Mila, a stunning blonde beauty, has just been promoted and given a private office at her place of work...

Mila walked purposefully down the business office’s hallway where she worked, her black Chanel pumps popping with each step. She was wearing a pin-striped blue Oxford shirt and a hip-hugging black pencil skirt that reached just above her knees. Her blonde hair was in a secure bun on the top of her head, small wisps escaping to frame her gorgeous face. When she finally reached the elevator she stepped inside and pushed the button to her new private office with her right hand, her left arm full of important business papers. She had just been given an amazing promotion by her boss, Mr. Stone who clearly saw her potential. Along with more challenging work, the promotion came with a brand new and spacious office with a wonderful view of the busy streets of New York City.

Mila’s full pink mouth smiled triumphantly when the doors finally opened, recalling how hard it was to attain her new position. She had to impress her boss and prove that, although she was only twenty-five, she was better than her fellow co-workers, and of course gossip spread from the angrier of the bunch about how the stunning blonde beauty had really gotten her job. Among said bunch was Vincent, her ex, and his mates Ian and Tony. Some of the most lewd gossip about her included giving Mr. Stone good head under his desk while she was in his office, and discreetly giving him hand jobs during group meetings. But Mila quickly shook her pretty light blond head to banish those negative thoughts and walked over to her desk, laying down the stack of papers. As their new superior, those assholes would eventually have to learn to give her the respect she deserves.

She sat down at her big shiny black wooden desk and leaned back in her soft black leather chair. Her new office was finally ready, the walls painted a cool ocean blue, with various paintings of black and white modern art hung on the walls. There was also a small black leather futon and pots of green plants and flowers in the corners of the room. Mila sighed, closing her dark blue eyes, and let her body relax for a moment. Suddenly the elevator doors peeped and she was harshly brought back to reality. Mila quickly sat up straight in her chair and poised her slender hands and light pink polished fingertips over her sleek Mac desktop, looking, she hoped, as professional as possible. She cleared her throat.

“Come in!” she ordered.

The doors opened and revealed three handsome young men in their late twenties, none other than Vincent and his work buddies. Great.

Mila relaxed her shoulders a bit and put a peeved look on her face.

“Oh. Vincent. Is there something I can help you with?” she asked exasperatedly. She had work to do.

“Yeah, there is,” Vincent drawled, smiling at her. “See Mila, me and the boys are putting on a little party in honor of your...promotion.” He walked right up to her desk, still smiling, his hands in his black trouser pockets. Although he was dressed professionally in his dark blue dress shirt, it was still obvious that Vincent had a rock-star style - her favorite type. He had amazing dark brown hair, a handsome face, a lean, hot bod, and, even though it was not allowed, a black earring in his left ear. Also, his sleeves were rolled up and the tattoos covering his entire left arm were completely visible. But Mila made sure he wasn’t aware of her still present attraction to him.

“Thanks, but I don’t have time to go to a party. Some of us at work have more productive things to do.” she said, looking directly into his eyes, as if to let him know that she was aware of the rumors and from who they had come from. Honestly, it was pretty shady and unlikely that Vincent would actually put together a party for her, given recent events. It had to be a trap.
Vincent was still smiling at her and leaned forward, his hands on the desk.

“But baby, you don’t have to go anywhere - the party’s right here.”
Mila was confused.

“What are you talk-” she was cut off as Vincent suddenly starting grabbing everything on her desk and shoving them on the floor, pictures, papers, computer, and all till it was stripped clean.
“What the fuck are you doing?!” she screamed, hitting his arms to get him to stop. Vincent grabbed the her by her shirt but she pushed herself away, although the first two buttons of her top were ripped off, exposing the top of her black lacy bra and full breasts. Mila started to panic and ran for the elevator, only to be grabbed by her arms by Ian and Tony. They were also both tall and lean, Ian with short black hair and piercing blue eyes and Tony with long floppy brown hair and brown eyes. She struggled but it was useless as they dragged her back to the desk, laying her on top of it. She then looked up and met Vincent’s mischievous eyes.

“What is this?” she demanded.

“What’s it look like?” Vincent whispered viscously in her ear as he bent down over her. He let his hands slide underneath her shirt then ripped it completely open. Mila started screaming and Vincent used her open mouth as an opportunity to steal a kiss, sticking his tongue down her delicious throat. Mila bit down hard on his tongue and Vincent pulled back in pain, then slapped her across the face. The slap shocked her, and Mila decided to stay completely still.

“Okay, Tony, you first.” Vincent said, before he walked around the desk away from her head and out of her field of vision. Next she saw Tony looming above her, and she couldn’t help but think, first for what?

She felt someone else climb on top of her and looked up a bit more and saw that it was Vincent. He sat on her stomach and placed his hands on top of her lace covered tits and started to massage them. Mila squirmed, her mind finally catching up with what was going on - they were going to rape her!

Vincent squeezed her hardening nipples through the lacy material, then slipped his hands under the fabric and roughly ripped it off, earning a yelp from Mila. Mila tits bounced a bit and were truly amazing, she was a small C cup and her tits were perky and firm, yet soft. Vincent continued his assault on her soft mounds with his hands, squeezing them. He pinched her nipples hard and pulled and Mila screamed in pain. He then leaned down and caught a taught pink nipple in his mouth and gently started sucking on her tit. He pulled back once more and blew cold air onto her nipple and it hardened painfully. He did the same to her other tit.

Mila was may have been frightened and in pain, but there was no doubt, no matter how twisted it was, she was getting a bit turned on. When they were going out, Vincent had always loved her tits and he knew exactly what she liked. She started breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling. Mila then heard the sound of a zipper and looked up at Tony, who was now pulling out his hardening cock and sticking it in her face. Mila protested by moving her head back and forth, but Tony grabbed hold of her head and placed the shiny head of his seven inch cock to Mila’s pouty pink lips. She sighed and closed her eyes, finally opening her mouth. Tony slipped his hot cock in her even hotter moist mouth and groaned in pleasure, her lips slowly sliding over his member inch by inch. Tony’s cock was pretty wide, and she tried to adjust her mouth as best as she could to accommodate him. He managed to get a good five inches in before pulling almost completely out then thrusting back down her throat. Tony kept holding her head in place and he slowly fucked her mouth and throat. Mila’s view consisted of watching Tony’s pubic area get closer then pull back as his cock went down her throat.

“Mmm, your mouth is great. No wonder you got promoted, bitch!”, Tony laughed.

Mila knew that Vincent was getting a great view of Tony fucking her throat and knew that he loved it. She heard another zipper and felt as Vincent’s cock was placed between her tits. Vincent then pushed her tits firmly together while squeezing her nipples and began to thrust over and over again between her chest.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Vincent cried out, “baby, didn’t I tell you this was gonna be a great party?”

Mila just closed her eyes, helpless as Tony fucked her mouth and Vincent fucked her plump, soft tits. She then heard another zipper, but this time it was her own from her skirt. Her skirt was pulled off by Ian, who was at her feet behind Vincent. She felt the cool air of the room hit her now bare, shapely legs. She felt Ian spread her legs wide open and rub her cunt through her lacy black panties. Mila moaned, hating herself, but she had never had this much attention on her body before and it was slowly driving her crazy. Her moan triggered Tony’s cock inside her mouth and he moaned and thrust deeper inside her mouth as a response. She then felt her panties taken completely off and she shivered as the cool air of the room hit her completely shaven cunt and the wetness there. Ian spread her legs once more, and she felt completely violated. Tony was picking up the pace with his thrusts in her mouth and she was finding it harder to breathe, his balls continually smacking her face. Vincent was still slamming himself between her tits, now shiny and wet from Vincent’s spit and the precum coming out of the tip of his cock. His balls smacked hard and loud on the underside of her breasts as Vincent and Tony continued to moan in pleasure.

Mila also moaned when she felt a hot tongue slide all the way up and down her wet pink slit before stopping and pushing against her growing clit. Mila continued to moan in pleasure as Ian used his fingers to spread her wet pussy wide to get better access to her clit. He flicked it mercilessly with his tongue then brought two fingers from his other hand and plunged them deep inside her cunt. Mila was now over the edge, with Tony fucking her mouth, Vincent fucking her tits and Ian finger fucking her now soaking wet cunt hole. She came hard, bucking her hips so than Ian’s fingers penetrated deeper. Her tight pussy muscles clenched down hard on Ian’s fingers and covered them with her slick, sweet pussy juices.

“Shit, Mila, you really want it bad!” Ian remarked, amazed.

“Okay, Ian switch with me. I’ll fuck her cunt good.” Tony panted as he finally slide out of her mouth, which was now covered with drool. Mila coughed a bit, finally able to breath properly. It didn’t last long as Ian now shoved his rock hard eight inch cock down her throat. While Ian was longer than Tony, he wasn’t as wide, but with his cock thrusting in and out pretty fast, she barely noticed. Mila then let out a scream around Ian’s cock as Tony, with out warning, slammed himself into her hot cunt hole. He roughly grabbed her thighs and began a jackhammer-fast pace, their sexes making all kinds of lewd wet noises from lubrication from her cum earlier. She felt as all seven inches of him filled up her hole as it stretched, going in and out with great speed.

“Fuck, she’s so tight and hot! I think she’s squeezing me with her pussy muscles!” Tony groaned loudly. He was moaning and groaning so loudly she could only hope that Mr. Stone couldn’t hear them in his own office, which was a floor above her own.

“Ugh...that’s it...I’m coming!” Vincent cried from on top of her. Mila heard him moan loudly and felt as streams of hot cum spurted over her cumbersome tits, her clavicle, and her neck. Mila couldn’t help thinking how hot this all was and with Tony pounding into her cunt hard and fast, she felt another hard orgasm build up inside her as his pubic bone kept grinding against her now engorged clit. She felt the weight from Vincent come off of her.

“You two keep having fun. I’ll be back with more...refreshments.”

Mila didn’t even try to figure out what he meant, she was too focused on the orgasm that she was just about to have from the extremely hard fucking she was receiving from both ends of her body. Tony continued his hard, fast strokes and she felt like she was going to be torn in two. Ian now leaned forward more and squeezed her cum-covered tits together and used them as leverage as he fucked her mouth relentlessly, moaning all the while.

Something deep inside Mila snapped and she completely gave into her situation as well as her animalistic needs. She started moaning loudly around Ian’s cock then reached down between her and Tony and starting rubbing her swollen pink clit fervently. She gasped and screamed with her mouth full of cock as she arched her back and had a mind blowing orgasm, the best she’d ever had. Her pussy muscles clenched almost violently around Tony’s cock and he screamed as he came as well. They both rocked back and forth against each other as they rode out their orgasms. Tony finally relaxed and pulled out his now limp cock from her soaking wet pussy, and his white cum as well as her clear pussy juice dripped out of her cunt. Ian suddenly pulled out of her mouth as she lay there, noticing the sudden emptiness of her mouth and cunt. Once again, it didn’t last long as Ian shoved his dick inside of her and stretched her cunt once more. He also picked up a jackhammer pace, but this time, Mila lifted herself up into a sitting position now that her mouth was no longer filled with cock. Her wavy blonde hair now fell past her shoulders and came down to the sides of her breasts. It seemed that all that throat-fucking had loosened her hair out of her bun. She noticed that Tony had taken a seat on the futon, looking spent.

Ian grabbed her hips and pulled her till she was nearly hanging off with her ass on the desk. She supported herself with her hands on the desk and threw her head back, moaning deeply. She felt her plump tits bouncing up and down in time with Ian’s hard, wet thrusts into her full, tight cunt. Ian was breathing hard and leaned towards her to bite, suck, and lick her neck. He then started to nibble on her earlobe.

“You love it, baby? You love getting fucked in your tight little hole?” Ian teased, still fucking away.
Mila wrapped an arm around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist, locking the heels of her black pumps together.

“Yes!! Fuck my hot little hole...fuck, I’m cumming again...” Mila moaned desperately as her third orgasm of the day was coming closer and closer,

Ugh, I’m coming too...I’m gonna pump you full of cum!

Ahhh! Yes, yes!

And sure enough, a few more hard strokes and Ian froze inside of her and held her tight, pumping her full of his hot cum to mingle with the load Tony had given her. Mila came again, pleasure washing over her as her pussy throbbed wildly around the cock inside of her. It felt like minutes before it finally died down and she fell back on her desk, while Ian simply collapsed on the floor with a content look on his face.

Mila was completely spent, her cunt full of juices and sperm that slid down her pussy to her asshole then onto the floor. Although she’d probably hate herself for this later, she had to admit she did enjoy herself a bit. And now that Vincent and his friends had had their little fun, all she had to do was make them swear that they won’t tell anyone or do it again or she would report them to the fucking police for rape.

“Will you look at that cream pie!”
It was Vincent’s voice from the elevator, but Mila froze as she heard more voices and chuckles with him. She lifted her head and her heart sank and her panic rose up again as she saw five more male co-workers stepping into her office with Vincent.

“Wow, Vince, you weren’t kidding about this being a great party!” remarked Robert, a middle aged man that Mila knew had a wife and three kids, his eyes glued to her dripping cunt.

“Didn’t I tell you? Okay guys, lets do this just as I told you...”

Part Two soon!

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