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When I moved back to the country, I found lots to keep me busy
I was 32 when I moved back to the country. I had grown up there, and loved going back to visit, but never thought I would move back. After 2 failed marriages, and my job being eliminated again, I thought it was time. I needed to be around family. I was the only one that moved away from our small town.

My Mom lived about 10 miles away from the nearest town, which only had a population of about 4500. I went to stay with her at first, until I could get on my feet, and find my own place. She was retired by this time, and stayed at home most of the time. She lived in a big farm house she was renting, and the owner had all his cows and horses on the property. His farm hands would come over and feed them, clean out the barn, or whatever else needed to be done.

I hadn't found a job yet, so I was at the house most of the afternoon after coming home from a morning of filling out applications, and submitting resume's in the nearby towns.
I hadn't had a good fuck in almost 3 weeks, and I was horny. I put on a loose pair of shorts and a T shirt, and went outside to try to get rid of some of my pent up sexual frustration. I walked down to the barn because I knew no one would bother me there. I could feel the sexual heat rising from deep within my pussy walls. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter just thinking about having an orgasm. I couldn't remember the last time it had been three weeks without me cumming.

I didn't put on any underwear, they would have only gotten in the way. I reached the barn and immediately grabbed one leg of my shorts, pulling it over my pussy. I felt the breeze blow my soft brown tuft at the top of my pussy slit. It felt so good. I slowly ran my index finger up and down my wet slit, rubbing the juices onto my shaved, outer lips. The feeling from the breeze intensified when I done that, so I pulled my pussy lips wide apart so I would feel it directly up my snatch. Oh my goodness! I thought my knees were going to give out!

I knew I had to hurry up and find a place to lay down and rub my cunt until I spewed my juices all over. I started walking toward the back of the barn, and noticed there were two horses inside today. 'Hmmm....the farm hands are getting ready to put shoes on them', I thought to myself. The third stall was empty, and clean, with the exception of the square bale of hay sitting in it. I opened the gate, and quickly stepped inside the spare stall. "'mmmmm...god my pussy is hot! I need to cum!" I was talking right out loud. Nobody was out there. It was only me and the horses, and they would block my view if anyone was looking into the other end of the barn.

I sat down on the bale of hay, and leaned back. I pulled my shorts over to the side, and spread my pussy lips as far as they would go. I started rubbing my clit and it was only about 25 strokes later, and the most intense orgasm hit me. I moaned so loud, I wouldn't have heard anyone coming anyway! Cum was pouring out of my pussy hole. I didn't want the feeling to stop. I let my fingers fall away from my pussy finally, and just lay there. My pussy was still just throbbing and pulsating.

Just then I noticed the big stallion in the next stall was getting a little spooked, so I quickly sat up and adjusted myself. I stood up, and walked over to him, and acted as if I had been there petting him along. I moved toward the gate, so I could look out and see if anyone was coming. I didn't see anyone, so I got out of the stall, and stood in front of the big black horse. The brown stallion on the other side, wasn't really moving around too much. "I guess you just saw something else that got you excited", I giggled and rubbed his soft nose. " that what you saw? You big black stud. I bet you have a big black dick, don't you?" I was only making my pussy hotter and hotter. My mind was racing. A thousand thoughts running through my mind. I had never touched a horses dick. I look at that stuff on the computer all the time, but never had the chance to feel one in person. I went over to the empty stall, and went back inside, closing the gate behind me. I pulled the bale of hay over so I could sit facing the big black stud next to me. I sat down, and sure enough, his dick was definitely hangin!! I didn't remember a horses dick being so big. I guess it had been many years since I'd seen one, and it wasn't like I had seen one this close before. "Ohhhh yyyeeeaaahhhhh!" I hissed. You have a pretty cock!! I reached through and touched it. The stallion started grunting and snorting. I drew my hand back quickly. I didn't want to spook him too much! So I let him calm down again, and I put my hand back through the old board dividers. This time I just rubbed his dick up and down, with 3 fingers. His dick was getting bigger and bigger. My pussy was on fire!! I leaned back and stuck 3 fingers deep in my cunt and started fucking it hard. I imagined the horses dick going in and out. Fucking me so deep it was choking me! My pussy clamped around my fingers, and I felt the cum oozing down the crack of my ass. I just kept fucking it until the loud juicy smacking sounds seemed to echo throughout the barn. I finally slowed down, and pulled my hand out of my sloppy pussy. It was drenched with cum. I reached through the boards, and rubbed it up and down the horses huge cock. He stood still this time, so I took the head of his dick, and started jacking it off. He was grunting and snorting. His dick was getting harder, I knew he liked this. I took my hand off his dick and got some more pussy juice from inside my wet pussy. I immediately started jacking his cock off. I just kept stroking it, "yeah you big mother fucker. You like this, huh? You like my wet cunt juice all over your big black horse dick? I wish I could shove it right in my twat you nasty fuck!" I was talking nasty to a fucking horse for goodness sake! I was in a daze of ecstasy. At that moment, the horses thick white milk like load spurted out the end of his long dick. I couldn't believe how much he came!! He was a horse after all, but I was still amazed! There was gobs of goo all over my hand, and all over the floor of the stall he was in. I continued to jack his dick off to see if any more would cum out. Finally, it seemed he was drained, but I still just stroked it for a good 2 minutes afterwards. I liked the way his dick looked.

I leaned back on the bale of hay one last time, and started rubbing my hard clit. Even though I had already cum twice, I needed it one more time. I rubbed the horse cum all over the front of my cunt, and palmed my whole pussy with it. I rubbed my clit with my middle finger, looking at the horse like he was a huge black stud just waiting to fuck my little white pussy. I propped my legs up on the wooded dividers, and pulled my shorts over my ass. "I wish you could stick your long tongue straight up my asshole! That would feel so good. Getting fucked by a horse tongue in the ass!" I rubbed my clit faster. I was groaning and moaning, almost like an animal myself. Finally my cunt started cumming, and I couldn't take it anymore. I was in a fog, and almost blacking out. My pussy was cumming so good, I started pissing all over the floor, but I couldn't stop. I jammed my fist into my pussy. Practically raping it. The pee just gushed out as I pushed the pee that was getting into my cunt hole back out again.

Finally I lay on the bale of hay, just gasping for breath. A smile crossed my face. I was finally able to find time to make myself cum. That was a challenge within itself for the past couple weeks. I stood up, and pushed the hay bale back towards the corner it was in before, and turned around. The stall was a pissy mess, but I knew it would dry up before the farm hands got there the next day.

I left the stall, and stopped to pat the big black stallion on the head. "Well, I hope it was as good for you as it was for me!", I laughed. I started to walk toward the front of the barn, and I noticed a red truck coming down through the pastures' main gate. "oh shit! they never come back at this time!" I said right out loud. I realized I had to get something to dry up the piss so they wouldn't know somebody had been in there. How embarassing! I couldn't even imagine what would happen if someone knew I was playing with my pussy in the barn! I found an old gunny sack hanging in the back, on the wall. I quickly got it, and dried it up as best I could before they pulled up outside. I quickly pretended to be petting the two horses. Why else would I be in there?

Jeremiah got out of his truck. He was tall, about 6'4", and muscular. Not married either, but I wasn't thinking about a man right now anyway. That was the last thing on my mind. He came into the barn and smiled. "Hey Jeremiah, how's it going?" I asked. "Pretty good. Gotta get these horses cleaned up for a sale tomorrow." he replied. "Oh, ok, well, I won't keep you. I was just petting them. Gorgeous animals. Very muscular." I said, hoping not to sound like I had just jacked one off. OH MY GOD!! I had forgotten about the cum in the stallions' stall!! I didn't even think about cleaning it up. There was no way I could do it now. No way at all. I had to get out of there. I didn't want to look panicky, hell for all I knew he wouldn't even notice.

I smiled politely, and told him I would let him do his job, and get out of his way. He smiled, and went on with what he was doing.

I was sitting on the porch when Jeremiah left. He drove the truck up to the pasture gate, and got out to open it. I saw him looking at me and smiling. Oh god! What if he knows!! I kept telling myself not to get paranoid. I can't act like anything is wrong! Don't look guilty! He pulled through the gate, and then got back out of his truck to close it again. When he got back in his truck, and drove by, he was looking at me and had a huge grin on his face. Fuck! He knows! I'll just deny it. Nobody would ever believe I would jack a horse off! Not me!! So I just sat on the porch and watched the sun go down. Tomorrow is another day, and I have to find a job!

To be continued.........

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