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This is my first story, and not the best so take it easy on me J
This is all about my first time, and I have changed some names for my own reason’s.

I remember Allie when she was younger, she rode my bus and she was a little weird. She would always be talking about sex pretend rubbing herself, I never thought anything of her since she was about 3 years younger than me and I never thought of her like that.

As I started high school I haven’t thought about her. Who could when there was older, hotter women were around. Fast Forward to my junior year in high school, summer time, football practice the team had to meet up later on in the day for team bonding, (cook out and a movie) we all decided to meet in the weight room at school. I remember showing up and seeing this absolute beautiful women about 5’6, slim, DD breast, nice round ass, nice brown skin, long black hair she was wearing little black spandex shorts and sports bra. I saw her and my jaw literally dropped. I thought she must be new because I haven’t seen anyone as fine as her.

Little did I know it was Allie! I recognized her face and thought damn she grew up, before I could go talk to her, the team all left. I couldn’t stop thinking about her, thinking about how far she came. Well about a month later our paths crossed, I couldn’t believe she recognized me, we got to talking and catching up. Over the next few months we still talked here and there since I only saw her during after and before class a couple times a day.

Both of us would always flirt with each other when ever we had the chance, id hold her hand, rub her leg and she would do the same. Well Christmas break came and we made plans to hang out at her house to New Years, she said her parents were going to go out and her brother was going to a friends so we would have the house to our selves. So when New Years came I called her asked her when would be okay time and she said about 9. Excited I had to make a stop before going to her house. I had this feeling that something good will come out of this night so I bought some condoms just to be safe.

As I got to her house we caught up talking about what we got for Christmas and talking about some other things. Then she broke out some peppermint schnapps that just made the night better. Then around midnight she said she wanted to show me something in her room I followed her in and she told me to close my eyes I did when I opened…there she stood naked with her perfect body, big perky breasts, nice big nipples, shaven pussy. I almost lost it right there, but I knew I needed to last. She came closer and we made out, I reached behind her grabbed her big ass, pulled her up and carried her to her bed. Not to rush in I took my hand, slid my fingers into her already wet pussy, as I fingered her, she was only getting wetter and wetter I couldn’t wait to put my throbbing cock into her pussy, she told her to go faster, as I did she finally had a orgasm, and came so hard on my hand, she screamed so loud I was scarred the neighbors would hear and call the police. I pulled down my pants and my boxers, took off my shirt I was about to put in my cock before she stopped me. DAMN IT!

She said she wanted to taste me, so I laid down on her bed with my 7 inch cock up in the air, she started sucking me and man was she good, I had to keep my mind on something else. Which was hard considering she was doing it so well. I could feel my cum bubbling trying to get out, I told her I was about to cum, she just kept sucking faster and faster, then I filled her mouth with my seed. She swallowed it drop didn’t let any of it go to waste. She crawled up by me and we laid there for what seemed like forever. As I was ready to finish and fuck her the phone rang, it was her parents calling to check in they said they were coming home. DAMN IT! I asked her how long they would until they came home she said about 10 minutes. I was ready to take that challenge before she said it might be best if we did this another time. I was disappointed but also happy on how the night went, but before I left I got to make out with her before I had to leave, I also played with her ass since I could, she promised she would make this up and finish this. I couldn’t wait.

Well about 2 weeks later, we were in lunch just talking and flirting. When she came up with the idea that we should skip class and go downstairs. I said automatically said yes already thinking this is where we could have sex, but there was a catch the door was always locked and we need a key… I decided to get one of my friends that is in wrestling (since that is where the wrestling team practiced) to tape the lock for me, well that only cost me $5 and when he asked me what it was for I just told him that I wanted to skip class. So the next day I was ready to through with my plan, at lunch I told her we could go down stairs, I didn’t care what happened to me for skipping class, I didn’t care, pussy was worth getting a detention. So we walked down the hall where the stairs were and wait for everyone to pass, then casually we went down and went to the door. I prayed that nobody found the tape, I tested the door and bingo it was open, I was so relieved we went in and played around for a little bit, she brought some magazines to read to pass the time, I didn’t care I thought this will be my chance to lose my virginity and during school no less, she was laying on her belly reading to me what she was reading, some test or something so I got up and mounted myself on her ass and started massaging her back she moaned and put down her magazine. She tried to stop me saying we shouldn’t do this here. I told her no one would walk in on us, she gave in and I got up and she got up and took off her sweatshirt and shirt, I kissed her as I moved down her body, I stopped at her tits as I sucked her nipples i continued to move down and removed her pants. After our last encounter I couldn’t forget the taste of her pussy, the way it tasted, the way it smelled, I wanted to eat out her pussy. I kiss around her shaven pussy, sliding one finger in her pussy, I kissed around her cit before I started to lick, this sent her off, she started moaning and letting out little screams. They were loud afraid that someone might hear her I grabbed her sweatshirt and told her to scream in that so no one would hear her.

As I was licking her clit, her juices were starting to fill my mouth it tasted so good I licked faster, her muffled screams said it all she was about to come, she squirted all over my face and in my mouth, I didn’t care that made it so much hotter. She laid there breathing hard trying to catch her breath I stayed licking her and even licked her asshole a couple of times. I couldn’t take it anymore I took off my clothes in a instant took a condom out of my pocket, as I was about to open it she got up and she did it for me, she put the condom on and sucked it a little to give it lubrication and laid back down on the ground, spread her legs, I got down and put my cock on the entrance of her pussy, excited and a little scared, I slid my cock in, it felt so great I started thrusting fast at first but slowed down to make this last, soon her hips met mine with every thrust, again I tried to keep my mind on something else but once again it was so hard with this wet, tight pussy my cock was in. after about a minute or so I laid down so she could get on top on me, I loved being on the bottom seeing her on top riding me was so great her tits bouncing all over the place, I didn’t know what to play with her ass of tits, after about 5 minutes of her on top I couldn’t take it anymore, she yelled she was about to come and I said me too, I came so hard and a couple of seconds later her body jerked and jolted. She laid down on top of me and we made out until we decided to get cleaned up and get dressed. I took her thong and wiped her pussy clean of her juices, I told her I wanted to keep them and she said it was alright. We kissed for a while before the bell rang and went to our next class.


2010-04-28 02:12:23
the start is not good

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2010-04-27 22:15:05
the school stories just dont do it for me. sorry


2010-04-22 16:20:02
You should have hid in her closet and waited for mom and dad to go to bed then crept out and fucked that slut in her sleep.

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2010-04-22 11:28:13
No that was really good. Just a few little things here and there

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2010-04-21 19:58:36
that was so hot i tottaly got horny thanx xx

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