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A 50 YO wife learns that what she had been missing all her life was BIG cocks.
Over the hill - not under it.

Jim and I had been married for six months when he started talking to me about swinging. Six more months later I finally said yes. Little did he know that it was a big mistake.

I'm Jenny. I'm 5'5" tall and weigh 125 pounds with c cup tits and a nice flat tummy, long dark brown hair and blue eyes. I was a 21-year-old virgin when we got married and Jim was 25. Jim is 6' and weighed 180 pounds and was in really great shape. He still is. He has a firm average 6" cock. We met at work and dated for three months before getting hitched.

I stayed a virgin till our wedding night. After the ceremony we went to a condo on the lake for three nights that was one of our wedding gifts. I was really looking forward to losing my cherry to him and it was just as good as I had dreamed it would be. The first time he entered me there was some pain as my hymen broke but it soon passed and it felt good to have my loving husband's cock sliding in and out of my very wet pussy. The first time, he came in about two minutes but stayed hard and kept on fucking me with his stiff six inches till he came a second time. After coming the second time he pulled out and kissed me. Then he took my head and pulled it down between his legs and told me to suck him. Although he had asked me to do this several times before we married saying that if I would not fuck with him I should at least suck him off to relieve his tension. I always said no and he did not push the matter. At first, this time too, I said no and shook my head. His response was to say that we are married now and to press his half hard cock against my tightly closed lips. I could see that his shaft was covered with cum and a little bit of my blood. After about a minute of his poking at my lips and telling me to open my mouth I gave up and slowing parted my lips. As soon as I did, Jim pushed his cock into my mouth, put his hands in my hair and started moving my face up and down his cock. It was slimy at first and he tasted salty and a little bitter but I didn't find it gross like I thought I would. Soon he was hard again and a couple of times he hit the back of my throat and made me gag. After several minutes my jaw was getting sore and I was about to pull away when he let out a loud moan and held my head still while he shot his load into my mouth. He held me there till I had to swallow then he let me up and told me how great that was and how much he loved me. It was the fourth or fifth time we made love that he finally lasted over ten minutes and gave me my first orgasm other than a few that I had given myself over the years by rubbing my own clit. This one was much better. We stayed up till past dawn and fucked six more times. Each time he came he had me go down and suck him clean. I started doing it without him pulling my head to his cock. The rest of the time at the condo we seldom went out except to eat. We just stayed in the room and fucked like rabbits.

Over the next six months we fucked almost every night and often more than once and sometimes in the morning too. We loved it and each other. The first time he went down on me I could hardly stand it and Jim made me come three times before he stopped and fucked me hard and deep. What a night. Later we did a lot of 69. He never eat me out after he had come in me but he still wanted me to suck him clean each time. I came to look forward to it and enjoy it very much. I always felt good when I could suck him hard again and he would reward me with another fuck or a mouthfull of his hot spunk. It was about then that he started talking to me about being with another guy while we fucked. He would tell me to pretend that he was someone else and he fucked and kissed me, pretending to be a stranger. It started to make me tingle and I started to pretend that he was another stud filling my pussy with his cock. Jim started asking if he could invite another couple to join us sometime and I always said no. One night after about six months of this questioning and pretending I surprised him by saying that maybe it would be fun.

It was only a couple of nights later that Jim said that he had found a couple that would like to come over for a visit. He said he had set it up for the next Friday night and told me that that night I should fix some snacks and wear my most sexy outfit. Terry and Tina arrived about nine and Jim led them into the living room of our apartment. The first thing I noticed was what they looked like. They were also in their mid 20's I guessed. Terry looked a lot like Jim. Tina was a real knock out, about 5'3" and probably 36 D tits with a tiny waist. I could see that she was not wearing a bra under her tight, front buttoning blouse. Her blouse had the top three buttons undone so she showed a lot of cleavage. I'm not sure if any of those buttons could have even been buttoned the blouse was so tight. I could see why Jim picked this couple and was a little bit jealous and nervous. We sat on the couch and talked to get to know each other. I went to the kitchen and got the snacks while Jim took drink orders. We found out that Terry and Tina had been swinging for about three years and had been with many other couples. I told them that this was our first time and Terry said that Jim had told them that and he jokingly said that that made us virgins. When I got up to refill the drinks the guys changed places so the couples were reversed.

I sat next to Terry and he put his arm around my shoulders and cupped my breast in his hand. I started to pull away but then stopped. Tina put her head on Jims shoulder and wrapped her arms tightly around him. About half way through the second drink Tina unbuttoned the rest of her buttons and released her tits. They never sagged at all. I wondered if they were real. Then Tina told Jim to stand up. When he did she slid off the couch and unbuckled his slacks and pulled them down. He wasn't wearing underpants and as it was released, his stiff cock sprung up in the air. Tina wasted no time getting her lips around it and burying her nose in his pubic hair. I had never been able to deep throat but Tina did it first thing. Jim moaned and through his head back. Tina stroked Jims cock in and out of her throat. Terry started kissing me, slid one hand under my blouse and bra cupping my bare tit. He rolled my erect nipple between his thumb and finger and pulled it. His other hand went under my skirt and on to my panty covered crotch. He stopped kissing me and we watched Tina giving Jim the best blow job of his life. When she felt that he was ready to come she took her mouth off, stroked him a couple of times and let him spray all over her face. Then Tina came over and let Terry kiss her and lick Jim's cum off of her face. She pulled her skirt off showing everyone her bare, shaved pussy, took Jim by the hand and said that it was time to go to private rooms. Jim led her to the master bedroom and Terry asked me where I wanted to go. I stood and led him by the hand to the guest room.

As we stood by the bed, Terry kissed me deeply and started to slowly undress me. He lay me on the bed and finished undressing. As I got my first look at his package I saw that he was nice and hard with an upward curve and about the same size as Jim. He lay down beside me and gently started rubbing and kissing me all over. Terry took my hand and put it on his cock. I wrapped my fingers around it and started stroking it. Terry sucked my tits making my nipples grow. Then he kissed his way down my stomach to my crotch. First he licked my clit and dug his tongue into my wet snatch then he sucked hard on my nub bringing me to a strong orgasm. He sucked and finger fucked me to a second orgasm and then got between my legs and slid into me. I was wet and very ready. The upward curve of his manhood caused him to rub in some very good places and I found myself quickly coming. After probably ten minutes and a couple more orgasms he filled me with a big load of hot man juice. Without thinking or asking I went down and sucked his deflating shaft into my mouth. Surprisingly his cum, mixed with mine, was almost sweet. I expected it to taste just like Jim's. As we lay there we could hear a lot of loud screaming from the guest room. Terry told me that Tina always got really loud and wild when she was fucked. He told me how good I was and said he hoped we would get together more times.

We went, nude, back to the living room and got there just a minute or so before Jim and Tina. We all sat naked and had our third drink. Everyone said that they enjoyed the evening. It was almost 1 am so we got dressed and said our goodnights. As we showed them to the door, Tina turned and gave me a big kiss. I did not know how to react and did not respond. They left and Jim and I looked at each other. "Well, did you enjoy yourself?" Jim asked. I didn't answer for a couple seconds and then quietly said yes. Then Jim said, "So did I. Tina let me come in all three of her holes. Do you want to do it again?" Again I quietly said yes.

A couple weeks later Jim said he had invited another man over because he wanted to have a threesome with me. That thought had never entered my head but as I thought about it it sounded interesting.

When he arrived I thought he was somewhat attractive. He was about 5'8" and maybe weighed 140. He looked to be in his mid 30's. We sat in the living room and introduced ourselves. His name was Victor and he was called Vic. He was married but his wife did not swing so he did it as a single. I got up from between them and went and brought drinks. As I did they both gave me a little swat on the butt. When I came back Jim had put on some music and he asked me to do a sexy striptease for them. I like to dance so this was not a problem. As I shook my tits and ass in their faces and slowly stripped off my clothes they stripped off their clothes and cheered me on. When I finished, they were sitting nude on the couch stroking their cocks. I could see that Vic was smaller than Jim, probably about five inches and fairly small around. Little did I know that Jim wanted someone like that. When I finished Jim pointed to his cock and told me to come get my treats for being such a good dancer. I knew what he met and got down on my knees and started to suck one cock and then the other. Vic was small enough that I could get all of him in my mouth without gagging. It was easy to tell that he was enjoying it.

After just a couple of minutes Jim took my hand and said that we should go to the bedroom now. I lay between them and they sucked both of my nipples and rubbed my cunt. Then Jim told me to get on my hands and knees. When I did, he got behind Vic and me got in front of me. For the first time I had two cocks in me at the same time. They started rocking me back and forth so first one was all the way in me then the other was. After a couple of minutes they switched places. Maybe it was the angle or something but for the first time I was able to take Jim all the way into my throat. It surprised both of us. Then they changed again. Jim got on the bottom and I rode his cock. I expected Vic to come back to my mouth but he slid in behind me and started licking my butt hole. I was shocked and stopped but Jim encouraged me and I started riding him again. Having my ass hole licked felt strange but good. Next Jim handed Vic a bottle of lubricant that he had put by the bed. Vic put some on my ass and started to rub my ass hole with his finger. I stopped again but Jim told me to relax and let him do it. Soon Vic was finger fucking my ass. It felt strange but did not hurt. Vick stopped and put some more lub on his cock and moved up behind me. Jim held me still and tight while Vic lined his small shaft up to my ass hole and started to push in. Now I knew why Jim had invited a man with small equipment to join us. The head of Vic's cock pushed into me and he slowly worked more and more of himself into me till he was fully buried in my ass. They waited a minute for me to adjust to this new situation. It didn't hurt but I felt so full, like I had to take a huge shit. Soon they started stroking their cocks into me, slowly at first, then faster and harder. I'm sure that because there is only a thin amount of flesh between my holes that they could feel each other’s cocks rubbing together. I wonder what they thought. I found that it felt good and soon they brought me to an orgasm. Believe it or not we all came at about the same time. I sucked Jim clean and Vic went to the bathroom and washed himself and then came back for some sucking. Then he proceeded to eat my messy pussy. We stayed in bed and they both fucked me one more time before we called it a night.

After that night Jim and I enjoyed my being fucked deep in all three of my holes.

About six months ago, the couple that Jim invited to join us was a little different. When we all got naked I saw that he was huge. Like they say, hung like a horse. He must have been nine inches if he was an inch and so big around that I could not close my fingers around it. I thought about the big end of a baseball bat. I almost chickened out but he promised to be real gentle. We went to different rooms. Hank ate me till I came. After I was good and wet he also used lub on his prick he slowly worked it into me. Gradually Doug started moving his monster in and out of me. I was in shock at how wonderful it felt to be probed so deep and stretched so wide. Soon I was having a string of never ending orgasms and yelling for him to fuck me harder and faster and deeper. Oh my God I was in heaven. I had never felt anything so wonderful. We turned so he was on the bottom and I was ridding Doug's baseball bat while facing his feet. I bounced up and down on him trying to burry him all the way up to my throat. Jim and Doug's wife - I never did find out her name - came into the room. Doug pulled my shaking body down so my back was on his chest. Jim came over and fed me his cock. I was so wild that I swallowed him as soon as he put his cock between my lips. Doug's wife buried her face in my muff and attacked my clit. I couldn't stop yelling around Jim's shaft and coming. Finally I collapsed and I think I actually passed out for a few seconds because all of a sudden I was on the bed alone and they were all standing over me. Oh, what a night.

The next several times that Jim fucked me I just lay there thinking about Doug's huge manhood. I could hardly feel Jim in me. I begged him to invite them back but he didn't. Our sex life suffered. Jim fucked all of my holes but I hardly reacted. I started looking at the sex ads on-line and contacting men with huge cocks. That is all that I wanted. I met with them during the day while Jim was at work. I even met with as many as three of them at a time. They had to be at least eight inches and thick. I met one guy that was eleven inches. I could not take all of him but I sure loved trying to.

After that I never had good sex with my husband again and eventually told him that he should find himself a girlfriend because I did not want to have sex with him any more. I started bringing home big cocked men even at night when Jim was home and sending him to the guest room for the night while my fuck studs and I fucked our brains out. I screamed so loud and so often that I'm sure the neighbors could hear me getting my holes stuffed totally full by all of these huge cocked men in Jim's and my bed.

Needless to say, inviting Doug to join us that first time was the biggest mistake of my husband's life.


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well it looks like Jim has nobody but himself to blame by getting his wife ro fuck other guys........ it was certain she would need bigfger and bigger cocks to fuck so she forgot all about her husband and he wound up sleepimng alonme and not getting any ass from his wife and she turned into nothing bvut a fucking pig........... typical woman


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this is just your story of "MY HUSBANDS BIG MISATKE"


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big deal huge no way

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Rock on girl !!!!!!!

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