Chapters 40-42
Welcome back hope you arent too irritated at the last installment and didn't want to see this one, here it is Once again If you haven't read the first parts.... GO BACK and READ Them. A lot happens in these chapters and our hero gets in ever more trouble but I wont spoil it for you. Please bear in mind that this is a work of fiction and I try and keep it as true as I can to the characters I have described. That said Enjoy.

Chapter XL

Jeremy shook himself and carefully watched the man on the deck of the ship, and slipped into the water. It was fifty yards to the boat and he swam as quietly as was possible in the pouring rain. He thanked god for the rain as he came alongside the trawler. He slowly climbed the ladder and onto the deck. He moved aft the man in the bridge was leaning back in his chair and smoking. He moved aft crawling along the deck. He saw where the man was lounging there was an assault rifle leaning against the railing some five feet away. Far enough Jeremy thought, he moved steadily towards the man looking around for something anything to incapacitate the man. He pulled out his ceramic folding knife and held it in a reverse grip, it clicked into place almost silently. The boat rocked and the rifle fell to the deck with a crash. The man looked over to see what had happened and jumped when he saw Jeremy.

Jeremy lunged grabbing the man by the wrist and walking the blade of his knife up the man’s arm in a crisscross pattern. His uncle’s training made it almost effortless as the blade severed skin and muscle, slicing through veins and arteries until without thought, the blade sliced across the man’s neck. The man looked at him in terror as if some great white ghost had walked on deck and rendered him useless he gesticulated with his one functional hand and then collapsed in a heap on the deck. Jeremy picked up the assault rifle, ejecting the magazine and checking the clip. It was full he then checked the chamber, a bullet bounced on the deck when he racked the slide. He didn’t look at the man he went below decks to see what was there.

Quickly checking each room to see if anyone was inside. Each room was empty in one of the rooms he found several crates of munitions. There was a door with a heavy padlock on it, which he didn’t bother with, He opened one of the crates stacked magazines, and he pushed it aside to the next crate forcing the lid. Grenades, he took two and put them on his belt. The next crate contained flash bangs, interesting he thought. He took three of those and then opened the next crate. Smoke grenades he grabbed two of those and ran back onto the deck. With the assault rifle in one hand he leapt into the water. He swam as best as he could though the water was only about 7 feet deep at the deepest and soon he waded ashore. He took the first grenade and pulled the pin. He threw it hard as he could along side the boat. He ran to some cover away from the trail and hunkered down. The explosion was more than he was expecting and a large cloud of smoke rose from the water near where the boat lay at anchor.

The four men came running out of the forest guns ready, Jeremy tossed a flash bang at them. It exploded mere feet from them. They turned and sprayed the area where he was hiding with bullets Jeremy picked his target. Jeremy steadied his breathing just like he had practiced one… two… three… one of the men shuddered and collapsed. One… two… three… a second one looked stupidly at the other two men as he touched the hole in his chest and fell into a heap. Jeremy crawled quickly away as the two remaining men hurled grenades close enough to where he had been laying to really frighten him. When he was in brush high enough he ran… and then ducked down behind some fallen palm trees. He could make out the two men moving just beyond the trees. He held steady waiting for them to do something, anything. One of the men got back into the boat. And the other moved toward where Jeremy was hiding, apparently following his footprints. Jeremy moved cautiously toward camp. Making some good distance between himself and his hunter.

Jeremy reached the camp and walked into the cave he then walked backwards in his footprints to hard rock and climbed up above the cave and got down between two large outcrops and waited. The other man was cautious he picked his way carefully, not in a hurry. Jeremy waited the man pulled a grenade from his belt and pulled the pin tossing it into the cave he stepped away and waited. The explosion shook the area, Jeremy took careful aim and fired, the man’s head exploded.

Jeremy ran back toward the beach as he got close he kept low he saw the man on deck he had only just reached the main deck and was headed up to the helm. Jeremy waited; he heard the man scream and then what could only be described as cursing though what the curses were was still a mystery. Jeremy pulled the last grenade from his waist and pulled the pin hurling it at the small boat that was tied alongside the larger. He ducked back down into the brush… and waited the explosion erupted in a gout of water and the man fell over. He then stood and ran to the railing to look over, Jeremy breathed again bringing the sights onto the man and squeezed. The man crumpled over the side. Jeremy pulled his canoe from the brush near the lagoon and put it in the water he paddled quickly to the corpse of the man. The sharks would be arriving shortly, and he quickly pulled the corpse onto the canoe. It was a struggle but because of the canoe’s low sides only a little bit of water sloshed into the bottom of the boat. He searched the man; he had two handguns, which Jeremy discarded into the bottom of the boat and a key ring with a several keys on it. There was also a big wad of cash wrapped in a rubber band.

Jeremy jettisoned the body over the side of the canoe feeling sure that he had picked it clean. He tied his canoe to the rope off the side of the boat and climbed the ladder onto the deck. He noticed once on board that the ship was listing to port and coming down by the aft. He had to hurry, he ran down the ladder into the below decks and went to the door that he had found locked he tried the keys until one fit. He pulled open the heavy door and the lights went out, a few seconds later the backup emergency lights came on bathing the below decks in an eerie red glow. There in the red lights he could see six skinny young girls perhaps thirteen or fourteen a few obviously younger. They were chained to the wall, he looked at the first in the eye and smiled, he unlocked the manacles and shackles on the first one and she punched him. He took her by the arm… and led her onto the deck, which was now tilted at a very odd angle. “English” he said to her she shook her head He pointed at her rag covered chest “you and the others” this time he pointed down at the deck go safe” he pointed to the island. She looked at him like he had lost his damn mind but slowly nodded. He gave her the keys and she ran below decks and started jabbering at the other girls, who seemed excited and jabbered back. He got them all up above decks and then he pointed to the three youngest and pointed to the canoe, they got the idea and climbed down the ladder and settled into the canoe. He took the first girl by the shoulder “you stay here I go and come back” he gesticulated and repeated himself a few times before the girl nodded in some semblance of understanding. He paddled quickly to the shore and let the three girls off and then went back for the others they quickly climbed down the ladder and Jeremy was halfway to shore when the boat rolled up on its side with a loud and reverberating moan. All six girls safely ashore he led them to the camp and told them to wait.

Jeremy turned down the path and made his way toward the defunct Japanese base. He walked into the clearing and Yelled, “Naomi, Nicole, Its safe now come on back come on girls Tiffany, Pricilla, Annabel, all clear. Jeremy turned back down the path and trudged back to the camp. He found a clearing off to the side of the trail and climbed up on a pile of rocks and laid back on them and closed his eyes. He heard the footsteps of the girls but didn’t look up he just breathed trying to justify in his mind the killing of five men. He hadn’t wanted to, and from what he found they were not only pirates but slavers as well, he would have been killed and the girls would be living a life of slavery. He silently thanked his father and his uncle for preparing him for having to do something like this though he hated himself for it.

“Jeremy” Sunni screamed, “oh my god Jeremy are you all right I mean you, look at you, you can’t be okay Jeremy felt Sunni’s hands gently lift his head and cradle it in her lap. “Please Jeremy be all right” she sobbed. He felt the hot tears drop onto his face the other girls moaned close by.

“He’s dead he died saving us” Tiffany screamed

“He’s not dead Tiffany” Naomi said softly “he’s still breathing”

“But he’s hurt I mean look at all the blood” Sara said.

“I’m not dead and I’m not hurt” Jeremy said finally “I’m just tired and feeling none too good about what I had to do.”

“What happened to the pirates?” Shannon asked

“Dead… all dead… and their boat is wrecked too”

“You killed them” Rose gasped

“It was either them or me and you girls would be white slaves for some drug dealer somewhere.”

They were silent, “How, how can you know that?” Naomi asked finally.

“Because of the six girls I pulled off the ship before it sank who were all locked up”

“You saved them?” Rachel asked.

“Well it was either that or let them drown” Jeremy said opening his eyes and sitting up. “Come on lets get back to camp and sort this out” Jeremy trudged back to camp behind the others the could clearly see that he was upset but were unsure what to do about it. When they arrived at camp the six girls were waiting by the kitchen area and talking nervously amongst themselves. “Tiffany you and Sunni and Nicole look after them take two a piece and see if you can’t teach them to speak English or something, I’d like to ask them some questions, and if you need any help get one of the other girls to help you, I’m going to bed” and with that Jeremy walked to his hut which had been obviously searched, he paused a moment before trying to lay down, it was midday for crissakes why was he so tired? He climbed out of the hut and went to go police up the bodies. He gathered all three of the remaining bodies onto the beach; he meticulously searched them and found a fair amount of money wallets no identification. A few knives a machete, and the guns where all he found. He took one of the men’s shirts and began to dissemble the guns pulling them apart methodically almost robotically. The cool wash of something familiar closed over him and he soon had them all in pieces. He rolled them up in the cloth and unloaded the clips, putting the rest of the ammo in a shirt by itself, something like 100 rounds of ammunition. He looked out at the wrecked boat, why did he have to wreck the boat he wondered. Then again a fishing trawler was never built to stand up to high explosives he should have known better. He loaded the bodies into his canoe and paddled out beyond the reef and dumped them overboard. He mechanically paddled back and pulled the canoe up on the beach. He sat down and wept.

Jeremy didn’t know how long he had been sitting there when a soft hand touched his shoulder, “don’t beat yourself up about this Jeremy” Naomi said softly, “Like you said you had to do it”

“I killed five men”

“Justified it was either you or them”

“I know” Jeremy said, “I know it doesn’t make me feel any better”

“You saved us all again and we are grateful, you scared the girls with how short you were with them, they are doing what you told them, I figured you needed some time but not too much.”


“You don’t think I saw the evidence of what you did? We heard the gunfire and explosions from where we were, I have never seen those girls so scared. Sara and Sunni were hysterical and the rest were very worried shit I was worried too. I’m glad you did what you did we all are and if there is anything you need or want I’m sure any of these girls will be happy to do it”

“That’s just it Naomi, I didn’t ask for any of this I never wanted to be the hero, I wanted to be done with this stupid assed vacation and go on to college and study something worthwhile. I wanted to live my life, maybe become a doctor or I don’t know at this point I would settle for something even more mindless like a mechanic.”

“I know Jeremy I know” She held Jeremy closely and kissed the top of his head “that wasn’t in the cards”
“But I killed five men”

“You did and you saved the lives of sixteen women and yourself no one is ever going to fault you for that?”
“And what about Joe and Gary? They died because…”

“Because they wouldn’t listen and you couldn’t help them because they were arrogant sons of bitches and they thought they knew more than you, we are finding out that you are full of surprises” she lightly stroked Jeremy’s hair holding him against her bare breasts”

“What happened to your top?”

“Well my nipples are sore and the top really isn’t much for cushion that and I think they are getting bigger if you can believe that?”

“I can, I’m sorry I’m being selfish”

“Jeremy your are the least selfish person I have ever in my entire life met, and your in the running for sainthood as far as I’m concerned right behind Mother Teresa.”

“Is he okay?” Sara asked from behind them

“I’m fine Sara”

“I checked your hut you weren’t there”

“No it turned out I wasn’t quite done with everything I needed to do I’m still not.”

“Jeremy you have had a big day let us take care of you for once” Naomi said

“Oh all right” Jeremy said getting up Naomi walked a short distance to the trail that led to camp and then looked over at Sara who was just standing there staring at Jeremy

Sara suddenly lunged at Jeremy wrapping her arms around him “Oh Jeremy I’m sorry for anything I ever did I’m sorry I’m soo sorry I love you I need you I.. I was so scared when you were away please be okay I prayed I was scared every gunshot and every explosion I was sure you had gotten hurt and,” Jeremy leaned over and kissed her their lips melted together tears streaming down Sara’s face the kiss lingered and she clutched at him. He pulled away and lifted her into his arms and carried her back to camp.

Jeremy laid Sara down in one of the huts where she after another long kiss fell asleep fitfully. Jeremy ate his evening meal in silence none of the other girls spoke to him though Sunni did sit next to him and kept trying to feed him bits of her food. He retired to his hut and a few minutes later Rachel entered.

“We drew straws again I got the short one, I’d ask what happened out there but I think that will wait until your ready.” She lay on the floor beside him and pulled him to her his face resting on the soft rise of her breast; she kissed him and stroked his hair until he fell asleep.

Chapter XLI

Jeremy woke with a start; it was late later than he normally woke up “Good morning handsome” Rachel said “I got you breakfast nothing really special Sara sure was mad that she slept through the whole drawing straws thing but she’s been talking to the girls you brought off the ship. They are making remarkable progress or so I’m told.” She brought a bit of fruit to Jeremy’s mouth and as he chewed she got another. Jeremy didn’t protest his entire body ached down to the bones; it was an effort just to chew. As the food on the plate disappeared Jeremy began to feel better. And soon he was feeling like his normal self, He got up and Rachel frowned.

“You were hoping I’d”

“I was really but I understand just don’t forget about me okay?”

“Don’t worry Rachel I won’t” he kissed her and passed out of the door. It was still raining, the sky was gray and the clouds only gave the slightest hint that there was a sun above them.

He walked down the beach to where the fishing boat lay on its side. He pulled the canoe to the water and paddled out to it. He looked around for things to salvage. There were two zodiac boats folded neatly and what looked like a fuel tank of gasoline over 100 gallons, It was hard doing anything on the boat with its deck perpendicular to the ground and more than half of it was underwater. He crawled through the hatch and into the inside of the boat as far as he dared. He found the radio room; the radio was smashed against one side of the cabin in several pieces. He moved into parts of the boat he hadn’t seen the engine room he found was completely underwater. He moved forward there was food and water and containers he would have to try salvaging, eventually and a generator which looked like he might be able to get it working, an Air compressor which would be handy for the zodiac’s. He pressed on he went into one of the forward corridors, he heard sobbing. He worked the hatch that was locked from the outside open and after a few minutes it groaned he looked inside there was a women dressed in a silk blouse and skirt. Lying on the wall, which was now the floor of the room. She said something and Jeremy shook his head not understanding. She tried again in a different language.

“English” he suggested

“English not good” she said, “You hurt me?”

“Not if I can help it”

“I not, what word”

“I am not going to hurt you what’s your name?”

“Jalli I teacher, at school.”

“Jolly I’m Jeremy”

“Jeremy you English?”


“Cowboy American”

“Seems so look come out with me and I’ll take you to the others”

“Others there are others?”

“Yes six girls”

“Oh, Oh!” she said something else that Jeremy didn’t understand but it appeared to be something along the lines of thank god.

“Bad men?”

“All dead”


“You know dead” he took his finger and ran it across his throat “Dead”

“You no make me dead”


“How I be sure?”

“Look you can either stay here and starve or whatever or you can come back to camp with the girls and I”

“You alone”

“No there are others”

“Others not just girls from school?”

“No plane crash we survivors”

“How you dead bad men”

“Look I’d love to talk about this with you but I don’t know how much longer these emergency lights are going to last and I haven’t found a flashlight.”

“What is flashlight”

“Look I’m going you come or no?”

“I come” she got up, and crawled after him down the corridor to the hatch where the light was a little bit better. They got outside and climbed into the canoe. He paddled her to shore and he led her to camp. The young girls squealed when she appeared and gathered around and hugged her.

“Who’s this?” Tiffany asked

“The school teacher” Jeremy said

“Does she speak English?” Tiffany asked again

“A little bit”

“Well that’s better than what we have been dealing with” Tiffany said.

“Her name is Jolly or something like that.” Jeremy added.

“Fuck another girl for you harem I have to compete with” Sara said sourly

“Sara love, I…”

“No don’t I mean I’m sure all of these girls can’t wait to give up their tight young pussies to you and don’t act like you aren’t interested in them because I know you are.”

“ Sara please I don’t know these girls I can’t even speak the same language as them and I don’t want to have to teach them everything”

“Oh sure that’s what all the boys say, but then when they get a chance to have a virgin they are all super interested” Tiffany added.

“Look you girls think whatever you want I don’t care just teach them and get them helping us with this many more mouths to feed we may need to scrounge on the other island for provisions. The women all glared at him “What you think I planned this?”

“No of course you didn’t Jeremy” Naomi said “But its going to be difficult having this many grateful women who will soon believe that the only way they can repay you for what you have done is with their bodies.”
“Who told anyone I wanted repayment?”

“But we have to repay you somehow and this is the only way we can figure to do it” Sunni said
“Fine” Jeremy turned and stalked down the trail he walked to where he was keeping his calendar and made the mark for the day. He didn’t know how much more of this he could take the whole fucking lot of them were crazy they wanted to have sex with him which was all well and good it was nice to be wanted and everything. But they wanted to have his babies too, which was a little more than ridiculous. After a while Jeremy got up and walked back to camp he had to face facts and this was the fact the girls the ten he came with were not going to be satisfied until he knocked all ten of them up. He found Rachel and put his arms around her waist kissing her on the neck.

“Mmmm” she moaned, Jeremy took her by the hand and led her back to his hut. He peeled off his skirt and then proceeded to peel off Rachel’s clothes. He leaned in and sucked her breasts pulling at her nipples with his teeth. She reached between them and held his cock right at the entrance to her juicy slit; she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into the warm vice that was like liquid heaven. He slowly pumped into and soon she was thrusting her hips back at him her arms snaked and scratched at his body. Her lips sought his and they touched off sparks as their tongues entwined and danced. She could feel him hardening further inside her and she went wild clawing at him her heels digging in as if to try and force his body into hers. She wailed when Jeremy’s cock throbbed and pulsed the hot seed filling her fertile womb she held him inside her the muscles of her throbbing slit pulling and sucking at his rigid member. She pushed him over onto his back and slowly ground her hips against his. She licked the sweat from his chest his fingers finding her nipples and twisting them lightly, pulling them as her swollen clit dragged across his skin, his throbbing cock buried inside her, she moved slowly at first up and down, the slickness of their combined juices making wet sucking noises that drove Rachel further to frenzy. She lifted up and dropped hard onto his cock she drove herself onto him trying to get him deeper than his already impossibly deep cock was delving. She pushed herself harder pounding her pink petaled pussy against him. She could feel the veins tickling the insides of her snatch and when he throbbed again, and the hot juices erupted inside her she screamed and collapsed onto Jeremy’s chest. Jeremy rolled Rachel onto her back and pulled his still dripping cock from her quim. He lay against her for a while letting his cock rest on her belly leaking excess that pooled into her bellybutton.

He got up a little while later and ate lunch; Rachel joined them halfway through her breasts bare and her hair disheveled. “I hope you didn’t wear him out totally” Naomi said smiling, I could use a little juice myself.”

“I’m sure he has plenty for you” Rachel smiled.

“You make with all girl?” Jolly asked.

“Yes he does” Naomi said.


“We all want baby” Naomi said making a rocking motion with her arms

“I no understand” Jolly said

“We do?” one of the other girls asked

“Wait your turn” Sara snapped

“Tell us about what happened to you” Jeremy said changing the subject.

“We live in village I only teacher have class with boy and girl, men come with guns they kill many, take girls. Then they come to house of husband they fight, they take me on boat.”

“How many men?”

Jolly held up both hands fingers outstretched “many they take me to room of captain, that right word captain, chief of boat him say husband bad I belong to him now he kill husband.”

“I’m sorry” Naomi said

“Do not be husband was not smart bad farmer and not nice he only married to get money”

“Why would he get money” Shannon asked

“I get pay for teaching, but teacher not good in village”

“I see and your husband”

“He drink much too much sometimes he get mad and I run away”

Jeremy nodded “then what happened?”

“Then we on boat I think boats chase but no catch, but much shooting and loud bang two day I think then we rocking back and forth for many day. Captain come in room say put on clothes. I do he say make nice I hurt him when he try he hit. He come in next day say we stop for while and he make me with rest of men.”

“Okay” Naomi said “then what?”

“Then loud bang and shooting and more shooting and more loud, boat turn. Then I fall, wake up in dark just red light. I scared then Jermy come in door talk to me”

“Good for you” Sara said

They finished eating and Jeremy and Naomi and Nicole headed down towards the plane to see what was going on. Jeremy inspected the engines while Naomi worked on the instruments. “There is a problem” Jeremy said finally

“What’s that?” Nicole asked from the belly of the plane

“Missing spark plugs”

“What?” Nicole asked

“They were here before” Jeremy said

“And now their gone” Naomi said from the door


“What can we do?”

“Well there were about eight spares but this is a twelve cylinder engine and eight just ain’t enough.”

“You don’t think?” Nicole asked

“Probably was one of the girls.” Naomi said finally

“Which one?” Jeremy asked

“Well they all had plenty of time in here” Naomi said

“Great” Jeremy said

“Looks like you have to get them all pregnant” Nicole said smiling

“You’re just enjoying this too much.” Jeremy said

“I’ll be enjoying it when I have your baby in my belly” Nicole grinned

“Well if we aren’t going to get anywhere we may as well head back I’m hungry, and I’m eating for two” Naomi said.

They walked back to camp and after dinner of fish and breadfruits they all turned in, the younger girls and Jolly sharing a hut and the rest finding places in the other three huts and the cave. Jeremy crawled into his hut and into Rachel’s waiting arms.

Chapter XLII

Jeremy woke to the sound of musical giggling he looked up and could see in the semidarkness of the morning several sets of eyes, most likely belonging to the young girls he had rescued. Rachel’s hand was cupping his balls and his hard cock rested against her wrist. He pretended not to notice and turned and nibbled on Rachel’s breast. She stirred only enough to straddle him and she slit her gash against his pole a few times before moaning and reaching back and putting his cock right where she wanted it she slowly eased her hips back as her pussy swallowed his cock, she gasped again and there were more giggles. Rachel opened her eyes and looked at Jeremy quizzically. “It seems we have an audience he whispered”

“Mmmm half of me wants to give them a show and the other half thinks its best to run them off.” Rachel murmured.

“Oh don’t even look at me”

“You girls get away from there” It was Sara’s voice they heard, the girls burst out laughing and scampered away. Sara ducked her head in “Oh I see are you two awake?”

“Just barely” Jeremy said

“Hmm?” Said Rachel “I’m waking up I’m waking up”

“Do you two have to do that now? I mean those girls could have seen you and…”

“Well they probably did” Rachel said sleepily “It’s the only way I know of to get knocked up unless you can think of a better way”

“Well there is that” Sara said

“You wouldn’t want me to ask you not to when it’s your turn now would you?”

“No oh no definitely not”

“Right then can I get back to fucking this wonderful cock now?”

“Oh fine” Sara pouted and walked away from the hut.

Jeremy got up a few hours later and with the help of Nicole and Naomi and several of the other girls they managed to unload much of the supplies from the wreck. They were also able to salvage quite a bit of material that would be used for various things mostly padding for the coconut and line clothing most of them were wearing or a lining anyway. The other girls under Sunni’s direction got to work making their own skirts and tops out of the material. Jeremy went fishing with Rachel and that evening they feasted. Celebrating the fact that they were all alive and well and they had escaped harm from the slavers. Jeremy had even managed to find several bottles of grain alcohol and one of the bottles was passed around. The rest he stashed for later or in case they needed it.

Chapter XLIII

On his way to check his calendar Jeremy heard someone retching he walked over to find Annabel on her knees. “Well it looks like you got the pregnant bug,” he said cheerfully.

“No one said anything about being miserable I’m all cold and clammy and I’m puking ruuu” she threw up again “I’m puking my guts out”

“It will pass or at least its supposed to, just make sure you eat enough”

“Eat who can think of eating when I feel like this?”

“Oh you’ll be hungry soon enough hun.”

“Fuck me”

“I think that’s what led to this situation…”

“Oh god do you have to make jokes while I’m suffering?”

“It’s the only way” Jeremy chuckled and walked down the path to mark the calendar. He arrived back in camp a little while later.

“How can you be all pregnant and I’m not showing any signs bitch?” Tiffany yelled at Annabel.

“Its not my fault I’m fertile and your not?”

“Yes it is bitch you took all the good cum we were supposed to be pregnant together remember?”

“So what I’m supposed to tell those swimmers to hold on a minute and wait for Tiffany”

Jeremy laughed Tiffany glared at him “How come you got her pregnant and not me?”

“You may very well be pregnant Tiff some women just don’t suffer like others, you may not feel any
nausea or throw up at all. I guess we will know in a few months when you start showing?”

“You mean I could still be pregnant?”

“Of course you could”

“Really” Tiffany beamed

“Really” Jeremy said, “now stop fighting, if your not pregnant in a few months we can try again until you are”

“Okay Jeremy?” Tiffany said smiling brightly. Jeremy walked around the camp checking on the girls seeing how everything was going; Naomi was working on building a few more huts though materials were scarce. Then again the rain hadn’t let up, the girls seemed to be fairly happy about working out in it though they would often congregate around the fire to dry off for an hour or two. Still everything got done, Jeremy found himself sitting on a rock at the edge of camp. “Jermi?” Jolly asked, “I was talking to girls”

“Yes?” Jeremy said looking at the breakers crash on the reef.

“They say you have thing in there” She pointed to Jeremy’s groin

“I should hope so I am a man”

“They say it this big” she said holding her hands about a foot apart

“Do they now?”

“Yes I did not know they that big husband he have thing maybe this big she said holding the last digit of her thumb”

“I’m sorry” Jeremy said

“I would like to see? Girls could be lying no good”

“Ah well I would have to say your going to have to ask Rachel, she is my woman this week?”

“Ah I be woman this week too?”

“Talk to the girls Jolly”

“But it your thing you can …”

“Yes jolly it is mine but to be fair to all the women here we take turns at least until they are all knocked up”

“What knocked up?”

“Pregnant, baby?”

“Oh you make baby with all girls?” she said her eyebrows rising “you make baby with Joli also good strong baby”

“Dear god” he said to no one in particular “Jolly go and talk to Nicole and Rachel and see what they say”

“Okay” she said “You put big thing in Joli and make baby with her” after Jolly retreated Jeremy lay on the rocks for a while sunning himself. He moved into the shade and after a few minutes four of the six younger girls approached him

“I am Mi” apparently the spokesman of the group “be fore you talk to Channa”

“Yes mi” he said trying not to guess what was on these girls’ minds

“We hear fight with others Joli want make baby with you, you make baby with her?”

“I don’t know?” Jeremy said

“You like Joli? She make good baby with you?”

“I like her just fine” the girls jabbered amongst themselves and then the spokes girl said “if you make baby with Joli u make baby with Leehi”

“No I don’t think so” Jeremy replied

“You not like Leehi?”

“I don’t even know Leehi”

“Oh this Leehi” she said pulling one of the taller prettier girls forward “you like see” she said pulling the girls shirt off and exposing the soft young mounds of the girls breasts. They were golden colored with almond colored nipples the small areolas puffed out a half-inch from her breast. “You like this too” Mi said pulling down the girls shift and exposing a sparsely haired pussy it was the perfect little gash thin straight black hairs that covered it thinly the thick swell of each lip and he could make out the tiny pink nub of her clit.

“Girls no?” Jeremy said one of the girls pointed and jabbered

“See you do like” Mi said pointing to Jeremy’s raging erection that was tenting the front of the skirt he was wearing.

“Good lord” Jeremy said getting up and retreated to the camp, he found Naomi and took her by the arm and led her to his hut. She skinned off her clothing and then pulled Jeremy’s skirt down to his ankles

“Oooh no waiting” Naomi cooed, “what’s the occasion?”

“Those girls are trying to tempt me”

“Its working I see”

“I don’t want to”

“Look Jeremy no one would blame you if you shot a load into every pussy on this island” she said pushing him on his back her hands taking his cock and rubbing it against her slit.

“I would blame myself”

“Uh huh?” Naomi moaned as she impaled her pussy on Jeremy throbbing rod. “I wouldn’t worry about it Jeremy she said easing her throbbing pussy down the length of Jeremy’s hard shaft. “I mean you could always claim we raped you.”

“Right after I dispatched five pirates and weathered a tropical storm and kept you all alive and taught you to survive”

“Exactly you were so worn out that you didn’t notice”

“What that you girls wanted to boink me to death”

“Precisely” Naomi said cupping her big brown breasts “you feel so good inside me Jeremy” Jeremy reached out and gently kneaded Naomi’s breasts as her pussy sucked and slurped with every stroke. The cool air off the sea made goose pimples rise on each of them, Naomi kissed him as he swelled inside of her, she reached back and tickled his balls her hips rising and falling on his gleaming rod. Jeremy mind drifted to Jolly and the new girls, and his cock exploded shooting a geyser of hot cum deep inside of Naomi’s sucking snatch. They rested there a moment their sweating heaving bodies clinging together in the dimness of the hut. Naomi got off of Jeremy as his cock began to wilt inside of her, she bent over to slurp it clean, she then proceeded to sit on the floor of the hut and dip a finger or two into her cum filled gash and lick them clean.

“We have to address the new girls and work something out.”

“Its already taken care of?”


“Well of course you don’t think Joli and I didn’t have a talk?”

“You did what was the consensus?”

“Well she agreed that we had first claim but after all the other women are pregnant I didn’t see any problem with you getting all of them knocked up as well”

“What? They are just girls?”

“Jolly explained that those girls are marrying age in her village a few of them like Leehi are almost old maids by their standards.”

“Oh god”

“A good woman in their culture is one who bears children and those girls no matter what you may think aspire to be good women”

“When does the hurting stop?”

“Jeremy relax you can always say no”

“Do you know how hard it is to say no?”

“Can’t say that I do, Naomi grinned but I’m glad that you know how and like I said we are stuck here”

“Until I can figure out who stole the spark plugs anyway”


“Can that plane carry all of us?”

“Maybe sixteen people I think it was crewed with ten and we aren’t going to be carrying bombs or anything so yes I think so.”

“Okay this is crazy” Jeremy said getting up and walking outside. He went hunting and towards evening he returned to camp with one of the goats for the girls to roast up.

Jeremy lay in his hut sucking his teeth and through half closed eyes he saw Rachel come in. “You’ve had a busy day” She grinned

“Did I?”

“Heard those new girls wanna little boom boom with this.” she smiled as her fingers slipped under his skirt and circled around his cock.

Right still more to come as soon as I figure out where this story is going. No I couldn't bring myself to kill off any of the primary characters I could have... and then I stupidly introduced 7 more... But there you go.

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2014-08-05 04:38:22
D43Nxz wow, awesome blog. Much obliged.

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2014-08-04 03:02:15
1O67sh Im obliged for the article.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

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2010-11-25 22:05:18
This is the best fucking storie ever u r a very talented person I like how jeremy is a down to earth guy most men would fuck those little girls first chance they got because there young and tight but nt Jeremy he is a real good guy thxs for writing this story I like reading it when I get bored cause
then I'm nt bored any more


2010-05-11 16:56:54
jag, nice to see the peanut gallery is at full throttle!! lmao

as usual, i liked it, though i think naomi is the only equal to him on that island.


2010-05-10 02:34:45
To the reader's reply on 2010-05-03 22:35:49
First off, if your going to insult me with a word that implies a lack of intelligence then spell it fucking correctly! It's spelled idiot, not fucking "ideot"!
Secondly, I'm only providing constructive criticism about so this author won't get stuck in a plot loop holes like the writers of Lost did. It's a necessary evil.
Thirdly, nothing on a sixty year old plane sitting in a 110 F+ bunker in a tropical humid environment would be "shiny".
Finally, if those girls don't know something as basic as latitude, longitude, and not to drink salt water then they probably lack the aptitude to rip out any component of an aircraft with just their bare hands without hurting themselves.

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