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Dedicated to Lisa.
Lisa, Lisa how the fires
In my body burn!
In the city, after hours,
Every time I turn,
There I see you, looking sassy
In the evening light,
Sipping cocktails by the water
In your skirt so slight,
Black and silky, sequined, shiny,
Finer than a dream!
Take another sip now baby,
Generate some steam!
Next I meet you on my corner
In the neon glow;
Opalescent, iridescent,
Makes my juices flow!
Later let me take you down to
Make love by the sea,
Sweetly salty, so delicious
Are your words to me!
Feel your pussy with a vengeance
Ravishing my cock
Deeper, tighter, wetter, faster;
Heat to melt a rock!
Lisa, Lisa, hot and smokin’
In the morning light,
Knock ‘em dead and leave me baby
To my sleepless night!

Anonymous readerReport

2014-12-02 16:12:49
welllll i guess there are some shitty cars in here but hell its not my drmaes .more zonda's and skylines less maro's says my dream.

anonymous readerReport

2012-06-23 01:48:29
BS low - rationlatiy high! Really good answer!

anonymous readerReport

2012-05-31 01:30:24
That inishgt's perfect for what I need. Thanks!

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