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I lived at my grandparents house throughout most of my childhood years. My mom was something of an unfit mother. I never knew my father.

I was 14. My mom and I stayed in touch at that time. She was doing well, holding down at a restaurant, renting a house with Henry. He was one of the nicer boyfriends I can remember my mom having. He was especially good at including me in their lives.

Mom had planned a party. Although it was springtime, nowhere near Halloween, it was a costume party. I had been very pleasantly surprised by being invited. Henry had asked me what I wanted to be. I said I thought maybe I wanted to be a superhero. I happened to have a batman costume, but it was too small by then, and my grandparents had no costumes whatsoever.

At the day of the party, Henry picked me up at my grandparents house. He asked me if I had brought a costume, but I hadn't. He said he thought mom had something for me at the house, and in my mind I laid the issue of "what to wear" to rest.

After stopping at the liquer store for booze "in case we run out" like Henry said, we got to the house where my mom greeted us. She was wearing a naughty two-piece dark angel costume. I complimented the way she looked and I also told her that she looked like she had lost some weight. Henry chimed in and told her she looked drop dead sexy. He proceeded to make out with her as if I wasn't even in the room. Since I'm used to my mom being a slut, I thought nothing of watching their make-out session. I noticed Henry gently rubbed my mom on her bare belly between her tight black tube top and matching miniskirt.

My mom was a petit blonde, but her rack and her ass were big for her size. Even in her high heels, her lips couldn't quite reach Henry's, and he had to bend over a little to kiss her. After a few minutes, they stopped kissing. Henry glanced at me, and must have remembered that I was there.

"Lizzie!" he said. That's what people called my mom. It was short for Elizabeth.

"Joe doesn't have a costume. Did you get something for him?"

"Yes, I did. It's on the bed. Why don't you go slip into it?" she said.

I went into the bedroom. On top of the satin sheets on the king size bed there was a dress. It was a very sexy dress, and I was aroused thinking about putting it on, but what if it wasn't for me to wear anyway? I thought. I decided to act dumb as I left the bedroom.

"Why aren' you wearing your outfit?"

"The only thing I saw on the bed was a dress..." I said.

"That's a french maid outfit, sweetie. I bought it for you. Don't you like it?" she asked.

"I don't think I want to wear it..." I sad. "Do you have anything else, a little more manly?" I asked.

"No! Either you wear the french maid outfit, or you can go home!" she said. My mom had a temper, and I didn't want to upset her any more than I had. After all, we had been getting along lately, and I wanted to stay on her good side.

"But mom, I'm not sure about this..." I protested one last time, but seeing the threatening look on her face, I went back into the bedroom, stripped down to my boxer shorts, and put on the black microfiber dress with the tiny white satin apron attached to it. I looked in one of the many mirrors in my mom's bedroom. I thought especially my butt looked cute, and I wiggled it, and felt my dick getting bigger. I also put the white gloves on, but I left the thong, high heels, the duster, and the pink wig on the bed. I left the bedroom once more.

My mom and Henry were sitting in the living room. Henry was now wearing a doctor's costume.

"Hi, sweetie, you look so cute!" said mom.

"Yeah, it looks good, give us a twirl!" said Henry.

I gave him what he asked for. My mom stood up and asked me why I wasn't wearing any of the accessories. I said I didn't feel comfortable. Mom said she would help me lace up the back of my dress. I turned around. She made it tight, and then she lifted my dress, and discovered that I was wearing my boxer shorts.

"I got you a fucking pair of thongs!" she said. "Didn't you see them?"

"I don't want to wear them," I pleaded.

"You will wear them!" she said, and then she did something I will never forget. She pulled down my boxer shorts and removed them from around my feet. She then grabbed my arm and brought me back into the bedroom. She told me to sit on the bed. I did as she said, and then she grabbed the thongs, kneeled down in front of me and slipped them on around my feet, and pulled them up onto my thighs. I took over from there, pulling them up, lifting my butt as I pulled them all the way up. She put the wig on me, and got her make-up. Soon I was looking in the mirror with lipstick, eyeliner, wearing heels and the pink wig. My mom told me I made a beautiful girl.

Henry peeked his head in to announce the arrival of some guests. He then looked at me, but not in the friendly way he usually looked at me. He looked at me like he had looked at my mom when he saw her in the slutty dark angel outfit she was wearing. Then he closed the door.

"I guess I should go say hello. First, I forgot to ask you, but can you be a darling and help us host this party?" my mom asked.

"Sure. What do you need?" I said.

"I would like for you to be our maid!" she laughed.

"That makes sense." I said.

"Just tidy up, make sure people get drinks. Can you do that sweetie? We'll pay you ten bucks an hour!" She said.

"Sure thing!" I said. My mom kissed me on the lips.

"I appreciate you. Sorry for what I said earlier..." She said.

"Don't worry, mom!" I told her.

She opened the door, and I was following her out of the room when she turned her haid and said. Aren't you forgetting something, and pointed to the bed. I retrieved the duster, as she had implied, and she took my hand and we walked into the living room where the guests were sitting. There were two women there, a guy I had never seen befor, plus Henry. One of the woman was a naughty nurse, and the other was a fairie. Some of them whistled as we entered the room, hand in hand. I'm not sure if they were whistling at me, my mom, or the both of us.

"You look great, Liz! I didn't know you had such a sexy daughter. Where have you been hiding her?" he asked.

I wasn't sure if he was kidding, or if he really thought I was a girl, but they all just had a laugh, and mom asked everyone what they wanted to drink. They all wanted beers, and mom told me to go get six beers.

Soon, a bunch of guests arrived. Many of them commented on how beautiful I looked. The compliments and the beer was working wonders on my self esteem. I started dusting a lamp shade right opposite to where a guy was sitting. I knew he was watching me as I bent over, feeling the stretchy microfiber slide up my ass and exposing my thong. I stood up, and moved to the TV, and I could see the guy was eyeballing me, which was turning me on.

My mom's ex boyfriend, Stewart, showed up covered in red body paint, wearing nothing but red hot pants and red horns, and holding a pitchfork. He was the devil. My mom greeted him.

"That costume's appropriate. You are the most evil bastard I know," said my mom.

"That's me! You look fucking hot, Lizzie." said Stewart. He then kissed my mom on the lips. It was just a peck, but then she gave him a peck on the lips back, and they gave each other a slightly longer kiss. He followed her through the hallway towards the living room.

"Oh, there you are!" said mom. "Stewart, meet my daughter, Josie!"

For a second, he was a little confused, since he had dated my mom and didn't know she had a daughter, but then he figured it out, and winked at me.

I asked if he wanted a beer. He said he wanted scotch on the rocks. I put some ice cubes in a glass, and filled the glass with Jack Daniels. I found him saying hi to my mom's friend who was dressed as a nurse. She gave him a kiss on the lips, and went back to the dancefloor on the patio outside of the open french doors, where a couple of other ladies were dancing in their sexy outfits.

"This isn't scotch. It's bourbon," said Stewart. I'm sorry, I said.

"Don't worry about it!" he said, took a sip, and put the glass away.

He signaled for my mother to come over, which she did. Apparently he had the ladies at their beckon call, which was understandable. His upper body was chiseled. He had a six pack, and he was a very handsome guy. He whispered something into my mom's ear, which I could not make out. They both looked at me with naughty passion in their eyes. My mom, the dark angel, took my hand as we followed the devil into the kitchen. There were lemons, salt and tequila lined up on the kitchen counter. Mom told me to lie down on the kitchen table. I was hesitant, since there were people sitting there, but she was not taking no for an answer, and reminded me that I was on the clock.

My mom pulled my dress up over my belly, and made me lie on the kitchen table, with people cheering as she licked the side of my face and poured salt where she had licked. put a piece of lemon in my mouth, and poured tequila in my belly button. She was drunk and sloppy, and spilled some tequila, but soon Stewart was sucking my belly button dry, and licking and sucking on my belly where my mom had spilled. Then he licked the salt of my face, and sucked on the piece of lemon in my mouth. I could feel him stick his tongue into my mouth. It lasted for probably ten seconds, and it was the most humiliating thing that had ever happened to me, because my dick was getting harder by the second, and only a thin piece of silk was covering my boner.

My mom soon replaced the salt on my face, the lemon in my mouth, and shot in my belly.

"Who's next?" she shouted.

A man approached me, and I recognized him. It was the guy I had shown my thong to when I was dusting earlier. He sucked my belly button, licked my face with a lust and greed, and his lips enclosed the piece of lemon, and for a second the piece was in his mouth, and then he pushed it back into my mouth, and stuck his tongue in my mouth. It lasted longer this time, and by now I had a hard on. At the same time I was sure that people sitting at the table, and those standing nearby, noticed my five inch erection in my girly thongs. After he was done, he looked at me with contempt, and walked away. I quickly got up off the table, and pulled my dress down to hide my dick. When I did, my mom replaced me, and lied on her back, the position she enjoyed the most. Her friend, wearing more normal clothes, and an old fashion mask across the upper part of her face, poured the shot in her belly button. Mom took my hand, and asked me to take the shot. I looked around the room, but nobody seemed to care. I bent over, and sucked the tequila out of my mom's belly, and licked her face, and gently sucked the lemon in her mouth. I could tell she was proud of me when I was done. Stewart was next in line, and the guys appeared to be forming a line to get a belly shot from my mom.

I went outside to clear my thoughts, and to be alone while the bulge in my dress disappeared. I was leaning against the fence between the side of my mom's house and the neighbors, drinking a beer. It was impossible not to think about what had been happening to me throughout the day. Being dressed up as a slutty maid, being forced to lie down and let my mom's ex boyfriend and some pervert lick and suck on various parts of my body, and sticking their horny tongues in my mouth. It was embarassing, and extremely exciting at the same time. I took another sip of my beer. All of a sudden I noticed a dark figure lurking in the shadows of the night. He must have known I noticed him, because the next I knew he was approaching me. He was walking with determined steps, and when he got into the light, I recognized the perv who had practically made out with me in the kitchen. He was handsome, with an athletic fysique, and his hair was dyed blonde, with darker roots. It was the same guy I had teased before. Now he quickly walked toward me.

"Hi" I said. He stopped a few inches away.

"Hi!" he replied.

"I am sorry about before. When I stuck my tongue in your mouth. I was out of line!" he said.

"That's okay" I answered.

"Did you like it?" he asked.

"I don't know. It was a little embarassing," I said.

"Do you want to try a kiss out here where nobody's around?" he asked, but he was not waiting for an answer. He kissed me and put one hand on my throat and another on my raging boner. I tried to fight him off. Later, I have come to fantasize about this a lot, and I am unsure if I wanted it at the time or not, but he got down on his knees and pulled my panties down a few inches to expose my dick. He licked off my precum, and stood up and kissed me.

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Jack daniels is bourbon, not whiskey

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I agree, you need to add to this story. Whether you continued to dress in sexy lingerie or became a teenage sissy slut. You've got a great start in this one.

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