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My Slutty Wife Used As A Dog Slave Bitch! part 8

After all of these questions about her had been answered. Sissy then said to the girls I have a very interesting, and wonderful idea? We could all go up to my room and get naked! And that each of us would have to tell their most kinky and sinful sexual fantasy! while masturbating in front of the others. All but Kate thought this was a great idea. Once in Sissy's room both Patty and Jane were quickly naked and waiting with Sissy not far behind Patty was 18 blond and stood about 5' 6” had 36” boobs and a little on the pudgy side, weighing about 130# lbs, Jane on the other hand was tall beautiful and slender about about 5' 8” and weighed 115 #lbs she had about the same size breasts, but had the most incredible fair skin and could have easily been a teen model. She was also of Italian decent with dark brown hair and fiery eyes that had a very sexy and sultry look! Both had been sexually active but had been giving their boyfriends blow jobs instead of intercourse most of the time so as not to become pregnant! This was apparently a common thing with the girls in hi school and that also kept their boyfriend satisfied!
Sissy's bottom was now bare. She was proudly showing it to these two girls, it was still sore as both of the girls were slowly and tenderly running their fingers around the words Dog Slave Bitch, tracing them. The feeling for Sissy was very sensual, sensitive and quite stimulating! Kate was still standing there and had not made any effort what so ever to get undressed, when the other girls first noticed? come on! Katie strip lets see that young sweet innocent little body of yours!...

Kate was almost red in embarrassment as the other girls got off the bed and started helping her strip. Sissy was setting on the bed watching the painful look of embarrassment in her young friends eyes, almost in tears, she was trying to explain that, she was flat as a board and that she envied most all of the other girls that had developed so much earlier than she. Her sweater was pulled over her head, she was wearing a thin little training bra and when it was removed showed a flat very boyish chest as her breasts were just starting to develop, but her nipples were not boyish at all as they were a dark pink, quite large and were hard with the embarrassment, shame, and the excitement of the moment! The older girls then unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor, tugging on her panties slowly pulling them down so she could step out of them. She then stood there totally nude with one arm trying to cover her chest and the other hand over her hairless little slit!

Sissy had sensed her feelings and had gotten up and walked over to Kate and at first very tenderly put her hand up to Kathie's face and then took Kate's hands in hers, and held them out to each side and said, looking her up and down, you! are very lovely..... All three of the girls were amazed at what they saw as she had been hiding the most beautiful and exquisite bare little muff that one could imagine! She had the lips clit thighs and bottom of a much older and well developed young woman, and then as she held Kate's hands and with the two girls looking on, softly kissed her at first, and then much harder sticking her tongue deep into Kate's mouth as she did had pulled their arms together. Katie just stood there with the most amazed look on her face! And, the girls watching were speechless!!!!.....Kate was instantly wet and this had not escaped the other girls as Sissy lead her over to the bed and pushed her down onto it, telling her to relax and not to worry at all, as Sissy thought Kathie's big and well developed nipples were perfect, and that her pubic area was even better. She appeared to be young sweet and innocently untouched, or was she?!

Sissy then said I want you to tell us your most erotic and kinky sexual fantasy while you masturbate in front of us!, and don't leave any dreadful perverted or sinful detail out! Katie was at first hesitant to start, but with Sissy and the other girls encouragement had allowed her innermost secret fantasy to come poring out!

Kate's fantasy was about Sissy! Not only did she have a serious crush on her but wanted to control of her. She fantasized about being in charge of Sissy and having her naked willing and to do whatever Kate asked or demanded! Sissy, in Kate's fantasy would easily submit and to do anything especially if it had to do with forced humiliation and sadistic sex! Katie's eyes were glassy with lust as she pleasured herself, the thought of this tiny innocent young girl having these thoughts were shocking and very stimulating not only Sissy but to the other girls as well! Sissy was so turned on by the words of this girl and by the perverted thoughts of such an innocent young thing having these so unimaginable thoughts about her, that she too was now masturbating!

The other girls followed Katie with their stories and then Sissy with hers, it was about her, being kidnapped drugged stripped bare and brutally raped by vicious gang of black men who had enormous cocks and that not only was she raped by them she was made to orally service them as they also fucked her hard in the ass! She fantasized about her tits and pussy especially her clit and nipples being sadistically whipped and then burnt with big black Cuban cigars as these sadists took turns puffing on them until they were glowing red hot!and when they were almost done with her they made her swallow huge mouthfuls of cum. While one of the big black men would hold her nose shut so that she would have to gag the cum down between gasps for breath! She was then left bound in a back ally with no clothes, in a puddle of black cock cum and it! was a place where homeless men lived and they two were able to enjoy her helpless naked young body until someone finally untied her!

Sissy when done with her fantasy had slowly climbed on top of Kate's naked body, as bare skin touched bare skin their young wet mouths engulfed each other in the most lustful display of wanton sinful girl on girl passion!!!.. Sissy had always wanted to kiss someone like this and the fact that it was another girl mattered little, as her arms were now tightly around Kate, in only a matter of moments this had produced sensual goose bumps as naked breasts along with their bare pubic mounds were now grinding together as two swollen clitoris's were in between pelvic bones, and more driving lust had turned into youthful and euphoric orgasms!!!... At first Kate tried to say no, but any resistance was quickly gone as it was so wonderfully pleasurable she, Katie had been secretly lusting after Sissy for some time and the brand in the shower along with the courage to invite herself, was something she just could not resist! Several more minutes of heavy breathing and trembling orgasms ensued until their lips parted. OMG!!!...was all Katie could say as she caught her breath and could say the words. I knew it would be like this, I have dreamed about you! and love you and want to be with you! Sissy was quick to say in between kisses that I would love to be your slutty plaything, and do what ever you want!!!......

With this Sissy after another lingering kiss slipped off and was setting on the bed as her hands started groping Kate! The touching, had started and Kate had relaxed and closed her eyes. Sissy did what Bull had done to her on their first sexual venture.

She first brutally pinched Katie's nipples and then pulled and twisted them as hard as she could Katie screamed out in pain! As her eyes were now wide open! This was quickly followed by Sissy doing the exact same thing to Kate's stimulated and very wet little clitoris OMG, Katie screamed!!!.., stop please, oh! Please, Sissy, don't, that hurts!.. Sissy didn't stop at all and kept pinching and pulling on Katie's virgin clit more forcefully and sadistic than ever ! The other girls watching were quite shocked and fascinated at the spectacle before them. Kate was now beside herself with pain as tears pored down her cheeks but she had done nothing at all to stop Sissy and had not even tried to push her hands away, and was just laying there crying!...

Sissy then rolled her over and with one hand, held her wrists tightly behind her back, she then produced a wide leather belt and started whipping Katie's bare virgin bottom as hard as she could! Katie was now sobbing! And after a dozen brutal whacks Kate's white unblemished bottom was almost blood red! She then turned Her back over and ask the two astonished girls Patty and Jane to hold Katie's legs apart and then started again to brutally whip her wet and swollen mound and especially her cunt and clit that was now sticking up almost pleading for more attention and abuse from the earlier sadistic pinching!. Kate was again beside herself, she was crying almost incoherently and still begging Sissy to stop, after a half dozen more viscous whacks Sissy tossed the belt aside and went down on Katie! Her sore bottom nipples and clit were slowly forgotten as the pain had now turned into incredible oral pleasure along with several orgasms that had easily overcome the brutality of this earlier painful abuse!

Sissy then left her succulent little clit and began kissing her fully on her mouth as Kate's own taste of pussy was sweetly mixed with a wet and most passionate kiss! Once the kiss had run its course and Katie had regained most of her composure and was able to speak ! She, with several half sobs and and her nipples jiggled with a whimper had asked Sissy “Why”!, Had she been so mean?..... I thought you liked me? Sissy then said with a stern face, I do like you! but I had to! If you are going to be my mistress you have to be brutal sadistic and treat me like a bitch a slut, and a worthless dog slave whore! This is what I want, only the harshest of treatment and the most degrading and humiliating sexually sadistic abuse you can think of! !!.. Do you understand?, You had to know, and have some idea of the pain and pleasure of this kind of brutality and what it is, in order to be the sadistic mistress that you have fantasized about and want to be! This is what I want!!!..

After things had cooled down Sissy then said I have one more idea for this evening. Kate you can take all three of us next door to my neighbors dog slave training hut, as dog slave bitches and you can practice being a sadistic and cruel dominating mistress! She then asked the other girls? Patty and Jane what do you think? Are you game! If you say yes this means that you will be totally naked cuffed and taken next door where not only several strange older men will be able to see and play with you, but several big mean dogs and who knows what else might happen to you! You will have no choice submit and do what ever Kate or any of the other masters command or tells you to do and if you don't you will suffer some sort of sadistic painful punishment,or torture and humiliation!

Sissy then said to the other girls are you game, do you want to do this?..... Patty who was still naked wet and excited about such perverted thoughts, and all that had happened so far, got down on her knees put her arms out in front of her and stuck her bottom up, she then asked Sissy if this was the way a dog slave bitch was suppose to act!
Jane at first was hesitant and was not so sure she wanted to do this, but after seeing Patty on her knees wet and so excited about doing so said without thinking in the excitement of the moment said okay, she was in! Sissy then said to Kate that Bull had left a big suitcase full of all sorts of sex toys and bondage things. So that she could use and play with, she handed her three sets of leather slave collars and cuffs! She then said to Kate, cuff them with their hands really tight behind their backs! she took the slave collars that had big chrome “D” rings and with Patty very excited and Jane not so much, proceeded to tighten the collars around the girls necks!!!...Sissy also produced ankle cuffs and after she secured one on her ankle then put one on Patty and Jane's ankle's!.

Kate was starting to get the idea, as her own sadistic thoughts were now starting to take over. Sissy then produced a bright red leather corset and matching boots! She helped Kate put it on and quickly laced it up tight! This along with some matching lipstick, did the trick! Her dark brown hair was short and boyish, but the corset, lipstick, and boots had pushed her almost non existent breasts up making them look as though she had some cleavage. This had also made her look a little older! The corset ended just below her waist leaving her well developed bottom and pubic area quite attractive and the red lips of her abused pussy delightfully exposed! Sissy had given Kate the same small whip that Bull had used on her. Telling her that this, was to make sure that all of the dog slave bitches including her would mind and do exactly as their master or mistress commanded them to do!!!...She also said if you are going to use it all, most of the whips attention should be directed to the slaves breasts bottoms and pubic areas especially the the nipples and clits!!!!...and that she should not hold back or show any favoritism what so ever in severely punishing any of the girls, if they did not do exactly as they were told including her!!!..

With all the girls ready, collars and leashes on, totally nude, wrists cuffed tightly behind there backs and a cuff on each ankle. Kate lead them down the stairs and out into the back yard. It was almost dark! And Jane said she had changed her mind and no longer wanted to do this! Kate let out several vicious lashes and had struck Jane's bottom cutting into it! She said shut up, and quit wining and be a good little dog slave bitch! Jane yelped and squealed as the nasty little whip again cut into her buttocks until she finally shut up and settled down! Sissy had also given Kate several pieces of chrome chain that she first attached to all three slave collars hooking them together and then did the same to each of their ankles this left them almost totally vulnerable and helpless!

Kate then started pulling on Sissy's leash and gave each of the girls a stinging lash on their bottoms as Sissy headed off, out of her back yard and down the path into the meadow. With Sissy in the lead , and the chains on there ankles, they at first had a bit of a problem walking down the path together, but the farther they went the better they had become at walking chained together. The mistress, Katie and her slave girls now looked the part of a slave trader taking his slaves to market as they were marched along the the path in the back woods! Jane was now terrified as the woods were dark and scary. She was sure now that the most terrible and sexually sadistic thing was about to befall her!!!!!...... and her concerns were well founded and would soon come true!
Sissy knew exactly where to go and was soon telling Kate where the button was that would get the attention of those inside so that the door could be opened and that they could be let in. Once down the steps Sissy had told Kate to put the blindfolds on everyone including her. Sissy had given her three tight fitting head harness blindfolds. She had been uncuffed for a moment so she could help Kate put them on on Patty and Jane, Patty had no problem with the blindfold and was anticipating and seemed that she could not wait for some kind of kinky and abusive sex to begin on her naked helpless body!, but Jane was was having more than second thoughts, and had started to plead and beg as the blindfold went tightly over her head and eyes, this was the whole idea and would make these two girls, at least Jane's imagination go even crazier as to what might happen! Jane of course was now beside herself and in tears as she started to plead once again, now that he could no longer see! Kate started whipping her again, but this time it was up in between her legs, the painful little whip was making stinging little red marks cutting her bashful lips and clit that were starting to painfully puff and swell up!

Kate pushed the button and in a matter of moments the big door opened Sissy's neighbor who was a dog slave training master along with several other men appeared, one was a big black man and all were impressed with the naked chained and blindfolded young women! The fact that they were virtually helpless did not escape these men. Katie then said with all the authority she could muster. I have brought you several young slave girls that want to experience being trained as dog slave bitches! She again gave their bottoms another stinging lash as she marched them along for all to see! Kate was surprised at how big it was, once she was inside of this training area! She was also surprised at what she saw! as Sissy's deion was not at all what Kate had imagined?

It was much larger than she thought, she could see that their was already one other woman that had been brought here for dog slave bitch training and she was the older woman, the one in her late forties that was quite voluptuous and full figured , the one in the motel room that had the gigantic fish hooks placed in her nipples clitoris and sphincter the one that had the bowling balls attached to them! As her master at the time had wanted to see them really stretched well past the point of no return. She was down on all fours and had recently been, like the blond dog slave, permanently tattooed along with her master having her nose ears and lips surgically altered to look more like an animal!, her master was, the big black male who was also quite handsome, he had an incredible build, and was also more than well hung as Jane and Sissy would later find out! !!!......

The other well trained Dog Slave Bitch already in attendances was the blond that that had also been permanently altered, the one that Sissy had been so taken with, kissed by, and that both seemed to enjoy being around one another! Her master was of course the Cat Woman look alike! Once inside the training arena the other masters and trainers were first quite interested in Katie! As they had never seen someone so young and especially such a petite girl mistress! The fact that she was only fourteen years old, although she did, as she was made up, looked a little older! All of the other masters including Sissy's neighbor were, and wanted to be of any help they could so as to see her become a very brutal sadistic and dominating little bitch of a dominating mistress! They had offered to help as one of the trainers asked if he could take Sissy and show Kate just what was in store for her! Cat Woman had done the same with Patty and the big black dominating master had taken Jane! all had told Kate just to relax watch and learn what was about to happen to dog slave bitches!

Sissy's neighbor said to Katie as he was admiring her beautiful young body in the red leather corset, there are several things you should get to experience as a mistress and this is one of the benefits of being a mistress! He first brought over the the older full figured buxom woman, she was on all fours and the tattoos make up and the alteration of her facial features made her a very imposing and intimidating figure! He walked her by Katie and gave her the first of several commands “BITCH”sit, speak, she then let out the most mournful wail and the was commanded to roll over and spread! This big full bodied woman did exactly as commanded, but what was so amazing to Kate was not only this bitch of a female and how well trained she was, but that her big nipples were well over three inches long her big breasts had allowed them to drag on the ground, and when she rolled over on her back her cunt lips and clit were also bigger and grotesquely longer that any genitals Kate had ever seen!

But what really stunned Katie was the bitches ass hole as the sphincter ring was also sticking out several inches and was quite red and pronounced this bitch was then commanded to assume the bitch mating position, and immediately rolled over on her knees and as she did so lekt her long nipples trailing behind her big breasts in the dirt! Kate was quite impressed, but the next command was even more impressive as the command that was given was for this older bitch of a woman to, pussy, eat pussy this dog slave bitch with out any hesitation went right for Kate's tender young pussy! Kate at first pulled back, but once the command was given she stood her ground and was rewarded with this older animal looking woman's surgically altered nose and lips expertly engulfing her sweet pink and mostly unused slit and little clit! Kate could not help herself as she placed both of her hands on the back of this older dog slave bitches head and held her there for several minutes and as she did this, could not help but have one of the most eye crossing and shuddering orgasms of her young life! OMG was it gooood!!!! good! This was only the second time she had ever had someone do this to her! And if she had not been holding the back of the bitches head might have collapsed in pleasure. Sissy had been the first! Her fantasy's about such things had now been more that satisfied!!!....

The two girls Patty and Jane had been lead to stakes that had been driven into the ground and their slave collars had been chained to them! Sissy had been taken to another part of the arena. When Patty and Jane were commanded to assume the bitch mating position Patty had easily done so! and had no trouble in doing it, but Jane was another matter and was apparently going to be a bigger problem! The black master that had taken her, had sensed this and had stuck his big black fingers in her wet tight little cunt! And had pulled her bottom up into the dog bitch mating position! With her hands still cuffed behind her back, he shoved her breasts down hard against the dirt floor! He then removed the blindfold so that she could see what was going to happen! Patty was so naively horny and did not seem to care at all as she was so wet ready and was on the edge of orgasm anticipating having any kind of sexually sadistic intercourse and abuse!

They would not have long to wait! One of the dog bitch handlers has starting to smear big chunks of red raw meat that were dripping with fresh blood all over Patty's bottom she was already soaked as precum had been running down the inside of her thighs and her cunt was ready and wide open! He then held the blood red meat up Jane, and squeezed it all over her face so that she knew exactly what it was and then did the same to her bare upturned bottom and finished it off by rubbing it up and down her puffy slit clit and swollen mound the female juices along with the blood had dripped into the dirt floor! As if this was not bad enough! Dogs, well over fifteen of them were lead in starting with Brutus and Satan followed by the two pit bulls the ones with the black shiny coats the other dogs were a mix. The latter ones her neighbor had been training, were all in various stages of their training and were unpredictable as to just what they might do!... Jane was now shaking and terrified with dread, as the dogs were lead by several of them growled at her and others were pulling hard at their leashes to get to her and when they were released no one knew exactly just what would happen!.

The black master had threatened her and had told her that one of these dogs was going to bite into her soft pink virgin pussy with his razor sharp teeth. He had said this to scare the shit out of her and this comment had done the trick! both Brutus and Satan were well trained and did exactly what they were commanded to do. They to had also sensed her discomfort along with not only her female smell of unused pussy and were very much attracted to this along with the smell of meat and blood. Brutus was first turned loose and had lovingly started to lick Jane's face in an attempt to comfort her in his animal way!! Satan had started to lick her juicy pussy, the touch of his warm raspy tongue on her slit and clit along with her imagination and thoughts of sharp teeth biting into her genitals had produced an incredible screaming orgasm!!!.. that she had been trying to hold as her pubic muscles were tight with fear just before she fainted dead away in blissful terror!!!.....

To be continued in part 9

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