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One glimpse is all it takes.
Behind Your Door

Each night, in silent splendor,
I see you shut your door
And for a span of hours
The world sees you no more;
No more will you enrapture
Each crowded city street,
No eye will watch you passing,
No heart will miss a beat.
Only your door will witness,
Only your lamp will see
And together praise your beauty,
Each night unfailingly.
While I, in silent longing,
Will gaze upon your door
And fear that dread day dawning
When I’ll see you no more.



In exquisite abandon
I feast my eyes on you;
Your skin of golden honey,
Your eyes of boundless blue.
In curves of sweet proportion
And lines of pure delight
You glow with burning passion
Though locked in deepest night.
O rich and subtle beauty,
Articulate and true;
In lust and admiration
I write these lines to you
And in some quiet moment,
With soul and spirit free
Pour yourself a bourbon,
Lie back and think of me.

anonymous readerReport

2011-09-17 15:58:25
Yeah that's what I'm talikng about baby--nice work!

anonymous readerReport

2010-08-10 17:46:19
excellent, u re a star

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