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Finally I realized that my wife was crying out in excitement, going on and on about just how wonderful the moment had been, how it could not have been better if she had planned it herself. Watching my piss stream all over her sluttish prot? as she sat there stretched out innocently on the ground was in her exalted words “Awesome” . When my flow turned to dribble my wife grabbed me and placed a warm very wet kiss on my lips, stroking at the same time my now limp manhood, squeezing delicately, milking the last of the liquid from my innards.

My wife then addressed Mary Jane telling her to get up and follow, as they were going to the nearby spring to freshen up. I was politely told to sit on the bench and try to recuperate as the afternoon was still young. By the time I had finished imaging the two of them walking naked down the path to that little spring, I sensed that I might still have a bit of life left in me after all . I sat there going over the events of the day. The situations that Mary Jane had been placed in, what may have transpired with Dianna at the restaurant, what my wife may be planning for the rest of the day . All these thoughts were running rapidly through my evil mind. I began thinking just how much fun it would be to try and follow them out to the spring to see what was going on, what games they might be playing, who if any one they might meet along the way, what might happen.

By the time my two lovely naked girls trudged back into our little picnic spot, their bodies shinning with a thin covering of water, my cock was ready to do any bidding that my wife required. Mary Jane was directed to get up on the table , to set her bottom at the edge and stretch her arms above her head. My wife took some restraints from her little bag of tricks and tied Mary Jane’s arms firmly to the bracing of the table, Mary Jane was now fixed like she had been on the kitchen counter yesterday afternoon. At first I thought my wife was going to afford me with a repeat experience, I was going to be allowed to fuck Mary Jane, while she lay prone, spread out on the picnic table top.

I began to move, to position myself to take advantage of this opportunity, when my wife stopped me. She told me that it was her turn for a bit of fun and that I was to place myself behind her as she advanced in between Mary Jane’s firm legs. Once she had fixed her mouth over Mary Jane’s sex, she reached back, took hold of my cock and directed it to her sopping wet cunt. Needing no more incentive, I pushed forward, slipping my rod deep into her love tunnel. My wife began to rock backwards, pushing her arse hole up against the hairs of my body, flexing all her muscles, squeezing my cock, sucking it up her hole as far as it would go. I watched as she reached forward and grabbed hold of Mary Jane’s sumptuous soft tits, covering the nipples with her thumb and forefinger, pinching no doubt as cries arose from Mary Jane immediately.

I placed my hand on my wife’s smooth round hips, trying my best to steady myself, to control a bit of the action, but in vain, it was my wife who was still in control of the day’s events. She was riding me, humping my cock in her way, while she abused Mary Jane with her mouth, her tongue and her fingers. Mary Jane was crying out more it seemed in anguish than in pleasure, calling out that she could take no more, that she was coming, that it hurt , that it was enough she could take no more, then she went silent. It appeared to me that she had fainted or blacked out, she was certainly not squirming any longer, her body appeared to be limp as it lay. This however did not stop my wife, she kept up her movements, banging back hard against my body, pushing her ass hard into my lower stomach then pulling forward, with all her muscles surrounding my cock. Her actions were like a wild woman, a wild animal, I began to wonder if she was still with us or if she had enveloped herself in her own little sexual world, oblivious to our participation.

Suddenly my wife, lifted her upper body from between Mary Jane’s legs, her mouth from Mary Jane’s now most likely raw cunt , she grunted and howled with such vigor that it shocked me, scaring perhaps any little animals in our vicinity. This of course caused me to shoot my spunk deep into her body, I could feel my cock spasm as the sticky goo rushed forth and exited my little piss hole . Each spasm of mine was met with a further contracting of her cunt muscles, each time causing her to yell out in to the evening’s air. Ten, fifteen, twenty minutes, I do not remember, maybe it was only, three or perhaps five minutes , I am unable to tell , before I felt my wife release herself. I felt a surging of hot, well, warm in any case, liquid engulf my cock, jettison out along the side and hit my bare legs with enormous pressure. My wife then went limp falling forward onto poor Mary Jane’s sweaty body.

We remained coupled, until most likely unconsciously, my wife farted and my limp cock covered in her sticky love juices slipped from its confines. As it came free it drew streams of liquid, leaving them to run down the insides of her thighs. Needless to say I was just as spent as my two lovely nymphs, except I still had my wits about me. Weak as I was, or should I say wrecked as I was, I went and untied Mary Jane’s arms, not wanting her to have a circulation problem. I then eased my wife from her position and laid her out on the grassy ground, following with Mary Jane’s body which I positioned alongside.

Seeing neither of them react to my man handling, all sorts of ideas passed though my head . Unfortunately my stamina had been taken beyond the point of quick recovery and even though I wanted very much to take advantage of the situation I was completely incapable to do so, after all I was no longer a horny 16 year old lad. I had however not lost my devilishness, so I rolled both girls over onto their stomachs, spread their legs apart and sat myself between down between them. Wasting no time I coated the fingers of both hands with the residue that was still leaking from my wife’s cunt and wiggled my fingers into each one’s little back hole, pushing in as far as I could.

I allowed myself to enjoy the feeling of playing in this seldom used orifice and continued until I felt the girls react to my fingers. They both came round, emitting soft moans, humping the lower part of their bodies into the grassy ground . I had to adjust my sitting position as I tried to meet the rhythm of their movements. It was my wife who first broke contact . She turned her body and folded herself into a fetus position as she vibrated, letting loud guttural moans escape from her mouth. After several more stokes, Mary Jane also pulled her body off my fingers letting them slip from her little brown hole pulling with them a very distinct fart. I watched in amazement as these two naked creatures closed their ranks, embracing themselves in a long loving series of kisses, each rubbing the other’s body as though it was the first time they had been together.

After a bit my wife spoke up , saying it was time perhaps that we headed back home , you could see that she was severely flushed, so I figured she wanted to return home to be more comfortable playing with Mary Jane. I was told to dress while my wife had Mary Jane dress her, then Mary Jane was told to go on back down to where the car was parked and to spread herself face down on the hood of the car and wait. I could not believe I was hearing this, and was trying to imagine poor naked Mary Jane having to walk all by herself down the path, out onto the parking lot and place herself in such an inviting position. I gave her ,her due however, as she said not one word, not even a whimper, but trotted off ahead of us seemingly accepting to carry out the orders she had been given.

I had thought my wife would rush us down the path in order to see that no harm would come to Mary Jane, but this was not what she did . She dilly dallied along the path, hanging onto me, stopping to kiss me , to fondle my private parts, to rub her body up against mine. At one spot along the trail she undid her blouse and got me to fondle and suckle her tits allowing me sufficient time to get her nipples rock hard and sticking straight out from her mounds. My wife stopped further along the trail to pick up a thin short branch which she began whipping through the air like a French fencing foil, creating sharp swooshing sounds. When we arrived at a high butte just before the parking lot, we looked down towards our car, while you could not tell at this distance the exact details, you could certainly distinguish that there was a white body spread out on the hood.

It was at this point that my wife pulled me off the main path , into a small clump of low bushes, this took us out of any one’s direct path, yet still allowed us to look down upon the scene below. My wife stood in front of me , allowing her to look down upon Mary Jane, then took my hands and pushed them up under her blouse setting them firmly on her two heaving breasts. I could detect her heart beating, well no more like pounding, in her chest as she kept drawing deep breaths. I was allowed full unencumbered freedom to play with her tits. I began pulling at her nipples, pinching and twisting them just every so slightly causing her to emit sharp little gasps.

Following several minutes of this, my wife seized may hands and forced them down over her belly and onto her now newly exposed smooth pussy. My wife had managed to undo her shorts, most likely while I was concentrating playing with her nipples. She broke contact with me just every so quickly allowing her shorts to fall down her legs, then she forced my two hands down between them , pushing them into the once again sopping wet cunt. It was dripping, more like spewing her love juices, as she gyrated her body against mine. With my hands busy in her nether regions she brought her own up to continue playing with her breasts, squeezing them and pinching at her own nipples. I felt my wife begin to shake, then shudder, as she reached climax, coming with such force that it almost knocked me over. I knew my wife was making sounds, but I thought at first they were just her normal sexual innuendos, those that came forth while she was in the throes of her sexual release. However as I tuned in a bit more, I could definitely her she was speaking words, not just sounds, she was talking out loud , to no one in particular, just talking. Once I began to listen rather that just hear, the words became clear, “ You little wanton bitch”, “ you’re going to get it” “ I’m going to make that ass mine”, I’m going to whip you silly” “You’re going to suffer” and others that I cannot really remember.

Then as suddenly as she had drawn me into the bushes, she pushed me away, pulled her clothes together, grabbed my hand and started us off at an almost running pace down to where Mary Jane was spread out on the hood of the car. I was instructed to get into the driver’s seat and stay put. I sat there in silence and watched as my wife took her blouse off once again, I was certain that her nipples were sticking out farther than I had every seen them, farther than I had every imagined they could. Then my wife flicked that little switch of tree branch she had picked up bringing it down upon Mary Jane’s bare ass. Mary Jane jerked with such momentum that the whole car shook and then she screamed out in pain. I am sure my wife brought this little branch down upon poor Mary Jane’s pretty white ass twelve, maybe fifteen times, each time causing her to scream out, each time the scream sounding louder than the one before.

My wife was sweating profusely; you could see the droplets of sweat flying as she moved her arm in a circular motion before she brought it down on Mary Jane’s backside. My wife appeared to be enjoying herself immensely, there was such a wicked little smile on her face, that I began to wonder if this was indeed my wife. She was showing a side of her that I had never seen, nor had any knowledge of what so ever.

Satisfied that she had accomplished what she wanted she asked me to help her remove Mary Jane from the hood of the car and into the back seat. When I moved to take hold of the poor girl I could see the red welts that covered her luscious bare bottom, you could tell it had changed color, even in the now dim light of the evening. Mary Jane was so weak that she was unable to stand, when I bent to slip my arms under her I could smell the odor of her pungent sexual arousal is was just so heavy in the general area of her bottom. Mary Jane had certainly climaxed, and perhaps more than once. I could not believe it, this young girl had gotten off while being whipped by my wife, and I would never have thought that possible.

I was instructed to place Mary Jane in the back seat, on her knees, with her head lying on the seat behind the driver’s seat. In this position her bruised little ass was stickup up, exposed to any one looking through the side window. My wife took some cushions from the trunk of the car and put them under Mary Jane, making certain to place them in such a way that her thighs were spread wide as possible, consequently spreading her bottom cheeks, exposing her little brown hole even more. As for my wife, well once she got in the front seat she put her blouse back on, but left it unbuttoned, and falling off the side of her breasts, leaving her chest pretty well exposed. I turned out of the parking area onto the main road, my wife instructing me to take the route that was designated for trucks, for the return journey.

Being Sunday and all, there were few trucks on the road, but those that we came upon surely were treated to the nicest of sights. Each time my wife told me to take it slow when attempting to pass the large vehicles, allowing ample time for the driver to get a good look at what was on display, should he or for that matter her so desire. All this got to my wife, for before I knew it, she was as naked as Mary Jane allowing the last two truckers a bonus delight, as she sat there in the front seat, her legs spread wide, her fingers busy stroking her sex while I eased the car by their units. The honking horns signaled to me that both of them thoroughly enjoyed the show.

By the time we arrived home, I was sure I was hearing pleasant moans and groans coming from both my passengers, causing of course a normal reaction from certain parts of my body. I parked the car, turned the engine off and sat there quietly as I listened to the wonderful sounds that filled the car. Finally I could take no more, so I unzipped my pants and began stroking my growing boner. Unfortunately I had not yet recuperated from our little tryst at the picnic grounds so was unable to bring much more forth than a bit of dribble. My wife however from the sounds, had managed to get herself off with a fairly good come as for Mary Jane, I was unable to tell just how satisfied she had become.

My wife broke my train of thought, telling me that she was hungry and that perhaps our activities should be taken inside for a bit. She pulled her blouse back on, suggesting that I should perhaps help Mary Jane as she was no doubt still a bit weak or at least wobbly and we would not want her falling and hurting herself. As I eased Mary Jane from the back seat, slipping my arm around and under hers to provide support, I noticed my wife picking up Mary Jane’s clothing then her own shorts, surprisingly enough to see her carrying them in her hands as she preceded us into the house. It pleased me immensely to watch my wife, her bottom bare wiggling, as she strutted up the front steps ahead of us.
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