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Me and my girls have fun as we picnic in the cabin
Part 17

Twelve-year old Cassie and I were snuggling on the couch when her 10-year old sister wandered over and asked us to make room for her. I suggested we grab some pillows and move to the floor rather than try to fit three bodies on the couch. The girls ran to grab pillows and blankets and quickly returned. Though we had spent the entire weekend naked together, I still marveled at seeing the two girls running around without any clothes. Enjoying every minute of it, I laid down on the floor, opened my arms for Cassie to lay with me, and Sarah joined us, wrapped in her sister's arms. I noticed that Cassie's hands went right to Sarah's chest, and that she started teasing Sarah with kisses on her neck and shoulders.

Sarah, of course, showed no signs of objecting. She leaned back into her sister's embrace, welcoming the affection. Watching Cassie shower Sarah with tender kisses was so erotic I decided to join in. I started by showing the same attention to Cassie, licking and kissing at her shoulders, neck, and ears.

We continued this for several minutes, and I then slipped from behind Cassie and laid down in front of Sarah. Cassie continued to caress her sister from behind as I started a deep, passionate kiss with Sarah. Sarah practically melted as she surrendered to the intense feelings of being ravaged from front and back. I slid my hand down Sarah's body, moving over her pubic mound toward her pussy. As I reached between Sarah's legs, I realized Cassie's hand was already there with two fingers slipping in and out of Sarah's slit. Determined to slide my fingers somewhere, I reached around Sarah's body only to find Sarah's hand had already found Cassie's pussy.

Rather than fight over it, Sarah moved her hand from Cassie's mound to my cock, giving me free access to Cassie's wet hole. I eased two fingers inside Cassie while Sarah wrapped her hand around my shaft and started stroking it. We were still in that position when Kelly walked over to tell us our food was ready.

"Well," she said. "I guess you three were hungry. Only, I thought you wanted food. Do you want to eat, or have me join the party?"

We were all too busy to give much of a response, so Kelly laid down behind me and joined in the sexual play. She started kissing my neck and ears and I felt her hand move across my hips to join Sarah's hand on my cock. I continued kissing Sarah, almost unable to breathe at the thought of what was happening. Sarah was likewise overwhelmed as her tongue danced with mine. She was in ecstasy as her sister kissed her neck, rubbed her titties, and finger fucked her pussy all while she herself was stroking my cock with her mother's help.

Though I had fucked Cassie less than an hour earlier, having two girls give me a hand job at the same time pushed me toward another orgasm. Both Cassie and Sarah were getting wild as fingers continued to slide in and out of their pussies. Kelly made sure I would cum by sliding her hand off my shaft and around my back. I felt her fingers slide between my ass cheeks and I rocked back to give her access to my ass. Her fingers, wet with my pre-cum, slid easily into my eager hole. Kelly quickly started fucking my ass with the same energy I was using to finger her daughter's pussy.

It only took a few minutes of that before I reached the boiling point. By that time, I had slipped my fingers out of Cassie's wet hole and relaxed into Kelly's body. Sarah must have known I was getting close because she broke off our kiss and worked her other hand between our bodies so she could stroke my cock with both hands. I was caught between pushing my ass back into Kelly's fingers and bucking my hips to fuck Sarah's hands. I did both as best I could, and the combined efforts made my climax a few short minutes later.

A small spurt of cum oozed onto Sarah's hands, and I shook with pleasure as Sarah used it as lubrication to continue sliding her hands up and down my length. Kelly continued to fuck my ass for several seconds after she felt me climax, and I was unable to escape either girl. Eventually, I had to pull Sarah's hands off my overly sensitive cock so I could recover. Kelly slid her fingers out of my ass and hugged me into her body, then shifted her position so she could lick the cum off my belly and cock. Sarah rolled over so she could continue making out with her sister.

After Kelly had licked me clean, she got up and suggested we eat lunch instead of continuing to eat each other. The girls reluctantly ended their embrace, smiling at the entire situation. We gathered in the kitchen, grabbed our food, and returned to the living room to eat. We set up the blankets on the floor so we could have a private, naked, sexually charged picnic. Cassie took a great deal of pleasure using a pickle to demonstrate her improved blow-job skills. Sarah followed suit by "eating out" a pudding cup.

As we finished eating, I decided to turn the tables on both Sarah and Cassie. Leaning over toward Cassie, I pulled her to me for a deep kiss. As our tongues danced, I reached for the pickle that was sitting on my plate. As Cassie got into the kiss, I worked the pickle into position between her legs and started rubbing it across her pussy lips and clit. Cassie gasped and spread her legs, though she was unsure of what was at the entrance to her hole. I eased the pickle into her cunt and started to fuck her with it. She was enjoying the sensations, and I pulled away from our kiss so I could kneel between her legs. I continued to slide the pickle inside her, then stopped so I could take the end into my mouth. I then pushed the pickle as far into her cunt as I could, and started licking her clit and pussy lips around the pickle.

As Cassie's pussy started to ooze her fragrant juices, I ate the cum flavored pickle from inside her hole. She was writhing in pleasure as she experienced the fucking of the pickle and the teasing of my tongue as I ate her out.

Sarah was watching closely as I finished eating the pickle lodged in her sister's pussy. She didn't make a sound or motion as I slid toward her and gave her her own passionate kiss. Rather than grab a pickle, I took the pudding left over from her lunch and started to smear the contents around and inside her pussy. Sarah moaned out loud as I slid two fingers inside her cunt, using the pudding as a lubricant. Just as I had done with her sister, I slid my tongue down Sarah's body until I was at her pussy. I began to clean the dark mess around her crotch by licking it all up. Sarah was starting to moan even louder as I worked my way closer and closer to her pussy.

When I did reach her luscious lips, I spread them apart and started licking and sucking to get every bit of pudding out of her hole. Sarah started to go wild as I lapped at her clit then shoved my tongue deeper into her cunt. She started to buck her hips, spreading the mess in her pussy over my entire face. Eventually, I finished eating her out and sat up.

I was surprised to see that Kelly was sitting on the blankets with something of her own. She had grabbed a Popsicle out of the freezer and was deep throating it. She pulled the icy treat out of her mouth and held it out toward me, then laid down and spread her legs. I took the Popsicle and wasted no time slipping it between her lips and into her cunt. Kelly shivered with cold pleasure as the Popsicle slid inside her, then started to gently grind her hips against the frozen shaft.

As I fucked Kelly with her chosen dildo, I motioned the girls over so they could see. They must have been getting pretty horny because they didn't wait to dive toward their mother's crotch. They didn't even give me a chance to start eating Kelly's pussy. Leaning over, they started lapping at either side of Kelly's hole as the Popsicle melted. Kelly spread her legs as wide as possible to give her girls easier access. Knowing what was happening, Kelly started bucking her hips more forcefully.

Cassie started to work her tongue into Kelly's ice filled pussy, lapping at both her juices and the melting Popsicle. Sarah, showing new found confidence, worked her tongue lower on Kelly's slit and sucked at the liquids flowing out of her mom's pussy toward her ass. Kelly rocked her hips up, rubbing her taint and then asshole onto Sarah's tongue. Sarah went with it and continued to lick her mom's pussy and ass.

Unable to take the combined efforts of the Popsicle, Cassie in her cunt, and Sarah in her ass, Kelly experienced a massive orgasm and started to buck her hips uncontrollably. Both girls sat up to watch their mother climax. The motion of Kelly's body and the heat from her box quickly melted what remained of the Popsicle and the juice, combined with her cum, flowed out of her pussy to make a horribly sticky mess.

All three girls sat there, pussies sticky with both cum and food, relaxing after their orgasms. I suggested they think about washing up, and Kelly suggested they all share a shower together. Excited, the girls jumped up and followed their mom into one bathroom. Knowing they would probably be busy for some time, I headed to the other bathroom and took a quick shower, myself.

After the shower, I returned to the living room to wait on the girls. I wound up watching a bit of T.V. as it took the girls nearly 45 minutes and what had to be all the hot water in the cabin before they finished. And that was after I finished my shower. All three were grinning from ear to ear when they joined me, sitting down to brush out each others hair.


2011-06-09 22:48:57
Your writing keeps me hard! What a fantasy, I gvet ito each chapter like it was me and the girls and there Mom. Please keep writing. Likeemyoung!!!

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2010-09-27 09:16:41
please PLEASE keep writing!!
DON'T STOP!!!!!!

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2010-08-30 02:15:34
I also don't like the piss, but you're the writer and it's what you want. I simply skipped over it.

Otherwise, I'm LOVING this! You are a great writer.

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2010-07-14 01:35:27
A very good series, keep it up!

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2010-07-09 01:06:10
a person should come to the door and they talk her into joining then for the rest of the day

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