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After I was put in the tank with all the other new prisoners, some of them immediately took notice. There were a couple of cat calls and I heard some guys say, “You idiot. That’s a dude.” I am sure it was a surprise for a moment for some to see a girl in a male jail tank.
As I looked around I could see all kinds of guys sitting around the edge of the wall. There was also one wall that had several solitary rooms. Most of them were open. There was only a couple of those rooms where there was a guy in them. They must have done something really wrong. I also noticed there was a bigger all tile room where there were a couple of drunks passed out.
As I came into the room, I felt like all eyes were on me. Well, I did look like a girl. In fact, I looked like a whore who had been rode hard and set out wet. There was dried cum in my hair, on the side of my face, my ass (with two tens stuck to it) and some on different parts of my mini dress. Not to mention I was not walking very straight after being fucked with such a huge cock earlier and being fist fucked by those two cops.
As I walked to the right to try and find a place to sit I noticed there where six tattooed Mexicans that had gotten up together that were following me.
“Hey Chica. Looks like you have had a wild night. Why don’t you show me and my homies a good time while we are stuck here in jail.”
I had never turned down a chance in cock since I had been introduced to it two years ago, but I was exhausted. “No,” I said, “I think I have had enough.”
They moved closer and surrounded me close to an isolation room and the leader said, “I don’t think you understand. Asking was a courtesy. We are going to have a good time, whether you participate or not.”
They pushed me into the isolation room and threw me over the metal toilet. Two guys held my arms over the toilet and two held my legs down. The guy who had been talking raised my miniskirt and said, “Look at this whore with two ten dollar bills on her ass!” The whole group started laughing.
I heard him unzip his pants and he knelt over me with his alcohol heavy breath down the back of my neck. He said, “I am glad to know this is gonna hurt you. Now take it like the whore you are!”
As he said that he shoved his dick all the way in my ass. With the fist fucking I had earlier, I hardly felt him, but I was amazed at how fast my asshole was recovering its shape. As he fucked me hard and fast, the sixth guy put his dick in my face and said, “Now treat this dick right. If I feel your teeth at all or you do something stupid I am gonna beat the hell out of you.”
I enjoyed cock. Even though this was forced, since it was inevitable I might as well enjoy it. I opened my mouth and he buried his cock into my mouth and fucked my face like he had never fucked anything before. It wasn’t long before I was in bliss. Two cocks fucking me hard and fast was just amazing.
The guy in my mouth was the first to let go. He grabbed the back of my head and buried the head of his cock at the back of my throat. I felt his cock swell and shoot gobs of cum at the back of my throat. His cock was so far back it made it hard to swallow his cum but I managed to back off his cock a little and swallow his loads down.
As he pulled his dick out of my mouth he said, “Hey, any of you other guys want to get off on this bitch?”
When I looked up there were several guys looking in the window and a couple of them were jacking their dicks and walking towards me. I had two dicks in my face so I started sucking a licking them and sometimes sucking their heads together. The two guys holding my arms got up and pulled their cocks out and started stroking them next to my head.
The guy fucking my ass really hard said, “Yea, you little bitch. I am going to cum all over you.” He pushed my top up toward my shoulders, gave me five more strokes and pulled his cock out of my ass. “Oh yeah, bitch. I ‘m going to shoot all over your back. Ahhhh.”
I felt his cum hit the middle of my back twice and the third shot hit the back of my head while the rest collected in the small of my back. Right as he finished two guys started shooting at my face. One I wrapped my lips around and let him cum in my mouth while the other one shot on my face and in my hair.
A person knelt down behind me and said, “Remember me.” A huge cock forced it way inside ass. I could tell it was the black guy from earlier, except this time he fit much easier, but his depth was unmistakable. As he fucked me long and hard with his big dick a couple of guys came on my hair neck and shoulders and one guy in front of me with a small cock shoved it in my mouth and came.
It was nonstop. As one or two guys came on me or in me, they were quickly replaced by one or two more. After seven or eight guys came on my face, in my mouth and on my neck and shoulders, the black guy in my ass started ramming me hard. He said, “I am going to give you what I didn’t earlier.” He rammed me so hard he forced me on the ground. After a couple of strokes, he bent one of my legs up so I was kind of side ways and I could continue sucking dick and be surrounded by all of these stroking cocks.
After he fucked me brutally for a couple of more minutes he said, “Here it comes.” He drove his cock deep in me as it swelled. When he let out a gasp I could feel his load empty into me. He came with these long shots seemed to fill part of my ass I did not know was there.
It went on for a couple more hours. Dicks in my ass. Dicks in my mouth. Dicks stroking all around me. There were loads filling my ass, my mouth and shooting all over different parts of my body. I laid there and took it all in. I think every guy who was able took a turn at me somehow and some took more than one turn. I fell asleep as it slowed down and some guy was slow fucking me. I was completely covered in fifty or more guys cum and I was exhausted.
I woke up to my name being called and dick shooting on my face. I struggled to open my eyes from the dried cum and I had to almost peel myself off the floor. As I walked out and tried to wipe some cum off my face, the cop in front of me said, “Your parents are here to pick you up.”

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I'd love to fuck you up the ass

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Loved the story, when is part 6 cumming? I would love to own this little whore boi.

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