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It was August and we were all going up to Montegue again for the weekend. Me, my sister, Sandy, Becky. Sandy's parents had a summer cottage in Montegue and my sister and I went there all the time. Often we would stay on the sofa or porch. This time though, we actually planned on camping just because we were all under 20 and even though Sandy's parents were pretty cool, we didn't think they'd let us drink and smoke and whatever else, the way we wanted to. I was looking forward to the weekend as we drove up, there were always lots of parties and then all day at the beach watching girls in bikinis. Even though I was pretty shy, I always seemed to have a good time.

We set up camp at a little campground about a mile from her parent's cottage on a Friday afternoon. We had a big tent that would fit all four of us and I was pretty excited because, as always, I was hoping for some kind of action, either from Sandy or Becky or, even less likely, some girl I didn't know yet. Sandy was pretty good looking, tall, thin, dark hair, kind of elven features. Becky was not as good looking but still ok. She was shorter, about 5'3" with nice sized tits and a pretty big ass for an 18 year old girl. In general, she kind of annoyed me, but she also had a reputation for giving the best blow jobs back when we were in high school. This was a double edged sword because once word got out that you'd been with Becky none of the other girls in school wanted anything to do with you. A few years out of high school now, I wondered if maybe I could get away with it without becoming a social pariah. Becky had always made it pretty clear that she liked me but I had always been too scared of getting a bad reputation. Stupid since I hardly ever got laid anyway and now she had a boyfriend. That didn't matter too much to me back then though.

We had arrived and set up camp by 7 o'clock on a friday night and it was warm. A quick cruise through town turned up a keg party at a secluded stretch of beach and we were on our way. We stopped and got something to eat and visited Sandy's parents and then we headed to the party. There was a secluded stretch of beach that kids used all the time. There would be bonfires and usually a couple of guys playing guitars, it was always fun. To this day I don't think I could find this place again. Down a dark road in the middle of nowhere, we would suddenly find a bunch of other cars and then we would walk over endless hills, climbing over 'no trespassing' signs and low fences.

The party was already going strong by the time we got there and we all loaded up on drinks and mixed in. For me this involved fading into the background and watching everyone. Karen and I had been coming to Montegue with Sandy for years and knew a lot of the locals and summer kids but I just never really fit in the same way the girls did. They moved around and chatted with everyone while I kind of lurked at the outskirts of the fire's glow. Becky seemed to be suffering similarly, having never been up with us before, she didn't know anyone. I didn't really want to talk to her but, my dick walked me over anyway and I tried to make some small talk, pointing out interesting people and telling her stories about them. Eventually Becky and I were just sitting in the sand by the fire, feeling a little drunk when it started to rain. Not just a little sprinkle either. It was a real down pour. We ran with the whole group over the sand hills to the cars. Here, Sandy and my sister told us they wanted to go to a party they knew about. Becky and I didn't really feel like it and we were kind of soaked so we agreed to take the car back to the camp site and the girls could get a ride with some other people.

I was already wondering if I could get something going with Becky as we arrived at the camp site. I figured we could change into some dry clothes and we'd almost have to just lay around in the tent since it was still raining. When we looked in the tent, though, it was flooded and our clothes were wet too. The tent was big, but obviously not water tight at all. Still wet, we grabbed all of our clothes and sleeping bags and ran them to the trunk of the car, then we got back in the car, Becky in the back seat and me in the front (it was a bench seat) and tried to relax a little. We laughed and talked a little. I laid on my back with my feet up and realized that Becky's bra was hanging over the seat, presumably to dry. Alcohol must have had something to do with what I said next. "Is that your bra?!?!" I asked stupidly. "Yah" she said. "No, way, let me see" I said back and kneeled up on the bench to look in the back seat.

Becky was laying down just like I had been, but to my disappointment she was wearing a semi dry sweatshirt she had managed to salvage from our gear. "Oh," I said dejectedly. Becky asked what I was doing and I didn't really know what to say so I just told her I had been hoping for a wet t-shirt show. She laughed a little and asked why I would want to see her tits. Both bold and awkward, I held up her sizable bra and asked "Who wouldn't want to see what goes in a beast like this?"

"Oh, shut up" she said, but she sat up and we were facing each other now. "Do you like my tits?" she asked, kind of timidly. I felt like I was digging a real hole but I replied that I would really like to see them. She told me she had a boyfriend.....duh. Now that I was already committed to looking like an idiot, I persisted. I explained that there was nothing wrong with looking.

"But you get to do all the looking?" she didn't seem to pleased with this. "No, no, you can see my breasts too" I replied. "Forget it, no deal" Becky told me and laid back down. I laid back down too, cursing my luck. I laid there, semi hard, wondering what it would be like to fuck Becky. She really did have a big ass and I hated her laugh. I had fantasized about her before, there was something about fucking this girl that I didn't like that really turned me on. My cock continued to stiffen as I thought about what her fat hairy pussy would be like. I knew she liked to fuck and even at just under 20 years of age I had already learned to appreciate enthusiasm at least as much as looks.

I was about to pop my head up for another go when headlights flooded across the car. We both popped up like deer and froze. It was Sandy and Karen. I yelled out the window and they got in the car with us. They said the party had been pretty lame and I told them about the tent. Sandy suggested that we go to her parent's cottage and sleep there. Sandy's parents had already gone to bed so we were quiet. Sandy actually had a bed for herself in the little house. The rest of us got to sleep on the screened in front porch. There was a good size pull out bed and we laid ourselves out head to to. It must have been atleast one or two and we were pretty worn out so we went right to sleep.

As I lay there sleeping though, Becky's leg kept flopping over and waking me up. At first I would wake up only briefly and then drift off to sleep again. At one point I woke up completely, I wondered if she was trying to tell me something. She was laying on her stomach with her feet in my direction, my sister was on the other side of her laying the same way. I was laying on my side with my right arm stretched out and she had flopped her big leg right over it. I wasn't sure how to get it back but I wondered still if she was doing this on purpose, so I gently bent my arm up to grip the smooth firmness of her fat calf. There was no response from Becky and I was pretty sure she was sleeping. I slid my hand up the back of her bare leg. Sandy had found her some old cut off sweatpants to sleep in. About half way up her thigh I met the bottom of those sweatpants with my fingers. Here, I paused. I could just imagine Becky waking up and screaming, waking my sister and Sandy's parents. I certainly wouldn't be able to feign sleep with my hand up the inside of her pants........ Well she'd had a few beers earlier and seemed now to be sleeping soundly. Whatever fear I had in me was over ruled by my desires. Slowly, I slid my hand under the fabric and up the inside of her thigh. She spread her legs a little wider and I found myself at her hairy pussy and she didn't have any panties on. I felt around her pussy for a bit and decided I just had to slip a finger inside of her. She was dry but there was enough moisture for me to slowly slide it in. It was warm and tight and I didn't have a clue what to do next. I didn't want to take my hand back but I didn't want to wake her either.

While I lay there with my finger inside of her wondering what to do, she began to hump her hips up and down. I was amazed and petrified. My dick swelled in my shorts while I watched her huge shadowed ass flex up and down in the darkness. She's gonna fuck my finger in her sleep, I thought, amazed. My other hand was already down my shorts gripping the base of my cock. Suddenly she stopped. We both froze completely for what seemed like an eternity and then she shot up into a sitting position facing me. My hand was torn from her crotch and I think I kind of sat up opposite her ready to bolt. Just as I feared, I could see her getting ready to scream as her eyes bored through me. She stared at me for a long time and I stared back wondering what she was going to do. Then she attacked me. She was on top of me, groping for my dick and panting like a dog. I was totally overwhelmed but after a few minutes I was able to regain some composure and I slipped my hand down the front of her shorts. She had found my cock and was tugging urgently on it. It hurt, it felt like she was trying to up root it. I feared she might tear it out at the base but I still didn't want her to quit. I continued to finger her now slightly wetter pussy while she breathed hotly in my ear. I didn't want to kiss her so I worked her shirt up and began sucking a nipple instead.

I looked around. We were on this screened in porch right by the road and occassionally cars would drive by........not too many. It had to be about 3 in the morning. My sister was sleeping (I hoped) about 3 feet away and this chubby nympho with a dry pussy was tugging viciously on my cock. What the hell. I pulled off Becky's shorts and helped pull her up top of me as I leaned against the back of the sofa bed. My hard cock was already out of my shorts and she lowered herself onto me. I've never met a girl since who liked sex as much as Becky and had so little natural lubrication. She slid slowly over my cock like luke warm peanut butter and I felt her huge ass press against my thighs. She sighed and began to move her ass back and forth over me. I pulled her blanket and kind of wrapped it around her ass like a nest just incase anyone walked by and looked in; her big white ass would have been like a beacon for sure. I began moving my hips slightly to slide my cock slowly in and out of her fat cunt. Well it wasn't too wet or hot but it was definitely tight and with the friction I knew I couldn't last long. I lifted her shirt again to see her tits and shoved one of her thick red nipples in my mouth while I held tightly to her big white ass and whispered urgently that I was about to cum. Becky responded with some of the sweetest words I knew, "I'm on the pill" and I shot a huge load deep inside of her pussy. We stayed that way for a few minutes with my cock inside of her and both of us sweating a little.

After a few minutes, Becky began moving her hips again and my semi hard prick began sliding around in her now cum soaked pussy. It felt pretty good and I soon felt my rod bloating in her pussy as it slid in and out again. Round two. Becky started riding me pretty good and I could feel the bed was shaking a little. I held firm to her big hips and tried to control the motion a little but she was getting close to climax and whimpering again like a dog. Her pussy was spasming and clenching my dick as she began to ride harder, trying to slam her cunt down on my pelvic bone. I looked at my sister and she still seemed to be asleep but she was facing us and I knew all she had to do was open her eyes and I'd never hear the end of this. With Becky's spasming and clenching I was ready to cum too. As I gave up and let Becky bounce as hard as she wanted I shot another load of jiz into her hungry pussy. She moaned lowly and leaned into me again and we rested. Slowly she pulled herself off of me and my dick dropped onto my thigh along with a fair amount of spooge. She pulled her pants back on and laid down with her blanket. So that was that. I pulled my pants back up and as I laid down I was sure my sister was looking at me.

The next morning, Sandy's parents fixed us breakfast before we went back to the camp ground for showers. Sandy took one at her parents place but they had a really small water heater so the rest of us decided to wait. I was sure everyone knew what we'd done and just kept my head down most of the morning. Karen never said anything. Back at the campground we opened up the tent to let it air out and cleaned up a little. Becky and I ended up walking to the bathroom together and we talked for the first time about what had happened. She talked about how she didn't know what was going on at first and thought maybe it was Karen's hand on her. I gave my lame explanation of how I thought she was awake and all......she didn't care. We were talking about her boyfriend and how we couldn't do this agian and all that when we got to the showers. I was agreeing with her whole heartedly when on impulse I went into one of the showers and pulled her in with me. Locking the door I turned to her and did the one thing I didn't want to do...I kissed her. I pulled her to me and stuck my tongue down her throat. She had been about to protest but this seemed to melt her resolve and shortly we were both naked and lustily soaping each other up in the shower.

I didn't think we should take too long and after some frantic fingering and dick pulling I had her bent over the sink while I shoved my cock into her fat pussy again. Her big white ass pushed urgently against my abdomen as pushed my dick into her grasping cunt. We still had to be quiet but she was now whispering urgently to me "Oh god, fuck me. Harder, fuck my pussy. Harder." I got the idea, she liked it hard. I was soon slamming my cock into her cunt as hard as I could and she was groaning gutterally each time. Our flesh slapped together loudly and my whole body was tight as I started to cum. I pulled out of her and shot my cum across her ass and lower back while I slid it up and down the crack of her fat ass. She didn't even ask me why, she just ground her ass against my cock for a few minutes then got back into the shower while I wiped myself off and got dressed.

On the way back the only thing said was me telling her that I still wanted to see what the best blow job in high school was like. She said no way. I didn't push it, I knew that I'd get one eventually.

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