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A shower and a night with Cassie
Part 14

It was getting late when we walked back into the cabin, and Kelly suggested we think about dinner.

"After the water park and the trip home, I know all three of you are hungry, and I could do with something to eat, too."

Cassie started laughing, and suggested me. Sarah couldn't stop herself from laughing with her sister, than adding, "In that case, I already ate." She then blushed at her own joke.

Since they were going to stand around joking, I decided it was a good time to take a shower and wash up after my love making session with Sarah. I made sure Kelly could handle dinner, and headed toward the bathroom. As I was getting the water ready, I heard the door open and close behind me. I looked up to see Cassie standing there. "Do you mind of I take a shower, too," she asked.

"No, that would be fine. In fact, I think I'd like it. We haven't had near enough time alone, this weekend." I opened my arms and Cassie came to me for a big hug. "You won't mind that I'm a mess from the ride home, will you?"

"Tom, I didn't mind hearing you on the way home, so I think I can handle the mess. It sounded like Sarah really had a good time. And she didn't have to be quiet about it like I did."

"Then again, she didn't get to have sex at the pool."

I had the water running, and hopped in the shower then held my hand out to help Cassie. She joined me under the water and we just stood there in the warm spray for several minutes. Cassie then stepped back a bit and said she had a question.

"Sure, honey, what is it?"

"Did Sarah really pee in front of you?"

"Yes," I answered. "Then again, so did you, in the soccer game."

"Yeah, but Sarah was right up close."

"True, but I still saw you going."

"Sarah said you would have let her pee right in the shower with you, and that you said guys do that a lot."

"Yeah, I guess I did."

Cassie kept her line of questioning, saying, "Well, I have to go. Can I go in the shower, too?"

"Sure, but why this sudden interest in peeing?"

"Yesterday it was neat peeing outside, and it was neat seeing Sarah go pee. We talked about it, last night, and Sarah told me about the shower."

"Well, you aren't the only ones I've seen pee. Your mom and I have peed in front of each other."

Cassie's eyes widened. "Really?"

"Yes. In fact, we've done more than that."

"What do you mean," asked Cassie, who was becoming more animated as we talked.

"Well," I said, hesitating slightly, "We've peed in front of, with, and on each other."

Cassie struggled with that for a minute. "On each other. Isn't that kind of gross?"

I looked at her, then asked her to think about it. "Consider all the other things we've done with each other. And consider how you enjoyed peeing in front of us outside. It's really just another liquid. You might even call it less gross than cum."

As she thought about it, I asked if we were going to take our shower. She came back under the water, and stood there while I got her hair wet and grabbed a bar of soap to lather her body up. For the second time of the weekend, I had a young girl tell me to put the soap down.

"We really need to wash up, Cassie."

"Yes," she replied, "And I really need to go pee."

"So, go," I suggested.

"I will, but I want you to show me what you and mom do. I want to do the same thing with you."

I stood there, stunned. Regardless of what else we had done, I really didn't expect to find myself in the shower with a 12-year old girl suggesting we try water sports. I was turned on, but stunned.

"Are you sure? It's not something you have to do."

She must have really had to go, because she was starting to squirm. "Okay, two things. Like I said, I enjoyed watching Sarah pee, and I enjoyed peeing in front of you. Second, I really have to go, so you have to show me what you and mom do."

Figuring there was little harm in letting her try peeing with me, I aimed the shower nozzle at the wall and had Cassie move to the back of the shower. I knelt down in front of her, and told her to spread her legs and start peeing.

At first, I planned on just letting her pee a bit on my chest. But when I saw the golden shower leaving her pussy, I couldn't stop myself. I leaned forward, taking her spray right on my face. I leaned into her piss hole, positioning my mouth right in the flow. Cassie's eyes widened in shock as she saw me start to drink the pee right out of her pussy. Surprised as she was, she never moved and didn't stop peeing. She continued to spray her yellow nectar as I swallowed as much as I could. As she emptied her bladder and the spray slowed, I followed it right up until I was licking her pussy clean of every drop. Cassie moaned slightly as my tongue pushed between her pussy lips, chasing the last bits of her urine.

When I was sure she was completely clean, I stood up and said, "That is one of the things your mom and I do. I hope it didn't gross you out, too much."

Cassie was still staring with wide eyes. "I don't know if grossed out is right, but it sure surprised me. What does it taste like?"

"Kind of salty," I answered. Then, I leaned in and started kissing her, forcing my tongue into her mouth. Not really thinking, she responded by shoving her tongue back at me. Slowly, it dawned on her that she was tasting her own pee, and she hesitated, then came back even more forcefully.

After kissing for several seconds, I backed away and said, "Kind of like that."

She looked at me and said, "That's not too bad. And I have to say I liked watching you drink my pee more than I liked peeing in front of you."

Then she added, "Did you say you and mom both do this? Does she let you pee on her, too? And drink your pee?"

"Yes, she does, sometimes."

Cassie started to blush, then asked, almost shyly, "Tom, do you have to go pee?"

Looking at her standing there, practically begging me to pee on her, I said, "Well, I hadn't thought about it. But if you want me to, I'm sure I can go."

She knelt in front of me, then said, "Just like with mom?"

Taking my dick in my hands, I pointed it at her chest, and said, "Just like with mom." Then, I relaxed my muscles and let myself start peeing on Cassie. Like me, she quickly leaned forward and put her mouth directly in line with the spraying pee. She didn't show a single negative reaction, and drank what she could. The rest ran down her flat chest, over her pussy, and down her legs. Watching the pale yellow stream hitting her 12-year old frame was almost enough to goad my cock back into a hardened state.

Cassie followed my example, leaning closer in to my dick as the flow started to ebb. Eventually, her mouth was right at my cock, and she took the semi-hard rod into her mouth to finish the job. I was surprised, as that was the first time Cassie ever had her mouth on my cock. She licked and sucked a bit, then stood up to give me another kiss. Once she did, she stepped back and said, "That was fun, too. I can see why you and mom do it."

Too shocked to give a good response, I picked the soap back up and suggested we wash up. Cassie finally agreed and allowed me to lather her body. Like I did with her sister, I spent a great deal of time massaging her titties and pussy with the soapy lather, then moved to her back. I washed her shoulders than moved down toward her ass. I grabbed more soap and started to wash her butt cheeks, sliding my hand down into her crack. As with Sarah, I moved slowly as I washed her butt, gently massaging her anus with one finger. Unlike her sister, Cassie responded to that touch. She arched her back slightly, pushing her butt hole against my finger.

Seeing her reaction, I pushed my soap lubricated finger against her ass until I felt it slip inside. Cassie gave off a soft moan of pleasure, and pushed even harder against me, forcing my finger deeper into her anal cavity. I gently worked my finger in and out of her ass while I leaned into her and began kissing her neck, working my way to her mouth. I continued to slowly finger fuck her ass as we started a long, slow French kiss. Cassie was breathing heavily, and I worked my other hand around her body and slipped a finger into her pussy.

We stood there making out, Cassie with one of my fingers in each of her holes. Cassie reached for the soap and started to lather it onto my body. She washed what she could positioned as we were, then groped for my cock. It was semi-erect, and she did what she could to get me hard, again. I helped by shoving both fingers deeper into Cassie's holes, drawing gasps each time. As Cassie stroked my cock, I eased a second finger into her cunt, then slowly withdrew all of my fingers from both her holes.

Cassie moaned in dismay as she felt me leave her body, and came at me. I slowed her down, and suggested we save it for later. "After the water park and the ride home I'm not sure what will happen, tonight, if we keep going, now. I want to, but I also want us to have fun, later."

Cassie still looked disappointed, but seemed to understand. "Okay, Tom. We'll wait. But don't think I won't want to pick things up where we're leaving them."

We finished washing up, and I once again had to finish the shower by myself, in cold water. Cassie was continuing to surprise me at every turn, proving what a little vixen she was turning out to be. I loved every bit of it, but had to calm myself down if we were going to be able to please each other, later.

After cooling off, I stepped out of the shower and helped Cassie finish drying off. She then toweled me off, and we headed back into the living room.

Part 15

Kelly and Sarah had dinner ready by the time Cassie and I finished our shower, and we all decided to eat at the table. We talked about our day at the waterpark, joked with each other, and generally enjoyed the "family" time together. After a weekend of almost constant nudity, we were all becoming very relaxed around naked bodies. The self-consciousness of the first day or so was almost gone and we enjoyed our time together.

As we ate, Cassie suggested we have a fire outside, rather than watch television, and everyone agreed that was a great idea. Once we finished dinner, Kelly and the girls worked on dishes, and I threw some clothes on and got everything ready for the campfire. The lakeside fire pit is set up very well for cozy fires, complete with various lounge chairs and a couple tables where we could set snacks and drinks. By the time the girls wandered down, I had a pretty good fire going.

The girls had all opted for shorts and t-shirts for the evening, and I noted that all three had selected their clothes for effect and access. Kelly was wearing a pair of cotton gym shorts that were very loose around her legs. Sarah had on her typical khaki shorts, but I could see she wasn't wearing panties when she sat down. Cassie, as always, picked soccer shorts and, like her sister, went without underwear. All three had on loose fitting, lightweight t-shirts.

We all sat around the campfire as the sky darkened with the setting of the sun. Once it was completely dark, Kelly broke out everything we would need for smores, and the girls started toasting marshmallows right away. Not a huge fan of the entire smore, I just ate my favorite part, the chocolate. The girls all worked on several smores each, then I threw a bunch more wood on the pile, kicking flames up well over our heads.

When we settled back in to enjoy the fire, we split into the couples for the evening. Sarah jumped into her mother's lap on one side of the fire, and Cassie spread a blanket out on the ground and asked me to join her there. I gladly accepted her invitation, but not before grabbing a second bar of chocolate.

We sat there enjoying the warmth of the fire for quite some time, adding more wood as needed. Each couple was involved in a lot of heavy petting. Cassie and I were doing a lot of deep kissing and fondling and Kelly's hand had disappeared into Sarah's shorts. As Cassie slid her hands into my shorts and grabbed my cock, any concern about what Kelly was doing with her youngest daughter vanished. All I cared about was the young girl in my arms.

As Cassie started to stroke my shaft, I slipped my own hand into the legs of her shorts. I quickly found her already wet hole and eased two fingers into her hungry pussy. Cassie's breathing quickened as I started to finger fuck her, and she quickened the pace of her hand job in response to my attention. Soon, we were both ready for something more, and I asked Cassie if she wanted to go to the cabin or continue where we were.

"We need to go to the cabin. There's something I want to get." As she said it, Cassie was already moving, standing up and pulling on me to join her. We headed toward the cabin, struggling to walk and make out at the same time. We stopped several times, leaning against trees and continuing to work on each other with our hands. Cassie's hand slid easily over my pre-cum lubricated cock. My wandering fingers were now caressing her anus along with her pussy. Cassie was getting more and more frantic and had to pull away from me and lead me toward the cabin at nearly a run.

When we go to the cabin, she ran right to the room her mom and sister would share, returning a moment later with something in her hand. In the dark, I was unable to identify it. We then went to our room and fell onto the bed. We wasted little time stripping each other of our clothes, then attacked each other with unbridled lust. I sucked Cassie's tiny tits while she resumed her hand-job, and I soon turned my body so I could eat her young pussy. Cassie spread her legs and I put my own over her face. As I lowered my face to her crotch, I lowered my own hips, practically forcing her to take my cock into her mouth.

I found her eager to do just that, and she took my shaft eagerly and willingly. As I felt her lips and tongue envelope my cock, I forced my tongue into her tiny cunt. Cassie started to moan as I worked my way deep inside her hole, lapping at her juices and flicking her clit. As she got more into the blow-job, I started to rock my hips, slowly fucking her mouth. As with everything else, the idea of having my cock inside a 12-year old's mouth was as much a turn on as the sex itself.

While I wanted to cum in Cassie's mouth, I also wanted to make sure I got to fuck her. I lifted myself off, sliding my cock out of her mouth, and turned around to start kissing her, again. In between moans of pleasure, Cassie scolded me for taking my dick away. I told her I wanted to use it to fuck her. Burning with lust, Cassie said that was good, because she was ready for it.

I moved to mount her as she laid there only to have her roll away. She flipped on a table lamp and grabbed the item she had brought from the other room. It turned out to be a tube of KY jelly. "Mom showed me this, the other night. It really helped with things, and I thought we might need it, tonight. I want to pick up where we left off in the shower." As she said this, she crawled toward me on all fours.

I wouldn't have thought it possible for my cock to get any harder, but it did. Cassie had seemed very willing when I had caressed her asshole earlier, and she was apparently willing to go even further. Burning with desire, I had Cassie stay on all fours and crawled behind her. Rather than simply finger her, I knelt behind her and lowered my mouth back to her young cunt. I quickly worked my way from her pussy toward her ass. She started moaning again as my tongue snaked it's way between her butt cheeks and into her anus. Still well lubricated from our heavy petting, her ass was very easy to penetrate with my tongue and I was quickly sliding it in and out of her butt.

I continued to eat Cassie's asshole as my fingers found their way back to her pussy. I fucked her cunt with two fingers until they were slippery with her cum. I then worked one finger up toward Cassie's ass. While still eating her out, I worked my finger into her ass, pushing past the muscle holding it closed. Cassie started moaning more loudly as my finger slid into her 12-year old anus, then began begging me to fuck her.

After a few more strokes of my finger and one more slip of the tongue, I leaned back on the bed and told Cassie we'd need some of the lubricant.

Sitting beside me in the bed, she squeezed a handful of KY jelly into her hands and started to rub it onto my cock. She then rubbed the rest between her butt cheeks and returned to her position on all fours. With Cassie kneeling in front of me, begging to be fucked, I knelt behind her and positioned my now slick cock at the opening of her ass. Pushing gently, I started the process of breaking the anal cherry of my 12-year old lover.

Cassie, however, wanted nothing to do with slow and gentle. As soon as she felt the head of my cock against her butt, she pushed back as hard as she could. Screaming in pain, Cassie rammed herself back onto my cock. I almost climaxed right then and there. Cassie's tight ass gripped onto my shaft is my length squeezed into her hole. Cassie's bottom hit my stomach and I knew she had just taken my entire length in one quick motion.

She nearly collapsed at the feeling, but soon recovered and began rocking her hips. Once I was comfortable she was ready, I started bucking my hips in rhythm with her. My cock started to slide in and out of her tight ass and we both started to moan with pleasure. Cassie started to show her dirty side saying, "God, Tom, fuck my ass."

I encouraged her, responding, "What, baby girl? Do you like feeling my cock in your ass?"

Her response shocked both of us. "Yeah, daddy. I like your cock."

We both lost our rhythm as her words caught us off guard. Almost laughing, Cassie said, "I'm sorry, Tom. You spending so much time with us and having sex with mom, it just came out."

I still had my cock in her ass, and started slowly fucking her again. I leaned down and said, "That's okay. In fact, it's a turn on. If you want to call me daddy when we fuck, you can."

"And will you call me your baby, again."

"Of course, baby, you'll always be my little girl."

"Then stop talking, and fuck your little girl. Daddy!"

I was no longer fucking her gently or slowly. I was fucking her hard and fast. She was starting to scream from the pounding her ass was taking, but continued to throw out breathless comments, mixing in the occassional "daddy" as she did. And every time she said it, all I could think about was having a 12-year old daughter like her to fuck.

Soon, the anal sex became more than I could take and I climaxed, shooting my cum deep into Cassie's tight ass. She screamed as I shot my load and collapsed under me. I went to the bed with her, keeping my cock buried in her hole. As my cock continued to spasm, Cassie had her own orgasm. We lay there, coupled in her ass, until my cock started to go limp. As her tight hole pushed, my head popped out of her ass with a noticeable pop.

Cassie sighed as my cock then my cum slid out of her rear. She rolled onto her side and threw her arms around me. "I really do love you, Tom. Thank you for doing that with me. I almost had to jump on top of you after seeing you do that to mom, last night. I hope you know how badly both Sarah and I wanted you at that point."

"I'm glad you both enjoyed it. If you must know, I told your mom to spread her legs so you could see. I hoped you would enjoy it, if for no other reason than seeing your mom get fucked."

Though wore out from the sex, Cassie and I laid there kissing and snuggling. It was still well before midnight, and neither of us were ready to fall asleep. After a short bit, Cassie suggested we take a shower to wash up. "Then," she added, "We can come back and see if we fall asleep."

While I wasn't against falling asleep with my lover's cum all over me, the idea of a shower seemed nice. Cassie and I jumped up and wandered into the bathroom and took a long, warm shower. We spent much of the shower just caressing and kissing, keeping the overtly sexual contact to a minimum. After about 20 minutes of snuggling in the water, we finished washing each other off, with me focusing on Cassie's rear, then stepped out of the shower to dry each other off.

Refreshed from the shower, I suggested we get something to drink and go back to the bedroom. We grabbed a few drinks and went back to our room holding hands. After pulling the sheets down, we climbed into bed and flipped on the as yet unused t.v. We weren't really interested in what was on, so Cassie put on some Lifetime movie for the noise.

She then looked at me and asked if I liked it when she had said "daddy" during sex.

"Well, it surprised me, and I've never thought of you like that, but yeah, it turned me on. Do you know why you said it?"

"I'm not entirely sure," she responded. I've heard some of what you and mom do, and know that most people wouldn't like what we've done here. But I like the idea of you being dad and all of us being here, together. I know you're not my dad, but sometimes it feels like you are."

"And if you were my daughter, would you still want to do what we've been doing?"

"Of course, Tom. That's one thing I definitely don't want to change. I'm so glad mom thought of putting the two of us together. I can't imagine not being able to have sex with you."

As she said this, Cassie was starting to get flush, again, and breathing heavily. She slid herself closer to me and rested her hand on my stomach. She leaned in, gave me a quick, deep kiss, then slid her hand toward my limp cock.

"In fact, I think I'd like to have sex, again."

"Cassie, I've already had sex three times, today. With you in the pool, Sarah in the car, and now with you, here. I'm not sure if I can go again, already."

Cassie had an almost evil glint in her eye as her hand found its way to my soft rod. She took me in her hands, kissed me gently on the lips, and said, "Really, daddy, not even if your baby girl is begging you for it? You won't turn your daughter down, will you, daddy?"

I don't know for sure where Cassie got that from, but her words and the stroking of her hand had the result she wanted. My limp cock started to stir, growing harder as she continued.

"Please, daddy, fuck your little girl. You know I want it, and I know you want it, too. You want to fuck your daughter, don't you?"

She turned her body so she was laying on her back, then spread her legs so I could see her tight, pre-teen pussy. "Daddy, come here and show me how much you love me."

That was all I could take, and my cock sprang to life thinking about the situation Cassie was offering. Thinking of her as very much MY daughter, I rolled between her legs and slid my shaft into her hot, wet hole. We both moaned in ecstasy as my shaft slid home in Cassie's cunt. I started to slide in and out of "my daughter's" pussy, then lowered my mouth to hers.

"Yes, daddy, that's how I like it," she whispered as our mouths came together. Hungrily, my tongue sought out hers and we started to kiss furiously, our mouths mashing together as our tongues twisted and writhed around the other. Each time our mouths came apart, Cassie would moan, "Oh, daddy."

We fucked like that for nearly 15 minutes until my arms grew tired. Grabbing Cassie around the back, I rolled over, bringing her with me so she was on top. She started to rock her hips, driving herself all the way down until her pussy was brushing against my pubic hairs. As she did, I pulled her down toward me and started to suck her tiny titties.

I then asked her if she wanted "daddy" to teach her a new position. "Of course, daddy, especially if it's one you like."

I told her to stand up, and turn around so her back was to me. I then had her lower herself back onto my cock, which I positioned to enter her from behind. Cassie did as she was told and slid back onto me. I then had her lean back so that she was laying on me. With her there, I was able to reach both her titties and her clit. I took one in each hand and started to quickly finger her clit as my cock slid in and out of her cunt.

Cassie quickly started to climax, screaming out in pleasure. Like her sister, Cassie now experienced orgasm after orgasm as I continued to fuck her through multiple climaxes. As she tired from the orgasms, I rolled over and had her lay, face down, on the bed. I entered her, again, from behind, and continued to fuck her as she continued to climax.

Like Sarah, Cassie tired out from the constant contractions going through her cunt, and soon collapsed on the bed in exhaustion. Still in her from behind, I leaned into her and said, "Did daddy tire you out?"

"Yes, daddy," was her weak reply, "But don't stop."

She mustered what little energy she had left, and got back on all fours and started pushing herself back against me. "Don't stop until you cum inside me, daddy." Despite the ongoing orgasm, Cassie started to buck her hips like a girl possessed, grinding herself against my cock.

Her actions, and her words, pushed me over the edge, and I shot one more load of cum into her pussy. Feeling it, Cassie moaned, "Yes, daddy! Like that!"

Then we both collapsed onto the bed. Exhausted, we fell asleep with my cock still inside Cassie's pussy. The last thing I heard before falling asleep was a contented, "I love you, daddy," from Cassie.

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