The coninuation of the 17th century saga!
What have we ever done to deserve this?’ Thought the former Lord Edgar Lovemore as he crawled another foot along the salt-ingrained deck of the large cargo ship, which had now become his hated prison, taking him to lands unknown, working his once smooth idle hands to the bone. He looked across the deck. A few feet away knelt his former school companion and now former friend, Sir Kieran, his flame red hair now unkempt and dirty, with an orange wiry beard protruding from his cheeks and sharp chin. Ahead of him, near to the bow he could see his good friend and former school companion Lord Edmund, now also stripped of that once great title. Lord Edmund, until just a month ago son and heir to a vast cotton mill empire and his fathers millions, now reduced to the arduous task of splicing the frayed ropes of the ship that was quite possibly carrying some of his now estranged families’ wears abroad for sale. Below deck Lord Edgar’s younger brother, Matthias was laundering the sailors bedding and outfits in the steamy, sweaty galleys.

Such a fall in grace had come about so quickly for these four once distinguished gentlemen, all heirs to vast fortunes and empires built by their families. And all of it had come about because of two peasant girls! When we last left them, our four gentlemen had been enjoying an orgy of sexual debauchery with the two afore mentioned Scottish peasant girls, in honour of their youngest companion, Matthias’ birthday, in a low lit, sweet scented and comfortable bar room below the streets of their home town, Landstown. But a disastrous series of events had followed their post ejaculatory drinks! The round faced barman whose bar room it had taken place inside and who had organised the soiree (on several occasions!) had not been on lookout as he had been paid to do. Instead he had been leering through a gap in the door, watching the whole horny saga unfold, pleasuring himself as the noblemen were pleasured by the girls that he had provided them with. Therefore he did not notice the group of smartly dressed guardsmen strolling swiftly up the street. Guardsmen who had been tipped off by the illegal goings on of this soiree by a nosey cab driver who had earlier dropped two shifty looking rich gentlemen in this working class part of town, where they would have no business at that time of night other than illegal business! The cab driver was richly rewarded for his actions by the authorities, who looked upon these actions with contempt and wanted to stamp this supposed problem out within their respectable city!

Sir Kieran and Lord Edgar had been fighting over one the girls, Miss Cook, which had caused a din to be heard by the guardsman on the street. After spying through a small street level window the guardsmen had seen all they needed (as well as gaining a good eyeful of some really very pretty peasant girls being penetrated from every position!). They had burst in seizing the round faced barman, still with trousers round the ankles, his short fat penis now limp with fear! They then tore into the bar room causing fear, chaos, shock, anger and havoc, grabbing the naked noblemen, whose first instinct it was to cover themselves in towels and silken blankets. During the fracas, Sir Kieran grabbed hold of the fleeing Miss Cook and snarled, ‘You are going nowhere! I’m danged if I’m going to be shamed and sent down for YOUR filthy actions!’ But her companion Miss Robertson, all the more street wise than her young friend cracked a heavy clay wine jug upon Sir Kieran’s ginger mop of hair, knocking him unconscious and freeing Miss Cook of his grasp. ‘Run!’ Miss Robertson was heard to scream. Both girls fled, avoiding the diving hands of the guardsmen, who had been wrestling with the frantic noblemen. Both peasant girls disappeared into the night. It turned out the barman had paid them both before the evening’s session and they had hot footed their way back to Scotland by the time the noblemen were to be tried. They would be safe there and never be found by the authorities.

No such luck for our four noblemen however! They were tried, found guilty and publicly named and shamed. Their families fled to protect their business interests and disowned them. The noblemen were stripped of their titles and sent to work on cargo ships setting sail for distant inhospitable foreign lands. There they would be left, or made to continue their work on the ships, whatever the captain saw fit. Had the girls not escaped and vanished the gentlemen’s lawyers could have managed to use them as a scapegoat and had them hung, giving the authorities a positive outcome and the gentlemen their freedom and even a pardon! As it was, the barman was publicly hung as a warning to any others who pursued this line of business and the gentlemen, led snivelling from the dock to begin lives as prisoners.

‘Back to work! You so called noblemen don’t know how easy you’ve had it! And you blew it!’ Snarled the burley guard cracking his hard leather whip across Edgar’s back, causing him to yell in pain. Edgar saw Kieran snigger, how he hated is former friend! Kieran’s lawyers had attempted to frame Edgar and his brother Matthias for the entire orgy and keep Kieran in the clear!

‘Stop sniggering retched scum!’ roared the burley guard thwacking Kieran twice as hard, making him buckle in pain. It made Edgar feel better inside!

That night in their cells in the ship’s creaking hold, alongside the mass of cargo the prisoners attempted to sleep under straw and sacks and a meagre meal of dry bread and water for their supper. Edgar, Matthias and Edmund shared their cell with four other men, Luther, Marcus, Beric and Tobias. All of whom were also noblemen, shamed from their professions. Luther had been seducing young married women behind the backs of their unsuspecting noble husbands. He had been caught when one man had come home unexpectedly to find Luther, naked spread-eagled upon his very own bed, his large erect penis being orally pleasured by his new young wife and his own sister! Both were in their flowing dinner gowns, having just returned from a dance. Their curled hair was tickling Luther’s shaven scrotum, making him grunt and chuckle. They had been taking turns in licking his long length from base to tip. He had their pert, smooth backsides in each hand and was rubbing and squeezing them gently, their ball gowns were flicked up over their backs, revealing their perfectly formed botties and neatly shaven holes.

Marcus had been sentenced for adultery and soliciting with prostitutes, caught in a darkened side street having his smooth, round ball sac suckled by a sweet maiden dressed in nothing but a silken undergarment. while Beric and Tobias had been caught visiting another soiree not far from our four companions. The men would regale one another with their horny exploits on the long sleepless evenings, all of them began to feel most aroused after not being pleasured by the sight of a female figure, let alone a female hand in over a month! The men would attempt to hide their ever hardening lengths from one another and try in vain to secretly pleasure themselves in privacy. This was nigh on impossible for the cell was too small and tightly compact to allow any chance of privacy! Their bones would ache on an evening, aching to be pleasured by the soft lips and hands of a fair female. Young Matthias suffered terribly. He could cope with the shame bought about by his exploits, his family disowning him, the tough labour on the ship. But the memory of Miss Robertson always would burn deep into his mind. The memory of her thin lips wrapped round his virgin meat made it all too much to bear. He knew that it had only been one evening, but he felt as if he had fallen madly in love with her. His brother Edgar had told him that it was just lust but she had been his first, his only.

Suddenly a trapdoor creaked from above. The men looked up. A flickering oil lamp threw shadows upon the cells and the hold. It was late evening. A woman’s drunken giggles could be heard coming down the ladder towards the confined men. They became suddenly alert. Looking up, trying to see the source of the noise. Then she came into view. The captain’s daughter! The men had been warned about her flirtatious and drunken nature, also warned if they looked at her lustfully, or for too long they would face severe punishment and lengthy solitary confinement. But she would often flounce past them in small frocks, giving them sultry looks and sunning herself on the decks as the sex starved men leered and longed for the young slut. Miss Masters, as she was known to the men was a slim girl with a shapely round backside that could be seen protruding out from her dress. She had beautifully shapely legs and shoulder length dirty blonde hair, always looking clean and immaculate. She had slightly pointed facial features that added to her attractive look. Her narrow eyes were a piercing blue. She had a wicked smile! The men crept forward watching her stumble slightly at the ship’s movement and her drunkeness. The men gasped in amazement at what happened next. Miss Masters steadied herself and began slowly slipping off her damp clothing, it must be stormy outside. She removed her tight fitting laces from her Basque. It fell to the floor with a dull thud, drowning out the silence and distant howling wind above. She had a petit, slender midriff and very small, yet rounded breasts with beautiful pert, pink nipples. ’Ooooh you dirty dogs!’ She giggled naughtily. ’I’d forgotten you were down here! I expect you have not seen a woman’s assets for a long time!’ ’Why certainly not, Miss!’ Exclaimed the very forward Luther. ’ Why I have not seen a man these past two months! My father takes me on these dull and tiresome voyages to keep me out of trouble so he says.’ Miss Masters grumbled. The men were now all lined up along the bars, staring. In all there were three cells containing seven men in each. ’Weell! There ARE a lot of you!’ She grinned in her flirtatious manner. She patrolled the cells, slowly, so that all the men got a good eyeful of those small pert breasts. Her dress was wet through, like her hair. The men could see her shapely thighs clad in wet silky material. Her bum could be seen rolling in motion with her slow walk past the caged, leering men. They could see she had nothing underneath. Kieran, housed in the neighbouring cell could not contain himself. As Miss Masters past him the second time he grabbed her skirt, tearing it clean off! The captain’s daughter squealed indignantly. She was naked! Her rear end glistened in the oil light, the men craned to see her frontal. ’You fool!’ Snarled Lord Edmund. Her screams are bound to attract the guards!’ He was right. The trap door swung open and a second light appeared. ’Miss? Miss! What are you doing down here?’ It was the burly guard! He was topless, his huge muscular arms wet and shining with rain and sea spray. His muscles clearly sculpted against the oil light. ’Miss, what are you doing down here? Associating with these reprobates?’ Miss Masters had hidden her modesty behind a large food box. ‘Come out, miss’. She came out reluctantly, looking down at herself, ashamed. ’Who did this to you?’ He demanded. ’I…I was cold and… and wet, wanted to dry off’ The girl stammered. ’Your dress is ripped’ He observed. ’I caught it on the ladder’ She answered, eyeing the burly man’s toned, tanned physique. ’Dear me! You should not be out so late’ He grinned. ’You have been at the sailors’ rum have you not?’ She nodded, her naughty smile spreading across her sensual mouth. ’Come’ He said. The Captain’s daughter approached the big, muscular man, she stood close to his chest and began running her fingers down his body. ’I never noticed how,,,, big you are.’ She smiled looking innocently up at him. ’Well you have not seen everything…yet’ He grinned. She ran a small hand down to his cut off breaches and rubbed the crotch area gently. He pulled her close to him. They kissed. Softly at first, then more passionately, tonguing each others’ mouths expertly. The Captain’s daughter stood back. The big man’s breaches were tented out in front of him. She tore off his breaches his enormous rod sprang up, like a jack-in-the-box, freed from it’s tight prison. ’Hooooh!’ Miss Masters gasped in excitement. He placed a big hand between her curvy thighs, slipping a finger in her petit snatch. Then he gently pulled her forth by her pussy. ’Mmmmm’ He grunted as he began caressing her clitoris with his free fingers. She threw her head back, moaning softly, gyrating against his big, manly hand. Her left hand reached out and grasped his meaty stick, pulling back his foreskin, revealing his shiny bell. he was so hard for her, she so wet for him. The caged men strained forwards toward the hot scene in front of them. They could here squelching of fingers inside hot, pink pussy. He lay her down on the sacks nearby and lined himself up for penetration into her slender and elegant body. He pressed against her wet opening, pushing harder. ’OOOh you’re hurting!’ she wailed. ’You need wetting some more then!’ He grunted. ’So do I!’ And in one swift movement he grasped her shapely legs and hung her upside down, burying his big horny face into her damp naked crotch. He lapped greedily at her snatch, his beady eyes looking at the caged men, who were now presenting their hard bones through the bars of their prison. They could see his face buried between her perfect round cheeks, they were wild with horny jealous rage. How could he do this to them! This mere sailor was mocking them! They were the aristocracy! Miss Masters made a loud smacking sound with her wet lips. The burly guard groaned loudly. She was sucking upon his juicy fat purple head! Her hair hung in a straight cascade, swinging on the wooden floor. The men were masturbating profusely, aching for her, many of them were shaking the bars as hard as they could, desperate for her.

Finally he dropped her onto the sacks and pinned her down, his protruding dick thrust forth into her widened dripping wet pussy. ‘Uuuuuuh! Now this is goood! You wish you could be me don’t you!?’ He sneered at the prisoners. ‘But you blew your chances, I will be doing this until I die! You- well you have had your lot my pathetic friends! She is mine! The only pleasure you will get is watching me cover her in my semen!’

He thrust harder and faster into her tight body, causing her to spasm and scream in horny ecstasy.

He pumped her pussy harder, faster, all the while gripping her hips tightly so that he was able to gain deeper penetration. Soon he was deep up to the hilt inside her, she was squirming as she was impaled on his rock hard length, unable to escape! The guard then lay back on the sacks and Miss Masters climbed upon him, straddling him, while facing the masturbating and groaning prisoners. She pulled his huge erection from beneath her so that all the men could see it, facing them, it’s bulbous fat, swollen head perched on his thick white stick of flesh. She spread her legs wide and knelt over him, then lowering herself slowly onto him she swallowed his purple helmet into her pink paradise, followed by the rest of his fat shaft, then she rocked. Back, forth, back, forth, caressing his floppy ball pouch. He tickled her clitoris making her moan and wriggle as she rode him in reverse.

Kieran was roaring in anger. He ALWAYS got whatever he wanted! This was outrage, this nobody, this scum was mocking him in front of his very eyes, in front of all these other men. He HAS to pay, he WILL pay! The burly guard began to grunt and thrust quickly and sharply. The Captain’s daughter new what was coming. Quickly she slipped off him and plunged her mouth onto his enormous bone. She coughed and spluttered as pearls of white spunk dripped from the sides of her eager mouth. She swallowed what was left in her mouth as he pushed her to the side and pulled on his breaches, looking at the caged men, particularly Kieran. ‘You say you were noblemen? Dear, dear me! How pathetic you all look now!’ Kieran’s rage surged inside him, a wave of utter hatred for this man burned as hard as his hard erection for Miss Masters. ‘ I’ll kill you, you are nothing, you wait, I’ll, I’ll…’ ‘Heh heh! Your nothing, you are nobody now my friend, remember where I am- out here free, and where are you?’ he smirked as he made his way up to the deck. ‘Best get dressed miss’ He called back to the Captain’s daughter as he left through the trapdoor.

A strong gust of wet wind swept through the stale air of the hold, the trap door swung shut with an bang. ‘You slut!’ Snarled Kieran, shaking with rage. ‘You planned this!’ Miss Masters looked at him in mock shock. ‘Well, how rude’ She said, striding over to the cell containing Edgar, Matthias, Edmund and their companions. She knelt down in front of them. ‘Shame me.’ She demanded. The men needed no more by one they lined up at the bars. ‘unnnnyyyeeeeeah!’ grunted big Luther as pearly custard yellow drops cascaded into her piercing bright blue eyes. Tobias was next. Even longer than Luther and the burly guard he aimed straight and true into her gaping mouth. You could hear the powerful jets of semen shooting down her throat. It too was slightly yellow in colour after being stored for so many weeks in his heavy scrotum. Next came Edmund, quite literally! His fat ball sac was fatter and heavier than ever! And it showed. Endless jet after endless jet of hot white cum fired through the bars onto Miss Masters’ nose, mouth and chin, dripping onto her pert little tits. Beric then barged in, unable to contain himself any longer he squirted several powerful shots directly into her face, slapping her cheeks and forehead. It was all too much for poor Matthias! He could not hold himself. Spunk dribbled and squirted from his over eager length onto the floor boards below and against Beric’s lower legs. ‘uhuuuhh huh! Hell I- I I’m sorry!’ He spluttered and grunted apologetically in embarrassment. ’Ooooh someone couldn’t wait their turn’ Miss Masters giggled drunkenly. Edgar stepped forth quickly to draw attention from his brothers embarrassment, thrusting himself through the bars and spraying the girl direct into the eyes taking her by surprise. ’Ooh careful!’ Miss Masters gasped, attempting to wipe the thick cream from her eyes. ’Take that you little slut!’ He growled, stepping back from the bars.

Ignoring Edgar’s angry looks, she crawled to the cell closest to the trap door, missing out Kieran’s cell. She raised her beautifully shaped rear end against the bars and waited patiently as all seven men showered her with their stale heavy loads. Her face, chest, belly and backside were covered in over a months worth of spunk from fourteen sex starved prisoners and a big horny guard. ‘Hmmmm that’s better, I needed some male attention. It has been far too long for a girl like me to be without! I shall remember you gentlemen and this evening with great fondness!’

‘What about us, miss?!’ called one of them men in Kieran’s cell ‘I am the Captain’s daughter. It is my prerogative who I allow to shame me.’ She answered sweetly. ‘Take it up with your red haired companion. I am the Captain’s daughter. No slave will speak to me like that!’ and with that Miss Masters left the hold wearing just a shawl round her curvy slender body.

The six cell mates of Kieran turned upon him. ‘N-N- NO, NO!’ he was heard yelling as fists rained down upon him from six extremely horny and angry men, deprived of their one moment of pleasure and, quite possibly their last!

More to cum!


Apologies for the slightly long winded start! I know it lacks some action, but I do enjoy writing out the plot!


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