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Family Hot Tub

My parents recently invested in a hot tub for our family. It was setup in our back yard on the patio. Mom told my sister and I that she had heard that it is better for the filter in the hot tub if no clothing was worn in the tub, not even a bathing suit. Sounded like bullshit to me but my mom was adamant about it. My family was never one to be open about nudity in and around our house. I hadn’t seen my sister naked since we were little and it had been quite a while since I had seen my mom naked, not that I hadn’t tried. My sister and I were pretty upset over my moms decision that we were to go naked if we wanted to use the hot tub but when mom makes up her mind there is no changing it.

My mom is only 37 and dad is 38, she and dad had started having babies when they were very young but stopped after my sister was born although they still have lots of sex. My sister just turned 18 and I am 19. My mom is pretty hot, has big tits and not an ounce of fat on her anywhere. My dad is pretty fit too. My sister is basically just a younger version of mom and they have been mistaken as being sisters pretty often lately.

My dad had the new hot tub fired up and mom was all excited to get us all together for our first soak in the new tub. She and dad told us to go get undressed and meet them in the tub so my sister and I left them to go to our rooms to strip down. A few minutes later I came out of my room naked and a little nervous about my sister seeing me naked for the first time in years. Just as I entered the hallway my sisters door opened and there she stood except she had, unlike me, a towel wrapped around her body. We just stood there for a few seconds looking at each other. I then noticed my sister’s eyes were looking straight at my exposed cock. That did it for me and my dick started to grow getting hard pretty quickly. She giggled a little and I told her to shut up and if we were going to be naked in the tub she might as well lose the towel now. She thought about it for a few seconds and slipped her towel off exposing her naked body to my eyes. This only made my hard cock get even harder. She was HOT! She did a little spin before me and giggled some more at my hardon. Then she turned and started down the hall with me following her to go join our parents in the hot tub.

We walked out of the back door of the house and out onto the patio. The scene that greeted our eyes as we did made us stop dead in our tracks. Dad was sitting up on the edge of the tub and was holding moms head in his lap as she was giving him a blowjob! Just about that time dad groaned and pulled mom off his dick and suddenly started spraying his cum all over moms face and tits. Squirt after squirt sprayed from his dick all over moms face and into her mouth and down on her tits. Dad turned his head and looked at us standing there naked watching them. He nodded to mom to look over and she turned her cum soaked face and saw us and started laughing. She just said “Oops!” and then started to lick the dripping cum from the end of dad’s dick. Then she started scooping up the cum off her tits and licking it off her hands.

She told my sister and me that she hadn’t really intended that we see that but that we were old enough now to understand and she knew that both of us were sexually active so this should be nothing too shocking for us. Mom stood up in the center of the tub and dad slid off the edge and stood with her and took her in his arms and they started kissing. Dad eased mom back so that she was now sitting on the edge of the tub. He then started kissing his way down her body, stopping to lick and suck her cum coated nipples for a while before continuing on down her body until his face was between her thighs. My sister and I had moved up next to the tub and were just standing there on either side of mom watching the sexy scene going on in front of us. We could see dad’s tongue working over moms’ shaved pussy.

As my sister and I watched, I started to jack my cock and sis had her hand in her pussy rubbing it. About that time dad started to pull his face away from mom’s pussy and stood up in the tub with his hard dick sticking out in front of him. Mom grabbed dad’s dick and started to guide it toward her pussy. Dad’s dick slowly split mom’s pussy lips and eased inside until it was buried to the hilt. Dad then started to thrust his hips back and forth as he fucked mom hard. Mom had her head back and her eyes closed and a moan was coming from deep in her throat. As dad fucked her, mom’s huge tits were flopping all around.

Sis and I had decided to climb in the tub with mom and dad as they continued to fuck. Sis sat on the edge of the tub next to mom and I stood next to dad. Sis was furiously rubbing her clit and I was stroking my cock hard and fast. Soon dad was on the verge of cumming and mom was thrashing around as she was having an orgasm. Then dad pulled his dick from mom’s pussy and started to shoot his load all over mom’s tits. Then sis started cumming and squirted a big gush of her juice out, some of it hitting dad in the chest. Seeing all this did it for me and I started shooting my load and it hit mom right in the face. Mom opened her mouth and a big stream of my cum covered her tongue. The next stream hit her in the forehead and up into her hair. Mom then leaned forward and sucked dad’s dick into her mouth and licked up the last of his cum, then she pulled off dad's dick and grabbed my cock and pulled it to her mouth and then she started to lick the cum from my it. Dad turned his attention to sis and dropped down between her thighs and started to lick the juice from her thighs and pussy.

Mom had my cock in her hand and it was still rock hard but my legs were wobbly so I started to sit down in the tub. Mom kept hold of me and followed me as I sat down and she straddled my thighs and guided my cock to her pussy and slid down on it. Sis and stood in the tub and bent over and dad was behind her and he was feeding his dick into her pussy. Mom was riding my cock up and down while I reached around her and had one hand full of her tit and the other hand rubbing her clit. Dad was slamming his dick in and out of his daughter’s pussy as he reached under and had his hands full of her tits. Moans and groans and heavy breathing sounds filled the air. Soon we were all cumming at the same time, me in mom and dad in sis.

A few minutes later we were all sitting in the hot swirling water, sweating and huffing and puffing as we relaxed. Seems like this hot tub was a pretty good investment…


2016-12-24 23:46:49
I agree it could have been longer with a longer explanation of the sex acts it deserves another chapter at least I gave it a positive vote

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I got hard just reading this

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A very short story but hot.

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i just fucked my boyfriend hard like for hours he caught me rubbin myself

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i just fucked my boyfriend hard like for hours he caught me rubbin myself

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