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I was finally coming home after graduating from military school. I had been sent there by my parents two years ago in order to get my act together. I wasn’t doing drugs or any of that shit, but I was spiraling in the academic whirlpool. In a way I was glad I had gone to military school. During those years, I had finally managed to get my body the way I wanted it. I had always been a huge guy, the kind of guy that football coaches would beg to join their team. Now I had managed to buff up, combining my size with muscle.
One thing I was looking forward to was seeing my little sister Becky. We had always been really close; I was always really protective of her and she was always following me wherever I went and idolizing me. The way she always looked at me sometimes made me worry that she had a crush on me. She would be thirteen now, and I hadn’t seen her in two years.
Trying to keep my eyes on the road, I pulled my wallet out of my coat and flipped it open. Beneath a plastic membrane was a picture of Becky back when she was eleven. The guys at the academy always made fun of me for having a picture of my sister the plastic pocket of my wallet, instead of my driver’s license or a picture of a girlfriend. I didn’t care, I missed Becky constantly when I was away and I was looking forward to hanging out with her again.

I figured that the best way to surprise her would be to pick her up from school before finally coming home.
I parked the jeep outside of the school as the busses began lining up. I sat on the hood, watching as the teens and preteens streamed out. I instantly saw Becky. Her long blonde hair and blue eyes were unavoidable even from a distance. Holy shit… she had really grown up. Her tits had grown to a C-cup at least, her ass was like that of a gymnast, and she had the form of a model. With it being late spring, she was wearing a pair of skimpy shorts that made her smooth thighs seem like they went on for miles. I jerked as I realized that I was getting a boner.
“I’ve been away from women for too long… I am not going to let myself get aroused by my own little sister.” I cursed as I willed the erection away. Easier said than done. I looked across the parking lot at Becky and saw a guy ran up to her. He grabbed her arm and they started yelling at each other.
“Oh hell no.” I swore as I felt my protectiveness of her flare up. I stormed over without them noticing me, wading through the sea of preteens. I reached out and grabbed the guy hassling my sister. I lifted him off his feet as if he was one of my sister’s old stuffed animals.
“Leave my sister alone.” I growled before dropping him. He ran away without a second’s hesitation.
“Jack!” Becky screamed with a huge smile. She leapt onto my chest as if she had jumped off a trampoline. Compared to me, she was so small that she had to wrap her limbs around my torso. Scared that she would fall to the ground, I wrapped my arms around her. My blood stopped when I realized one of my hands was on her perfect ass. Damn, her ass was rounder and tighter than a dying star. I quickly moved my hand before my dick could act up.
“I missed you so much!” She said over and over again.
“I missed you too.” I laughed. She leaned back and looked at me.
“Holy crap, you’re huge!” She exclaimed.
“Come on, let’s head home.” I said as I lowered her back to the ground. We walked into the parking lot and got in the jeep. The whole ride home, Becky and I were asking each other hundreds of questions, catching up over everything that had happened over the two years. The whole time we talked, I couldn’t stop but stare at her chest through the corner of my eye.
‘Damn it, I’m not supposed to feel this way about my thirteen-year old sister.’ I would think to myself, trying to get rid of my raging hard-on.
“So how have things been on the dating scene?” I asked her. Her smile shrank and a look of sadness appeared in her beautiful blue eyes.
“I’ve been in a few relationships, but they all end as quickly as they begin. I just can’t find the one who can make me happy.” She said. My heart ached to hear the sadness in her voice. I put my arm around her, holding her closed and kissing her on the forehead.
“Don’t worry kiddo. I promise you that you will never be lonely. I’ll always be there for you.” I said. She put her arm across my chest and buried her face into my neck.
“Thank you.” She murmured tenderly. I could feel my dick starting to harden as she pressed herself against me.

We got home, and like how it always was, we got home hours before my parents. I looked around the house, not much had changed. I walked into the TV room and immediately spotted the DVD collection.
“Yes.” I gasped as I walked over.
“What?” Becky asked. I looked through the DVDs; half of them were new and very recent.
“I haven’t been able to go to a movie theater in two years. Do you have any idea what its like to go through two years of not being able to see the newest and most awesome movies. I’ve been waiting to graduate so that one of the first things I could do was stop at blockbuster.” I chuckled as I picked out a movie that I had been waiting to see for months. As I loaded in the disk, my sister ran into the kitchen to make popcorn. I sat down on the couch and I sister rushed in with a bowl of popcorn. I nearly jumped when Becky sat in my lap.
“Uh Becky, what are you doing?” I asked, trying to keep the blood from rushing to by dick.
“I always used to sit in your lap when we watched movies, remember?” She asked. As she got comfortable, she was grinded her perfect ass against my throbbing cock. I spent the whole movie trying to keep my cock from bursting out of my pants, going straight through Becky’s, and driving right up her ass.

Halfway through the movie, Becky once again tried to get comfortable. She put my arms around her and moved up so that my jaw was resting on her shoulder. She was pressed so close against me that I could smell the wafting of her golden hair, with a hint of perfume. Her body was radiating heat as I held her slender frame.
She shifted just another inch so that her shoulder was against my chin. With her soft skin rubbing against my face, my senses were overwhelmed with her rose-like aroma. My blood seemed to boil and freeze at the same time as a rush flitted through my mind. My brain began clawing at the insides of my skull like a dog that was desperate to get outside.
I had to do something to quell the flare of sexual adventure, to appease it so that it would not be unleashed randomly. Summoning all of the courage within me, I gently brushed my lips against the side of her neck. I shivered as a wave of horniness swept through me, and more courage rose as Becky didn’t seem to acknowledge the advance.
As gently as a falling leaf, I began to kiss her neck, savoring the taste of her young flesh. A massive quake of fear and guilt shot through my brain as Becky began to hum.
‘Thank god.’ I thought to myself as I heard the front door open. Becky jumped out of my lap and rushed to greet my parents. I leaned forward with my face downcast, trying to catch my breath.
“Damn it Jack, stop. Just stop. She’s your sister, don’t be sick.” I said to myself harshly.
“Mom, dad, guess who’s here!” I heard Becky say. I smiled and got up, walking out to greet my parents.
“High mom, dad.” I said sheepishly.
“Jack!” My parents said happily as they rushed over and hugged me. I was so large that not even my parents could look me in the eye.
“We have to go celebrate! Come on, we’re going out to dinner.” My dad said.
“Oh, Becky, go get that nice dress we bought you last week. It’ll be perfect.” My mom said to my sister. With a smile on her face, Becky ran upstairs. My parents started bombarding me with questions, but I couldn’t take my mind off of Becky. After several minutes, I heard the stairs creak as my sister slowly returned. I gasped when I saw her; she was absolutely beautiful.
Her dress was sequin red and looked like she was saving it for her senior prom. She was wearing high heels, a light amount of makeup, and she had a fresh hint of perfume. She looked at me and the expression of tender admiration on her face was breathtaking.
As my parents walked out to the car, I turned to Becky.
“You look gorgeous.” I said with a small but warm smile.
“Thank you, Jack.” She said softly. With another rush of courage, I raised my hand and gently placed it on her cheek. She held my hand, giving a mix of a hum and a purr as she closed her eyes and nuzzled my hand.

We went to a fancy restaurant while we talked for hours about my two years in military school. The whole time we talked, Becky never took her eyes of me. She had a very peaceful expression on her face, and her lips were slightly parted, as if she wanted to say something but didn’t have the courage.
The food finally came and I got a 16 oz steak, which I knew was so good that it would make that horrible military food taste like shit. Overexcited, I reached across the table to grab the salt. My hand knocked Becky’s glass, causing it to tip over. It sprayed Becky with coke, soaking her dress. My heart stopped as I could just barely see the two bumps of her nipples through her soaked clothes.
“Oh my god, I am so sorry.” I said as my parents and I quickly tried to clean it up, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of Becky’s sopping wet tits, bouncing in her dress.

Once we got home, my parents collapsed on the couch, asleep instantly. They never had enough martinis to get drunk, but they would always be knocked out after dinner at a restaurant. The first thing Becky did when she got home was run upstairs to take a shower and wash the dried coke off of her tits.
I walked upstairs, tired from the day. Once I got to the second floor, I noticed that the shower wasn’t running and that a beam of light was flitting through Becky’s closed door. Pretty fast shower. As I walked past her door, I heard Becky’s voice.
“Jack, can I talk to you?” She asked from her room. I opened the door and saw her at her desk. She was wearing her bathrobe, and looking in the mirror as she brushed her hair. I walked over to her.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Jack, am I pretty?” She asked.
“Becky, are you kidding? You are gorgeous.” I said as I put my hands on her shoulders, gently rubbing her neck to comfort her.
“Is this about that guy from school?” I asked.
“Yeah. Why is it that all the boys I find are always jerks? I’m never pretty enough to get the one that I truly want.” She asked.
“Well who is he? Maybe I can help you out. I can never understand why girls talk to their girlfriends instead of other guys when they are having relationship problem. If you had to fight a ninja, wouldn’t you ask for advice from a ninja?” I chuckled.

(Seriously, does anyone see the logic in it?)

Becky stood up and faced me. She undid the knot in her robe and let it fall to the floor around her ankles. Holy shit, she had the body of a goddess.
“You are the one that I truly love.” She said as she pressed herself against me. I was so tall that the top of her head didn’t even reach the middle of my chest.
“Becky, stop. You’re my sister, I can’t be what you want.”
“But I love you, and I know you love me. Besides…” She said as she put her hand on my semi-hard cock.
“I could always sense you looking at me. And I could feel you when I sat on your lap. Don’t think of me as your sister, think of me as your lover.” She said.
“Becky, I can’t. Please don’t make this difficult.” I said sadly. Becky looked at me and tears were in her eyes.
“I’m sorry Jack. You’re just the only one the makes me happy. My life has been a wreck without you.” She sobbed. We sat down on her bed, with my arms wrapped around her naked form as she cried on my shoulder. My body felt both hot and chilled with her body pressed against me, and her naked beauty filling my view.
“Its ok Becky. Its ok. I’ve missed you too. I’ve missed you so much.” I said as I held her so close that we could feel each other’s heartbeats. A light suddenly opened up in my mind, as enlightenment consumed me. I was finally doing what Becky had told me to do: I wasn’t looking at her as my sister, but as a lover. With her still crying on my shoulder, I placed my hand on her cheek and kissed her on the forehead.
I kissed her on the forehead a few more times, then on the temple, on the cheek, on the neck, and then gently kissed her on the lips. She opened her eyes and looked at me.
“I love you Becky. I love you with all of my heart.” I said. She leaned forward and we started kissing passionately. I gently laid her down while still kissing her. As we held that loving embrace, I explored her body with my hands, relishing the feeling of her soft skin. I was brushing the tips of my fingers against her delicate flesh, causing her to shiver with arousal. I pulled off my clothes as we kissed..
I suspended myself over her, kissing her and licking the inside of her mouth. I then moved down, kissing her neck. I felt her left tit, squeezing it and fondling the nipple. Her thirteen-year old boobs were perfectly bouncy, soft, and firm. I began sucking on her tits, licking one nipple while squeezing the other tit, then switching. She moaned with every flit of my tongue.
I started kissing her again while I gently moved my hand down her slim belly. She moaned as I began to massage the soft lips of her luscious clit. I didn’t send my fingers into her; I was gently rubbing her pussy and enjoying the feeling of her wetness. I started moving down, kissing the middle of her chest, and bringing my tongue down across her slim belly. The aroma of fruit wafted from her the lips of her pussy, which were wet from arousal. I instantly noticed that there were no pubes, though there definitely had been.
“You shaved?” I asked with some surprise.
“I’ve been thinking of this night for over a year.” She hummed as she squeezed her breasts. I brought my face up to her pussy, savoring the moment. Very gently, I pressed my tongue against the soft lips. Becky moaned and arched her back as I licked her soft pussy. The slippery juices of her pussy tasted like they smelt, both bitter and sweet. My sister moved like a wave, moaning and humming as I licked her slippery cunt.
Once I knew she was ready, I brought my hand down to her pussy, and pressed one finger against her clit, between the two lips. Becky jerked as I gently pressed down. I continued licking her pussy, and slowly inserted my finger into her soft flesh. She squirmed and moaned as I felt the wet insides of her young pussy. After several minutes, I stood up.
I leaned forward and kissed her, holding myself over her with one hand and using my other hand to ready my dick.
“Becky, I love you.” I said as I kissed her.
“I love you too.” She replied. I moved back onto the bed, and brought the head of my dick up to the lips of her pussy. I was sitting on the soles of my feet, for missionary position might be too complicated with the size difference between us. I pressed the head of my cock against the soft lips of her pussy, took a deep breath, and pushed it as far into her cunt as possible.
Becky arched her back, releasing almost a silent scream of ecstasy as I shoved all seven inches into her pussy. Blood coated my dick as her hymen ruptured. Slowly, I pulled my cock out, and pushed it back in. She moaned as I picked up speed, pumping her with full strength. The feeling of my cock in her pussy was so right, both physically and emotionally.
As my thrusts picked up speed, Becky moaned and arched her back more and more, until I was worried she would actually break her spine. I put my arms under her back, lifting her up so that we were facing each other. We kissed passionately as I fucked her with everything I had.
The lips of her pussy began tighten and I knew that she was about to cum. She pulled her lips from mine, put her hands on my chest, and buried her face into my neck. As I put all my strength and speed into a dozen more thrusts, her moans turned into a loud whine. At last, a river of pussy juice flowed from her clit and a geyser of sperm shot up from my cock.
Exhausted, I fell on my back with Becky on top of me. We were both asleep with my arms wrapped around her.

I woke up in the middle of the night, with Becky sound asleep on my chest. I slowly moved out from under her and stood up.
“Jack?” Becky cooed as I turned back to her. She was looking at me with the moonlight illuminating her angelic features. I sat down and brushed aside a lock of her hair, tucking it behind her ear. I leaned down and kissed her.
“I love you Becky. I love you more than you could possible imagine.” I said.
“I love you too, because I know that no one else can love me as much as you do.” She said tenderly. I kissed her again.
“Jack, what do we do now? How to we go from here?” She asked. I was silent for several moments.
“We have our whole lives to figure that out, because I promise, I will never leave you.” I said as I kissed her. After several more seconds of kissing, I stood up, and walked out of Becky’s room. I walked into my room and climbed onto the bed. Ignoring the clouds of dust that were lifted up, I lay down and looked out the window.
“I love you Becky.” I said one last time before falling asleep.

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