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I'm New At This. :3 Hope You Enjoy It.
My name is Alex. Im 18 years old. I'm driving around my peacefull city. It was a nice, warm sunny day. The warmth of the sun and the soft, drifting breeze in the air was wonderfull to have a picnic in the park, or to BBQ and throw a party. I was driving home when I saw a girl hitch hiking for a ride. She was wearing a short skirt with a black tank top. Her hair went down to her shoulders, she looked like she was possably 14 years old. I began to pull the car over and rolled down the window. She walked up to the car and said. "Hi, My name is Emily." I smiled and introduced myself. We both spent 6 minutes talking and knowing eachother more. " where are you going to Emily" I asked.

"I'm going to the hotel since i left home due to family issues." She said in a sad, mad, calm voice. " Want a ride?" I replied. "Thank you." She opened the door and entered the vehicle. I then drove off and smiled looking at her. she seem'd to enjoy the warm calm breeze of air hitting her hair and face, she smilled and giggled, enjoying the view. "What are you doing later on today?" She asked. "Nothing, just thinking about going to a BBQ party my friends holding." I said. "Sound Nice. It's a beautifull day to do that." She said and smiled afterwards.

"If you want, you can come over to." I replied. "No thanks. I wanna go to the lake in the park. I wanted to do that since I haven't did that in forever." She said in a happy voice. We finnaly arrived at the hotel. I walked her in the hotel and rented a room, walked to her room and looked around. She took off her high heels and walked over to the bed, immediatly laying down on it. "Oh gawd. This is so comfy" She said in relieve. I noticed her panties showing from her skirt. I tried not to look down there. I smiled, looked at her taking my mind off it an said. "Must be. looks like ur enjoying it"

She started to sway her feet back and forth. She had nice soft legs and her toes were so cute. I looked away to get my mind off her, My cock started to grow hard. She looked over at me. "Whats wrong? Are you ok?" I replied calmly. "Yes, I'm fine." She got up and hugged me from behind. " Its ok. theres nothing to worrry about." She placed her soft hands on my chest. I thought about her soft hands messaging my balls. " ok. ill be fine though." I said calmly as she kissed my cheek.

I turned around and smiled. " Well thank you. Your really nice." She Said. I kissed her on the lips, she didn't seem to mind, Instead, She kissed back even deeper. I slowly slide my tongue into her mouth massaging her tongue with mine, rubbing the right side of her ass. She let out a soft moan. "Alex... Your making me wet." She said seductively. I slowly licked her lips as she slightly blushed. "Oh, Alex. your making me more wet. See." She took my hand and slowly guided it up her skirt. I felt my fingers rub up against her wet panties.

My cock got hard and throbbed a little. " Mmm.. Sorry. Maybe you should take off ur panties so you don't get them to wet." She nodded and laid down on the bed. " Will you do it for me please? "she said seductively as I nodded. I walked below her and slowly took off her panties. she smiled blushing. I put down her pantied onto the ground, she pulled off her tank top as her bright, hard, pink nipples showed. I took off my shirt, shoes and socks. She slowly rubbed her foot up to my chest. I slowly held her foot and massaged it, licked the tip of her big, soft toe. she let a little moan escape from her mouth. "Oh... Alex..."

She rubbed her other foot on my hard cock through my pants. Slowly, I Keeped sucking on her soft toe and undid my pants zipper and pulled them down. She slowly pulled her toe out my mouth and moved her foot to my boxers. She pressed her foot against my boxers, making my hard cock sprung out from the boxer flap. " Mmmm.. your so big!" She said suprised as i smiled. " Thanks."

I said. I began to rub the tip of my 9 inch cock inbetween her toes as she moaned. She smiled and cuffed both her feet onto my cock and began to stroke it. It felt so heavily. " OHHH! Alex." She moaned while stroking my hard cock.

"Oh.. Emily... It feel so good!" I said, moaning slightly more with each soft stroke. Slowly, she began to use her hand to rub her squeeze her hard right nipple. I lickd all of her toes softly and began to suck on 2 of them slowly, rubbing her toes with my tongue as she let out a louder moan. She began to rub the upper part of her pussy with her hand that she was using to play with her nipple.

"Oh Alex, Don't stop.." She moaned and arched her back from pleasure. My cock began to grow really hard, throbbing from her moans. I slowly kissed each one of her toes nice and softly then lickek from the sole of her foot, all the way to under her toes and began to lick inbetween her toes as she moaned and blushed alot "Oh alex. Please Fuck Me!!" I plowly put her foot down as she moved closer to the edge of the bed, spreading her legs open. "Alex.. Fuck me... Make my pussy feel good!!" I Smiled And Nodded.

I pushed down my boxers, slowly rubbed my hard cock's tip against her wet pussy lips. "OH ALEX!!" She moaned. I slowly pushed my hard cock into her pussy as it felt so heavenly. She immediatly wrapped her legs around my waist as my hard cock pushed in more deeper. "OH ALEX!! FUCK ME!!" I immediatly began to thrust my pelvic back and forth, her legs twitched from excitment. " OH ALEX!" She gripped the bed sheets as I began to thrust more harder, slowly pulling my cock out till its almost out and ramming it back all the way in. "OH ALEX!!! FUCK ME!!!" Her moans slightly turned into screaming moans. I started to thrust more harder and faster then ever as i felt her pussy tighten.

"OH EMILY!! YOUR SO TIGHT!!" I began to breath more heavy and moan louder. "OH ALEX!! IM COMMING!!" she scream moaned. Her legs wrapped around my waist as tight as they can, while she was arching her back from the excitment. "OH EMILY. IM COMMING!!" I thrusted and thrusted more harder and deeper as fast as I can. Moments later she began to cum "OH ALEX!!!!" she screamed and it turned into a moan, her legs tightly wrapped aroung my waist, feeling my dick getting more wet. "OH EMILY!!" I pulled back till the tip of my dick was almost out then thrusted it back in roughly and deep. I started to cum 8 big stream loads of cum. "Oh... Alex... " Her legs began to twitch as I cummed inside her pussy, her legs loosened from around my waist. "Mmm... Emily..." Slowly, I pulled out my cock after it finished cumming, leaned over her and kissed her on the lips, both of us sweating and breathing heavily. We both laid in bed. I pulled the covers over us, snuggling up to her. She smiled while panting, she closed her eyes happily and began to fall asleep with her leg over me. I smiled and held her close and began to fall asleep, waiting for whats next tomorrow.

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2010-08-09 20:01:15
ohh good. Brings back memories when I was a teen, my father fucking me...on the sofa when mom working. I would come from school, and dad would finger me..first, then fuck me.
I am married now, but I cannot forget my dad's long cock up my cunt. Lucky he never got me pregnant.

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