Brenda's threesome with Marc and little Max became a nightly event; they would wait for the girls to settle down for the night before smuggling Max into the bedroom. Whilst Brenda at first thought it might inhibit her sex life with Marc and that perhaps most nights they would only sleep together, the opposite happened. Max wanted sex every night and Marc was inspired by this to want it too. Brenda was in a dreamland, being fucked every night and most mornings by two potent and extremely well-hung males.

The little arrangement couldn't last. The moment Brenda dreaded came when Louise ran into the living- room one day crying and yelling, she'd just had a fight with Max who, goaded beyond his usual cheerfulness had blurted out that he was "fucking her mummy".

Marc was aghast. He was furious with young Max but, mindful of his sensitive disposition, Brenda refused to allow him to punish his son beyond a very stern lecture but she realised the status quo could not continue and something had to be done; days after the scene little Louise had asked her in front of a watchful Marie why Max was special and why they could not do the same with Marc.

Brenda confronted Marc with what she thought was the only possible solution - he would have to deflower the two girls or the arrangement with Max would have to stop and even then there might be problems. The girls had to be reassured they were loved as much as Max was.

Marc was not keen. The situation was complicated enough. Whilst if he looked at things objectively, and he honestly had never thought of them as anything other than his stepdaughters, he could appreciate both girls were very attractive in their own ways to have sex with shy intense Marie surely would invite problems and any sexual activity with Louise would be simply illegal.

"Of course they are both beautiful, they would have to be with you as their mum...but Louise is only a little girl..."
"That’s a bit rich...she's the same age as Max and looks older than him and I'm sleeping with him! Just look at her Marc. She's had breasts, periods and pussy hair for two years now. She's already asked me more than once why they can't do it with you."
"But that's just a little girl wanting to have the same as her brother...and what about Marie?"
"Oh Marc don't be naive, don't you see the way she looks at you? She worships you, she's in love with you I think! You've always been a bit of a simpleton in recognising that haven't you?"

Marc looked at her.

"Brenda, if I had sex with Louise it would be a crime, you know that?"
"Really?" Brenda flashed a look of annoyance at him, "and what do you think my sex with Max is then? The fact he has a huge cock doesn't make him a man or legal. So you are happy for me to be a "criminal" to help your son but want to keep your own hands clean!"

They made it up and Marc agreed, provided both girls were in agreement as well.

Brenda had the mother and daughters talk with the two and they both confirmed they wanted to lose their virginity to Marc. Louise with a jump and a "yippee!!!" and Marie with a shy nod.

The first thing was to put both girls on the pill. With Marie there was no problem, being seventeen, the excuse for Louise was irregular periods but in these modern times doctors were only too happy to prescribe the pill to preteens with little discussion.

They had a family dinner. The mood was subdued yet excited. Marie had put her long hair up and looked very grown-up, Louise had her best party dress on.

After clearing up Brenda looked at Marc and then at the girls, finally addressing Marie gently.

"I think it's time."

She stood up and Marc stood up awkwardly, Brenda rose to follow them but Marie looked at her in the eyes and said,
"No mum...I want us to be on our own, no audience."

Brenda looked at Marc who gave a little shrug and nodded.

As they mounted the stairs Marie pressed her small pale hand into Marc's large one. He gave it a little reassuring press and they entered the bedroom, closing the door behind them.

Marie faced Marc awkwardly looking deep into his eyes.

"Why don't you let that lovely hair down?"

Marie obliged and her long dark blonde tresses were released, well below the shoulders and halfway down the back of her elegant black dress.

Marie had never kissed before. Marc held her against him, her arms encircled his back as he stroked her hair, showering soft kisses on her hair then her cheeks then holding her chin lightly he gave her a peck on the lips.

He gently pulled the dress down from her shoulders and let it slide all the way down, beyond her hips. The young teenager was wearing pale peach-coloured bra and panties, Marc noted the bra seemed to have padding from the firm, upward incline of the covered breasts. Still murmuring reassuring to the now slightly flushed girl he unclipped the bra. He caught his breath, the bra had not been padded. Her beautiful young breasts curved proudly upwards in a gravity defying arc with lovely defined puffy nipples. What a glorious pair of breasts!
Unhooking her panties delicately on both sides he eased them down to observe with interest that although Marie had light-brown pubic hair it was growing profusely like her mother's.

Now naked the girl stood there, willing to do whatever Marc wanted. Having kissed her he gently stroked her breasts and put his mouth to each nipple sucking the entire aureola one at a time...the nipples stiffened immediately and Marie let out a tiny moan, her eyes closed as he gently probed her wet young slit with his little finger.

He kissed her deeply, sensing her responding with excitement, pressing her nakedness against his still fully-clothed body. Breaking the embrace he said somewhat awkwardly.

"Best get these clothes off..."

Stripping quickly, Marc laid the clothes aside exposing his muscular, strong body with the third leg which made Marie's eyes were on the huge semi-tumescent penis as if transfixed. She knew this was the object which would deflower her and even shy and inexperienced as she was understood this was something very out of the ordinary.

Marc moved to Marie again and they kissed and embraced, his hand massaging her firm bum cheeks, her hands gradually exploring his strong body and eventually lightly alighting on his cock, touching it gingerly at first then grasping the rock-hard thickness with wonder.

She knelt down in front of him on impulse.

“May I kiss it?”

Marc nodded. Marie held the huge penis to her face, kissing it at first with her eyes closed then licking it like a lollipop and finally, hesitantly, taking the massive knob into her mouth and sucking away.

Marc felt like the king of the world, this beautiful seventeen year old virgin, his wife’s daughter no less, worshipping his cock but ever the responsible guy he was mindful of his task. Gently stopping her bobbing head he asked her to lay back.

His fingers and tongue were soon exploring her virgin lips. He found her young clitoris and started teasing it with his tongue while his large index finger penetrated her and found her intact hymen. Gently finger-fucking her to her maidenhead and working the clitoris Marc sensed Marie’s orgasm approaching and put his plan into action. He swiftly rose and penetrated her taking her cherry with one quick thrust’ Her eyes opened wide with a mixture of surprise, pain and pleasure and then she was feeling the large cock entering her and the pleasure took over as she came in his arms.

Marie cried a little at the loss of her innocence and childhood, holding tightly onto Marc who caressed her and murmured reassurance and then with kisses and affectionate hugs he sent her off to have a shower and called down to Brenda.

“How was it? You didn’t hurt her did you?”
“No it was fine.”
“I’ll get Louise up but be really, really careful Marc, she’s so young and small.”

Brenda called out to Louise who came scampering up the stairs excitedly and burst into the room. Marc was on the bed, covering his erection with a towel so Louise looked inquiringly at Brenda who said.

“Right Louise, clothes off.”

The little girl tore off her dress. She was wearing no bra so her firm budding breasts were immediately exposed. Pulling off her panties her hairy little black bush mirrored the hair on her still unshaven armpits.

Marc patted the side of the bed and she sat on it smiling happily. Brenda asked her to lie back and Marc obligingly moved his face to her pussy, she was soon squealing with delight and excitement as he carefully tongued her tasty little snatch. Marc’s towel had slipped and his enormous rampant penis was now seen by Louise.

“WOW!!! That is GINORMOUS!!! Lemme touch it! Lemme touch it!”

Louise could only just about encircle the root of the mega-cock with her two tiny hands. She giggled as she displayed it to her mum.

Louise's pussy was well lubricated from Marc's tonguing and her own juices. Brenda got Marc to lie on his back and lubricated the entire length of his giant upright cock, shaft and knob all the way down to and including the enormous balls.

She then got Louise to lie on her back and part her thighs, the little pink slash was wet but a rather anxious Brenda still insisted on flooding it with liquid lubricant.

."Marc, do be careful...she's only little For once I wish you had a smaller cock."

Marc carefully got ready to mount Louise without putting any of his weight on her and positioned the head of his penis against Louise's pussy, gently rubbing at the entrance with his knob so it opened up. They were both so well lubricated that the giant knob entered the little girl's pussy without a hitch, but then came up against her hymen.

She screwed up her eyes, cried out and her eyes involuntarily watered from the pain but it broke quickly and as Marc felt her warm young blood coat his penis he knew he had deflowered his second virgin in less than an hour.
Marc started fucking Louise very carefully, only sliding three, four inches of thick cock slowly in and out of her tight little-girl pussy. She was squealing now, trying to get a good look at the thing invading her virgin pussy and crying out.

"Put more in! Put it all in Marc!!!"

Brenda was nervous.

"Careful Marc....not too'll hurt her...."
"Oh Mum...don't spoil it!" cried out the excited little girl.

Suddenly Louise's expression changed, there was half-smile half-grimace and she began to make unintelligible noises whilst thrusting herself hard against Marc's impaling cock, her whole small body was shaking of control, as she experienced her first orgasm.

Brenda was on hand to clean Louise's genitals. The little girl lay back contentedly, hands behind her head exposing her little hairy armpits, still beaming and flushed as her mummy finished cleaning her little black bush.

"That was great! But you didn't cum. She looked mock accusingly at Marc who was further along the bed, giant penis still rock hard and reaching his belly button.

Louise grabbed for the cock and started to masturbate it in her inexperienced way.

"Help me MUM? This is too big or I'm too little!"

Brenda smiled at them, uncertain, Marc winked.

"Ok" she said" kicking off her shoes and hopping onto the bed, "but I'm not taking my clothes off!"

Lucky Marc. He was soon being the guinea pig as Brenda taught the willing little Louise how to suck cock. Eventually it was too much for him and having kept his load throughout the two deflowerings he warned Brenda he couldn’t hold back any further and the fascinated Louise watched as they both held the spurting penis whilst it ejaculated several mighty jets of sperm high into the air.

Shortly afterwards Max consumnated his sexual relations with Louise in Brenda's presence. She was astonished at how adult they both looked. Still shy of twelve the well-equipped boy and his equally young stepsister were clearly fond of each other as they explored each other's bodies passionately and intelligently and unselfishly giving each other as much pleasure as they could. Without guidance they got themselves into a 69 position young Max spreading Louise wide open and slurping away eagerly at his young friend's wet pussy and Louise reciprocating holding the big cock upright and sucking away happily as much as she could into her mouth. Soon Max was spurting semen as Louise squealed and laughed as her face was splattered with his boy-cream.

Marie was more reticent but surprisingly agreed to let Max inside her a few weeks after that. One night when Brenda and Louie were sleeping with Marc she turned up announced in Max's bedroom. She opened her bathrobe showing the excited young boy her naked body for the first time and went straight to work on his huge young penis. He could not stop himself coming quickly in her mouth but she gamely swallowed his sperm and lay back to be pleasured. Max fucked her with his usual incredible speed, Marie had not experienced such speed - he barely stopped for half a second as he came inside her and the next forty-five minutes was basically non-stop fast fucking as they traded orgasms, sharing eight between them. Marie became lustful and finally called a halt as they were drenched in sweat and exhausted. That first night she slipped quietly back to her room but it became known they too were sex partners now and a roster was worked out, each male alternated between having one or two females each night, which meant they had all possible threesome alternatives in the process and Sunday night they all slept together after one initial session.

This could have been awkward. They had never all been in the same room whilst sex was taking place, indeed even the master bedroom wasn't large enough to accommodate them comfortable. So a very large sleeping place was created with mattresses and cushions in the living room.

Brenda stressed to the kids nothing had to happen, it was just a way of sharing family time. Max of course was having none of this and as soon as they settled down he was moving on Brenda to have sex with her as his stepsisters watched their mum have sex for the first time as the proud little boy put her through her paces.
Not wanting it to be a spectacle Marc was soon playing with a passionate Marie and as the moans and groans of the four filled the air little Louise became the catalyst for a real orgy as she moved from one couple to the other at first just kissing the males but soon actively participating in the sex - eating the male's balls even as they fucked their partners.

Before long they were a writhing mass of five bodies - Marie sitting and bouncing on marc's cock, Louise in his face as he ate her out, Max licking her titties even as he piston-fucked Brenda who was playing with Marc's balls.
Incredible sights were seen that first night. The young girls handling Marc's whopper orally, Marc and Max teaming up on Brenda whilst the girls watched - the father being sucked off the boy doing his fast-fucking movements behind her till she came and he made V signs at the girls waving his big cock in the air in triumph, Marie receiving her first (accidental) facial from Max and finally as Marc laughingly said he'd had enough the three females sharing the boy's cock. Brenda held it upright whilst the two girls slurped away. He fucked the three in turn and then they played with his cock orally and manually mercilessly making him come three more times till there was nothing left in his balls and even his seemingly eternal erection subsided, the penis pink and raw from so much action drooping tiredly.

Eventually they fell asleep settling down with Brenda in the middle, the woman who'd made it all possible, lovingly held by Marc and Max, with Marie clinging on to Marc and Louise's body fitted snugly behind Max's. Naturally this was not the end and at some point in the middle of the night Brenda drowsily half-woke to hear Marc having sex with Marie and Max fucking Louise.

Max's favourite nights though were when he had Brenda to himself. They had awoken early this morning and Max had fucked his step-mum three times in bed. She gently steered him to the shower then turned her back on him and flexed her knees so he could enter her fiercely from behind in the shower as he liked to, pulling and tweaking the long dark nipples savagely as his tempo and excitement mounted and he orgasmed deep inside her, making Brenda cry out in pain and pleasure. Since he still had a raging erection she knelt in front of him and sucked his cock until he came again under the shower stream and as he was still semi-erect masturbated him one final time. It was then she remembered she hadn't taken the pill last night and he'd already come inside her four times this morning! And several times during the course of the night! Still, his sperm was still fairly watery she thought as she felt it trickling out of her.

A week later she learnt she was pregnant.

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