A complete work of fiction.
Tom was just about finished loading up the truck when a familiar SUV pulled up in front of the house and honked. He muttered under his breath about having to entertain a little girl for three days, and then put up with his wife’s constant bitching for the next month, but when he turned Toward the SUV he was smiling. He waved as Dawn got out smiling too and waved back. However, Dawn’s fourteen year old daughter Tami didn’t crack a smile; she just jumped out and started pulling her bag from the back seat.

“Here, let me help you with that Tami.”

“I’ve got it.”

She pulled the bag from the back seat and started for the truck as Tom watched her walk past him. Then his attention again went to Dawn when she said,

“We had a little bit of a fight on the way over Tom. She’ll be ok though, and I’m sure she’s looking forward to the vacation.”

Tom looked at Dawn, and noticed for the first time that she was wearing nylon shorts, and tank top, and that the top was a little snug. It did little to cover the two points of her beautifully shaped 32C breasts, and Dawn was doing nothing to hide them. They were the only thing that took Tom’s attention off the long, shapely, tanned legs. Tom stared at the hard nipples for a moment, and then when he looked up it was into the smiling green eyes of the very lovely red headed Dawn, who hadn’t missed the fact that he was looking. She said simply,

“Thanks so much Tom for letting Tami spend your vacation with Katie. The two girls get along so well, they’ll have a great time together.”

“You sure? I mean, Tami looks kinda pissed.”

“No, she’s ok. She just got caught in the middle of a fight between Ben and me, and it was a bad one. I hope there will be some changes made while Tami is gone. Maybe Ben and I can fix our problems. Anyway, this trip is really a blessing.”

“Okay, if you say so, but three days alone with me in that truck is going to be a little strange for her isn’t it? Aren’t you worried?”

Deciding to tease Tom, and take her mind off her own problems, Dawn said,

“Why?” she smiled a beautiful smile “She’s taking birth control pills.”

Tom’s mouth flew open, and he blushed from the top of his head to his toes, and turned an even deeper red when Dawn laughed at his embarrassment.

“I meant she would be bored for three long days in that pick-up with nothing to do, and you knew it.”

Laughing again, Dawn winked at him.

“Well, I wouldn’t be bored. Alone with you for three days, it might be fun.”

“Yeah right, you’re a tease, and you know Ben would kill both of us.”

“But, can you think of a better way to go. Besides, Ben has been such an asshole lately. What about Melissa, she would probably be just a little perturbed, don’t you think?.”

“If it drew my sexual needs away from her I’m sure she would just send you a thank you card.”

He laughed, and then realizing what he had just admitted to this woman, who was a friend of his wife’s, he blushed again. He started to apologize, and said that he shouldn’t have said something like that to one of Melissa’s friends, but Dawn stopped him with an upraised hand and said,

“It’s okay Tom, I’m your friend too you know.”

They both laughed then, Tom’s a little nervous, and then Dawn stepped forward and gave him a hug, pressing those beautiful tits firmly into his chest, and then she gave him a kiss. Not a kiss from one family friend to another, but a full blown lip lock that caused Tom to blush again. Then, he glanced toward the truck and saw as Dawn stepped back that Tami hadn’t missed seeing the kiss either. He was suddenly glad his wife, Melissa, wasn’t here to see it too.

“I had better let you two get on the road before we’re going at it here on the front lawn.”

She said smiling.

“ Give my love to Melissa and Katie.”

With a wave, she jumped into the SUV and was gone. Tom watched the retreating SUV as he thought, Yeah, what a way to go, and then he looked at the little girl who was sitting in the front seat of his pick-up and, absently, wondered why she was already taking birth control pills. His own daughter, Katie had only just turned thirteen and he would be shocked, stunned in fact, if she were on the pill. He wondered if Tami was already sexually active, then shook off the thought. It was probably just a medical necessity for some reason. He finished loading the truck and went to lock the house so they could get on the road and meet his wife and daughter at the camp site. He was really looking forward to the fishing, and his wife used to like it too. She had once been a good fishing partner. At least they usually weren’t bickering back and forth while they were fishing he thought.

Tom’s wife, Melissa, and daughter Katie had flown up to Minnesota a month earlier to visit Melissa’s mom and dad, and then they were going to fly over to Washington and meet Tom for a month of fishing, hiking, and camping, before coming back home in time for Katie to start another year of school. Tom thought the trip to her mom and dad’s was just a way for Melissa to get away from him for a while, but that was ok, he needed the time away from her too. It had been a last minute invitation by Katie that had put Tami in the truck with Tom, and Tom was a little uncomfortable with it. However, it was too late to worry about that now, besides; he liked the little girl and thought she just might be good company. She was smart, and he could talk to her on just about any subject.

He thought of all this as the first hundred miles passed, and there hadn’t been a word spoken between he and the little girl next to him, even though he had tried to talk to her, to lighten up her mood. Tom glanced over at Tami and admired the little girl’s long, tanned, legs, her entire body in fact. She had a nice swell to her young breasts, and her legs were slim, but well shaped. The legs of a cheerleader, but then again so were his daughters. The two girls had gone to cheerleading camp together, and had made the squad at the same time, and they had been close friends for years. Tom couldn’t help but notice the legs, because Tami, whose legs were crossed and up on the seat, was wearing very short black cotton shorts, and as he glanced over at them he noticed that, because of the way she was sitting, the bottom of her shorts were stretched and that he could see that she was also wearing white cotton panties. They were very visible to Tom from where he sat, and as he looked at them his cock began to swell, and he was confused by the feeling. Yes, this girl was a cutie, with reddish blonde hair, but, unlike her moms green eyes, Tami had blue eyes. This was also a sexy young girl too, but she was not much older than his daughter. He was thinking of that when he looked up, and realized that the girl had been watching him, and she had a slight smile on her face.

“You’re checking me out.”

“No, Tami, I was just –“

Then tom’s attention was diverted back to the highway, and just in time. A truck had pulled out onto the highway in front of him, and he had to slam on the brakes. The pick-up skidded and was sliding to a stop in the middle of the highway. Instinctively Tom had thrown his arm over to protect the girl in his truck, but when he did, and as Tami was thrown forward, the girl’s breast was thrown right into the palm of his hand. He felt the firm swell of her breast, and her hard nipple and he just sat there with her breast in his hand. When he looked over at the girl, she was just sitting there looking down at his hand on her breast, then she looked over at him, just staring at him, not saying a word. Jerking his hand back as if the little girl’s tit was hot, he muttered a lame,


“It’s okay.” She murmured.

They resumed their trip, but the silence was even more deafening than before, and they had another hundred miles behind them before Tami looked over at Tom and smiled.

“Thanks for protecting me.”

Smiling at her, he thought, she really is a little sweetie.

“Don’t mention it. Friends?”

Laughing, she said,


“I am sorry my hand landed where it did when I tried to keep you from being thrown forward Tami.”

This time Tami blushed, and then tried to sound more grown up by saying,

“It’s no big deal, it’s not the first time a guy felt my boobs.”

Shocked at what the girl had said, Tom tried to concentrate on his driving. His thoughts wandered though, to his own daughter, and he thought about her own developing chest, how nice her tits looked for a young girl, and whether or not some boy had felt her up or not. Of course not, he thought, she’s only just turned thirteen.

Tom had made reservations at a hotel for the first night of the trip, and then when the decision had been made for Tami to accompany him, he had called and changed the reservations, requesting a room adjoining his own so that he could keep an eye on the girl. However, when they arrived, and went to check in, they discovered that the reservations had been confused, and the second room was across the parking lot and on a different floor. Argue as they might, the hotel was booked up, and he and Tami could not be placed closer together. Then the clerk said,

“Sir, we do have a room with two queen beds, why don’t we put you and your daughter in the same room, and we can comp the room to you because of the mix up.”

Before Tom could reply, Tami said in a sweet little girl voice,

“That would be okay daddy; we can stay in the same room.”

Tom stared at the girl for a moment, then without a word he turned and filled out the registration slip.

Once inside their room, Tom sat down and looked at the girl.

“Tami you understand that, even as innocent as this might be, if anyone, especially your mom and dad, or Melissa, or Katie, ever find out that we stayed in the same room, then I’m in big trouble.”

“I’m really sorry Mr. Drake. I just thought it would be okay, since we are going to be camping together and all.”

Smiling at the girl, Tom said,

“Well, under the circumstances, maybe you had better call me Tom.”

Then laughing, he said,

“Or Daddy.”

Tami bent and kissed his cheek, and said,

“Well, daddy, I would love to go for a swim before we eat. Would you like to join me?”

“I’d love to sweetie.”

Tom changed and went to the pool so Tami could change, and then she would meet him there. When she got to the pool, she was wearing a very small bikini, and Tom’s cock began to swell again. He quickly jumped in the pool, followed by Tami, and then they swam and played together just like a real father and daughter. Tami splashed Tom, and jumped on his back trying to dunk him, but he pulled her under with him and they both came up spluttering. Tom reached over while Tami was coughing, and pulled the string tie on her bikini top, teasing her the way he would have his own daughter. Her arms clamped down on the top to keep it from floating free, but she was laughing and trying to catch up to him at the same time. Tom couldn’t get over how soft, but firm, the girls skin was, and feeling her firm boobs on his back had caused his cock to begin to swell again. He slipped out of the pool and into the hot tub where she couldn’t see, and hoped the swelling in his suit would go down before he had to get out. However, a minute later Tami followed him into the hot tub, and when she stepped into the hot water she slid over and sat next to him, and then laid her head on his shoulder.

“Thanks daddy, so far this has been a great trip. If it’s okay with you, I’m going back to the room now to get a shower before we eat. I phoned in an order for some pizza to be delivered too. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, I don’t mind at all. I don’t know how this trip has been great for you though, a long drive followed by botched hotel reservations.”

Tami laughed and said,

“Yeah, but I got felt up by a really good looking older guy who was checking me out, that was exciting.”

Then she got out of the tub and walked out of the pool room, leaving Tom staring after her, open mouthed, and thinking. She sure doesn’t talk like any fourteen year old girl I’ve ever met. Then again, maybe I’ve just forgotten.

The pizza was delivered, and they ate while Tami bubbled about how much this trip meant to her, and the fact that she and Katie were going to have so much fun together. Tom had noticed when he came in that Tami just had a large towel wrapped around her, and a smaller one wrapping her wet hair. He wondered if she was just going to put on her night clothes and go to bed after they ate. She became very quiet, but then she finally looked at him and said,

“Tom, can I ask you a question?”

When he nodded, she continued.

“Have you ever had sex with my mom?”

Shocked, he almost choked on his pizza, and then stared at the petite young girl with a stunned expression.

“No! Tami what would make you ask such a question? Your mom is a married woman, and a friend of my wife’s.”

“Mom and dad were fighting before mom brought me over to your house. Mom accused dad of having an affair with one of the girls in his office, and he yelled at her and said that she was probably having an affair too.”

“I see, and you thought it might be me? What did your mom have to say about his accusation?”

“She said she would never have a relationship with another man while they were still married, and he said he didn’t believe her, and that she probably had been screwing someone else too. When he said too, that pretty much confirmed to her that he had been screwing around with one of the girls at his office, and mom got really mad, but then she calmed down and told him she didn’t care anymore, to go ahead and screw all the girls at his office if he wanted to.”

“I’m sorry Tami. They shouldn’t have fought about something like that while you could hear them.”

“It’s okay. Can I ask you another question?”

Laughing, Tom said,


“Earlier today, why were you checking me out? Do you think I’m sexy?”

“I’m sorry Tami. I shouldn’t have been looking, but to be honest, and to answer your question, yes I do think you have a very sexy body, and you are a very beautiful young girl.

Smiling at him she said,

“I liked you looking, it made me feel grown up and, and, well, I want you to see all of me.”

With that, she stood up and let the towel fall to the floor, pulled the towel from her head, and shook out her hair. Tom sat in stunned silence as he looked at the little girl’s naked body. In a nervous voice, Tami said,

“You can look all you like, and even touch me if you want?”

As shocked as he was with her boldness, he couldn’t help looking. The swell of her teenage breasts and the wisps of curly, reddish, hair around her young pussy caused his cock to jump in his swim trunks. She slowly walked to him, took his hand in hers and placed it on her breast. Then she slid her arms around his neck, pressed her naked body into his and then she kissed him in a way that made him think of the goodbye kiss he had gotten from her mother just this morning. He was overcome with lust for the girl, and as their lips parted, he lowered his to her dark swollen areola, and sucked her hardening nipple into his mouth, and then she moaned softly as his hand slid up between her legs to massage her young clit. As one finger slid inside her hot, moist, and very tight pussy, she convulsed almost immediately with an orgasm. She pushed his face away from her swollen nipple and smiled at him.

“Oh Tom, your making me feel so hot. “ Hee-hee “I wish you were my daddy. We could have fun like this all the time.”

The thought that flashed through his mind was that this girl was his daughter’s best friend, and that she wasn’t that much older than his own daughter, but he was too far gone to stop now. He stood up and scooped Tami’s petite young body up into his arms, carried her over, and laid her gently on the bed. Then while she watched, he slid from his swimming suit. When his cock sprang free from his suit, Tami gasped, but she smiled up at him, and reached out a small hand, wrapping her slim fingers around his swelling shaft. She sat up holding it tightly and, without hesitation, took the head of his cock into her mouth. He couldn’t know that she had never done this before, and was only imitating what she had seen on porn sites on her father’s computer. When he thought he couldn’t stand it any longer, he gently pulled his cock from her mouth, and slid down the bed and between her legs as he gently pushed them apart. She watched him intently as he kissed each side of her warm inner thighs as he listened to her breaths became deep and quick, and then he listened to her gasp again as his fingers pulled the lips of her pussy apart, Then he kissed her pussy, letting his tongue slide inside the hot young cunt. Then, sucking her clit into his mouth, he massaged it with his tongue as his finger again entered the petite young girl, and then he again felt her shudder with another orgasm. When her pussy was wet from his finger, he started to slide up her body until the tip of his manhood was resting firmly against the entrance to her small pussy. She looked down at his cock, which looked even bigger against her little pussy, and then Tami looked up into his eyes.

“Go ahead Tom; I want you to do it to me.”

With thoughts of her being on the pill, and wondering how many times she has said those words to her boyfriends before, he gently pushed until the head of his cock slipped just inside her. Then, as the girl watched, and spread her legs wider so that she could see his cock clearly, his cock entered her young, tight, pussy a little further, and then he suddenly thrust hard into the little girl, pushing his cock deep inside her.


Shocked, Tom looked down at the girl, who had gone ridged in his arms. He looked into eyes that had tears streaming from them, and realized that what he felt as his cock invaded her tight pussy was that of her hymen being torn away as he took her virginity. He started to withdraw from her, but she raised her legs and held him tight. Sobbing she said,

“Wait, Please don’t move.”

He held himself still, and just looked into the lovely face of the girl who had just given her virginity to him as she softly cried. After a few moments of more tears, and trembling, her hips began to rock, and she said.

“It’s okay, you can put it in deeper now Tom. I really want you to do it to me.”

“Why Tami, Why would you give yourself to me?”

“Your handsome Tom and I know lots of girls who would like for you to be the first one to do it to them. You’d never guess how many, or who either.”

As his cock began stroking in and out of this little girl’s extremely hot and tight pussy, he began to wonder who else she knew that wanted him to fuck them, and how many girls, and why Tami, or they, had talked about it. As he pushed his cock deeper into this young girl, she began shuddering again and her legs flew wide open as she screamed as his cock slammed against her cervix.

“Yesssss, yesssss Oh Yeahhh, fuck me. Fuck me hard. Yeahhh, yeahhhh OHHH yeahhhh fuck me hard Tom.”

Then she convulsed and her pelvis made fast hard thrusts into his thrusting cock. Tom kept fucking the little girl through several more of her climaxes, and then she had her hardest one as his cock exploded inside of her and she felt his seed fill her and start dripping down onto her ass. She reached a finger down and scooped up some of his cum and made sure he was watching as she put her finger in her mouth.

“Mmmm I love the taste of your baby juice.”

This was something else she had learned on her father’s computer, which she had never done before, but it made Tom’s cock pulse again and that made Tami smile.

Looking at the little bit of cum that was still glistening on her lips, Tom bent and kissed her gently, then he rolled them both over onto their sides, leaving his cock inside her and they dozed off.

The next morning, Tom was feeling guilty as he checked out and then met Tami at the truck. He climbed in and started the engine, and then Tami leaned over and put her hand on his leg.

“Thanks again for last night daddy.”

She giggled and then continued.

“But I can’t believe how sore I am this morning.”

”Tami, I am so sorry I did that to you last night.”

“Didn’t I do it right? I really wanted to please you.”

“No sweetie, it’s not that you didn’t please me. In fact you were great, but your first sex should have been with a boy you really care about, and besides, your Katie’s best friend.”

“Yes, Katie and I are best friends, and I love her like a sister, but I wanted it to be you who I did it with for the first time. I did it with a man I really care about.”

“You’re really a sweet girl Tami and thank you for a very special night.”

As they pulled back out onto the highway, Tami said,

“Can I tell you a secret?”

Tom laughed and said,

“I guess we are going to share lots of secrets together from now on aren’t we sweetie?”

Blushing she said,

“Yes we are, and I want you to know all my secrets. I’ve never really been felt up by a boy before. I’m sorry I lied to you yesterday, but I wanted you to think of me as a woman. In fact, the only thing I knew about making love is what I saw on my dad’s sex sites on his computer, but I got really hot when your hand was on my boob.”

“I see, and what else did you learn on your dad’s computer?”

After a brief hesitation, Tami launched right in,

“Will you be mad at me if I talk dirty?”

“Just say what’s on your mind sweetie. I would never be mad at you for talking dirty, as long as it’s just the two of us.”

“Mom was right; I found archived e-mails on my dad’s computer from a girl he has been having sex with. She told him how great his dick felt in her pussy, and that she loved sucking it in his office, and how she wanted him to bend her over his desk and fuck her again. She also says she wants him to leave mom so they can get married.”

Tami looked at Tom blushing, and continued,

“I’m pretty sure she just wants his big salary though, cause I’ve seen my dad’s dick when it was hard, and it’s not nearly as big as yours.”

“You know size isn’t everything sweetie.”

Laughing, she said,

“It sure was last night.”

Then she reached over and put her hand on the bulge that was growing in his pants, and said,

“I love how big you are, and how long you can last. I didn’t know guys could do that. In fact all my friends believe that when you do it, a guy just sticks it in and squirts his baby juice and that if you’re lucky you might have a climax, but last night, I had several. It was great. Maybe when we can be alone, I mean away from Mrs. Drake, we could fuck some more.”

Tom thought she was teasing him, but he glanced at her innocent face, and her genuine smile, and it caused him to smile.

“You’re getting pretty bold for a little girl who only last night lost her virginity.”

“You said we could talk dirty remember, and besides I like saying fuck in front of you. It makes me feel sexy.”

“What if your mom or dad find out about me fucking you last night?”

“I kinda worry about mom finding out, but dad can go fuck himself.”

“Why are you worried about your mom?”

“Well, I know she really likes you, and I really want her to, cause I want us all to be friends.”

“Well then friend, why don’t you tell me which of your friends want me to be the first one to fuck them; what friend would you invite to join us?”

Laughing, Tami said,

“Oh no, you don’t find out that easy.”

Then she said,

“You know I’m acting all forward and talking dirty and stuff, but I’m really nervous. I guess I just want you to think of me as a woman you can talk to, but the only thing I know about sex is what I found on the computer, and what we did last night. Also, I’m not sure I want to share you anymore, at least not with all my friends.”

“You are a woman Tami, and one I can talk to, and I do love talking to you. If you want to keep our secret just between us, and not involve your friends, then that’s okay too. It sounds like you have all the answers though.”

“Not really; I have about a zillion questions, but I don’t want to sound like a dupe, and I think it would be okay for me to share you with a couple of my closest friends.”

Laughing, he said,

“Well I would never think you’re a dupe, so ask away, anything you want to talk about.”

“Okay, here goes. When you put your penis in my vagina it was really hard, but now it’s kinda soft. Is it only hard when you’re about to have sex?”

“Well sweetie, to begin with most people call it a cock, or dick, and your vagina is called by the slang as a pussy, or cunt.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard some of the girls at school use those words, but I don’t guess I realized that everyone did.”


Laughing, Tami said,

“Nope, she’s as dumb as me about it. About the only word we both have used is “fuck”, and I guess everybody uses that one.”

“You have never sucked a boy’s cock before?”

Blushing, she said,

“No, and last night was the first time I ever tasted, you know, your baby juice.”

“You mean cum.”

Looking down, she quietly replied,


Then looking over at him, she said,

“But I really liked how it tasted. I really did, and I would love to taste it again.”

“You acted like you were more experienced than you are. I thought you’d had sex before, that’s why I wasn’t gentler with you when I put my cock in your pussy.”

“I know, I wanted you to think I had done it before so you wouldn’t worry about, you know, being the first.”

Smiling at her he said,

“Well, you were fantastic. I loved fucking you.”

Looking up and smiling back at him she said,

“Really, you really liked fucking me. Does that mean you will fuck me again? I really want you to.”
Tom just smiled as they drove closer to their next night’s stopover, and the little girl continued to ask questions.

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