Chapters 38-39
Thanks to all my readers for encouraging me to continue this series. I have two more chapters written, and your going to hate me because of what I have done, but I had to have a plot twist or it would just be repetitive sex acts every way my imagination can wander, and while that might be fun briefly it does not a story make. So here you go Chapters 38 and 39. Chapters 40-44 will be forthcoming I hope. But forgive me if I'm slow hammering it out. There is a new plot twist and I have to figure out how I want to handle it. Right and if you are reading part 11 first don't please don't go back and read it from at least part three? part 1 is preferable. Forgive my punctuation I'm doing the best I can, I'm not a literary scholar.


Rain was dripping from the thatched roof leaking in and the cold water made more than one of the girls shiver. Jeremy was feeling a little cold and wet himself. The rain had started sometime in the night and showed no signs of relenting. He had walked outside briefly to see if it was going to be a violent storm, This just looked and acted like an average tropical rainstorm, lots and lots of rain and that’s all. The fat drops caused rustling noises in the palm leaf roof. The sky lightening was the only sign that dawn had passed the sky was completely overcast and the rain came down in big fat drops, there was no wind.

“What’s going on?” Tiffany asked

“It’s Raining” Jeremy replied, “…I guess this is the start of the raining season”

“I thought the seasons were spring and summer and like that?”

“Well in the tropics and subtropics there is the wet season and the season where it’s not so wet” Jeremy grinned

“Oh well since you put it that way” Tiffany said “Its always the wet season for me”

“Is it really?” Jeremy said grinning playfully as he probed the girls bushy gash with his fingers and finding it wet and slick”

“You know what I really miss Jeremy?”

“What’s that?” Jeremy asked

“Razors, European waxes things like that”

“Me too sometimes” Jeremy said stroking the straggly growth on his face

There was a pause in the conversation and both could hear Annabel’s slow breathing. “Do you think I’m pregnant Jeremy?” Tiffany asked?

“I think there is probably a good chance that you are? Why?”

“Well I think I mean I have three more days before I have to give you up and well I was thinking maybe everyone would be nicer to Annabel if you well you know put a baby in her belly too she would be like my preggie sister then?”

Jeremy rolled his eyes “are you serious?”

“Of course I don’t see why you couldn’t fill her up this morning and see if she gets pregnant too.”

“You know Shannon is going to be angry at you for not letting her…”

“What fuck you, she stole a chance when the storm came and that wasn’t fair to anyone now was it?”

“No I suppose it wasn’t”

“So I want to watch you having sex with Annabel.”


“Oh yeah well you know besides well, my limited experience with a few guys who were less than nice about my tits. And well I’ve always liked to watch whenever I could get a chance.”

“Let me check on the other girls first odds are they are worried about the weather.”

“Okay” Tiffany smiled.

Jeremy stepped out into the rain… He breathed in the moist warm air how the hell did he get himself into this situation he asked himself. His father had always told him that there would come a time when he could get all the tail he wanted. But he didn’t really want all this tail and all these girls for one reason or another wanted him. One was fine but ten? Ten was just too many women to try and keep happy. The stress of trying to keep them all from killing each other was almost too much to handle. Well eleven if he counted his affair with Sara’s mother… He was going to be the father to at least eleven babies? He wasn’t even sure he wanted to be a father at all and suddenly he had no choice or did he. No he decided in the final analysis he didn’t really have a choice they all wanted a taste and they were for the most part devoted to him.

He wished he could hurry up the whole getting the hell out of there. But Naomi and Nicole, especially Nicole was going to force him to keep his promise that they all get pregnant by him. At least he didn’t have to worry about Joe or Gary anymore, granted they were bad evil people but they were still people and he couldn’t make himself be happy about their demise. “Penny for your thoughts?” It was Rachel and he almost jumped out of his skin. “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you”

Jeremy smiled “Its okay I’m supposed to be checking on you all and I just got lost in thought I guess”

“I came out to see if anyone is out here the weather is miserable.”

“Yes it really is, though it could be worse we could be hold up in that cave again”

“Hey I didn’t mind terribly being that close to you in fact I think all the girls really liked knowing you were so close?”

“Really it looked to me like a lesbian orgy.”

Rachel laughed, “yes well there was that but a nice wet tongue is no replacement for a nice hard cock especially a one that is as nice as yours”

“Right then I suppose I should check on the others”

“Are you sure you don’t want to check me first? Maybe get under me and pump me full?”

“What is with you girls?” Jeremy asked

“Well if you must know you have ten girls on an island and you have saved all of our lives at least twice and we are grateful and horny… and like I said a tongue…

“Isn’t a replacement yeah I got that” he said and walked toward the cave

“Besides I think it would be neat to be pregnant, and I think it’s really sexy that you’re a big enough stud to knock up all ten of us.” Jeremy looked into the cave where Rose and Pricilla and Shannon were talking

“Oh Hi Jeremy Shannon said “we were just talking about you were your ears burning?”

“No” Jeremy said

“Too bad” Rose said

“Really” Pricilla said, “Shannon was just telling us how nice it was to have your big hard cock inside her fertile little pussy”

“Yeah I want you in my fertile pussy too” Rose said

“I want some more” Shannon said openly diddling herself.

“Where is Norman?”

“Oh” Pricilla said, “He found a bone and can’t be bothered right now”

Jeremy laughed, “Well see if you girls can get a fire going in here and we can see about eating something.”

“Okay” Pricilla said

“I have something you can eat” Rose said spreading her legs and framing her puffy lipped pussy between her fingers.

“Tempting, tempting girls but I have to check on the others,” Jeremy said withdrawing from the cave and walking to the first hut. Jeremy stuck his head in to find Naomi and Sara in a sixty-nine… he got a good view of Naomi’s tongue circling the other girls clit. Sunni and Nicole were across the hut in a similar position. The whole hut reeked of pussy and sweat. He ducked his head back out.

“Well are you going to use that dipstick of yours and check my fluid levels or what” Rachel asked as Jeremy turned and bumped into her. Jeremy kissed her check and went back to his hut ignoring the fuming Rachel.

“Master, your servant Tiffany has told me what she wants and your slave is willing she has been very naughty playing with her pussy in anticipation of you putting a baby in her belly”

“One day” Jeremy sighed as Tiffany untied his skirt and stroked his cock to hardness. One day he thought to himself I wish I could be rid of these girls one maybe two but this is just too much. It would be nice if I could get a little time to myself, yeah that’s not going to happen. Tiffany held his cock and guided him into Annabel’s wet and waiting pussy.

“Fuck her good” tiffany whispered in his ear. Her smallish breasts pressed into his back as he thrust forward she tickled his balls from behind as Annabel wrapped her legs around his thrusting hips.

Annabel’s large breasts bounced with every thrust and she moaned and groaned with every thrust. Her wet pussy was already frothy from her fingers and the sticky juice combined with the clutching glove like grip around Jeremy’s cock felt wonderful. It wasn’t long before his balls started to clench “Fill her with your baby juice you hot fucker” Tiffany said biting his earlobe. That was it Jeremy erupted inside Annabel and when she felt the first spurt she flailed wildly pulling him deeper inside her clutching him to her.

Jeremy found himself on his back and Annabel slurping on his cock. Tiffany appeared a few minutes later with a plate of fruit and some salted goat meat. The rain kept up its steady roar on the palm-thatched roof. Nothing was going to be done today he decided.

Chapter XXXIX

It was early the next morning and the rain was still coming down, Jeremy woke to find Tiffany riding his morning wood. Annabel was plowing her pussy with at least two fingers and feeding Tiffany her breast with the other. Jeremy looked up to see the sweet juicy pussy of Annabel simply dripping with juices. The glistening goo ran down her thighs and several drops and fallen onto his chest. As he got a sense of where he was he reached up and grabbed Annabel by her hips and brought her moist juicy snatch down on his mouth. Annabel let out a low guttural moan as his tongue touched her parted pussy lips. Her pussy was sweet with a little tang and her bushy pussy smelled like hot sex. He licked her from back to front pausing to suckle on her distended clit. Tiffany ground her hot sweet pussy on Jeremy’s cock as she watched him eating Annabel’s puss. Annabel collapsed her legs twitching as her orgasm overcame her as she cried out “Oh shit oh shit oh shit!”

Tiffany just kept riding slow and steady until Annabel composed herself enough to start licking the other girl’s clit whenever it came into view. Soon Tiffany trembled “cum in me” she moaned “fill me with your baby juice”. That was enough for Jeremy’s already overheated balls they erupted into a fountain into Tiffany’s fertile valley/ Jeremy got up and after the two girls insisted on licking his cock clean they let him escape to the cool pouring rain.

Jeremy found his calendar he had been neglecting it lately mostly because he hadn’t had time and hadn’t wanted to go out in the rain, it was after all miserable weather. He finished what he was doing and started to walk back. There was something… a smell or was it a sound. He stopped walking and listened. Sure enough there it was again. The sound of a diesel engine puttering in the rain echoed across the island.. He crept towards the sound. It was a small boat maybe 30 feet long , shallow draft a fishing boat maybe. There were five men on board, he watched them as they put a boat over the side and three of the men rowed across the water toward the island. They were all armed, soviet style assault rifles; pirates then Jeremy thought to himself, this was a big problem. He ran as fast as he could to the camp… He literally dragged a protesting Annabel and Tiffany out of their hut and then pulled Naomi and Nicole out “Pirates” Jeremy breathed as he made the words out it seemed like it was achingly slow. “They are coming now run to the base and hide.”

“But Jeremy” Tiffany said

“Shut up go with Naomi and Nicole get the others and go, go fast.”

“The girls quickly gathered and were soon running down the forest path”

The men said something as they approached it was unintelligible to Jeremy Tagalog or perhaps Indonesian. It was hard to tell he crouched in the brush near the camp and watched. It had only been a few minutes the men sifted through the camp examining everything talking to each other. Jeremy felt that maybe one of them he could handle but two he had no chance with especially with guns.

The pulse was pounding in Jeremy’s head and he knew he was breathing to loudly but the men kept to their business once they had explored the camp. One of the men rolled a metal drum up to the mouth of the cave and they used a hose to fill it with water. Both of them carried the 55-gallon drum back to the beach. One stayed ashore as the other two went back to the ship. There was loud talking and then the boat came back up to the beach this time with four of the five people on board. That left one on the boat and four on the shore assuming there were no more below decks. Jeremy weighed his options, and cautiously moved to where he could see both the men and the boat. He waited as the four men went towards the camp.

Still more to cum I promise....

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