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A morning shower with Cassie
Part 16

Cassie and I slept in the next morning, and didn't wake up until Sarah came in and jumped in bed with us. "Are you two going to sleep forever? Mom and I already had our shower and ate breakfast." When she saw I was awake, Sarah climbed into my arms and gave me a kiss, then rolled over and gave her sister a kiss before hopping out of bed and running back to the living room. I couldn't help but notice the bounce of her ass when she was jumping around the room.

Cassie rolled into my arms, gave me a much deeper kiss than Sarah, and asked if we were getting up or staying in bed. Since it was obviously later in the morning, I told her we should get up, shower, and have breakfast before "breakfast" turned into lunch.

"I'm sure we have things to do, today."

Cassie, with a gleam in her eye said, "We sure do. Starting with our shower." I watched Cassie's body as she rolled out of bed and ran her hands down her body, from shoulder to snatch, and then motioned for me to follow her. With my eyes locked on her little ass, I headed toward the bathroom after her. Cassie immediately started the water and was climbing into the shower as I made to lift the toilet seat.

"No you don't, Tom. Bring that in here."

Looking at Cassie, I dropped the lid and climbed into the shower. Cassie had already directed the nozzle toward the wall and started kneeling on the floor of the tub. She reached out to me, taking my cock in her hand and pulling me toward her. Holding my shaft so it was aimed at her, she told me to go ahead and pee.

She seemed set on the idea, and I did have to go so I started to pee and Cassie quickly directed the stream of water at her mouth. Like the night before, she swallowed all she could, seeming to revel in the taste. As I finished, she grabbed my ass and pulled herself into my crotch, continuing to take my piss in her mouth. She finished by taking my entire cock and starting a wonderful blow-job.

She slid her mouth off my dick and stood up, saying it was her turn. I laid down in the tub and told her to 69 me so she could continue to suck my cock while she peed. She looked excited as she laid down over me and took my shaft back into her mouth. She sucked me for several seconds, and I started licking her pussy to encourage her to start her golden shower.

As my tongue went to her pussy, Cassie relaxed and started to pee. Positioned as she was, the flow shot right into my mouth, and I struggled to swallow everything while dealing with the feeling of her young mouth on my cock. As she finished peeing, I started to eat her out again, shoving my tongue deep into her cunt.

We continued to eat each other for several minutes before Cassie pulled her mouth off my shaft. She turned to me and said, "It's time for sex, Tom. And this time I want you inside my pussy."

Hearing this 12-year old girl call for me to fuck her pussy was incredible, and I stood and picked her up so she could straddle my hips. As she came down, my cock slid easily inside her womb. I moaned in pleasure as I felt her soft lips slide over the shaft of my dick, and Cassie moaned with me.

I held Cassie in my arms, then turned so I could push her up against the wall. She gasped as her body hit the cold tile of the shower, then surrendered herself to the feeling of my entire length sliding in and out of her cunt. With the wall for support, I started to pound her pussy even harder, causing her to scream in a combination of pain and pleasure. Pleasure soon won out, and Cassie started to pull me tightly into her body. She wrapped her legs around my ass for leverage and started to buck her hips into me.

We started to kiss deeply, and the taste of my salty flow on her tongue was too much for me to take. The combination of everything caused me to climax just as Cassie experienced her own small orgasm. We climaxed together, me dumping another load of cum into my tiny lover's cunt, my hips bucking to force every drop from my cock inside her.

Cassie relaxed in my arms, and I turned and had her lay in the bottom of the tub. Straddling her with my head near her crotch, I pushed her knees apart as I lowered my mouth to her pussy. Cassie gasped as she felt my tongue slide inside her. Still senstive from the recent fucking, she was quickly overwhelmed by the thought of me eating her cum filled pussy. Her cum mixed with mine to create a tangy, sticky mess I lapped up as it oozed out of her hole. The feeling of my tongue sliding in and out of her quickly caused Cassie to experience another orgasm.

Not wanting to be outdone, Cassie took my cock and started sucking on it. As I continued to clean her pussy with my tongue, she cleaned my cock with her mouth. We continued like this until we were each satisfied the other was clean. I then stood up, helped Cassie off up, and started washing her body. She helped clean me, and we finished up by drying each other off.

By the time we wandered into the living room, it was nearly lunch, despite the attempt to get there early enough for breakfast. Kelly was sitting on one of the couches and watched us as Cassie and I walked into the room holding hands, again.

"Well, you two made the most of the night. I assume you had fun?"

"Of course, mom. You know I did, and trust me when I say Tom did, too."

"What do you two want to eat? Breakfast or lunch? I'll make it and we can figure out how to make the most of our last full day here."

Cassie and I collapsed onto the open couch, placed our orders for food, and snuggled while Kelly started cooking.

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