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My first story
It was a late august night when the air started to cool and everyone was getting ready to get back to school
when this new expierance happend to me. You see I live with my father and two younger brothers in a small town in Vermont. James and Caleb were spoiled compared to me they could talk my father into anything they wanted, me on the other hand had to work for everything I wanted or needed. My names Jaime and I believe i have a good figure, im 5'6 and I weigh 132lbs I work at the local fitness center so I have a toned body and it still being late summer im still fairly tanned. My father depended on me since my mother had passed away due to a drunk driver two years ago. James was 17 and a junior at the highschool, and Caleb was 19 he had just graduated in June so he was being lazy about getting around to college but then again who am I to say anything I havnt made an attempt to start college yet and i had graduated 4 years ago.

Anyways back to this new expierance that happend a couple weeks back. It was really late and i was still on my doing typical stuff on my computer when I heard James making noise in the livingroom. I didnt think anything of it and I continued downloading music then i heard him say something along the lines of slow down. This got my attention so I listend more closely and turned my music down so i could hear better. Then I heard a noise that was unfamiliar it sounded like a moan, then a couple seconds later i heard another. So i was getting really interested in what was going on in the living room so i snuck out my door and down the hallway, I was shocked as to what i had come upon. There my James sat on the couch with his pants around his ankels while there was a head full of red hair bobbing up and down on his lap. I sat there quitely just watching because i was amazed that my lil brother was actually getting head in our living room. I have neveer imagined anything like that turning me on but soon i started to feel a warm tingl feeling I used to get with my ex boyfriend. I knew it was wrong for me to watch and it was really wrong that it was turning me on so much. As his moans began to increase and become louder I thought it wwould be wise to sneak back into my bedroom and finish on my computer.

The next morning when i woke up I couldnt help but replay what i seen last night over and over again. This made me start feeling horny all over again, so i decided best way to get over it was a cold shower, I quickly grabbed some clothes and made my way into the bathroom, on my way I heard James talking to Caleb about what happened. James was all excited about it because it was the first time a girl had ever went down on him. At that point i didnt want to be discovered listening to there conversation so i left to the bathroom.

When I came home for lunch Caleb was at the kitchen table eating some left overs, I grabbed a plate and sat down with him. I tried making conversation but Caleb and i never really got along so it was awkward. Then he got all excited and started talking about how James and his girlfriend are actually doing stuff now. I have no clue why he would outa the blue just blurt that out. I gave him a smirk and continued eating. After a couple minutes he said "wait you already knew didnt you?" There it was I was on the spot and i need to say something quick before he started asking more questions. So I responded with "I over heard some strange noises from the living room and Ithought nothing of it." Then it hit me i was once again horny and now sitting at the table with Caleb wich was already awkeard as is. Caleb knew something was up because i immediatly started blushing. He asked what was up and I knnew i couldnt just get up and leave because then he would know something was bothering me. Even though we didnt get along all that well he still cared for his big sister, So i sat there thinking of what to say when I finally decided to start it was all uhh and umm. Then i finally told him that thinking about James like that made me uncomfortable. Then i stood up and grabbed my purse and went back to work like the whole conversation never had taken place.

That night when i got home i went straight to the shower and then straight in my room. I didnt want to be confronted anymore about my brother and his first sexual encounter. So i avoided the whole thing untill James walked into my bedroom like he was invited. He started with "listen i know you know what happened last night, Caleb said you two talked about it when he was home for lunch today. Im sorry if i was to loud last night i thought you were asleep." The only thing I was thinking about at this point was how big is my brothers dick? Then it hit me I was actually sizing my little brother up when he was trying to talk to me and make me feel better about hearing him, he had no clue i actually sat there and watched him. I wanted so badly to just tell him that i was watching and just come clean but i knew i couldnt. He asked if was anything he could say or do to make it up to me, and at that point i was still wet from thinking about how big he was so I spoke without thinking. I said "let me see it" as soon as
I said it I realized what was going on his face bright red from shock and embarassment that his 22yr old sister wanted to see his package. I told him it would be better if he didnt tell anyone what i said and to just leave, but he had a daring look in his eye like he wanted to showe it to me now which turned me on even more.

Without looking away he unzipped his pants, I told him to stop but he continued i was pretty much powerless half because i hadnt had attention in close to three months and half because it was so wrong but i wanted it so bad. Then without thinking i grabbed the sides of his pants and pulled them down. I think it might have scared him because as i did this he tried to take a step back and fell with a thud he hit the floor. I apologized and told him that I was sorry for that and he just sat up and told me it was fine and that he was fine. Then within the next minute he was out of my room and there I was really horny and dissapointed because i still havnt seen how big he was. I thought the best thing for me was to just go to bed after screwing that up.

That night i awoke to another unfamliar noise but this time it wasnt from the living room it had come from the corner of my bedroom. I quickly turned on my bedside lamp and there sat Caleb in the corner of my room rubbing his 7 inch cock right in front of me. He didnt even miss a beat when I turned on the lamp. I told him to stop and getdressed and leave my bedroom or at least i thought i had said that. There was no sound coming from my throat though everyone in the house knew i slept in the nude and this had never been a problem before now. I just sat there staring at Caleb as he stroked himself. Then i finally said "what the fuck are you doing" he responded between gasps "I uhh just cant uhh help it after James told me you wanted to see his I was uhh really reallly hard." This was a shock to me that James had told Caleb but i wasnt mad i was more focused on the fact that it had turned Caleb on. I told him to be quick about it and then i gave him a little show to help him because the more i watched the more i was turning myself on.

I slowly sat up and began rubbing my stomach up around my 36c sized breasts then back down and i could tell by his breath that this was helping him alot. I return i was helping me alot also then i uncovered my legs and began rubbing up and down my thighs, I dont think he could see my pussy yet and i wasnt sure if i wanted to show him it. He then asked if i would be willing to help him out more than i was? I didnt respond i just continued massaging myself, he asked again. Then something happend i felt arms wrap around my mouth and my waist, i was terrorfied but then a whisper calmed me down. James grabbed me then whispered in my ear that he wanted to see me help Caleb and then maybe he will show me what i have been dying to see since the night before last. So I told Caleb to come closer to the bed and i will do whatever he wanted me to.

After Caleb started walking toward the bed I became full of straight lust for both my brothers. I dont know what had come over me but i just wanted them, Caleb was now on my bedside and he had stopped stroking and told me to continue where he had left off. I was really hesatient about touching my own brother but i wanted to so bad. Then James reached down and started carressing my legs, as he did this i turned to him and he told me its not about him right now but to pay attention to the problems in front of me. So i turned back to Caleb and reached for his cock. I was about to stop myself and end it before it went any farther but there was a cock in front of me and i could get
attention also. As all these thoughts ran through my mind i decided to just go for it. I grabbed Calebs Dick and started slowly jerking it up and down. Then i increased speed while i was doing this James's hands ventured farther and farther to the point where i wanted him to use a finger on me. It was only fair that i get some attention in return.

I was getting more horny every second he was teasing me, that was probably the most horny ive ever been. So i stopped jerking off Caleb and he gave me the look that i better continue or something bad would happen. I just smiled at him and took the base of his cock with my hand aimed it for my mouth and i licked the tip, then slowly down the shaft and then i started jerking him off again while sucking on his balls. He started moaning and i kept going and increasing speed. He was moaning loud and more often then before and i could feel him start to tense up then i went down on him. I tried to fit it all in my mouth but couldnt i gagged on it and he felt me gag then puched my head down fartehr and blew his load deep into my throat he never let my head up so i had no choice but to swallow his thick load.

As all this was going on James had not stopped teasing me and it was driving me insane. I turned to him after Caleb realeased the back of my head. I asked if i could see him or do I get any attention in return. He smiled at me and came in close almost to kiss me then he whisperd in my ear. "But that would be cheating on my girlfriend"

I hope yall enjoyed this

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2010-04-18 06:23:24
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