Zack and Sam Part 2
No Way Out
Zack and Sam Part 2

I drove home that night aware of my cock and wax covered balls all the way. When I got home I ran a warm edging towards hot bath as I decided that this might soften the wax which it did but the water also reacted on my swollen and burnt cock.The wax did soften and I got the wax off but it did also remove most of the hair from my ball sac as well.
I got out of the bath and went to my bedroom where I stretched out on my bed and put some soothing cream on my cock and balls. I lay back on the bed and thought about the night and thought about sucking my first cocks and liking the taste and then having to eat cum and not totally disliking that. To my astonishment I looked down at my cock and it was growing. I couldn’t believe it. I reached down to stroke it but it was too sore. Eventually I dozed off to sleep.
Over the next day or so I kept applying the cream and by Thursday I was able masturbate .I used to wank thinking of fucking beautiful women but now what really got me off was thinking about sucking of Zack and Sam and hoping that I might get a chance this Saturday.
On Saturday morning I got a call from Zack reminding me that I was to be staying the night, to be at their place at 7pm and that I would be there the night and I think to worry me that there would be more wax tonight. That did worry me.
I arrived at their house at exactly 7pm and was greeted at the door by Sam only wearing his speedos.There was no sit down and have a drink tonight as I was told to follow him straight to the dungeon. When I got there Zack was already in there in his speedos.There was a couple of things different. There was a double bed in the room and a large projector type unit pointed at the ceiling. I was ordered to strip and Sam noticed that when I took my undies off I was sporting a semi hardon.
“Why Mr M .I think you may be looking forward to tonight “He said laughing. I offered no struggle as he and ZacK tied me up in the same position as last week and Zack went and got a candle. As Zack came over to me “You will be pleased to know Mr M we will probably only have to wax you once tonight See how we go”
Sam took hold of my semi hard cock so that it point straight up .Zack poured the wax on my cockhead.I screamed of course but did not bother to beg for them to stop. I knew it was useless.Zack paid close attention to my piss slit making sure it was covered and covered thickly. They then let me rest and allowed the wax to harden. I was untied and Zack took me over to the bed gently .I lay down and he lay down next to me. He gently rubbed my chest and I felt my cock getting harder. He looked into my eyes and smiled and for some strange reason I started to trust him. Sam was at the projector and he was turning it on. In the meantime zack told me to put my arms above my head. When I did he put them in handcuffs that were around one of the bedposts. He then tied my ankles to ropes attached to the bottom of the bed. Once again I was tied up and helpless. As I lay there a film began to play on the ceiling. It was a very hot sex film full of sexy young guys and girls .I was told to watch it and not close my eyes or my son would get some photos in the mail. So I watched these young people having sex Male/female.Female/female and Male/Male my cock was at its hardest and Zack began to stroke it. It felt good and he increased the pace. I was in heaven and was watching as an older man sucked off a very handsome young man. Sam moved forward and undid his Speedos, pulling them down and revealing his hardon. He started to play with himself and my eyes darted from the film to him back and forward as Zack continued to stroke me. I watched as the young guy on the screen started fucking the older guy and then Sam was near me groaning. I felt my nuts harden and knew I was going to come. It was at that moment that I realised what my captors had done to me there was nowhere for the come to escape. Sam saw the alarm on my face and laughed. “this is going to hurt you a lot unless you can blow the wax off ‘He said and started groan Zack pulled me as fast as he could and the old guy on the screen was getting a real hard fucking.I felt the come travelling up my cock and then my cockhead swelling against the wax as the cum filled the top and more followed it. It was very painful and I writhed and screamed .After a while the pain subsided and I relaxed Sam turned off the projector and pulled up his Speedos Zack got off the bed and they headed towards the door. Sam turned off the light and said “See you in half an hour”
I was left in totally darkness. I laid there ticking of a clock in the room and of my own breathing and of my cock it seemed like an age before the door opened and the light went on.Zack came into the room and Sam followed. Sam went back to the projector and Zack stood by the bed and took off his Speedos and climbed onto the bed with his cock resting on my chin. He looked at me and told me to suck him. I opened my mouth and he put his cock into my mouth and left it there I had to do all the work. Sam had put the movie on again and the older man was still getting fucked by the handsome young man. The older guy was grunting and so was Zack .My cock started to get hard and as soon as it did Sam started to stroke it only there was no gentleness like Zack it was straight into fast mode. He kept stroking me and Zack’s cock was hard in mouth. I was sucking it as well as using my toungue.He started groaning and shot a hot load down my throat. The young guy on the screen shot onto the older guy’s ass and I was ready to cum again and I knew that the tube in my cock was already full of cum and I would only put more into it. Obviously not as much as last time. I grunted and then screamed as my cock tried to explode and the cum had nowhere to go. Once again they left me I was panting and sore and sweaty. As I lay in the dark I started to cry at what I had become. They had turned me into a cocksucker who only two weeks ago had satisfied two twenty years old girls at once.
The light turned on again and this time Sam straddled my chest but he told me to lie there as he was going to fuck my mouth. This time the film didn’t go on as all I could see was Sam’s stomach as he slammed his cock into my open mouth. Driving it deep so my eyes were bulging .It was like he was doing pushups and I felt a deep desire to put my arms around him but I was tied my cock was hard and Zack was pulling away at my hard cock.Sam was fucking me hard in the mouth and came splashing cum on the back of my throat. Once again my nuts started to pump. There would have been hardly any cum left in my balls but still plenty of it in my cock.I could only scream muffled as Sam had left his cock in mouth so it sounded like MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFGGGGGGGGHHHHH.
For the next few hours they took turns at me one pulling me and me sucking the others cock .By the end of this time my nuts were aching my cock was so sore .The head from swelling up and the shaft from the constant stroking. I saw the boys turn the light on and move towards me
“Please guys “I begged “No more. I’m so sore”
Sam smiled and nodded at Zack “Oh you’re going to like this one”
As he said this Zack took hold of my cock and started picking off the wax. It hurt like hell and I yelled and screamed. Sam told zack to hold my cock straight up.Zack was naked so was Sam and on went the film. The older man that I saw before was surrounded by young men and was being fucked and sucked and doing some sucking. It was wild and the groaning was so loud. Sure enough my cock got hard and pulsating. I started moahing.Sam was pulling himself close enough that I could see him out of the corner of my eye. I felt my nuts tighten and I let out a guttural cry. As I did my cock spurted cum high into the air and the cum fell on my body. There was here or four jets and I had cum hit my face. It was the most powerful and violent orgasm I had ever had. It seemed to go on forever and I laid back when it was over my cock was aching. They untied me and as I got off the bed I looked at the clock it was nine am. As I stood I realised I needed to piss. Sam showed me where the toilet was and I started to pee. As I did I screamed as the piss travelling up my cock was like another orgasm. I came out of the bathroom and Zack had my clothes in his hands. He handed them all to me except my undies which Sam ripped up
“From now on no underwear Mr M’Sam said. He opened the door. “You need to be here at 4pm next Saturday so we can prepare you for the night”
So saying he shut the door and I walked back to the car. Prepare me for what I thought. I had no idea
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