Shes went blind and I fucked her
I'm not the greatest writer so bear with me here.

It happened on one rainy night while I was little about 3 or 4. My parents John and

Linda where driving home from a friends house. They were having a small party and

parents showed up to help them out. Well it was about 11 O'clock when we started to

leave and man was it a storming out, but Dad was determined to get home sleep in his on

bed that night.

Dad wanted to drive and so he did like a bat out of hell on some narrow back road. It

was suppost to be faster until dad clipped a chemical truck. It was a waste managment

truck carrying hyrodchloric acid. Some how no one was hurt, but mom she washit with the

acid in the face being permently blinded for the rest of her life. Mom was only 32 at

he time and dad was 35. Mom's life was forever and then change. Imagine how it would

feel not being able to see your only son grow and change throught his life. Yet mom

some how managed to do it.

Now to the real story.

I'm 15 now and my name is Jamie. I am about 5' 10", blond hair, average looking guy

really. Dad since the wreck has been working none stop to take care of mom and me.

While he is at work a maid show up and take care of mom while dad and me were gone

during the day. School was nearing the end for summer break and dad was expecting me to

do more this year since turning 15. His words were and I qote "Your a man now and I

expected you to take care of your mother." So I did as told and when my summer breaked

started I now had to take care of mom. Dad fired the maid to save money.

This sucked while everyone else was on summer vaction I was stuck at home with my blind

mother. I now had to wake up at 6 every morning help momout of bed and into the bath

tub. I found it werid that no matter what I did I always got a boner when stripping mom

naked. Now mom was no ugly woman she was 5' 2" blond hair, a nice set of C-cup boobs

and a nice round ass. Every morning while stripping her for her bath I would get a

boner. I would help her in then have to wash have long blond hair and the rub her plump

tits and ass with soap then rinse clean.

I couldnt indure this for the hole summer break. I was only at it for a week and was

already dreaming about fucking my own mother. I had never thought of such things until

now. After moms bath every morning I would have to jack off just to find some kind of

relief, but it wasnt enough for me any more.

After about 2 weeks I had an idea on how to fuck/rape mom. I know it sounds bad, but I

couldn't take it no longer I had to act on my urge for sex. My plan was real simple

really, pretend to be a robber find mom rape her then leave. I would wake mom give her

her normal morning bath then when done tell her I was taking a nap and then sneak out

side and crawl in through a window change my voice and rape mom.

It was a nice Thursday morning when I decided to act out my plan. I woke mom stripped

her naked washed her then dressed her in a nice Soild blue dress with plain white

panties and bra. After she was dressed I turned on the radio and tould her I was tired

and was taking a nap. As I left her room I unlocked her window and snuck out the front

door around the side of the house. I took a few deep breathes and couldnt believe I was

really gonna rape my mother.

I slowly slid up the window leading into moms room. I was about half way in when mom

turned and said whos there. I know your there I can hear your breathing coming from

over there.

I immdentally froze not knowing what to do.

Again she repeated "Who's there or I'll call my son."

I decided to do something so I held my breath and climb all the way in the house.

Crouched down and slowly moved my way over toward mom making sure to take slow deep


Mom was still, and quite sitting on the edge of the bed.

I couldn't wait no longer and stood up grabbing mom and forcing her down.

Mom opened here mother to scream, but I managed to slap the shit out of her before she


Mom half crying said dont hurt me I'll do what you want of me.

Bitch Your gonna do what I want because I'm going to rape your blind old pussy.

Now you dirty old bitch open your mouth and get ready to suck my hard dick.

As I pulled my now 7 inch rock hard dick out I told her If you fucking bite my dick

I'll kill you and your only son do you understand me.

She slowly nodded her head.

Mom did as she was told and opened her mouth waiting for my dick.

I lined my dick up with her open and waiting hole as I placed both hands on the back of


And Slammed it all the way in forcing her to gag as I cut off her air supply.

I held her there for quiet awhile then pulled out makeing her gasp.

She only had a few seconds of air before I started to skull fuck her brains out.

I fucked her deep and hard, breathing heavily along the way.

“You like that cock, bitch, eh? You like it? You ever had it in your throat, eh?”

My hips worked harder, as my swollen, hot cockhead worked its way down moms mouth

cavity and into her throat. Mom pushed her head back and into the pillow as much as she

could but my hands wouldn’t let her back away more than few millimetres. Mom wasn’t

going anywhere. She was mine to be used. To be used, humiliated and fucked.

I pulled way back before slamming inside once again. My cock penetrated her throat as

Mom gagged. I backed away again, only to stick it down her throat again, deeper than

before, more savagely, more brutally.

This time it was my penis penetrating her throat, making her gag and choke and struggle


I pushed in savagely, again. My cock penetrated her throat deeply, as My balls slammed

into her chin. Mom cried a horrible, muffled scream of pain, fear and shame. Her nose

was buried into his pubic hair and all of her air was cut off. Instead of pulling out,

I left my cock inside, keeping Mom's head firmly in place.

I pulled out of her mouth and told mom to strip and bend the fuck over now.

Mom did good as stripped and bent over.

I placed my fingers into her vagina again. I pushed them deep inside this time,

twisting my hand around, working to prepare her the best he could. It hurt. It hurt to

have four fingers in her, four fingers that fucked mom with brutal, joyful

carelessness. Mom cried and squirmed and did what she could to alleviate the pain, to

get away from those fingers that explored her most intimate region with joyful lack of

mercy or compassion. I had Mom where I wanted her. I did what I wanted to mom.

As I penetrated her, brutally. Mom screamed loudly.

I just impaled her with my hard, hot penis, slammed it all the way in. And then just

continued fucking mom with as much force as I could muster. Mom screamed. And screamed

and screamed.

I slammed my dick into mom repeatedly.

I breathed hard and mocked mom’s moans of pain and humiliation with horrible, ugly


“You fucking bitch!!

Every time my throbbing cockhead penetrated mom's vulva, my swollen, heavy testicles

would hit moms anus, producing a sharp, shallow, slapping sound.

I fucked her hard and fast, the bed croaking under us.

That was it I couldn't take it no longer as I felt the urge to cumm building fast.

I press my cockhead against the tight entrance of mom's anus.

“Oh God… No!!! No!!! Please!!! NO!!! JUST NOT THERE, PLEASE!!!! I have never…. Oh God,

please, NO!! I have never done it before!!!!” Was all mom could say at that moment.

“Aw, man, this is even better than I hoped for!!! Awwww, whore, so tight… So tight!!! I

wasn’t expecting you to be so tight there!!! This is even better than I thought!!!!”

BUt I couldn't hold back any longer shot my first rope of cum in mom's anus.

Rope after rope after rope shot into mom's tight anus.

The I was silent for a couple of minutes. I then got up and got dressed. Then there was

the sound of… the sound of my photo camera?

“I hope we can get together to do this again some time, but you say any thing and your


Out the window I went and back into the house.

I was so tired from my or-deal with mom I decided to take a napp and deal with her


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Asshole! crazy motherfucker! stupid dog in heat!

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U are so sick in the head u crazy punk! this story is so full of shit!

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I did a similar thing to my mom. But she wasn't blind. She wore a sleeping mask to cover her eyes at night. When I went into her room and had my way with her all was good until I filled her cunt with my hot cum. Then as I was walking away she said "Thank you, son. I've been waiting a long time for that" needless to say that wasn't the last time I fucked my mom.

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