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A space odyssey with some warps...
Ophelia walked up to the window and looked out at the stars. She remembered being a child back on earth looking up at the stars; they all seemed so distant then. Now she passed new stars every day. She had worked hard to reach her position as a reverse engineering specialist; unfortunately it had left her with little time for romance.

Ophelia had spent the last month traveling with nothing more than artificial intelligence for company. Luckily she had plenty of work to keep her occupied on the journey. The autopilot was set and she had seen 'everything' before.

Ophelia decided to just dive into work and not pay any attention to the travel. Suddenly the vessel started to shake and feel unstable. Ophelia rushed to the helm to see what was going on. By the time she got there everything was back to normal. She checked to logs which revealed nothing out of the ordinary. It struck her as odd, but she had lots of work to do, so she returned to her workstation.

At 7:00am Ophelia woke up, happy to see that she had finally arrived at the isolated planet that she had been assigned to work on. The planet was almost completely devoid of sentient beings.
There were only a few workers on the planet, mainly researchers like her, trying to figure out what advanced civilization had once inhabited the planet.

Once transported to the surface Ophelia, not wanting to waste time, headed straight for the structure containing the device she was to work on. It had been a long journey and she had not had the luxury of a mirror or a decent bath. She was happy to know that the structure had functioning facilities.

Ophelia took some quick readings of the device, and retired to a bedroom assigned to her. She decided that she could review the information she had gathered while taking a bath.

She took off her utility belt, and removed her boots. Her uniform was not very comfortable; she was happy to take off the stiff jacket of her uniform, she felt a nice breeze caress her skin. She had not felt this comfortable in a long while. She continued to take of her pants. She moved into the bathroom where the jet filled tub had been filling with water. She was surprised to find that the outdoors that was filled with fragrant vegetation was not the only pleasantly scented things on this planet. Even the water had a scent, a fresh rose scent. Now eager to jump in she removed her bra, and felt very liberated when the cool air swept over her very shapely breast. Her panties were happily removed and she slipped into the whirling body of water.

She relaxed for a minute or two, she then forced herself to do some work. Much to her surprise, the combination of fragrances and well positioned jets, she started to feel something she had not felt in a long time. She tried to remain focused on her work, but the physical sensations quickly started to win the battle.

Ophelia moved about a bit hoping to avoid the direct stimulation from the jets, but she soon found that the jets moved with her. She thought for a while that she should just leave the tub, but then again, it had been a long time, and she really had plenty of time for the assignment. She decided to go with her emotions. The jets gently pulsated up and down her body, tantalizing her whole body. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the watery touch.

After only a few seconds she had forgotten all about the fact that it was water caressing her entire body, to her it now felt like a dussin hands stroking her. She spread her legs to receive a more intense touch, the jets were happy to oblige. She could not believe how good she felt. The fragrance now started to change in the room, to a more intense and intoxicating one. She scent was now little more than a beautiful aphrodisiac. It was now just a matter of seconds before she reached the most intense orgasm she had felt in a long time, her body shaking along with the intense feeling. Ophelia being a very quiet person rarely made a sound, but this time she moaned in amazement as the orgasm lasted for almost 10 minutes; she was drained of energy.

After only a minute or two, the fragrance changed once more to a vivid and refreshing scent. She felt oddly energetic.

By now she felt that she really should leave the tub. She stood up and stepped out of the tub. She started to dry off long firm legs, continuing to gently stroking her lips and striking ass dry. She moved up and dried her slender stomach and caressed her large perky breast dry. Her nipples were still erect from the precision touch of the jets. She dried off her back and massaged her neck dry.

Ophelia spotted a full length mirror and decided to take a look. She dropped the towel on the floor and stepped over to the mirror.
She looked over herself in the mirror, she was happy to see that the traveling had not made her loose tone in her muscles. Her slender body was lightly tanned and her long ruby hair felt very erotic sweeping around her body in the soft breeze. After looking over herself for a minute she thought to herself that she was not bad looking. She was a real beauty, perfect smooth skin, her purple eyes made amethysts look bleak, and her figure was unworldly.

Suddenly she heard a noise from the other side of the mirror. She jumped back. Now totally scared she saw that her mirror image did not respond in the same manner. Her mirror image turned around rather than just jump back. Not knowing what to say she simply said "Hello!?” The woman on the other side now noticing the same phenomena tried to get a grip on what was going on for a second then replied "hi!?".

"Who are you?" Ophelia asked.
"I'm Ophelia..."
"That cannot be, I am Ophelia"

They continued to talk trying to figure out what had happened. It suddenly occurred to both of them, "The anomaly in the vessel; that must be it" our Ophelia said. They both agreed that the anomaly had to be it. Now they suddenly both realized that they were still standing naked in front of one another. They quickly got a think silk robe and decided to talk further, sitting down on the terrace.

After some investigation they concluded that they must have experienced some sort of dimensional collision. It was now agreed upon that they were in fact both the same Ophelia.

As the night drew near, it started to get cold outdoors, they moved indoors. They kept talking for a while; sitting on a bed.
Both of them managed to fall asleep. A few hours later Ophelia woke up, she felt rather exited, though she could not say why. She started thinking about sex. It had been so very long since she had sex with somebody else.

She first started thinking about some men of her past, but that was not a feasible idea. Her thoughts turned to more inventive ideas. She started thinking about the things she wish she would have had the opportunity to do and all the things she wished she was capable of doing.

Her thoughts soon wandered to a taboo idea she could not shake.
What would it be like to be able to actually have sex with oneself? She started to wonder what it would be like to have sex with herself. What would it feel like to lick her own breasts, to taste her own pussy?

At this point she was starting to get really wet, and as her mind drifted her hands started to automatically explore her body, quickly moving in on her pussy. Her lips were damp and her clit eager for attention. It felt so nice to be touched, even if it was by herself.

By now the other Ophelia had woken up and was watching her other self intently. She whispered "having that dream again?" into her ear. At first Ophelia was really startled, but quickly calmed down. It occurred to her that they were the same person; she must have the same dream. Doesn't she?

"Ophelia, we should make the dream come true! We might not get another chance."

Ophelia needed little time to agree, but she was still a bit nervous. They leaned in to each other and started kissing. The kiss started awkward, and then became tenderer. The kiss now started turning passionate, they were both surprised at how good it felt. But then again, the both knew exactly what they wanted.

The level of sexual feelings was now filling the room. Neither one of them could wait any longer, with a kiss so passionate how could one resist? As if psychically connected they started to move into a 69 like position. They were caressing, licking and sucking each others breast with great virility.

They both started to move down each others bodies, gently moving their tongues across their toned stomachs. Using their fingers they started to work their pussies, taking their time, working each other just right. Their pussies were now soaked. They were now so exited that there was no thoughts in their mind except enjoying this. They dove straight into the plumped up pussies and started drinking the juices. At the first touch they both came with a very intense groan.

It did not take long before their tongues were masters of their pussies. Their tongues flickered in and out as far as they could reach. They were close to cumming again. Their tongues drifted to their asses, working with amazing skill it did not take long before they came.

Simultaneously they started to finger each others ass while their tongues kept busy with their pussies. After another orgasm they were both exhausted. They licked each others faces clean. They gave each other a long passionate kiss before they fell asleep.

The next morning......


2007-01-20 03:48:24
You say their too much.


2004-09-08 07:00:00
great story part 2?


2004-07-03 01:26:41
Wow! that was a hell of a thing I severly like this story please continue it.

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