This story is about a middle aged step-father and his teenage step-daughter. As Brittany the cute step-daughter gets older and develops more her step-father begins to notice her more. If you do not like incest stories or older/younger than this story is not for you. Everyone else please enjoy and please leave comments.
The hot sun beat down on my naked body through the window above her bed. I lay nude over my teenage step-daughter Brittany’s petite naked body, her legs spread. I looked down as I positioned my hard cock’s mushroom head into the wet crease of her inner labia below her well groomed pubic hair. My heart racing with anticipation and naughtiness as thought about how lucky I was. I wondered how the hell it ever came to this…..

I married my wife Veronica when I was 25, she was also 25 and had a little 2 year old girl from a previous marriage that obviously did not last long. Her daughter Brittany lived with us most of the time except for occasional week-end visits to her father out of town. I loved her like my own and she always called me dad, even though to many of her close relatives I was referred to as her step-dad.

Veronica and I both had good paying jobs and thus bought a nice “middle class” home in the suburb of the city. It had a two car garage, a nice private back yard with a swimming pool and a deck. Veronica and I never had another child together. Our marriage was strong through the years, but after being married for 5 years our sex lives practically stopped. We were always monogamous and loyal to each other. I knew she privately masturbated occasionally, although she never would admit it; she even had a vibrator hidden away. I also masturbated, but a little more frequently, meaning at least every day. I did it in private but I was open about it with her and she did not mind. Soon I began jerking off looking at porn magazines or watching dirty movies, again being open with my wife about it.

One reason my wife and I never had sex was because we worked opposite schedules, I worked first shift and she worked second. That gave Brittany and I a lot of time together in the evenings. I always cooked her dinner and helped her with school projects and as she got older her homework. We got out a lot also, hiking or going to the city for a concert or movie. She was my precious little girl and I loved her with all my heart. I never thought of her sexually, or at least not until the day we were at the water park.

Brittany was about 12 years old and her mother was out of town for the weekend. It was yet another hot southern Californian day and Brittany had been begging me all spring to bring her to the water park. So we packed up the car and headed off. After getting into the park we went to the changing rooms to get into our swim wear. I never liked the changing room at this park. There were always guys walking around naked and sometimes they even were semi-hard, some of them would look at my cock and smile. On a number of occasions over the years I heard men jerking off in the stall next to mine. So the place gave me the creeps. I always made a point to go in and get out as fast as possible. I waited outside for my girl admiring the beautiful day, and all the hot women walking around in bikini’s. After a few minutes Brittany came out of the changing room. She had a one piece swimsuit on, her long brown hair was tied back into a ponytail. Her young body was starting mature, her hips were starting to widen a little and her but was getting a bit more round. I could see that her breasts were starting to bud a little. She had a look of embarrassment on her face. I knew it was because she wanted to wear a two piece bikini; after all, all of her friends wore them, as she put it. Her mother was okay with the idea but I was dead against it. I never told my wife this, but I knew how I looked at women in a two piece, I did not want men looking at my little girl like that. But here I was analyzing how her breasts were growing.

We went out into the park to enjoy some rides. We spent a few hours going on various rides and finally we came up the one of the parks newest rides. It was called “Rapid River” and neither of us had been on it before. I asked Brittany if she was interested and she said it looked like fun, so we got in line. I noticed throughout the day that Brittany was adjusting her swimsuit a lot. I knew this must be because we hadn’t bought her a new one yet this year and this swimsuit was just a little too small for her. Finally after a twenty minute wait it was our turn. The ride was a man made river with rapids. Two to four people would sit in a inflatable raft and “ride the rapids”. Brittany and I both got into the raft, initially she tried to sit next to me but a female park employee told her that she had to sit across from me. Once we were settled in the attendant pushed us off. We sat on the edge of the raft with our feet in the center, we were facing each other. We laughed as we went through the calm part of the rapids. We were both dry after standing in line for so long, so when the first splash of ice cold water hit us we both gasped and laughed. Shortly after that we hit a bump and another wave splashed up, but this time it only hit Brittany. She cringed at the chill water and her reflexes arched her back, pulling her shoulder blades together. This did two things that instantly caught my attention, it caused her hard nipples to poke out into the fabric of the swimsuit and it also caused the front of the swimsuit to stretch, which I noticed pulled the fabric tight against her crotch giving her camel toe. She gasped and giggled at the cold water hitting her. Her eyes were still closed so I took a second glance at her crotch, my hormones raced as my eyes devoured the site of her cute and plump mound split in two by a crevasse. My gaze was startled by another bump and a huge wave of water that covered us both. We giggled together and the ride just got wilder and wetter. After the ride was over Brittany said she had to go to the bathroom.

I noticed as we got out of the ride that Brittany still had camel toe and a wedgie. We both headed back to the changing rooms where the bathrooms were. She was ahead of me as we walked. I found myself looking at her cute little but, the swimsuit folded up between her cheeks. I found my mind stunned. I asked myself how I could look at my little girl this way, seeing her not as my baby girl, but as a sexy piece of ass?!?

I walked her to the woman’s bathroom then went into the men’s side to take a piss. The bathroom was busy as usual. After all the dirty thoughts running through my mind in the past fifteen minutes I decided to take a piss in one of the stalls, I was afraid if I went at the urinal that someone would notice my half erect cock. But then again who was I kidding, there were always men in here with semi hard cocks, and I was starting to understand why. This water park was full of hot women and teens, getting wet and hardly wearing anything. I closed the stall door behind me, whipped out my dick and started to take a piss. I could not believe how horny I was, and all that was running through my mind were memories of Brittany’s camel toe. I heard a rustling in the stall next to me. I looked down and could see the foot of a man sitting on the toilet. His foot was vibrating in unison with the quiet slapping sounds I was hearing. He was jerking off. I almost laughed. I heard a couple of grunts then moments later the toilet flushed and he left. I stood there in the stall with my half erect penis in my hand for a minute, thinking about Brittany’s cute mound, her almost flat chest with two erect budding nipples, wondering if she had pubic hair yet? I looked down at my cock again, now it was fully erect, and I could hold out no longer. I started jerking off in the bathroom stall. My mind ran crazy with images from the past half hour. Before long my loins tensed up and a brilliant orgasm rushed through me, waves of pleasure tossing my semen all over the toilet and floor. I quickly wiped off the seat and flushed the toilet. I left the bathroom and did not wash my hand, I simply wiped the cum into my hands like lotion, until they were soft and dry. I wasn’t as freaked out by the bathroom now that I knew those guys were probably overwhelmed with sexual stimulation from all the hot females trotting around. This time Brittany was waiting for me outside the bathroom. I noticed that she had fixed her camel toe. I reached out and held her hand as we went back into the park to find some lunch.

A week after that with my blessings her mother bought her not one, but three two piece bikini’s. The rest of the summer I noticed myself admiring her developing body more and more.

The next summer Brittany was 13 and her body was changing. Her mother now had to get her menstrual pads and some actual bra’s. Her breasts were now becoming round and plump, filling a B cup bra. Her hips were filling out a little more and her cute little bottom was rounder. Needless to say I spent a lot of time reading out at the pool, while her and her friends swam and tanned.

One day in July Brittany was waiting for two of her friends to show up. She had been swimming earlier in the pool and as usual I was out there reading. She went inside to shower and get ready to go out with her friends. Veronica was home because it was a weekend, but she was out front working on the flower garden. After a half hour or so Brittany came back out to the pool. She had changed and now was wearing a blue spaghetti strap dress, it was pretty short. She also was wearing a bracelet, several rings and a necklace with a golden heart pendant. Lately she was really getting into jewelry and also makeup and painting her fingernails. Her lips had a subtle pink gloss on them. She sat down by the pool on the cement and put down a bottle of toenail paint. She then lifted up her left leg, which was farthest from me, and began painting her toenails. Her other leg lay out across the floor. I looked over and was stunned by an utterly erotic surprise. Her dress was lifted up by her leg, giving me a perfect view of her panties, but even better I quickly realized that her panties were shuffled over to the left of her pussy mound, revealing my step-daughters cute little pussy. I could see a small patch of pubic hair, and also I could see her little clitoris peeking out from between her pussy lips. I stared at this spectacle as she innocently was distracted by painting her toenails. My cock was almost instantly erect. She continued and finally finished that foot and moved onto the next, she shifted position and her dress fell back down with her leg as she brought her right leg up so she could reach her right foot’s toes. Now her precious and innocent pussy was hidden from my wanton eyes. Her friends arrived soon after. Tracy and Cindy were both also very cute girls, they were both my step-daughter’s age. Tracy had huge breasts for a thirteen year old, and she didn’t hide it, she always was wearing shirts that revealed a generous amount of cleavage. Cindy was a petite girl, no breasts, no curves; she was thirteen but looked ten. They were with Cindy’s mother. Soon they were off to see a movie.

As soon as they left I headed right for the bathroom. As soon as the door closed I pulled out my cock and began jerking off. Waves of pleasure filled my groin as I dreamed of Brittany’s cute little pussy. I fantasized caressing her soft mound, and then kissing it, licking between her pussy lips and sucking on her clit. I began to cum, gasping in a whisper to myself, “Ohh Brittany, ohh your sweet little pussy, ohh baby I want to kiss your sweet little pussy…” My cum shot out all over the bathroom sink and floor. My orgasm was almost over when the bathroom door swung open. It was my wife. She smiled and looked at me as I stood there with my swimming trunks around my ankles, my cum drenched cock in my hand, and cum all over the bathroom. I wondered if she had heard me whispering Brittany’s name, I was pretty sure that she wouldn’t have heard it.

“Wow”, she said. “Something sure got you excited, you managed to get cum on the mirror.” She pointed to the mirror above the sink. She giggled. “Was it that Brittany’s cute friend Tracy, and her abundant cleavage?” She said jokingly. I was still utterly speechless. “Hell, with a body like that she could be in one of those magazines you like in six years or so, what is that one called, ‘Barely Legal’. Veronica then asked me to make sure I cleaned it all up and she went back out to the garden. I really didn’t know what to think about her comments, but that actually turned me on a bit. My wife knew I was attracted to and masturbating to a thirteen year old, she just didn’t know it was her daughter.

Another year went by and Brittany grew more beautiful. She was 14 and half way through her freshman year at high school when my wife found out that she and her boyfriend had had sex. My wife had to sit Brittany down and give her “The Lecture”. I wish I could have heard that conversation. We decided that we just had to keep a better eye on her and make sure one of us was with her and her boyfriend. Not soon after that the guy smartened up and started seeing another girl who would put out more. Brittany was devastated and became very reclusive for several months. Spring rolled around again and one evening after Brittany went to bed my wife threw a magazine onto my lap as I sat on the couch watching sports. I looked at it, confused. It was a “Club” magazine I had stashed in my porn collection in the basement.

“I found this in Brittany’s dresser drawer yesterday morning.” Victoria looked displeased.

“Really?!?” I replied. I was stunned. My emotions were confused by this, I was concerned about her getting corrupted by looking at the magazine, I wondered if she was bi or gay, and I also was really turned on by the thought of my sweet little step-daughter looking at the same porn I masturbated to many times before. “Do you think she found my porn stash?” A asked my wife. “It is one of my magazines.”

“I don’t know, but you should either hide them somewhere else or get rid of them because I don’t like the idea of my daughter looking at this stuff.” Veronica then left the living room and went upstairs to bed.

I sat on the couch staring at the magazine. I opened it up and flipped through the pages. There were a couple of hot women in the magazine that I liked jerking off to, and also a hot lesbian shoot. My cock grew hard as I thought about Brittany rubbing her pussy while looking at the magazine. I pictured her fingering her recently deflowered pussy while she moaned and grasped one of her breasts. I wondered what spread in the magazine she liked the most. Was it the two blonde lesbian chicks eating each other’s pussies? Or maybe it was the photo shoot of the big dicked guy fucking the redhead. Then I reached the section of stories in the magazine. The first story was about a guy fucking his step-daughter. It blew my mind knowing that she might have read this story. I pulled my shorts down and started jerking off. I set the magazine beside me on the couch and read the story. It after a few minutes I felt my orgasm approaching. I thought I heard something behind me toward the kitchen but I was so close I couldn’t stop stroking. Soon my cock exploded cum all over my legs and shirt. I moaned and mumbled, “Ohhh yes baby, oh yes, just like daddies little girl. Ohhh Brittany, ugghhhh….I want to eat your little pussy baby, oohhhh….” I relaxed as the climax subsided.

I grabbed a tissue from the coffee table next to the couch and wiped up the cum. I heard a creak in the floor and turned around to see who was there. I didn’t see anyone. My heart was pounding, afraid that someone had heard me moaning the name of my little girl as I came. It was bad news either way; either Brittany heard me, or even worse my wife had. I quickly hopped up, pulling up my shorts up to cover my semi-hard cock. I bolted around through the kitchen and heard footsteps heading down the dark hall towards Brittany’s bedroom. Just as I caught full view of her door I saw a shadow disappear into her room. I turned around and went back into the living room. I was still shaken by what just happened and didn’t know what to think. I was still wondering and possibly hoping that I was seeing things. Then I wondered about what would happen if it was Brittany, and she did see and hear my highly charged jerk off session. What would she do? Would she tell her mother first thing in the morning, or maybe even tonight? Or would she keep quiet and be too embarrassed to tell anyone. Or maybe she was laying in her bed rubbing her pussy thinking about what she had just witnessed. The later seemed to me to be getting more and more likely, especially after finding the porn magazine in her room.

The next morning was a usual day. Brittany acted the same as any morning and I was beginning to think that maybe the shadows were in my head and that nothing had happened. I moved all my porn magazines to a new hiding place. My wife and I decided to not even bring up the fact that we had found the magazine in her room.

Spring turned into summer again and Brittany was looking as hot as ever. And so were her friends Tracy and Cindy. Brittany’s breasts were now large enough to fit a C-cup bra, but her butt was still small round and very firm looking. She was becoming less withdrawn and spending more time with Tracy and Cindy. The last weekend of April my wife was out of town. I looked forward to some “pool supervision time” with the girls. On Friday Brittany brought her friends Tracy and Cindy over after school and they soon were swimming and splashing around in the pool. They all wore skimpy two piece bikinis and Cindy’s swimsuit bottom was almost a thong it was so narrow. Cindy still looked younger than she was, but she had cute little A-cup breasts now and her hips were filling out a little. Tracy still had a nice rack on her fourteen year old chest. They were D-Cups now and she looked great in a bikini top. After about an hour or so the girls started to jump into the pool doing cannonballs to splash water around. Tracy hopped into the pool. I watched as she came up out of the water without her bikini top. It must have fallen off when she jumped in. For a second she didn’t notice. Her breasts were big, round and firm, I was amazed at how they didn’t sag at all. Her areola’s the size of a half dollar and her nipples were cold, wet and erect. She looked at me and saw the look on my face then realized what had happened. Tracy laughed and covered her boobs with her arms. Cindy swam over and retrieved Tracy’s missing top and Tracy turned away from me and put it back on.

They hung out in the pool for another half an hour and then Tracy and Cindy left. As soon as they did I went inside to use the bathroom. Brittany followed my inside. She headed into her bedroom. The bathroom in the house was across from Brittany’s bedroom. I shut the bathroom door behind me and dropped my shorts. I began masturbating, remembering every detail of Tracy’s teenage breasts while the images were still burning fresh in my memory. After about five minutes of dreaming of caressing Tracy’s plump jugs, pinching and sucking on her tender nipples, I was cumming. I tried to be silent because I knew Brittany was around, but when the climax hit a few grunts slipped out of me.

I cleaned up and flushed the toilet. I opened the door and stepped out into the hall. I was surprised to see Brittany just s few strides in front of me in the hall and walking towards the kitchen. I wondered if she had been listening to me in the bathroom. I went into the kitchen also. She had changed into a pair of sports shorts and a plain t-shirt. She grabbed a banana from the counter and peeled the skin off of it. She bent over and opened the cabinet below the sink and threw the banana peel into the trash. I admired her well formed ass. She then started eating the banana and heading into the living room. As she walked by me I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I could see her erect nipples poking the t-shirt fabric out. Her eyes caught me peeping at her titties as she walked by. I grabbed some food and joined her in the living room. We watched some T.V. and then a movie.
Around ten o’clock Brittany said she was tired and she headed for bed. After about five minutes I headed to the bathroom to take a leak. As I approached the bathroom I noticed that Brittany’s bedroom door was slightly ajar. This was very unusual; she always closed her bedroom door. I went into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I took a piss and then flushed the toilet. As I left the bathroom and headed back to the living room I was overwhelmed with the urge to peek into her room. I headed back to the living room, quickly slipped off my shoes and headed silently back down the dark hall. The sound of the toilet bowl tank filling back up with water was all I could hear. I stopped by her door and peeked into the darkness of her room. Her shades were open and the orange haze of suburb light pollution dimly lit her room. She was lying on her back in her bed, her feet facing me. Her body was covered by a blanket. I could see the t-shirt and sports shorts lying on the floor in a pile next to her bed. On top of the pile was a pair of panties. After a minute the toilet bowl stopped its noise and it was almost dead silent. I could faintly hear the T.V. in the living room. I continued watching Brittany, the door was open just enough to give me a good view into her room. She lay still for a few minutes and then she slipped the blanket off to the side. For the first time I was looking at my sexy teenage step-daughter’s beautiful nude body. Her breasts were firm and round, she had small areolas but, I could tell she was horny because her nipples were erect. Her legs were slightly spread giving me a nice view of her pussy. Her pubic hair was well groomed into a single inch wide strip. One of her hands began to caress her breast while the other slowly found its way to her inner thighs. She simply caressed her inner thighs for a good five minutes. I could hear her occasionally sigh or take a deep breath. After one such deep breath her hand finally completed its journey and fell onto her wet and starving vagina. At first she softly rubbed her hand up and down her vulva, and slowly spreading her knees farther apart. Slowly her rhythm increased as her hand motions began to focus more on her clitoral area. As she grasped one of her breasts with her other hand she began to squeeze and pinch her nipple. I watched as my baby girl was now enjoying the full breadth of her own womanhood in front me, my cock so hard it was aching. She began to gasp and quietly moan and whimper as she continued. Her middle and index finger were now alone working her clitoris, rubbing around it in fast staggered rhythm. Her teenage legs occasionally jumped in pleasure as she tossed her head back and forth. Soon her whimpers and moans became more frequent and I could tell my little Brittany was about to cum. When the orgasm hit her young fourteen year old body her hand that was furiously working her little love box did not slow down. Her legs tensed up a few times and then with a muffled cry her back and legs pushed her ass high into the air off of the bed, I admired her cute ass and could see the wet juice from her pussy making her tiny anus glisten in the dim light. I began to notice words in her quite moans of pleasure.
“Uhhhmmmmm, aghhhhhh, ooohhhh daddy, oh yes, stroke that big cock daddy, oohhhmmmm, yes daddy, yes, ehh, ehh….” As her orgasm subsided her but hit the bed again. She lay there for a minutes before she slid the blanket back over her naked teenage body. She turned on her side to go to sleep.

I quietly headed back to the living room. I sat on the couch and whipped out my sore hard cock. In under a minute I was experience an intense orgasm, my mind filled with thoughts of my little girl fucking herself and thoughts of caressing her body, tasting her juices.

The next day Brittany went out hiking with her friends. All day my mind was running wild with thoughts of her. I wondered why she left her door open, could she have been putting as show on for her step-dad? I took care of some errands and did some work around the house. Brittany did not get home until eight thirty at night.

I was on the couch watching T.V. when I heard the front door open. Brittany called out with a hello and I replied back greeting her. She went into her room to drop off her backpack. Then she came out and flopped into the couch like a ragdoll. I could tell she was exhausted. I could smell fresh air mixed with her sweaty body odor, a smell that I welcomed over the stale air in the living room. I asked her about her hike and she told me about her day. After a few minutes she sighed and said she needed to take a shower. She got up and went into the bathroom. I continued watching T.V.

After about a half an hour Brittany came out into the living room wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around her body. Her long brown hair was still wet. She stood in front of me blocking my view of the television.

“Daddy,” She said softly, “did you enjoy watching me masturbate last night?”

I was taken aback. Her question caught me so off guard that the only response I could come up with was to mutter “huh?” My cock was starting to swell. I could not believe this was happening. My little girl was no longer a little girl, but a lusty woman rich with desire for cock.

“Did it turn you on?” She asked.

My cock was almost completely hard now and it was very obvious, my shorts were now pitched into a tent. How could I answer that question? Or did I even need to? Did my cock already answer it for me?

Brittany let the towel drop to the floor. Her naked body filled my vision. Last night I had only saw her in the dim light, but now I saw her true beauty. Her firm round breasts were slightly less tan than her belly. Her waist was thin but athletic, bowing out to form her hips. Her succulent pussy mound was neatly shaved except for a narrow strip of brown curly public hair. I stood up and walked over to her and embraced her naked body. As I pulled her towards me her arms wrapped around my back and her hands grasped both of my ass cheeks. Our bodies pressed together. I could feel her firm breasts compress against my torso, my hard cock pressed through my sorts into her stomach. She sighed and tilted her head back. I looked down at her. Her eyes were beautiful and bright, they looked into mine, their innocence capturing and tying me into her web of lust. Her lips were plump and sexy, her mouth was slightly open, I could see between her glistening white teeth lay her moist pink tongue. I kissed her soft lips. Our kiss started simple, then our mouths opened up and our tongue’s reached out to embrace. I melted in the warmth of her young mouth. I jumped, surprised to feel her hand slip between our bodies to grasp my erect cock through my shorts. I pushed her body away from mine, still kissing her luscious oral cornucopia, but giving room enough for one of my hands to grasp her right breast. Her breast was tight and firm, the most firm breast my hand had ever grasped. It’s skin was as soft as silk. My fingers released her boob from their grasp and gently pinched her soft nipple. I rubbed my finger in circles around it and within seconds it was puffing up into an erect cone. I took my other hand off of the back of her head and let it slowly fall down her back, gently caressing her soft skin. I finally reached her tight ass. I opened my hand up and grasped her whole entire left ass cheek. I squeezed it scooting my middle finger deeper between her legs. I could no longer resist the temptation. I pulled my other hand away from her teenaged breast and slid it down towards her pussy. I felt her pubic hair and was almost there when suddenly Brittany closed her legs and broke our kiss. She gasped for air, her lips drenched with our saliva.

“Let’s go to my room.” She said in a devilish tone with a wicked smile. She giggled, her giggle turned into a whimper as her whispered in my ear, “Your little daughter has been bad, daddy. She has been a little slut. I think she may need her mouth washed out.” She sucked my ear lobe into her mouth and lapped it with her tongue. Brittany then grabbed my hand and led me into her bedroom.

As we entered she turned the light on. We walked over to the side of her bed and she sat on it. She pulled down my shorts and now I was naked as well. My cock was level with her innocent face. She grabbed my dick, moving it side to side checking it out all seven inches of it. She pulled back my foreskin and my red mushroom head popped out.

“Wow daddy, you cock sure is big.” She took her other hand and started gently squeezing my swollen testicles. I moaned in pleasure. The stimulation of her small teenage hands grasping my manly hood caused my cock head to start secreting a drop of clear pre-cum. Brittany touched it with her finger and pulled her finger away from my cockhead. The thick pre-cum stretched out into a string, thinning until her finger was so far away the rope of clear juice broke. She brought her wet finger up to her mouth and licked it clean. She smiled at me and licked her lips. She said no more and brought her tongue down to my swollen mushroom head and licked the very end of it. My cock jumped with the sensation of her tongue pleasing it. She then took the whole head of my cock into her mouth. Her mouth felt cold and sopping wet on my cock.

I cried out, “Ohhh Brittany, oohhh baby yes, that feels so good baby ughhh…” looked down and watched her begin to bob her head up and down on my cock.

She could not take my whole cock into her young mouth, she tried but gagged. I grasped one of her breasts and with the other hand held her head onto my cock. Her nipple was hard and I pinched it causing my step-daughter to jump and make a whimper muffled by my cock in her mouth. She sucked my cock for a couple more minutes before she stopped. She pulled my wet cock out of her mouth. “Lick my pussy daddy.” She said while panting. “Lick my pussy while I suck your big cock.”

I lay down on my step-daughter Brittany’s bed on my back. She crawled over me grasped my cock and took it back into her mouth. Her legs were spread on either side of my head. Her fourteen year old vulva only inches away from my mouth. I could smell her musky pussy scent. It intoxicated my mind. I grasped her ass cheeks with my hands and pulled her body down closer to me, her pussy closer to my mouth. She resisted and pulled back. This confused me at first. Then I realized that she was doing it on purpose, to get me more excited. I overwhelmed her with my strength and forced her young pussy down to meet my starving mouth. She relaxed as my tongue began to dart across her clit. She began to moan and whimper as I orally stimulated her pink teen pussy. I licked up and down her slit, tasting her sweet and salty juices. I occasionally thrust my tongue deep into her vagina. She worked on my cock like a pro. Sucking and stroking it while rubbing my balls with her free hand. I pulled her butt cheeks apart and licked her slit then continued on with my tongue until I saturated her little brown anus with my drool. She let out a loud a moan. I continued licking her swollen clit, poking at her ass with my nose. After what seemed to be an eternity in sensual erotic bliss, but was more like five minutes, I felt her legs begin to spasm. My baby girl was climaxing. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and began to cry out in pleasure. She tried to pull her hips up and away from my mouth but I held her in place and continued sucking on her clit. Her legs began to spasm more violently as her climax increased. Her stomach and pussy were trembling in pleasure.

Brittany’s voice screamed out in pleasure and she cried, “Ohhh yes daddy, yes daddy, you make me feel sooooo good daddy….”

I held her fast and she tried more to squirm out of my grasp. She tried to pull back then she tried moving her hips off to the side. She cries became giggles then laughs as her first orgasm subsided and her sensitive pussy began to be tickled by my wet tongue that was furiously dancing around inside her outer labia.

“Stop!”she laughed, “It tickles.”

I continued eating her pussy, swallowing some of her pussy juices. She began to speak again while laughing. I interrupted her by grabbing the back of her head and shoving her head down onto my hard cock again. She got the message and began to suck my cock. After a minute her legs and hips began to relax and she began building up a nice rhythm, rocking her hips on my mouth and sucking my cock. I took one of my hands off her ass and ran it down, then slipped a finger deep into her teenage depths. I pulled it out and brought it up to her little brown anus. I tickled her asshole with my finger that was drenched in her pussy juices. I began to slowly run circles around her little rectum, it puckered up in response. Brittany’s legs began to spasm again as she began to have another orgasm. This time I held her head down on my cock. She began to moan and bellow as she came, my cock muffling the sound.

This finally pushed me over the edge. My balls filled with pleasure as my entire groin exploded in bliss. I pulled my mouth away from her wet pussy. My face was covered in my own step-daughters vaginal juices. I cried out in pleasure, “Ohhh Brittany baby, I am cumming in your mouth baby, ohh yes baby in your little mouth..”. My shaft delivered spurt after spurt of my pleasure juice into her mouth. She swallowed my cum and we both fell limp on the bed. She rolled off of me and turned around so her head was by mine. We said nothing, we just looked at each other in an after orgasm daze. She wrapped her arms around me. We kissed again. The kiss lasted until we both fell asleep. I slept the entire night in my step-daughters bed, our naked bodies embracing each others, her sheets stained with our love lotions.

I awoke the next morning to the feeling of a hand playing with my limp cock. I opened my eyes, wondering if what happened last night was just a wild dream. Brittany lay across from me, her brown hair a mess, her lips were dry and her eyes looked tired.

“I have never felt anything as good as what you did to me last night daddy.” She said.

“Neither have I baby.” I replied. I kissed her lips.

Our mouths opened and our tongues began to dance. My penis was almost fully hard from her innocent hand playing with it. I broke our kiss and began to kiss her nipples instead. I sucked on them and gently nibbled them. Brittany jumped and yelped when I nibbled hard. I lay on top of her body, My cock finding itself resting against her pussy mound. I began to kiss her lips again while I ground my hard cock against her fragile pink clitoris.

Brittany moaned with pleasure. She pulled away from our kiss and cried out to me, “Fuck me daddy, fuck your little slut with your big cock.”

The hot sun beat down on my naked body through the window above her bed. I lay nude over my teenage step-daughter Brittany’s petite naked body, her legs spread. I looked down as I positioned my hard cock’s mushroom head into the wet crease of her inner labia below her well groomed pubic hair. My heart racing with anticipation and naughtiness as thought about how lucky I was. I wondered how the hell it ever came to this…..

I slid my cock into my step-daughters tight pussy. She whimpered in pain. I stopped and gave her a minute to adjust. I didn’t take the little slut even thirty seconds. I was still holding still when her hips began to fuck me, rocking back and forth causing my cock to slide in and out of her cunt.

“Fuck my daddy, fuck me good.” Brittany moaned. I grabbed one of her breasts with one hand and began fucking her with my cock. I started slow at first, and then I began to go faster and deeper. I moaned with my little girl as we incestually pleased ourselves. I rammed my cock as deep in as I could go. My rod slid three quarters of the way in before it rammed into her tender but firm cervix. My little girl cried out in pain and agony. I pulled my cock back and continued fucking her, but not going too deep. I fucked her like this for about five minutes. Then she began to cum. She cried out in pleasure as I fucked her.

Brittany moaned, “Don’t stop daddy, keep fucking me, fuck me daddy, fuck me daddy, ohhh yes daddy…..”

I kept fucking her as her orgasm developed into multiple orgasms. I could feel my climax coming on. I pulled out of her wet pussy before I came. I slid back on the bed and put my head between her thin teenage legs. I began eating her wet and sloppy pussy. She began to orgasm again, her legs wrapped around my head. I ate her pussy for a few minutes then flipped her onto her belly. I crawled over her body and slipped my cock into her pussy from behind. I began to fuck her, my hips slapping against her tiny butt. I slipped my hands between the bed and her body, grasping her medium sized firm breast. I rammed my hard cock in and out of her while she continued to orgasm. Soon I began to cum. As my first load prepared to shoot I buried my cock as deep into my baby girl as it would got, bashing against her cervix. She cried out in orgasmic pain and pleasure as my cum burst from my cock deep into her young body.

Brittany knew I was coming and cried out, “Ohhh daddy, fill me with you cum!”

Load after load of cum leapt from my cock. The orgasmic waves of pleasure rippled through my body. I was not capable of saying anything as I came, I just moaned and grunted. When my cock was finished empting itself into my girl I lay there on top of her. My now relieved balls resting on the backs of her legs, just below her but. My cock still throbbed occasionally as it got limp in the tight confines of her vagina. She moaned in after sex fulfillment. I kept kneading her firm breasts with my hands.

Brittany and I lay there for a minute or two when I noticed a shadow from the window move across the bed. Brittany saw it as well. We looked out the window and were both speechless. I could not believe it. Someone was standing just outside the window, and she had seen the two of us fuck.

To be continued…..

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Just came in my stepdaughters cunt. Not our first time, not our last. Yesterday she sucked me off in the parking lot behind the cinema and two weeks ago we spent the weekend at a motel upstate. Hardly left the room. She's promised to do some of gymnastics routines naked while I watch. I eat her out while she does a handstand and she does an amazing reverse cowgirl with her legs spread out to either side. Time to get her ready for school and maybe doggie her before she leaves. She is soooo sexy with her skirt up on her back and her tight panties pushed to one side. God, I love incest!

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Great story. I love to hear my daughter yell for me fuck her harder or to make her cum or to fill herbpussy with my cum. And when she deepthroats me I am just as vocal. Three years now and for her 15th birthday were going to a special report up in the mountains. I've already gotten Pammy some very special panties and cammies for the trip. We're also going to video ourselves so we can watch later. Done some already but I have better camera now. Best daughter in the world.

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My stepdaughter loves riding my cock while i lick her friends hairless stepdaughter is 13 and her friend 15

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Wow, good read. Hot story.

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