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Shocked by my niece, shopping, and date night.
Part 4

Susan, confident her daughter would not wake up much before noon, insisted I sleep with her in my bed, that night. We didn't bother with clothes, preferring to share the intimacy of our naked bodies next to each other. With my sister in my arms, I feel asleep quickly, and slept more peacefully than I had in months. Our bodies were still locked in that embrace when we woke up the next morning.

We both threw on pajamas and went into the kitchen to make breakfast. Susan tackled the worst of it, falling right into the role of "housewife" she loves so much. There was little question that my house would experience a significant makeover as my sister put her personality into it. There was also little question about whether my house needed it. I might have made a lot of improvements, but I was pretty terrible at things like vacuuming, laundry, and other domestic type jobs. Susan? She excels at them.

As Susan started cooking the pancakes she had prepared, she asked me to wake Amelia up. "Like I said, unless the sun hits her, we won't see her for quite some time. We all have things to do, today, so we should probably drag her out of bed."

I headed downstairs to Amelia's room, noting the video games had been pulled out. Amelia probably stayed up later than we had, and Susan was probably right about the "sleeping until noon" thing. I knocked on the door and walked into her room, flipping on some low level recessed lighting so I could see.

What I did see caught me off guard. Though Amelia had been wearing lounge pants and a t-shirt while watching t.v., she had apparently changed before going to bed. She was sleeping in only panties and a half-shirt. Positioned as she was, I could see the bottom of her tits under the shirt. Her panties had ridden up the crack of her ass, allowing me to see much of that, too. Shocked at the sight of my 13-year old niece laying there barely dressed, I turned, telling her it was time to get up.

Half asleep, Amelia mumbled the typical teenage response of "a few more minutes," and tried to roll over and go back to sleep. I told her breakfast was almost ready and she needed to get out of bed.

"Alright. If I have to get up, will you hand me my pajama bottoms?"

Looking around, I saw them laying on the floor, and picked them up. Turning to hand them to her, I saw that her shirt had ridden up even further, and both tits were exposed to the nipple. I tossed the pants to her and turned to leave. As Amelia crawled out of bed, I headed back upstairs.

Susan had breakfast almost ready and was setting the table. I told her Amelia was on the way, and commented about her selection of sleep wear.

My sister started to laugh, then apologized. "I'm sorry, Tom, I should have warned you. Amelia tends to get warm at night, and sleeps in about the skimpiest outfits available. What was she wearing? Panties and a shirt?"

"Half shirt," I corrected. "But yes on the panties."

"I can ask her to wear more traditional pajamas. I'm so used to it that I didn't even think to say anything."

"I'm fine with her wearing whatever she's comfortable in. I just wasn't expecting it. I can always knock louder."

Susan laughed again, and suggested bells.

"No, from the way she was sleeping, I don't know that bells would work. I'll just have to get used to having women in the house, again. Allison used to run around in very little, and I imagine you and Amelia might do the same thing, sometimes. You'll just have to remember that there's a man in the house, again."

Amelia found her way upstairs, again wearing her lounge pants. She was, however, still wearing only the half-shirt she'd worn to bed. Susan started serving pancakes, and, to my surprise, said nothing to Amelia about her top. I let it go, figuring she knew how to raise her own daughter. As we sat to eat, I asked Amelia how she liked her room.

"It's great, Uncle Tom. I watched some shows, played a few video games, and absolutely LOVE that there aren't any windows. No windows, no sun."

I told her we could make some adjustments to the lighting, if she wanted, and suggested she think of any games she might like to have. We continued eating, me slightly distracted by the occasional flashes of rib and stomach from Amelia's direction.

We finished breakfast, and Susan kicked us out of the kitchen so she could clean and straighten up. Amelia recognized her mom's code for "rearrange" and told me to run before Susan found a bunch of things for us to do. "She's going to take over, Uncle Tom!"

With Susan tackling the kitchen, I told Amelia that she could take a shower, then we'd take care of finding a place for some of their things. "Aw, Uncle Tom, I was going to walk around the neighborhood and see if I could meet anyone."

"There will be plenty of time for that, honey. Besides, I can introduce you to some of the neighbor girls. They'll certainly be able to help out. But we have to take care of the house, or your mom will kill us."

Giggling, Amelia conceded. "Where's the shower?"

I showed her the upstairs bathroom and shower, and reminded her there was a second shower in the bathroom in the basement. "That's the one I imagine you'll use most of the time. But it's just a shower, so if you want a bath, use the one up here." Along the way, I showed her the linen closet. "You'll have to find your own soap and shampoo, though."

Raising up on her toes, Amelia gave me a kiss on the cheek and thanked me. "I think I'll use the downstairs bathroom."

While Amelia showered, I cleaned up a few things from the night before, including some of the clothes Susan and I had left laying around the bedroom. I then moved on to figuring out where all of Susan's clothes would go. Without her dressers, there weren't too many options, and I finally decided it would probably work best to just give her the dressers in my room. It would only be for a short while, and it might lead to more nights together.

I found places for a few more things that had been left out, then wandered into the kitchen to see if Susan needed any help. Amelia had been right, she was taking over, and it appeared finding some things would be a struggle in the future. "From the way things were in here, Tom, I don't know that you can help me. Well, other than taking me out, later."

"Ooh, a date?"

"Sure, if you typically take your dates shopping at grocery and department stores."

"I might, if it means I might get lucky."

Susan laughed, and said, "You might get lucky anyway, but I need some things to make this kitchen right."

I decided to heed Amelia's warning and left my sister alone in "her" kitchen. As I wandered to the living room, I saw one of Amelia's suitcases and decided to take it down to her room. Not wanting a repeat of the earlier situation, I knocked loudly and made sure she wasn't naked in the room. The caution was unnecessary as she wasn't even in the room. I set the suitcase on the bed and turned to leave, only to nearly run over Amelia.

"Oh, I didn't know you were down here, Uncle Tom," Amelia said, blushing slightly.

Blushing far more deeply, I averted my eyes and said, "I brought your other suitcase down." Things weren't repeating themselves, they were even more uncomfortable. Amelia was wearing only panties and a bra. The panties were far skimpier than she had been wearing in bed, and were probably inappropriate for a 13-year old. The matching bra barely covered Amelia's well developed chest. While Susan had always been almost completely flat, Amelia had already passed her. I would guess she was pushing 36B, considerably larger than her mother's 34A.

Amelia, seemingly unconcerned that she was standing in front of me in nothing but a bra and panties, pushed past me, brushing her tits against me. "I'm glad you brought this down. It has the clothes I want to wear." And still ignoring my presence, Amelia bent over to dig through the suitcase. As I turned to go back upstairs, my final glance gave me a good view of my niece's little ass as the material from her panties rode up into her crack. This time I said nothing to Susan, figuring it would just take time for Amelia to get used to having me around.

When Amelia finally made it out of her room, she was more appropriately dressed. She had on a nice pair of shorts and a shirt that covered her properly. Susan had finished working in the kitchen and was working on getting herself ready to go. After Susan was showered and dressed, we decided to hit the mall. That would allow Susan to get whatever she wanted to "fix" my kitchen and Amelia could look for some video games she might like to get. It would also let Amelia become more familiar with the area as it had been quite a few years since she had visited.

Once at the mall, Susan immediately led the way to the stores she wanted to hit, picking up things along the way. She knew what she wanted, and my only contribution was to carry things and provide the plastic to pay for them. Susan promised to make it up once she got her accounts set up in the area. "Don't worry about it," I said. "If you take care of the housekeeping, this is a small price to pay. I might even come out ahead."

After my sister found everything she needed, it was time to let Amelia run wild. In addition to looking for video games, Amelia wanted to look for some clothes she needed. The electronics store was easy, as Amelia knew what she wanted and quickly picked them out. Leaving there, Amelia took the lead and headed toward another wing of the mall. Her destination surprised me as it was Victoria's Secret. She headed right into the store, and I stopped at the entrance.

"This isn't a clothing store," I said to Susan. "I think I'll leave this one up to you."

"Come on, Tom, what's the big deal?"

"I would barely be comfortable helping you select anything in there. And this morning was uncomfortable enough without trying to help Amelia pick things out."

"Well, just remember, if you don't see it you can't veto it. I'll go help her out and try to control her urges."

Susan handed me the bags she was carrying and walked into the store after her daughter. I wandered over to a bench and grabbed a seat next to another guy. He looked at the bags and said, "Wife and daughter buying underwear?"

"Something like that," I replied, not interested in trying to explain. I'd let him think whatever he wanted as it wasn't really his business either way, but there was no reason to be rude.

I was resolved to a long wait, so was a bit surprised when Amelia came out barely 15 minutes later. "Mom wants to see you, Tom. I'm going to go to the food court and get some ice cream." Without another word, she took off down the hallway. Resigned to the fact that I was going to have to see what Susan needed, I headed into the store. I found Susan near the fitting rooms in the back, several items in her hands.

"What's up," I asked.

"Nothing much. I just want your input on a few things before checking out."

"They're all great," I replied, afraid to even look.

"Wait right here. I'll let you in the fitting room when I'm ready."

I didn't even know what to think or say. I've helped many women in their decision making process, but never in a lingerie store. Susan stepped into the fitting room after picking up even more items sitting in a chair. After several minutes of rustling clothing, Susan said I could step into the fitting room. I opened the door cautiously, stepping through when I realized the room was deep enough for Susan to be pretty much unseen.

I was shocked when I did see her. She was wearing a pair of nearly translucent panties and a matching bra. The thin material allowed the slightest color variations to show through, and I could clearly identify Susan's areolas and nipples, and the small patch of hair on her pubic mound. She had clearly selected the color of the bra and panties to closely match her skin tone, as it was very difficult to tell she was actually wearing anything.

"From your jaw on the ground, I guess you like it?"

"Wow," I said. "Yeah." I was tongue-tied, a rare occurrence.

"Okay, back out. Let me change."

I stepped out of the changing room, only to have Susan ask me back in barely a minute later. When I walked in the second time, I again struggled to find anything to say. Susan was wearing a baby doll outfit in blue. The satin sides were connected across the middle by lace that covered very little. As with the first outfit, both her tits and bush were clearly visible. She turned so I could see the entire outfit, then pushed me back out the door.

She took longer to change the second time, and asked me to join her a third time. This time, when I walked into the fitting room, I was floored by Susan's outfit. She had on a bustier with thigh high stockings. Even though Susan is quite flat, the top of the outfit left the tops of her tits uncovered and I could see her nipples poking out. And Susan hadn't even bothered with panties, this time. Her well groomed pussy was the central feature of the very erotic outfit. Stunned, I stood there looking at my sister's incredible body.

"Thank you. That's all I need to know." Laughing, Susan pushed me toward the door and said she had everything figured out and would be ready to go shortly. I stepped back into the store while Susan changed back into her regular clothes, then we headed to check out.

The cashier took the items Susan had and added them to a stack of things already at the register. "I assume your daughter's things can go in the same bag?" I started to correct her, but Susan interrupted, saying that would be fine. Susan started pointing a few things out to me as the cashier rang us out, and I was surprised to see the total of nearly $200.

My eyes were nearly popping out of my head, so Susan took my card and handed it to the lady. "That's sounds right. Half these things are on sale, so it isn't as much as it could be."

I stood there, hoping I'd missed more than half of what went in the bag, because I couldn't imagine paying that kind of money for a few pair of underwear. Susan signed for the items, ignoring the fact that the card had my name. As I was trying to see what was on the receipt, I did notice that she signed using the family name, so it would at least match the card. The cashier handed Susan the bags and we left, heading for the food court.

We found Amelia and, buried under all of the bags, headed for the car. Though I was hundreds of dollars lighter, the girls convinced me to stop for some fast food on the way home since it was already after lunchtime. We got home, unloaded the car, and gathered in the living room to eat lunch. Once again, playful banter filled the silence rather than the radio or television. I appreciated the company and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with my sister and her daughter.

Part 5

After lunch, Susan broke into the things she had purchased at the mall and returned to the kitchen to do some more "improving." Amelia grabbed the rest of the bags and ran down to her room. She returned a half-hour later with far fewer bags, and threw them on my bed after checking with her mom.

With Susan's attention focused on the house, Amelia and I wandered outside so she could meet the neighbors. Some of the kids were running around, but the two girls closest to Amelia's age were home discussing their plans to go to the movies. At 15 and 16, they were a few years older than Amelia, but Amelia's height helped ease any concerns that might cause. They asked her if she wanted to hang out with them then go to the movie, and Amelia turned to see if it was okay. A quick check with the parents made me comfortable about the arrangements.

"I'm fine with it, but let us know if you go anywhere else. You're still unfamiliar with the area, so just help your mom or I keep tabs on where you're at." Then, to the other girls, I asked what movies they were considering. Much to the embarrassment of Amelia, I took part in the decision and we managed to agree on a movie they would like that I felt was appropriate.

I gave Amelia some money, made sure she had a house key, and ensured everyone had my numbers in their phones. After giving Amelia a hug and telling her to have fun, I thanked the other girls and headed back to the house.

Susan had finished working in the kitchen, and her efforts were obvious. In addition to making changes to how the cupboards were set up, she had changed out some of the decorations and added some touches of her own. She had also done a bit of cleaning, and everything looked a lot better. As I looked around, she came up behind me and goosed my ribs, then asked what I thought.

"It looks great, and I imagine I won't be able to find anything."

"That's okay," she said, "I'll take care of most of the cooking and cleaning, now. You have work, so the house is my job. Of course, if you're done rebuilding the rest of the house, I have some requests for the kitchen." Then, almost as an afterthought, she asked, "Where did you leave Amelia?"

"Oh, yeah. She's at the neighbor's. A couple of the girls are going to the movies and invited her along. I checked things out with the parents, and told her she could go."

"So, it's just you and me, tonight?"

"Yep. Unless you have a boyfriend hiding somewhere."

Susan blushed, then said, "There's no boyfriend. Only you." Then she threw her arms around my neck and hugged me tight. "And if it's just us, tonight, how about we have a date?"

"I don't know, Susan. I've heard you can be an expensive date."

"I can be. But I'm worth it. And last night was only a sample of just how much." She grabbed onto my hand and added, "Come on, Tom. We must have plenty of time before Amelia gets home. We can grab a shower, get some dinner, and you can show me how much the area has changed. We've always had fun driving around together."

With three hours until the movie, and a run time of nearly two-and-a-half hours, Susan and I would actually have a lot of time. We headed toward the bedroom and started picking out clothes for the evening. Susan picked out a short flared skirt, a simple cotton top, and the see-through panties and bra we had purchased earlier in the day.

"Will this be acceptable," she asked.

"Susan, you'll be beautiful in anything. And I love the bra and panties, so it's perfect."

Susan had started digging through my drawers and handed me a pair of baggy jeans and some bikini briefs. She then selected a suitable long sleeve t-shirt threw it my way as she walked toward the bathroom, stripping as she went. Unwilling to miss her show, I followed, discarding my own clothes as I went.

Susan bent over to turn on the water, ensuring I got a good long view of her ass when she did. I stopped right behind her and hugged her to me as she stood up. She melted into my arms and turned her face toward me so we could share a deep, passionate kiss. Susan broke of the kiss, stepped into the shower, and held her hand out for me to join her. I followed, thinking about how long it had been since I shared a shower with my sister.

I watched the water running over Susan's body and thought back to the first time I saw her in a shower. Times had changed a lot since then, and this shower offered so much more. Susan noticed either the distant look in my eye or the swelling in my dick and asked what I was thinking about.

"Just about how much I love you. And how glad I am you're here with me."

"Tom, if you keep saying things like that you'll find it awfully difficult to get rid of me."

I laughed at the thought and answered, "I think I'd like that, so remind me to tell you that I love you every day."

Susan stepped back into my arms and looked up, adding, "Or show me."

"Yeah, I'll certainly try to show you."

Susan pulled me into the water with her, and we started to wash each others bodies. Rather than the raw sexual energy of the previous night's encounter, our actions were sensual and loving. I caressed Susan's body with soapy hands, lathering her with suds and affection. While my hands roamed over her chest, rear and lower regions, it wasn't my intention to simply arouse my sister sexually. Instead, I showed her my love. And Susan returned the attention, helping wash my body from head to toe.

As if by silent agreement, this shower did not turn into a sexual affair. We made love, to be sure, but it was a love that didn't require sexual intercourse. We finished washing and stepped out of the shower. We quickly dried off and started getting dressed. I noticed that Susan grabbed a small perfume bottle and dabbed a touch on her neck, then chest and hips, ending with a small dab between her legs.

We both went about the tasks of getting ready for our date, and I was excited to get going. Susan, as always, looked amazing, and I was anxious to see what the night would hold. We finished getting ready and hopped into the car. As we backed out of the driveway, I asked if she had any thoughts about dinner.

"Somewhere casual. And perhaps somewhere with poor lighting."

I had two ideas, and Susan picked a sports bar near the house. As we headed that way, Susan reminded me that she wanted a tour of the area after dinner. "Of course, we'll want to get home early enough to wrap the date up before Amelia gets home."

"Stop that! Unless you want me to have a hard-on the entire time we're at dinner."

Susan grinned and put her hand on my crotch. "That's the general idea. I still haven't worked off the months of sexual inactivity. We might be going to dinner, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun." As she said that, she slipped her skirt up slightly so that I could see her panties, though the angle kept me from seeing what I really wanted to see. And with the restaurant so close, we had little time to pursue anything else.

I parked the car and hopped out. Susan waited for me to open her door, then made sure I got another flash of her panties as she got out of the car. We headed into the restaurant and found a deep both in a darker area that would allow us to sit right next to each other and out of sight of most of the other patrons. The waitress took our drink order, and Susan and I sat there holding hands, looking like any other married or dating couple that might be out together. We talked about what she'd done in the house, finalizing things for getting Amelia into school in the fall, and Susan's thoughts for future projects.

Though we limited the public displays of affection, we did stay in constant contact and share the occasional kiss. When our dinner came, we shared our meals like all sappy couples do, feeding bits of food to each other. We had a great time, enjoying both the food and the time together. Susan surprised me by ordering a desert, saying, "We'll work these calories off, later."

We finished eating and headed back to the car. Susan was quick to pull my arm around her shoulders so she could snuggle into my chest as we walked. She wrapped her arms around me and stayed there until I opened her car door. With yet another flash of her panties, she hopped into the car saying, "That's only part of my 'thank you' for dinner."

As I started the car up and drove out of the parking lot, I asked my sister where she wanted to go on her "sight seeing" tour of the area.

"I don't care, so long as you hit some of the spots we used to drive as kids." As she said that, she reached into my lap and caressed my rapidly growing cock. "I'm sure you can remember some of the places." With that reminder, I figured I knew where she wanted to drive, and headed that way.

We drove around some of the areas she hadn't seen in many years, me pointing out some of the major changes. Though Susan had visited over the years, most of the past decade's development was new to her. We worked our way around town until we got to some of the more rural roads that were the only means of getting around when we were kids. As we hit one long stretch of road, I asked Susan if this was where she wanted to visit.

"Yes, it is. Can you still get to the mall, this way?"

"Of course," I answered.

"Is it still the same as it used to be?"

"More or less. This area hasn't grown up a lot since we were younger."

"Good," Susan replied as she released her seatbelt and slid down in the seat. "That means we can pick up this game where we left off 25 years ago."

I looked over at Susan as she slid down. She put her feet up on the dashboard, giving me a pretty good view of her panties.

"Sis, you have to be careful, now. Just like when we were kids, what will people think if they can see down your skirt?"

"So, they see my panties, who cares?"

"What if they see more than your panties?"

At that, Susan started sliding her panties off her ass and didn't stop until they were around her knees. "You mean like that?"

Playing the same game I did when we were kids, I said that I couldn't see how far down they were because I was driving. Susan took my hand and put them on her panties and said, "See, their down here."

"How do I know where 'here' is in relation to your body? Just how far down is that?"

Susan, as she had those many years back, pulled my hand into her crotch, saying, "That's how far down they are."

We didn't move our hands as mine came in contact with her moist slit. She was obviously aroused, and I was confident our game would continue. I slipped one finger inside her as she looked over at me.

"Weren't you concerned about what people might see?"

"Of course, that's why I'm covering you up with my hand." As I answered her, I eased a second finger into her pussy, causing her to close her eyes and start to breathe heavily. We had reached an intersection to what was now a back way to the mall, and I made the turn with one hand, continuing to fuck my sister with the other.

Susan's hands were starting to wander, and she reached over to my lap with one and unzipped my pants. She managed to release the button and give herself enough room to slip her hand under the waistband of my underwear. She wrapped her hand around my shaft, and started to stroke me, matching the rhythm of my fingers sliding in and out of her hole. Her's was the first hand I'd had on my cock while driving in many, many years, and it was a challenge to focus on the road.

We continued to pleasure each other manually until we neared the local mall. Susan, realizing where we were said, "Find some more back roads. Head out of town if you have to."

There were plenty of rural routes to follow, and I picked a road that would lead is in one big circle if need be. Susan, perhaps spurred to action by the knowledge that she would now have plenty of time, sat up, forcing me to pull my fingers out of her pussy. She slipped her panties down and off, draping them over the gear shift of the car. "You can start a collection, so long as they're mine."

She then repositioned herself and bent over the center console, putting her head in my lap. I had to suck in my breath as she pulled on my underwear to free my hard shaft. As it popped out, she slipped her mouth over it, taking my entire length into her mouth. As I felt my cock slide into my sister's mouth it took every ounce of control not to drive my car into a ditch.

Susan was lubing my dick up with her saliva, then started to slide her mouth up and down from head to balls. At each intersection, I turned so I was headed as far into farm country as possible. As we drove past cows, corn fields, and farmhouses, I fucked my sister's mouth as she moved a hand to the base of my cock. She jacked me off as she sucked, working to make me cum.

I found myself cursing the long daylight hours and wishing for a dark place to park the car. Knowing that Susan's wet, naked pussy was so close, I wanted to be able to eat her out before fucking her right in the car. That thought, and Susan's efforts with hand, tongue, and lips, pushed me over the edge and I shot my load of cum into my sister's mouth. Susan continued sucking to prevent me having a mess in my shorts. After she had sucked down all of my cum and licked my cock clean, she sat up and helped me get my pants back in place.

At the next intersection, she leaned over to give me a deep kiss, then suggested we head home or anywhere else convenient.

"Well, it almost has to be home, as it won't be dark enough to play around in the car until much later."

Susan said that would be perfect, then leaned back, again putting her feet up on the dashboard. She surprised me by slipping her arms into her shirt so she could unhook and remove her bra. She added that to the panties on the gear shift, then spread her legs and closed her eyes as my hand returned to her pussy. She started to moan softly as I forced three fingers inside her and started to work them in and out.

"Yes, Tom. Definitely get us home."

Part 6

My sister and I returned home after our dinner date and headed right to the bedroom. Susan's panties and bra were still on the gear shift of my car, leaving her in nothing but a skirt and top. Those didn't even make it to the bedroom as I stripped my sister while we necked our way down the hallway. Susan was following suit, dropping my pants and shirt in the hallway near her clothes. Only my underwear made it to the bedroom, and Susan had those off before we even laid down together.

After giving me a blowjob in the car and the ride home with me fingerfucking her pussy, Susan practically attacked me as we fell onto the bed. She was kissing me furiously, and had her hand on my cock, as if it needed any encouragement. Her energy fed my hunger, and I intended to give her exactly what she wanted.

Turning, I pushed her roughly onto the bed, then pushed her so she was laying on her back. Kneeling on the ground I pulled her toward me so her legs went to either side of my body. Face to face with my sister's pussy, I slowed things down. Rather than force my tongue into her hole, I started to tease her by licking at her lips, toying with her clit, and brushing past her hole. It was only a matter of minutes before Susan was nearly begging for me to eat her out. She was doing everything she could to get me to shove my tongue as far inside her as possible.

Sensing her urgency, I obeyed her wishes and drove my tongue deep into her cunt. Positioned as we were, my nose started to press against her clit, which sent her even further over the edge. Susan started to buck her hips against my face, then gasped that she wanted me to fuck her. She was desperately reaching for anything she could grab to pull me to her so she could have her way.

After flicking her clit several more times, I stood up then crawled onto the bed as my sister worked her way toward the headboard. Susan laid back onto the pillows, pulled her feet toward her ass, and spread her knees wide to give me open access to her body. I wasted no time in positioning myself at the opening to my sister's love canal. Susan groaned with lust as I drove my shaft so deep inside her that my balls slapped against her ass. As my cock slid home, I arched my back, then lowered myself until I felt my sister's body pressing against mine. I squeezed her body to me as she wrapped her legs around mine, pulling me into her pussy even harder.

My mouth found hers in a violent kiss as I surrendered to the need to take everything Susan had to offer. She responded with her own hungry need, driving her tongue into my mouth. The sexual energy of our forbidden love fueled the pounding of my cock into my sister's pussy, and she started to buck her hips in rhythm with my motion. Our need for each other was evident in the passion of our lovemaking.

Susan's moans were starting to turn into screams of ecstasy. Completely free to vocalize our desires for the first time in many years, Susan made sure she shared her thoughts. She told me when she wanted to change positions or try something different. She showed a naughty side when she started talking about our relationship as incest, including referring to us by "brother" and "sister." And when she climaxed, her screams let me know.

The sight, sound, and feel of my sister having an orgasm because of my cock caused me to climax with her. I collapsed onto her as my cum poured into Susan's womb. Susan shuddered as one last contraction went through her body, and pulled me tighter into her. We laid there, locked together, until my cock started to shrink. I rolled off of her and laid down beside her and pulled her toward me so I could get one more kiss. This time, the kiss was much more gentle and loving.

"God, Susan, I love you."

"I love you, too, Tom. And I want you to know that you can do that to me any time you want. I'm yours, as long as you want me."

"I've wanted you from the first time we ever had sexual contact. I wanted you when we were in school. I wanted you when we were married. And now that I have you, I want you even more."

"Good. Because you're stuck with me. We might have to set up another room as mine, but this is where I want to spend every night from now on."

I laid there looking at my sister, wonder and love in my eyes. I brushed a stray hair out of her face, and gave her another kiss. My hands started to wander, again, and I had to force myself to pull away. "While my body says to take you, again, my mind says that Amelia might get home at any time, and we might want to take care of a few things before that happens. Like your underwear in my car. And our clothes in the hallway."

Susan laughed. "I doubt Amelia would notice the stuff in the car. But she might see the clothes. If you get the stuff out of the car, I'll get the clothes, and we can wash up quick before Amelia does get home. And if you hurry, perhaps we can listen to your body while we shower. I'm sure we can find some things to do in the shower."

That was enough to get my attention. I jumped up, grabbed some shorts and a t-shirt, and ran into the garage to get Susan's panties and bra off the gear shift of my car. Susan was already in the bathroom with our clothes when I got back, and I pulled her naked body into me. "Didn't we spend an awful lot for panties you only had on for a couple hours?"

Susan smiled with a gleam in her eye. "I'm sure I'll find plenty of other opportunities to wear them. Besides, we got so much more than just those panties. I'm sure you'll come to see it as money well spent. Trust me."

"You're my sister. I know how much I can trust you."

She stepped into the shower for the second time that afternoon, held her hand out, and said, "Well, you can trust one thing. If you don't get in the shower, you'll never know what you missed."

I didn't need any more encouragement than that, so I stripped down and followed my sister into the tub. Susan welcomed me by throwing her arms around my neck and asking what old or new game we should play.

"I don't know. You were the one who said you could figure out something to do in the shower. I hope you meant something more than just wash up."

"Well," said Susan, "Perhaps you should start by washing me up." Pointing at her crotch, she continued, "You could start here."

I grabbed a rag and some soap, only to have Susan stop me. "No, you have to start with your tongue."

Despite two climaxes earlier in the day, my cock twitched at the prospect of what Susan was suggesting. Of all my lovers, Susan was the first to suggest I eat her out after having cum inside her. From any other woman, I probably would have balked. But I have never been able to deny my sister anything, so I knelt down in front of her as she sat down on the edge of the tub.

Looking between her legs, I could see where our juices had been oozing out and running down her thighs. Susan leaned against the wall and spread her knees as I lowered my face to her pussy and tentatively lapped at her lips with my tongue. As soon as my mouth reached my sister's pussy, any thoughts of not cleaning her with my tongue went out the window. I dove back into her with a passion, lapping at every bit of cum that leaked out of her hole. I was soon driving my tongue deep inside her trying to get at anything that wasn't racing into her womb. Susan was starting to rock her hips again, aroused by the sight of me cleaning her sloppy cunt with my tongue.

Still sensitive after her recent climax, it didn't take long for Susan to achieve another orgasm from my attention. As the contractions started to build, she was forced to push my head away from her pussy. As we stood up, she flew into my arms, shaking from pleasure. We turned the water on and started to wash each other, again. This time, Susan made it absolutely clear that this time the shower WAS about sexual contact.

She started by reaching for my cock to lather soap onto it. She stroked my shaft with her slippery hand, rubbing from the sensitive head to the tight balls. I returned the attention by finishing the cleaning of her pussy with soap, water, and very active fingers.

When I moved my hands to my sister's chest, she turned so she had her back to me. That allowed me to reach around her and caress her tiny but firm breats. I massaged each tit, making the nipples stand up eager for attention. Responding to the attention, Susan started to grind her ass against my soapy cock, forcing the shaft to slide between her butt cheeks. She lathered more soap into her hands and worked that onto her butt and down the crack of her ass.

As my cock grew harder, Susan turned so she could kiss me over her shoulder. She was growing more aroused by the second and said, "When's the last time you had anal sex? Because I know it's been a long time since we did it, together."

If there was anything that could make my dick get harder, that was it. Pulling her tighter to me with my hands on her tits, I answered, "Far too long in either case."

Without a word, my sister moved to resolve both situations. She reached between our bodies with both hands. Bending slightly she used one hand to help spread her ass cheeks apart. With the other, she grabbed my cock and positioned it at the opening of her anus. Pushing back with her butt, she used her hand to help guide me into her ass. Though tight from a lack of recent anal sex, Susan easily took my entire shaft into her ass.

We both moaned as my cock slid home, and Susan leaned back so I could wrap my arms around her as we fucked. With a hand on each tit and my mouth on her neck, I started to slowly and gently slide in and out of my sister's ass. Susan, overcome by intense arousal, practically melted into me. Her eyes were closed and her breathing heavy as she relished the feeling of each thrust that drove my cock deep into her rear.

I continued to fuck Susan like that for several minutes, then had her lean against the wall so I could take her more forcefully. Bending at the waist, Susan put her hands on the wall for support, allowing me to stand and quickly buck my hips, pounding my cock into her ass. Susan's breathing was becoming quick and ragged, as was my own.

It was obvious when the orgasm hit Susan, because I could feel her anus tighten around my cock. She clenched all of her muscles as she climaxed, and the increased pressure on my cock caused me to cum right after her. I groaned in pleasure as my load poured into my sister's ass. Nearly collapsing into the wall, I finished with several more thrusts, then pushed myself upright, then watched Susan's butt as I eased my shaft out.

Weak from the exertion, Susan stood up and leaned into my arms. I leaned into her and took her mouth to mine, giving her a deep, passionate kiss. Susan wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me tight against her body as our tongues danced together. When she broke off the kiss and stepped back, she said, "Now we have another mess to clean up."

I grinned at her, and answered, "And we should hurry so we're done before your daughter gets back home."

"Why, are you afraid she'll see something she shouldn't?"

"Susan, I know how I reacted seeing her in her panties and t-shirt. I can't imagine how she might react seeing the two of us showering together."

"Alright. If you want to be boring, let's wash up and get dressed."

Which we did. After helping each other clean off for the third time, we dried off, got dressed, and wandered to the living room to wait for Amelia to get home from the movie. By the time she arrived, there were no visible indications of the lovemaking that had been going on all afternoon. And Amelia was so excited about sharing her day with us that she might not have even noticed if there had been.

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Great story, it made me so horny that when my older sis came home I fuckathon her brain out. Then cuddled with her for a while. THANK YOU!!!

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2016-11-18 19:01:11
Great story, it made me so horny that when my older sis came home I fuckathon her brain out. Then cuddled with her for a while


2016-03-12 07:37:41
Interesting point, Anonymous 1/26. I suppose if I were trying to get a book published, I would fully agree. These are, however, not even romance novels. It's simple porn written for this site.

I appreciate the feedback, though. It shows that some would prefer more character development over pure sex fantasy.

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I read this once before but do not remember what all things happened. This is the hottest example of brother/sister sex I have ever read. It is my second favorite type of incest and I really like your version. Hot and sexy with a lot of affection, too. What a really nice story. Thank you for writing. Bfreetorun

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