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Saturday, July 4th

9:46 PM

Stephen anxiously lay in his bed. He didn’t have a bedtime, but he needed to relax. Tonight he had a mission and he needed to be ready for anything. Two nights ago his luscious step aunt had allowed him to masturbate with her. She allowed him to only get horny though, to pleasure himself, and despite the fact that Stephen got off what he wanted was for his step aunt to help him, either by blowing him or at the least giving him a handjob. He didn’t think he was asking too much. After all, she was apparently a stripper and part time whore. His step aunt obviously did not think she was a whore, but in Stephens mind she was willing to trade her sexuality for money, so what was the difference. Laying there in bed, Stephen thought about the events that led to his motives for tonight’s excursion.

His birthday party was the day before. Stephen enjoyed himself; he got the gifts he wanted (including his much desired camcorder). He and Mitch played around with it filming each other doing bicycle stunts. All of his friends got to have the run of the house and everyone enjoyed themselves. Even though he had plenty to occupy his mind, Stephen couldn’t stop thinking about Heather. The morning after Heather and Stephen masturbated together he was going to apologize, afraid Heather would tell his parents what had happened. Heather avoided being alone with Stephen throughout the day, though. He eventually realized that she couldn’t say anything without incriminating herself for her own actions of what happened that night. As this realization hit him he decided to confront her instead. He would still apologize, but only to placate, and hopefully convince her that she owed it to him to give him something.

This didn’t go so well. Once everyone had gone home and his parents started to pick up around the house, Stephen went to Heather’s room. Her door was opened so he walked in shutting it gently behind him. Heather was sitting on her bed looking hot in a red sleeveless cocktail dress with a deep V cut, showing off her ample cleavage. He could tell right away she wasn’t happy to see him. Stephen started to tell Heather he was sorry when Heather cut him off. Heather apologized to him instead and said she understood why he was upset, and that she had done wrong by him. She said what she had done was akin to seducing him without any reward, but as they were relatives and he was only thirteen she had to be the responsible party and couldn’t allow anything else to go on. Stephen tried to make the argument that they weren’t really related to which Heather told him, “Stephen, you missing a big point here. It was cool masturbating, but I was just having a little fun with you. Fucking a 13 year old is not something I have aspired to in life.” She then asked him to just let it go because they would be alone for the next few days and she did not want things to be awkward.

Stephen agreed and left Heather’s room. He was starting to feel a prickle of that anger he felt toward Heather from the night before. Stephen still wanted something, so he decided he would watch Heather that night and try to film her naked. Once night came Stephen told his dad he was going to stay in the tree house. He would get there eventually, but first he was going to stake out the guest bedroom window. Stephen got there in time to see Heather enter the room. Sadly, she did most of her changing in the bathroom, so he had nothing intriguing to film. Once out of the bathroom Heather went straight to bed, and with the lights being off all Steven could tell was that she had on a thin top and maybe a pair of panties. She watched some TV and drank some tea and eventually drifted off to sleep. Disappointed Stephen retreated to his tree house.

He was pissed. He could have done so much with Heather, all she had to do is let him. Instead she had to be the “adult.” Stephen wanted to get back at her for the things she said, for the comment insinuating that because he was 13 he wouldn’t be a worthy fuck. So he hatched a new plan. The idea was to sedate her to the point that he could do to her what he had done to Jodi Lynn, his neighbor and sexual desire, only a week before. He now knew from this night that she went to bed late, just after midnight. She took with her a glass of tea. She locked the door to the guest bedroom he thinks because of what happened on Thursday night. Lastly, Stephen knew she would be in the shower for a period of time after having locked herself in her room.

Armed with this information, Stephen decided to pull of his plan the following night. First, he would be “settling” in early for the evening. His parents would be doing the same since they had to be up early the next morning for the trip, so this would leave Heather alone in the living room downstairs. This prevented him from going through with his plan “A”, which was to sneak into Heather’s room through the hall before she locked herself in for the night. The hall to the guest bedroom went right past the living room. The living room layout was such a way that if he walked past it Heather would see him. So “A” was out. Luckily Stephen had a plan “B”.

During the day when everyone would be out of the house, Stephen would sneak into Heather’s room and unlatch her window. This wasn’t his preferred option, because he would have to do a lot of work sneaking in. First off, he wasn’t very tall and would have to do some climbing to get through the window. The window was screened, adding another obstacle. Lastly, he would have to do all of this quietly, and time it early enough that Heather didn’t come walking down the hall. The nature of all of this appealed to Stephen though. In his mind this would be the work of a true spy and his reward at the end of the mission was well worth it.

Stephen tried not to think about that reward though as he lay in his bed. Every time he did so he would get a hard on that would stay for an hour. He had stopped masturbating for the last 36 hours because he wanted his next time getting off to be on Heather’s ass. Stephen had made up his mind earlier in the day what he was going to do. He knew he wanted to see Heather’s boobs, and he wanted to hump her ass. Humping Jodi Lynn’s ass had been such a wonderful experience that Stephen felt that that would be satisfactory with Heather, too. He was also going to get lots of film of her nude body and play with her.

Fuck, Stephen thought. I’m getting hard again. He was thinking maybe he should relive himself just once before he proceeded but time was getting tight. He wanted to be in her room well before she came in so that he had time enough to break in and hide. He looked over at his pack. After having snuck into Heather’s room and unlatching the window, Stephen spent the remainder of the day packing his bag full of some gear that he would need to pull this off.

In his bag were of course the sleeping pills. He had done some research saw that for people who had never used pills like his dad’s that one pill was the recommended dosage, and two could cause over sleeping and make the person non responsive for several hours as well as cause memory loss. Since Heather was so small, Stephen decided to use one and a half pills. He ground this up and put the powder in a folded paper. He also had his pocket knife, some gloves, a flashlight with an adjustable head, wipes (The mess his cock could make wasn’t all that big, but he remembered how much he came on Jodi Lynn), a towel, a checklist of things to do on his cleanup, and finally his newest toy: a handheld video camcorder.

Stephen was going to film this experience so that he could relive it later on. Everything was set. Leaving his lights off Stephen rolled off his bed and put his Reeboks on. He then put on his gloves. He shouldered his bag and opened his bedroom window. Stephen decided to take this route as his step aunt would hear him open the door if he went downstairs. It had been a couple of years since he had climbed out of his window, but with some care he managed to access the limb of the tree that would take him to his tree house. He had used this route when he was younger, and therefore smaller, to get out to the tree house before but as he got older and decided it wasn’t necessary as he could walk to it instead. This was the first time he had ever used it to sneak from his room. He knew the tree would hold his weight, but it was awkward maneuvering through the multiple branches in front of him. He made his way cautiously to his tree house. Once there he climbed down into the yard.

Once in the yard he looked around. He could see the light in the kitchen was still on but no one was in there. Looking over at the Lyon’s house he saw no lights on. He walked in between the two houses. From the outside there was a large bush in front of the guest bedroom window. This would give Stephen the privacy he needed to do his work. The bottom sill came up to his chest. Stephen peeked in. The room was dark and he could see the door was still open. Good he thought. Taking out his pocket knife, Stephen worked the screen off. It was slow work as he did not want to make any noise and he had to break it a little to work it out, but after about 3 minutes he had it off. He laid it directly underneath the window.

Stephen looked around again. So far so good. Next he put his hand on the window and pushed up. Shit! It wouldn’t move. He did so again. It stayed in place. Suddenly Stephen had a thought. What if she locked the damn thing after he unlocked it? This was no good. Stephen rummaged through his bag and got out his flashlight. Pointing it at the ground he turned it on and then narrowed its beam. Standing back so he could see properly he located where the latch should be. It was still unlocked. Ok, good. This meant he just wasn’t putting enough pressure on it. Stowing his light, Stephen went back to work. Putting both hands on the window now, Stephen gradually increased the pressure. With a snap the window opened a crack. He stopped immediately and listened. Through the crack he could hear the TV from the living room. It sounded like Heather was watching the Real Housewives. After a few moments to make sure she wasn’t coming back, Stephen pushed the window wider.

Although it made some more popping noises a couple of times Stephen managed to get it opened enough that he could climb in. Once again shouldering his bag, he put his hands on the window sill and jumped, bringing himself to wrap around the window at his abdomen. Balancing himself, he slowly raised his right foot and hooked it underneath himself. He then rotated, and sat straddle on the window seal. He then placed his foot inside and then pulled himself the rest of the way in. Whew! Stephen closed the window.

He took a moment to catch his breath. As he did so he continued to listen. Heather was not coming. Stephen closed the window and looked around at the layout of the room. On the far side was the door leading to the hall and the closet. In front of him was the bed, with the headboard against the wall to his left. The nightstand was on the far side, in between the bed and the closet door. To his right was the door to the bathroom and going along the right wall back toward the bedroom door was a long chest of drawers with a TV on it.

Now that he had come this far he was ready to move to the next step. Unfortunately this meant having to wait until Heather decided to come back and shower. This was anticipated but now that everything was in play Stephen was ready to get the next part over with. He walked over to her closet. He was going to hide here until she showered. The closet had two wooden bifold doors, the kind with the slightly open wood slats. Perfect, Stephen thought, for peeking. He opened them, and with a disappointing realization saw that both luggage cases were in here.

Shit. They were stacked on top of each other. He decided to see if she left anything in them. He unzipped the bottom one and saw that it was empty. He then checked the top one and saw that it had a bag in it. The bag had her sundress and cocktail dress from the day before, but nothing else. Stephen decided to check the chest of drawers. After opening a couple he could tell all of Heather’s clothing was here. Including in the top drawer her lingerie that he had perused the day of her arrival. Deciding that the closet would be safe to hide in, Stephen got inside, took his backpack off, and relaxed.

Stephen had hoped that Heather wouldn’t make him wait too long. Having come this far he decided he would allow himself to think about what it was going to be like to touch Heather’s bare breasts and rub his cock on her. Getting hard Stephen smiled to himself and lay down on the closet floor. Heather did not comeback for what felt like an eternity. In actuality Stephen had been waiting two full hours before she came back. His hard on was gone and he was starting to drift off to sleep. Suddenly light beamed in through the slats of the closet. Stephen woke with a start and froze.

He heard Heather shut the bedroom door and the click of a lock. His heart pumping now Stephen slowly stood up. Through the slats he saw Heather digging through her chest of drawers. Heather was wearing khaki shorts and a tight blue tee shirt with a logo on it that said SILICON FREE stretched across her tits. Her tits looked huge compared to her waist, and it was obvious she was braless. Her fatass, which hung out of her short shorts slightly, squeezed out a little more as she bent over the drawers. Stephen recalled his step mom Susan commenting to Heather that she was going to give all the boys at Stephen’s party boners. Heather responded there is nothing she loves more than a sausage fest. Stephen smiled at the joke even now. He knew all too well that Heather had a sluttier side.

She pulled out something white. He couldn’t see properly what it was. She then laid this down on the chest of drawers and brought her tea over to the night stand, passing within feet of Stephen. He was admiring her and rubbing himself when he realized she was looking at the window. Shit, he hadn’t closed the curtains. Heather walked over to them and looked outside. Seeing nothing and apparently not realizing the screen was missing, she closed the curtains. She then turned and walked toward the bathroom taking off her tee shirt, giving Stephen a momentary flash of her breasts before she stepped into the bathroom. Stephen listened to her start the shower and while she did this he got the powder out of his bag.

Thinking to himself, “This is it,” Stephen slowly opened the closet door. Watching the bathroom door, he could hear water splashing off something. He got hard thinking of Heather’s wet, nude body. He unfolded the paper and poured the powder into the tea. He picked up the glass and swirled it around a little. Satisfied he stepped back into the closet and closed the door. Heather didn’t take long. Stephen heard the water shut off and the shower curtain open. Thirty seconds later, Heather stepped out fully nude into the room. She was toweling off her head.

Holy shit! Stephen’s hard on was hurting now. He decided to release the little bastard. He slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, letting his cock fall out. Heather was beautiful. Stephen watched, mesmerized by how her breasts, which sagged slightly, bounced and moved with her arms as she dried her hair. Stephen’s fascination with this was split by the fact that his eyes kept roving over her body, and down lower, to between her legs where there was a dark blonde tuft of hair shaped in an upside down triangle. Stephen cursed himself for not having his camera ready but let it go easily as he began to stroke himself. Already this was the best experience of his life. Heather then sat down on the bed, her back facing him.

Although disappointed the show was over for the moment Stephen did decide to reach down and get his video camera. Pulling the camera out he flicked it on. It made some humming noise which made Stephen freeze but Heather took no notice. As best as he could Stephen tried to focus the camera on the woman on the other side of the door. She was now lotioning herself. Stephen found it hard enough to aim the camera between the slats, even more so as he wanted to watch with his own eyes and not through the screen on the camera. He finally found a way to hold the camera slightly against the closet to steady it so that he could watch Heather himself.

Heather had now lotioned her arms, back, and chest (Stephen wished he could have watched that) and now was proceeding to her legs. She started low and leaned forward, bringing the lotion up her legs. Once she reached her knees, Stephen got a pleasant surprise as she stood up to lotion in between her thighs. Because of this she was bent forward and Stephen had a great view of her bare ass, and for the first time in his life, pussy, too. Heather then brought a hand up between her legs and rubbed lotion on her pussy, momentarily opening her lips up for Stephen. Precum was leaking out of Stephen now in copious amounts. Heather finished her show by rubbing her hands over her ass a few times to smear in the last of her lotion.

She now walked over to the chest of drawers and picked up the white cloth, which Stephen could now see was a pair of white cotton panties and a matching spaghetti strap tank top. This was sexy in a way to Stephen that he was slowly coming to realize. Although the show he just got was the best thing in his life, he couldn’t help but admire when a beautiful woman was wearing something so sexy. Heather at last made her way to the bed, having first shut off the lights, coming around to the side with Stephen and the closet and the nightstand with her tea. Stephen held his breath. Heather grabbed the TV remote and her glass, swung around on to bed and started watching TV. She also began drinking her tea. Good, Stephen thought. Just drank as much of that as you can.

Stephen stopped recording. He watched as Heather covered herself and continued to drink. She finished the tea in about fifteen minutes. Stephen knew that it would take about another half hour for the pill to take effect, but it looked like Heather’s head was already nodding off. He wanted to stroke himself so bad but was afraid of the noise he would make, and he was so close now to his goal that he wanted to take no chances. Although Stephen had been up most of the day his body was tense and he was wide awake. Knowing what he had to do next, Stephen put his cock back in his pants.

Once a full half hour had passed, Stephen slowly emerged from the closet, leaving his backpack behind. He walked over to Heather and looked down at her. She was laying with her face looking to her right, her hair spread around her head like a halo. Her right arm was up, and her left lying across her tummy. Stephen now had to do the hardest part. He had to be sure she was out. Putting his hands on her shoulders, Stephen shook Heather and said, “Heather, wake up, I heard something.” No response. Stephen did this a couple of more times, clapping his hands over her face once, but Heather just lay there. Smiling, Stephen stood up. He looked at the time. It was 1:15. This gave him about four hours to play, clean up, and sneak back into his room.

Without any more delay, Stephen stripped down to nothing. He turned on the nightstand lamp and grabbed his bag from the closet. He got out the towel and his camcorder. He had turned it off and now needed to turn it back on. It had a couple of hours left of recording time. Good enough. Angling the lamp to get more light on Heather, Stephen began filming with his right hand and began to pull the covers off of Heather with his left. He recorded as he slowly pulled them down, past her belly, and then down her thighs. Once to this point he threw them across the bed. He watched her for a minute, as her breasts swelled with her breathing, rounding out at the top of her tank top like two peach globes.

Stephen reached over and squeezed her left tit. It was soft, firm, and distended under his squeezing. It felt good. He then reached over and squeezed her right tit. This was an experience beyond words. Stephen was fondling her tits and could feel her nipples underneath hardening to his touch. Stephen stopped and decided it was time he got a proper look at them. He brought his left hand back down and with one finger hooked the tank just above her naval and slowly worked her top up. When he hit her breasts Stephen suddenly became fascinated with what he saw.

The hem of her top was stretched across her tits at the nipples. This formed a deep valley beneath with the tank top overhead. An idea occurred to him to stick his dick there. All in good time he thought. He pushed the tank top over her tits and the valley disappeared as her tits flattened out a little bit, giving in to gravity. Stephen looked at her nipples. The areolas surrounding them were the same color as her lips, a light reddish color. They were about an inch and a half in diameter. The nipples themselves were about a quarter of an inch tall and thick, standing erect. Still filming, Stephen again began to grope Heather. After a few minutes of massaging her tits and pinching her nipples he decided to explore the rest of Heather.

Stephen filmed down her body, stopping on her panties. Here, he cupped her crotch, and through it could feel her pussy lips. He set down his camera. He looked at Heather’s panties and decided it was time for them to come off. Using both hands, he slowly worked Heather’s panties over her fatass. Once they popped around this they slid down her thighs easily enough. Finally, he slid them over her shapely calves and off her feet tossing the panties to the floor. Stephen now looked at Heather’s crotch properly for the first time. Her pubic hair was thick, blonde, and went all the way down to just the very top of where her pussy lips split. Her pussy had two fleshy lumps running from top to bottom. Toward the top was a little bit of folded skin sticking out. Stephen rubbed his hand over her crotch, thinking her pubics to be rough like his, but instead found them soft, downy like.

He rubbed this for a few minutes, taking in the moment. Every now and then his experience would be punctuated by the thought that this is the first time he has seen a woman nude in person, and he was feeling her up. It was getting close to the time for Stephen to start having his real fun; his precum was now a long line of slick flowing down his cock’s underside and dripping between his thighs. Stephen had a few more things he wanted to do first. Stephen put his hands between Heather’s thighs and began to part them. He slowly opened them, watching her pussy in the process. At one point her lips parted after releasing from some sticky tension between them, showing him pink flesh and more folds in between. Once she was open enough, her legs at about 45 degree angles from her hips, he grabbed his camera again and filmed himself running his hand through Heather’s pubic hairs. He then set the camera down between her legs and aimed it at her pussy. Checking to make sure he had enough light, Stephen again cupped Heather’s crotch.

He could feel her gash. He began to rub his hand up and down it. It took him a couple of minutes to feel things out. He wasn’t sure what he expected but he thought her hole would be easy to find. He put his middle finger in her gash and started sliding it down toward her ass. It was smooth on the inside, with a sticky moistness, but no hole. On the outer edges of her lips he could feel little pinpricks of hair that had started to grow back in. He could feel a bump at the top, under the hood of the folded skin and noticed Heather’s legs twitch a little depending on the amount of pressure he put on it. He would certainly be back to explore that later. He slid it further down until he felt her open up a little. Awww, there it is. He could feel an opening, and pushed his fingertip in up to the knuckle. It was tight, like little bands of moist tissue. His finger met some resistance, as he had to put some effort to push it in even further. He pushed it as deep as his second knuckle and moved it around a little.

He looked at Heather’s face. Her breathing seemed a little heavier, but she otherwise gave no indication that she had any idea what was going on. Stephen pulled his finger out and smelled it. It was a weird smell. A mix of something musty and something alluring at the same time. Without thinking he put his finger in his mouth. It tasted weird, like nothing he had had before, but it tasted good too. Alright, he thought, I’ve waited long enough. Stephen had originally planned to roll Heather over and hump her ass. He decided he would still do that, but first he wanted to fuck her tits. Putting the camera on the nightstand and making sure it had a good angle, Stephen readjusted Heather’s top and tits like they were earlier. With some work and maneuvering he was able to create a deep, narrow valley between her tits. He moved both of her arms up and over her head, her face still looking right, leaving her left cheek exposed to Stephen.

Stephen now mounted the bed. He knew he wasn’t going to last long, but knew this would be better for as long as he could hold out. Straddling Heather’s chest, Stephen grabbed his cock and guided it between her tits. He slid his cock head in and felt the flesh of her tits engulf him. Once he slid his cock all the way between he could see his head sticking out of the top of her tank between her mounds. He thought to himself ‘Get ready Heather’ and cupped her tits with his hands, squeezing them and pressing them against his cock. He slowly started moving back and forth. He started out with slow deep strokes. Already his precum was leaving a slick in the crevasse at the top of her tits.

His balls were sliding back and forth over her soft skin, and the bed began to creak a little with his movements. He was mashing her tits now, not too hard so as not to leave any marks. He could feel his surge coming, and even though he had his eyes closed and was facing the ceiling he forced them open and looked down to watch. He could see his cock head keep popping out from between her tits. He had worked her top off her tits altogether and could see her nipples through between her fingers. His thrusts were smooth and kept sensation on his head so that when his first squirt came it was on a forward thrust. He saw it shoot up and hit Heather’s jaw line. It streaked her face and went into her hair. He pumped again, and again, each time sending a new streak across Heather’s face. He kept pumping but tried to hold back his last squirt, finally doing one last thrust that he held in place. Several tiny squirts happened at this point, oozing down her chest to her neck and then to the bed sheet underneath.

Fuck! Stephen thought. He forgot the towel. Quickly he dismounted Heather and grabbed the towel, catching the jizzim on the other side of her neck as it inched its way to her bed sheet. He was able to catch most of it but a little did get on the sheet. Fuck it he thought. I’ll clean it up in a minute. That’s why he brought the wipes. Disappointed he didn’t get to enjoy his post orgasmic fatigue, he decided to go ahead and take some film of Heather’s cum covered face. It fascinated Stephen that he couldn’t produce that much cum masturbating, but when a woman was involved he could unload half a pint on her. What he was looking at was hot. His cum was all in her hair, and there were three big streaks of thick cum strings on her face, as well as several cum splatters.

Stephen stopped filming and began to clean Heather up. It took him about 20 minutes, as the cum in her hair was hard to get out. He then sat by the edge of the bed and relaxed a little. He decided to see what everything looked like on film. He watched about three minutes of it, and even though it was not the greatest quality it still looked incredible. He fast forwarded to him fucking her tits. He couldn’t wait to watch this on his TV later. Stephen’s hard on never went away, even after he came. Watching the video now though made him want to go ahead and hump Heather’s ass. He figured he could enjoy her ass a little more because he had just unleashed a monster load all over her face. Standing up, he again grabbed the towel. He picked up Heather’s legs and worked the towel underneath her ass. This time if he came he wasn’t going to have to worry about getting it all over the sheets.

Stephen turned his camera off as he was not sure how he could get a good angle on any action, and climbed back onto the bed. This time he lay next to Heather. His plan was to roll her on to her side and hump her ass in a spooning position. Before he rolled her over though, he decided to play with her tits some more. He did this for a few minutes while thrusting slowly against her side. Finally he decided he was ready to finish up the night. Stephen rolled Heather to her right, to which she responded with a light moan. He froze, but then relaxed. If she had not woke up yet she wasn’t going to. Wrapping his right arm underneath her and back around her tits, Stephen used his left hand to position his cock in Heather’s ass crack. As he did so the head of his cock poked Heather in the ass. That felt nice. Stephen thought he would play with this for a second, and started poking his cock head into Heather’s asshole. He never penetrated but he did get a lot of cum all over her asshole.

Stephen repositioned himself again and now nuzzled his cock in between her ass checks. He began to take long deep strokes again. Both of Stephen’s hands were on Heather’s tits now, squeezing them and tweaking her nipples. With every thrust Heather rolled over a little bit more until finally she was on her stomach. This new position was not working out for Stephen as he could not squeeze her tits anymore and he couldn’t keep his cock in her ass crack. Stephen decided to just hump her like this then. He pulled his hands out from underneath her, repositioned himself over her, and supporting himself like he was about to do push ups and started humping again. Her ass cheeks swallowed his cock, and he could feel the vein underneath his cock running over Heather’s asshole. Stephen’s thrusts started getting faster, a more haphazard rhythm.

Finally, he pulled back so far on one thrust his cock went between Heather’s legs on the return thrust and stuck her bare pussy. This hurt him little by bending his dick somewhat, but not too bad, and it hurt Heather too as her body jerked. Stephen stayed still for a moment making sure she was not waking up. During this time, the movements he was making from breathing caused his dickhead to move a little in Heather’s gash. He could feel the little pinpricks of her pubic hair poking his cock head. That felt good. He could feel, too, her gash getting slick from his precum that was oozing out. Fuck, he thought. He had decided yesterday he wouldn’t fuck Heather’s pussy because he didn’t know if she would get pregnant or not.

Now that his dick head was pressing against her gash though, he really wanted to know what it felt like. Throwing caution to the wind, he grabbed his cock and started stroking the head up and down her gash. This helped to slick it up a little bit but he was looking for her hole again. It took him a moment but as he pulled up on his dick he felt the head sink in a little. Ok, here we go he thought. He pushed forward. His cock head went in but was stopped. Her pussy lips were so dry that her skin grabbed hold of his cock and prevented him from going deeper. Too sexually immature to understand this, Stephen pulled out a little bit and thrust in again. This time he sank a little deeper, feeling her vaginal entrance like a tight tube of bands around his cock. He pulled out again, bringing out some of her wetness, and thrust for a third time. He got deep this time, but not all the way. One more time he pulled out, and with a final thrust he was balls deep in Heather’s pussy.

Jesus, he thought. Fucking her tits felt great, but this is heaven. Stephen held his rigid cock in place. He could feel every inch of her love tunnel on his cock. It was warm, tight, and with her breathing it moved a little on his cock. He gyrated his hips a little bit. Oh FUCK! Mitch had no idea, he thought. NO FUCKING IDEA! Stephen continued to gyrate, feeling his cock in Heather’s pussy. He didn’t feel the need to cum yet, but he was overwhelmed with a sense to fuck Heather. Stephen started thrusting in and out slowly, feeling her pussy entrance grip his cock, feeling its velvety smoothness inside her slide up and down his cock. He did this for a few minutes, feeling how tightly her pussy gripped him. Stephen sped up. He was humping now like he did earlier, only this time his cock was in her pussy. Heather’s bed was creaking loudly. If his parents not been on the other side of the house they would have heard Stephen’s fuck moans and the creaking of Heather’s bed.

His rhythmic piston motions had caused Heather’s body to react by getting very wet. With this new lubrication Stephen started fucking her faster now. He looked down at her back and felt a sense of power as her body sank repeatedly into the mattress below him. He started to put more power in his thrusts, and was fucking like a mad man now, bucking Heather from behind. Each inward thrust was met with a smack of Heather’s ass. He could feel the familiar sensation building within him, and there was no thought in Stephen’s head of pulling out. He was fucking this pussy and was going to cum in it. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Stephen could feel his balls smacking the front of Heather’s pubis. SMACK! SMACK! His back was arched as he was readying himself for his orgasm. SMACK! SMACK! Finally he came. With a grunt, he gave one almighty thrust into Heather, pushing her up the bed and held himself as he shot load after load of cum deep in Heather’s pussy. The experience was mind numbing. Then it was done. He collapsed. Stephen was lying on Heather completely now. His mind was numb, barely aware of anything other than Heather’s warm body beneath his, of his cock softening while remaining in Heather’s pussy. He wanted so bad to fall asleep, and he did.

Stephen awoke, and could hear birds outside. It took him a moment to realize there was sunlight coming in through the window. Oh fuck he thought. He was still lying on top of Heather’s bareback. She didn’t seem to be awake. Jesus. Stephen made to get up but hurt himself as something yanked hard on his dick. His fucking cock was still partially inside of Heather, his cum having leaked out in the night and dried, sticking them together. Stephen reached between them and quickly peeled Heather’s pussy lips off his cock. Once separated he climbed off the bed and quickly dressed. Cum began to ooze out of Heather. He grabbed several wipes and began cleaning up between Heather’s legs. He thought he did a pretty good job and once satisfied toweled her between her thighs. He found her panties on the floor and quickly slid them on, rolled her over, and fixed her top. Heather moaned a little from the movement. He then threw the blanket over her, grabbed his shit, and left the room quickly, locking the door behind himself. He thought he heard Heather say something as he left but just kept moving.

Walking past the living room and about to go up the stairs Stephen bumped into his father.
“Jesus, Stephen, where were you?” Jonathan asked.

Stephen froze momentarily and said, “Tree house.”

His father looked at him and said, “Ok, next time let me know when are going to sleep in there, nearly scared the shit out of me when I checked your room.”

Stephen told his dad sorry and said he wouldn’t do it again. Once in his room he replayed everything that he had done to clean up and made a mental check to make sure he did everything. He thought he did a pretty good job. He could only wait to see what the coming days alone with his step aunt brought though.
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