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Today begins like any other day, I wake up at 5:45, turn off my alarm clock and go back to sleep. Then my phone goes off at 6:00 and I have up, say my prayers and go into the bathroom. I pissed, took my shower, shaved, etc. Then it all began, I go back to my room, waking my dad. As I'm getting dressed, I notice I have a message. At first I think it’s from my girlfriend because today is our first anniversary. But this is from my ex-girlfriend, she asks me to come by her place earlier than usual because she has something for me. We had something a while ago, but we agreed that it had to end because we were not ready for the next step. I can’t decide whether I should go over to her house or not. Last time I was over there, there was a lot of sexual tension, but we didn’t do anything and I don’t want a repeat performance where I have to walk with her all the way to where ever it is she wants to go while trying to hide a raging hard-on. Something about her message makes me think that today will be different than any other day. In her message, my ex-girlfriend said something about running out to the pharmacy and having her house to herself. I throw on my favorite pair of boxers, my basketball shorts, some jeans, a pair of socks, my Timberland™ boots, an undershirt and a casual button-down. My ex and my current girlfriend are best friends and are always at each other’s houses, but right now I’m not thinking about that very much. All I care about is finding out what’s going on with my ex-girlfriend. I live about 3 miles away from her, but I promise I’ll get over there as quickly as possible, she tells me to bring some things with me that she had left at my house when we were still going out. It’s been so long since I last looked at that bag, so I don’t remember what’s in it. While I’m walking to her house, my phone rings. I can tell by the ringer that it’s my girlfriend. I don’t know whether to answer it or let it go to voicemail. I answer it because if I don’t, she’ll know something’s going on. “Hey honey, what’s up?” “Nothing much, thinking of you. I’ll see you at the bus stop?” “Nah, I’m taking today off.” “Ok, we’ll I’ll see you later then, bye.” I feel horrible for not telling her where I’m going and who I’m going to be with, almost bad enough to not go over to my ex’s house. I call up a bunch of my friends and tell them that I’m not going to be available to hang out today and to cover for me if anyone asks about where I am. I already called the office and told them I won’t be in today, but they will probably ask my friends about where I am and how I’m doing. I tell them that I need them to go in today because if we’re all out it’ll raise suspicions. I go to the pharmacy to grab some condoms like I was planning on doing after I got out the shower. While I’m there, I call my ex to ask if she wants me to pick anything up for her. “Nope, I’ve got everything I need, just hurry over here.” I know I shouldn’t be going to her house, but it’s not something I care to beat myself up about. No one will know what happens today. I get to her house and see that there are two cars outside. I recognize one as being hers and the other I don’t know. I don’t pay much mind to it; there are more important things right now. I ring the bell and she comes to the door in one of my old t-shirts, a pair of flip-flops, and the jeans I bought her for our last anniversary when we were still together. She grabs me by the hand and hurries me inside. Once the door is shut we start making out like we used to. She’s unbuttoning my shirt and I can tell she isn’t wearing a bra because I feel her breasts against my chest. We move to the couch and I finish taking my shirt off and throw it to the ground. She is too impatient to wait for me to take hers off and does it herself. Her perfect breasts jiggle as they are released from the fabric. I start massaging and sucking her tits. Her nipples are rock hard now, so am I. She sees the growing bulge, undoes my belt and pulls down all three layers at once. She puts me in her mouth without hesitation and starts licking and sucking my engorged penis. She’s doing such a good job I can barely hold out much longer. I bust a nut in her mouth and she swallows it all and licks me clean. Now it’s my turn to thank her. I start kissing her stomach and she begs me to move straight to her snatch, but I tell her I know what I’m doing and she can’t argue with that. She knows first-hand I’m the best lay she’s ever had. I move down to her perfect, thin happy trail, kissing her everywhere along the way. I get to her pussy and stick my tongue in, playing with her pussy. She pushed her pussy into my face, causing me to go deeper into her, I come up to take a breath and start fingering her for a while. She comes like a flood. I lick it all up and she says she’s going to go get something she’s sure I’ll enjoy. I can’t wait for her to get back to the room. My dick is harder than hard, I’m talking like chin-up bar hard. She comes back to the door and is holding something behind her back. I can tell that it’s a person because I can see their calf, but I can’t tell who it is. Then I see a tattoo I recognize and I freak out. She comes into the room bringing with her a feeling of utter fright. The tattoo I see was the one my girlfriend has on her outer calf. Now I don’t know what to do and how to explain this all. She comes out and faces me looking really mad at me. She’s wearing a miniskirt, and a halter-top and that’s it. Then she starts laughing hysterically saying “I told you I’d see you later. We got you good. You should see your face.” She bends over and reaches into the bag my ex had me bring over and pulls out a bunch of condoms and opens one. She pops it in her mouth and puts it on me and bends over revealing her pussy. She starts eating out my ex while I fuck her from behind. They both multi and her pussy grabs my rock hard cock even tighter. I can’t hold it in anymore. I just keep coming and coming. We take a break for a while because we’ve been going at it for about four hours now. The friends I called earlier today are on their lunch breaks now and have gone to the office to say they feel sick. Luckily there isn’t a lot of work to get done today and they are really good actors. My ex’s house is like a fucking mansion and we’re going to have it all to ourselves for an entire week so we invite everyone we knew over for a party. While we wait for everyone to make their ways over to her house, we go through her DVD collection and pop in some of the better adult films she has. Some are home-made with me and other boyfriends she’s had, others are professional. All three of us are far too horny to wait for everyone else to show up so we start without them. As when I walked in the door, we start out kissing, but this time I have too mouths kissing me instead of just the one. Now we start toying with each other, me rubbing their tits and them kissing my dick. The doorbell rings and the rest of the party have arrived. The one requirement for the party was that everyone brings members of the opposite sex. In addition to the twenty friends I invited over, my girlfriends have invited about forty-five of their friends and most of the people who showed up have come through and brought not just one other person but like five or six each. I answer the door in just a pair of jeans and no shirt. My best friend is the first person to show up. WE give each other a pound and I notice that he’s got some blood on his hand that just patted me on the back. I ask, “You ok man? Are you bleeding?” He says, “I’m fine, but this isn’t my blood, it’s yours dude.” I know that the girls have sharp nails and all and I have a lot of nail marks in my back, but I don’t know how I would have bled from them. His girlfriend, (a nurse) looks at my back and tells me that I’ve busted open my stitches. I got them right before I broke up with Kimberly, my ex. Her brother had mistaken me for a burglar and shot me in the back when he saw me coming in through the window one night. Serves me right, I never should have shown him where I hid that gun. I went to her next door neighbor who also worked in a hospital and get him to stitch me up. Luckily the little fucker missed my heart and all my other vital organs. Apparently, he forgot to tell me to take my ass to the hospital to get sewn up by a doctor and to take it easy for a while. The four-hour sex I just had would not be included in the definition taking it easy. The shitty job he did was just to stop the bleeding and let me get to the hospital without bleeding out. I’m not bleeding much so I just but a surgical sponge over the hole in my back. As for the nail marks in my back, they aren’t a new thing to me. Luckily the bandages and my shirt aren’t in Kim’s room. I don’t tell her or Amanda (my current girlfriend) where I’m going, I just tell them I have to take care of some shit. I take my friend’s car and call the hospital to make sure someone will be there waiting for me when I get to the Emergency Room. The person who answers the phone knows me all too well and tells me he has a surprise for me. The person he’s sent out to wait for me is Liz, the nurse he knows I’ve been crushing on for like two or three years. She takes one look at my back and knows that this has to be kept quiet. While we’re waiting in the waiting room, talking about all sorts of shit, she asks me how my back is. I tell her it’s fine just I know it needs to get looked at. She checks the bandaging and says, “Jim, come with me, I’ll have someone look at that back.” I trust her and I’m pretty sure she’s just bringing me to a doctor who will do a good job, and fix me up right. I’ve been under the knife before. I have about thirty-one scars and all of them have a story to tell. She brought me into an examination room, and told me “take off your shirt. We have to see what’s going on.” She has on her scrubs, not exactly the sexiest clothes she could be wearing, but I still feel my dick rubbing up against my jeans. She obviously notices too because she says, “I really like you Jim, I just didn’t know if you really liked me too.” I’ve liked her for about three years and more than I ever liked Kimberly, but it wasn’t like sexual and I didn’t want to mess up our friendship, so I decided to like her from afar. She tells me to turn around for a second and takes the bandages off my back. Her soft, careful hands feel so good on my back. She knows just how to touch me. She says, “I know I don’t want to hear the answer, but who did this? How’d they do it?” “You know Mathew? Kim’s younger brother? Well he thought I was breaking into her house and shot me. But I don’t want anything to happen to him.” “Wow, so you need me to do you a favor and keep this all hushed up? Then you have to do me a favor. I need your cock in my pussy.” “You need it right now? I’m sort of not 100% right now as you can tell.” “Ok, but if not now, then when?” There’s a week long party going on at Kim’s place and, if I’m right, a week to her is like three to us. We have all the time in the world. But if you need me really bad, then I’m sure we could figure out a substitute for vaginal or anal.” Without a moment’s hesitation, she has my dick in her mouth and her pussy in my face. She comes real quickly, so I figure she’s about to stop sucking me off. She looks at me saying, “Wow, that was good. Let me repay you for that.” “Not right now babe, later.” She knows better than I do how long it’ll take for my stitches to heal and tells me that she’ll pay me back real soon. The doctor walks in and talks to her quickly. Luckily when Mat shot me, he only hit my shoulder-blade. The doctor sewed me up real tight and told me I’d be good as new in like three days. When I got back to the party, everyone was dancing and having a good (clean) time like I never left, so it was easy to sneak Liz into the house. We head into one of the bedrooms and I lay down on the bed. She asks if there is anything I need and I tell her it might be nice to have a drink and something to eat. I should have known better than to leave my request so vague with an extremely horny nurse. She undressed me and saw that I was getting hard. She closed the door and we started making out. She could feel my dick rubbing up against her stomach and started teasing it, kissing the head, but stopping there. She promised me more if I ate her pussy and drank up all her juices getting the something to eat and drink like I asked for. I gave it some thought and realized what I was going to do. I fingered her until her clit got hard and I started licking her pussy, playing with her clitoris. I teased her pussy until she was moaning with pleasure and asking me to fuck her long and hard. The first request was easy for me, but I couldn’t fuck her hard without breaking the sutures. I shoved my nine inch cock into her ass and she groaned in pleasure, face down and ass up pushing back against me with every thrust I made. “Grab my hair and pull it, I like it when I get fucked while a guy’s pulling my hair.” Lily didn’t tell me that she was a screamer. She made so much noise I was amazed that no one came up to our room to see what all the noise was. Liz’s sister, Mellissa was downstairs at the party and thought she heard Liz screaming, but couldn’t make out what she was saying. She followed the screams up the stairs and to the door of our room. Luckily Liz had locked the door when she closed it. Mellissa tried to open the door and I could hear the handle moving. I was freaked out because I thought it was going to be either Amanda or Kimberly. The fright made us both come a lot quicker than normal. Just because we came quickly doesn’t mean that we didn’t come very much. I busted such a fat nut, her deep ass couldn’t hold it all and semen ran down her legs and all over the bed. Ten minutes later, we’re still laying next to each other buck naked on the bed and we hear a key in the key hole. She rushes to get her clothes back on. Liz barely gets her clothes on before the door opens and Ami, Kim and Mellissa are standing in the doorway. Liz knows what she’s doing and tells me to sit up so she can have a better look at my scar. I do as she tells me and the three girls in the doorway look on in shock because none of them knew about the scar. Mellissa comes to the side of the bed and bends over to talk to me. I’m looking straight at her cleavage, but she doesn’t seem to notice because she keeps talking to me and never tries to find a chair or anything to sit on. Ami walks right up to the bed and sticks her hand under the sheets and grabs my semi-hard cock, not paying any attention to anyone else in the room. She strokes it with such vigor that I get hard as steel in no time. Liz looks at her and tries to explain that having sex will cause the stitches to break again and I’ll have to go back to the hospital. Ami says that she’ll take care of me and tells Kimberly to hook Liz up with something to wear for the party. Hospital scrubs just aren’t sultry enough for a party. As soon as the door closes again, Ami grabs the bandana I have in the back pocket of my jeans and ties one end around my right hand, puts the rest through the headboard of the bed and the other end around my left hand, tying me to the bed.

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