................................ C L A N G! ...
... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargg! ....
... Dialling...
“Bob, Ray here ... I’m going to have to miss golf today. ...... YA! ... Sorry Bob, my daughter in law cannot come to get the grand children today so I will be looking after them......”
“OK ............ maybe next time. BYE!”
I move to the window and look outside to see my lovely granddaughter and my 6 year old grandson playing quietly in the fenced off yard. He is sitting under the tree in the shade playing with his DS. My granddaughter is drawing. She is an artistic little whirlwind, always making some little thing.
I stand at the window looking out at the kids. Reflecting back upon the past couple of years in their lives, I wonder how it will all turn out in the end.
First up their parents start fucking around and their marriage takes a power dive to Hell. The children spend more time at their respective grandparents than at home.
About a year later Sam, my daughter-in laws father, leaves his wife for the east. This leaves Bernadette alone to handle Bethany, my daughter-in-law.
Bethany starts bringing guys home to fuck and party with. My son comes home one night and war erupts between them. A fight ensues where some guy gets thrown out a window and breaks a leg and arm. Bethany attacks Steve, my son, with scissors and her beats the dumb bitch nearly to death. The police are brought in and arrests are made.
The short version on all this is that my son serves 2 months in jail. Upon release he must move one thousand miles away from Bethany. My wife is upset, Bethany’ mom is upset. Bethany’ father doesn’t give a shit. The children are living with their mom who tried to clean up her act; but is failing miserably.
That brings us to the present day where I am looking after my grandchildren. Normally my wife is here but she went to stay with my son for a month to help him. Bernadette is ill these days and try’s to help; she has cancer...
Bethany’ parents are about 20 years older than me and my wife. Bethany was the youngest in her family, her husband, ex-husband that is, and my son is the first born in our family.
As for me, I work for Bob Smithe. Hell of a great guy really, and my cousin. I was supposed to go golfing with him this weekend but I can’t now; pisses me right off.
I’m standing looking out the window when my cell phone rings; it is Bernadette...
We talk for about 15 minutes. I hang up; thinking; what will I say to my grandchildren; Aaron should be ok; Michelle though, she might have trouble with this news.
Seems Bethany has gotten herself arrested on drug charges. It also seems like I am in for the long haul in the baby sitting arena. Better for the children though, I always fear for them when they go home with Bethany.
I call the kids in and let them know we are off to the golden arches; and loving it. We eat in the play area; I watch as they come and go having fun with other children. I enjoy watching children play and interact with one another without adult complications. Aaron and Michelle are having allot of fun so we stay a couple of hours.
I ask Michelle and Aaron if they have pyjamas since they will be staying the night. The answer was no so we go shopping.
While we are out I decide I’m going to see a lawyer about becoming their legal guardian.
We return to the house and both Aaron and Michelle take a bath.
After Aaron and Michelle take their baths I sit them down and tell them about Bethany.
Sleeping arrangements become an issue as Michelle wants to sleep with grandpa. At first Aaron did not care but soon took the same position as Michelle so I had to give in; which pissed me off because I like to sleep naked and now that was out of the question.
Aaron likes to kick so soon Grandpa was in the middle. Aaron fell asleep and eventually his bum was in my face and his leg was over my chest. Of course this is acceptable to me; it is better than him being at war with his sister. Michelle was fidgety but soon I nodded off.
I like to sleep in the nude. If I wear pyjama’s or underwear to bed I slip my hands into my pyjama’ or underwear over my hip bones on either side lifting the clothes off my cock. I feel free this way and cooler and sleep better.
I awoke during the night to the sound of Michelle’ voice; she was under the covers. She was complaining to herself about it being too dark to see. I knew right away what she was talking about but did nothing, thinking she would lose interest and go to sleep. I lay still for several minutes while she spoke to herself. Michelle got up and went to go to the bathroom; I thought. I nestled into the mattress and pillows to sleep. At this time I adjusted my arms in my pyjama’ and pulled them down a little giving me more freedom and exposing my cock to the sheets. I hooked my thumbs over the elastic band to keep my pyjama’ from sliding up over my cock during the night.
Michelle came back to bed and soon I felt her snuggle up to me. I am awake and paying attention to Michelle’ movements; to my surprise a light appears under the blanket.
Michelle had retrieved the LED flashlight from the kitchen drawer. I heard a little giggle and realized she was looking at my cock. I should have moved to cover up but I did not. Instead I was curious to learn what she intended to do. I could feel her moving about, fidgeting.
A small hand gently grasped my cock. I did not anticipate Michelle touching me. My curiosity was too strong for me to cover up so I let her continue with her exploration. It is a funny feeling looking at a blanket with light shining through knowing your granddaughter is checking you out. My cock was soft but I did feel it stir. I wondered what Michelle would think of it if it grew.
My attention was captured by a motion to my right. Moving my head slowly so as not to give my consciousness away I positioned my head so I could watch the lighted area of the blanket and at the same time see what the motion to my right was about.
Michelle was kicking her foot up and down in a nervous sort of way. She had moved some of the blanket off her legs which where perpendicular to my body, exposing her legs up to the back of her knees. Her legs where parted about a foot at the ankles; this did not surprise me as I had seen her like this before. My granddaughter has nice legs for a child.
I felt the LED flashlight on my stomach. I smiled.
Michelle moved. I stayed very still; as she moved herself over my body placing her head on my stomach pinning my right arm between her and my side. I lay quietly; I sensed some movement in her left arm and shoulder; there seemed to be some rhythm to her movement. I looked toward Michelle’ feet to see they were covered now, but still spread about a foot. I looked to where the cover covered her bum and noticed that her bum seemed elevated a tad. Her rear was positioned directly between my eyes and the night light in the hall just outside the bedroom door.
Looking intently I could see a slight motion to the blanket, it seemed to be rising and falling a little. I studied this for a few seconds, and feeling Michelle’s arm and shoulder movement I put two and two together. My granddaughter was masturbating while looking at my cook; or at least touching herself.
The game I had been playing of passively watching my granddaughter explore her curiosity had turned into sex. In my mind’s eye I pictured her hairless little pussy together with her naked little rear creating a sexual sensation in myself. My thoughts soared within me and I got Horney. I also got a hard on which sprang up under the sheets in front of Michelle.
I had seen Michelle’ bare bum and little pussy only a couple of weeks ago so my mind had fresh images to create this stimulus. My granddaughter liked to go without underwear.
Michelle gave out a gasp and sat up unexpectedly fast. I kept my eye’ closed. I felt the flashlight roll off my stomach. The Swedish blanket was no longer in place, although I was not sure how much or what was showing.
I lay still, pretending to be asleep. I felt no movement.
A warm breath caressed my face. I knew Michelle’ face was close to mine.
“Hello honey, I love you.” I said as I opened my eyes to see her face inches from mine. Michelle’s beautiful brown eyes were staring intently into my eyes. Her lovely round face and her brown hair hanging down past her shoulders; all visible in the dim light of the hall night light. Michelle did not show worry; she seemed at ease with her endeavours. I, on the other hand was very curious.
I looked over at my grandson to see if he had wakened; nope, he was fast asleep. Moving myself away from Aaron, leaving lots of blanket between Aaron and I; I turned my attention to Michelle. I picked up the flashlight, turned it off and slid it under the pillow I was using.
Michelle was sitting on her knees looking at me with those big brown eye’ of hers. Rolling towards her I wrapped my left arm about her and pulled her to me. She resisted a little but my strength made pulling her to me easy.
“Shhhhhh! ... I want to talk quietly.” I said.
Sliding my right arm under Michelle’ head I pressed her chest to mine while cradling her head and moving my mouth to her ear. I swept my left hand down behind her brushing her legs flat to the mattress and placing a hand just above her bum crack I pressed Michelle tightly to me whist I rolled her on her side facing toward me. I was on my right side facing Michelle. Her body length was such that her pubic bone pressed against my lower stomach. I could feel Michelle’s naked mould pushing into my stomach. I liked it. Michelle’ legs brushed against my hard cock.
“I am your grandpa Michelle; I love you and will protect you and take care of you always.”
Her little arms hugged my neck. I return her hug.
I moved my face back from her ear and looked her in the face; in doing so I arch my back and pressed her naked pubic bone into my lower stomach.
“What you did here tonight will be our secret. Grandpa will never tell on you ...ok?”
She looks at me..... “Ok “Michelle answers.
“You’d better put your pyjamas on so we can go to sleep”.
Michelle puts on her bottoms. She gets under the covers but does not cuddle with me. I roll onto my back and savour the memory of her body.
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