pushed with all my strength, and just like that, I was balls-deep in my sister. She cried out, and tears began streaming down her face, and blood began to drip down my even harder cock. She looked at me with a scared face.

“Just keep going, I want you to!”

Tears continued to fall down her cheeks, but I did as she said and began fucking her. Soon her cries of pain began to evolve into cries of pleasure. She smiled and began bucking her hips back at me. I grinned and began rubbing her clit has I pounded her as hard as I could.

After about 5 minutes of laying on her back, Izzy told me to stop.

“W-What’s up? What’s wrong?”

She smirked.

“Nothing, I just want to be on top.”

I laughed and pulled out of her. Her juices strung from the tip of my cock to her gaping pussy, and I lay down on my bed. She straddled me, facing me, and guided my cock right into her still amazingly tight cunt.
She started to grind against me and I started bucking my dick straight into her. After a few bucks juices streamed down my dick and onto my chest. She leaned down and shoved her tongue straight into my mouth as she continued to grind.

She took my tongue into her mouth and sucked it like she sucked my cock, and bit my lips and kissed me furiously. I grabbed onto her ass and started lifting it up and down as I simultaneously bucked up and down.
I could feel her muffled screams of pleasure in my mouth, and she pulled away and let it all out. She screamed in pleasure and her eyes once again rolled into the back of her head. She then stopped moving and seemingly fainted from pleasure. Lucky for me she hadn’t. She merely fell onto my chest from exhaustion. At this point I was going to explode any second, so I had to do something.

“Izzy, I want you to taste my cum. Get on your knees and suck me off until I finish.”

She groggily got onto her knees and let my cock into her mouth and began to suck like a pro. Within seconds, I was ready to go, so I warned Izzy.

“Here we g—“

And like a firehose I shot my whole load into Izzy’s mouth. A bit dribbled down to her chin but she caught it with her finger and slipped it right back into her mouth. Without even asked she opened her mouth to show me how good she had done. She closed it, swallowed, and like magic, my cum was gone. She winked at me.


She stood up and kissed me on the cheek, slipped a note into my dress pants, and walked back to her room, leaving her soaking wet panties and tights on my floor.

When I heard her door shut and the shower in her bathroom turn on, I fished the note out of my pocket.

“If all went well, then you found this note in your pants. I’ve been planning this for weeks, and don’t think I’m done with you. Come to my room when Mom and Dad go to sleep tonight. Until then my love…”

I laughed and put the note in my night stand.

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have to agree this does not deserve a rave review it was way to rushed and was only the middle third of a much longer story. the writer, if you can call them one, wasted our time and the sites space witha rushed piece of drivel.

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Good story more please

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it's pretty nice - 7/10
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other then a few spelling errors very good write some more

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