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What happens when you stay on with a slut
Staying On With Lucy


That’s all I could think as I entered the classroom. I was staying on (In our school staying on is where you stay behind after school to do homework etc.). I had some crappy English homework to do that we’d had set by our fat lump of shite of a teacher. If anyone saw that show, Britain’s Fattest Man ages ago, he was an exact replica of him.

Anyway, I was entering the classroom, and sitting there, at the front was the goddess known as Lucy Hamilton. She could not be sexier if she tried. Her smooth soft skin was slightly olive coloured. She had rather light brown hair, which cascaded down a beautifully shaped face. She had amazing tits for a 14 year old, 32D, and a beautifully slim, toned figure. She had the greatest ass I’d ever seen, and legs that could leave anyone speechless. She was wearing a very tight white school shirt, through which I could clearly see her dark nipples underneath, poking out of her shirt making it clear she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her sleeves were rolled up. Under that she had a short black pleated skirt and her legs were concealed in a pair of black stockings that were slightly translucent so you could see her beautiful legs through. The skirt was so short that the stockings were the only things from making it too short to wear in school. She truly was one of the sexiest girls I’d ever seen. She was also a slut. It was a well known fact that Lucy had already had previous sexual encounters and she had a different boyfriend every week. And I was going to be spending an hour with her. Alone. Yay.

I say yay so unenthusiastically because I have a very strange personality. At home and with people I know and like, I’m my normal self. I am also quite weird. But when it comes to people I don’t usually speak to, or insanely pretty girls, I am completely useless. If a sexy girl borrows something off me in class they usually keep it because I’m too shy to ask for it back. I’m not ugly or anything, I have long brown hair, a slim figure and my face isn’t ugly. I also like to think I’m pretty cool as well. I’m sorry to burden all my problems on you, dear reader, but I’m just setting up the story.

So there I was thinking “Fuck”. I walked in and sat on the same row as Lucy, but a few seats down, not wanting to be pervy or anything. To my surprise she turned at me and said, “Are you actually gonna leave me to be a loner? Come here!” I quickly moved up a couple of spaces so that I was sat next to her. I could smell the sweet scent of her perfume. Her hair smelt of strawberries. I managed to strike up a conversation, to my amazement, “So you doing the English homework as well?”
“Yeah,” she replied, “I usually wouldn’t but my parents said they’d ground me if I didn’t get my grades up.”
“Bummer,” I said, sympathetically. As we continued working, we talked a little.
“So do you actually like Mr Harmstrung then?” She said.
“Well, apart from the fact that he’s a fat lump of crap and that he hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing, yeah.” I said. She giggled at my remark and said,
Just then the door opened and in came Miss Jones. She was another English teacher. I had had her last year and she is extremely pretty. She has a beautiful face with shoulder length light blonde hair. She is very slim and has rather small boobs, around a B cup. Her legs are pale and smooth. I also find it hard to make small talk with teachers, especially pretty ones, so I found it nearly impossible to talk to Miss Jones.
She came in and said, “Don’t mind me; I just wanted to find somewhere quiet to work.” We mumbled in acknowledgement as you do when you’re a teenager, and continued to work. With a teacher in the room it was very hard to talk in the silent room.

Just then I felt Lucy’s hand touch mine. Just the lightest of touches sent an electrical jolt through my body. My heart started to pump faster. You could see I’d never had a girlfriend. I looked up at her and she put a finger to her lips, signalling me to be quiet. I got the hint and looked back at my hand. Without a word she pulled my hand underneath the table and into the inside of her thigh. Her smooth silky skin felt good on my stimulated finger tips. She dragged my hand up the inside of her stocking covered leg, exhaling heavily as she did. I then felt a different, slightly moist fabric. I felt the thin material of her panties stretch as I pushed my fingers into them. Again she exhaled. I looked over at Miss Jones. She was looking at her laptop screen, completely oblivious to what we were doing. I then felt and saw her put her own hand on the side of her waist. She pulled at something and I felt the thin material pull away into my hand. I pulled my hand from under her skirt and in it was a pair of black bikini bottoms. The tassels at the sides were undone. I lifted them to my face and smelt her deep aroma. They smelt of sex and pussy. I quickly put them in my pocket and she took hold of my hand again.

I got more confident and put my hand back between her legs. I rubbed her clit up and down with my finger, before inserting it into her pussy. She was already mildly moist and I pumped my finger in and out of her. I heard her breathing start to quicken so I stuck another finger in her vagina. This was too much for her and before long she was squirting sweet juice onto my fingers. A quiet moan escaped her lips. Miss Jones looked up at us and said, “Anything wrong?”
“No, we’re fine.” Lucy replied, managing to act normal after the intense orgasm she had just had. I pulled my fingers from under her skirt and lifted them to my mouth. I tasted her heavenly nectar. She tasted amazing. I then saw Lucy rolling down her stockings. I just sat staring with my mouth open as she pulled them down to reveal her smooth pale legs. I rubbed her thigh and felt her soft milky skin on my damp fingers. She put the rolled up stockings into her top pocket of her shirt and, to my disappointment, continued working as if nothing had happened.

After a while she wrote something on a blank piece of paper and passed to me. “So do you like my pussy?” It read.
“Fuck yes!” I wrote back.
“What about my legs?” She asked.
“They’re heavenly. I could lick up and down them all day.”
“How about Miss Jones?” This stunned me. Ever since year 7 I had fancied Miss Jones. She was just so beautiful and slender. I wanted to kiss her luscious lips forever. I replied to Lucy, “Erm...”
“Ooh, so you do like her.” She said teasingly.
“Well doesn’t everyone?”
“Fair point, I mean she’s pretty and has a great body.”
“So you’d wanna fuck her then?”
“Sure I guess.”
“What if I could make that happen?” Again I was stunned.
“No way. That would be impossible.”
But you’d do it if I could?” She said.
“Of course, but you can’t.”
“Just watch me.”
And with that she turned round to Miss Jones and said, “Miss, are you a virgin?” I was speechless. I just gaped in awe at what she had just done. Miss Jones looked at Lucy and said accusingly, “I’m sorry?”
“I said are you a virgin” Lucy repeated.
“What?” Miss Jones replied, “What? How dare you ask such a personal question! How dare you invade my privacy like that! Just turn around and do your work. You’re lucky I don’t send you to the principle!”
“No Miss but really, are you a virgin?” Lucy persisted.
“Lucy, this is your last warning!”
“Please Miss. Just tell me. Are you a virgin?” Miss Jones looked as if she was about to say something, but withdrew instead. She then said hesitantly and quietly, “No.”
“Wow! I bet you’ve had sex loads of times! A young beautiful woman like you! You must have had sex at least five times!” Lucy said enthusiastically.
“No.” Miss Jones said quietly.
“Then tell us miss, how many times have you had sex?” Lucy asked. Miss Jones mumbled something that I couldn’t quite hear.
“ Come on miss, speak up, don’t be shy!” Lucy said.
This time she spoke a bit louder. “Twice.” She said.
“What!!” Lucy exclaimed, “Only twice! Oh my god! How come? A young sexy lady like you should be having ten boyfriends a week!”
“I’ve never really been very into boys. I’m quite shy you see. I always think that boys think I’m not pretty or something” Miss replied.
“What!” Lucy said compassionately, “Miss, you’re beautiful. Don’t put yourself down! No one thinks you’re not pretty!”
“But who’d wanna have sex with me?”
What Lucy said next made my stomach plunge 50 miles. “Dan would.”
“Dan wants to fuck you miss.”

As she said this I was constantly waving my hands, trying to make her stop. But she took no notice and carried on.
“Look he wrote it down here.” Miss Jones got up and walked over to me. I just stared at her gorgeous body as her hips swayed in her movement. Lucy showed Miss our conversation and she blushed again.”Well, that’s very sweet of you Dan. But you’re a student and I’m a teacher, and we must keep our relationships professional.” I’m sure I heard her mutter under her breath, “Even if you are quite hot.”
“Oh come on miss! Why don’t you fuck him!” Lucy said. By now the conversation had just spiralled out of control.
Miss Jones replied, “I, I...why am I even letting this conversation go on? I should send you to the principle!” Lucy started talking in a low pitched, sexy voice.
“But you won’t will you miss. This conversation is turning you on. I can see it in your eyes. You want him. And he obviously wants you.” Miss Jones just stared into my eyes as Lucy got up and put a hand on her shoulder. She talked softly into Miss’s ear. “Go on miss, you can easily have him. It’s been soo long, you deserve a break. No one will find out, we’ll make sure of that.”
“But I’ll get sacked. It’s far too dangerous to do it here anyway. Also, I’m his teacher, we shouldn’t be talking about this in the first place!”
“But we are. Because you want to. I saw you looking over at us. You want some of what I got. Just relax, it’ll be fine.” Up to this point I was just gazing at amazement. Here was one of the sexiest girls I knew, talking to the hottest teacher I had about having sex with me!
Miss Jones looked incredibly nervous. And Lucy didn’t seem to be doing a good job of relaxing her. “Now Miss,” she said soothingly, “Just relax, everything’s going to be okay.” Lucy then removed Miss’s cardigan, leaving her in just a short skin coloured summer dress that stopped just above the knee and a pair of black flats on her feet. I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra. I could see her lips trembling. For the rest of my life I will never forget what Lucy did next. She turned around to face Miss Jones and moved her head towards Miss’s head. She opened her mouth and started kissing Miss Jones. I just there in shock. I could see Miss relaxing a bit. Her shoulders loosened and she started to embrace the kiss more. Lucy rubbed up Miss’s arms and around her back. I could see their tongues dancing around in each other’s mouths. Miss seemed to get more confident, as she rubbed Lucy’s smooth body as well, even around her perfectly formed ass. Lucy then reached underneath Miss’s dress and rubbed her pale ass cheeks. I heard Miss moaning into Lucy’s mouth. Time seemed to stand still as I watched this incredible moment fold out.

I then saw Lucy grab the waistband of Miss’s white panties and she pulled them down. Miss Mark’s shaved pink pussy came into view for all to see. After a while Lucy motioned me to come forward. I got up and went over to my kissing teacher and classmate. I need no further instruction. I bent down in front of Miss and leant into her pussy. As I did this I secretly stretched out and grabbed miss’s panties, adding them to my pocket with Lucy’s in. I smelt her warm sweet aroma before diving my tongue into her tight hole. She gave a slight yelp as my slippery tongue entered her snatch, but she then started moaning uncontrollably as I lapped at her moist vagina.

I then felt something tugging at my trousers. I looked down to find Lucy unbuckling my trousers. She had a big grin on her face. Once she had undone them, she pulled them down and revealed my fully hard cock. I heard both women gasp as they eyed up my large penis. I was very big for a 14 year old, 7 inches. Soon Lucy took hold of my cock in her hand. She pumped it a bit before giving it a big wet lick. She licked it up its entire length and then slipped it into her wet mouth. It took all my strength not to cum then and there. She felt so good! I felt her tongue playing around my cock, licking around the head. She then pushed the entire thing into her mouth. I was amazed at how much she got in. Soon she had all 7 inches in and I felt my head touch the back of her throat. It was amazing. I then got tapped on the shoulder and was reminded I had my teacher’s pussy sitting in front of my face.

After a while I heard Miss Jones moaning as loud as she could and I felt her pussy flood my mouth with sweet juices. She tasted great! Lucy then deep throated me for like the fifth time and this sent me over the edge. I felt my balls tighten and I squirted all my semen into her waiting mouth. I moaned as I felt my orgasm flood her mouth. After squirting about a litre of cum into Lucy’s mouth she took me out of her and rubbed along her cheeks. I saw all the semen that had deposited onto my cock now on her cheeks. She then gave a large gulp and opened her mouth to show me her white stained tongue with no cum in her mouth. She then stood up and kissed Miss Jones again, sharing the sperm. Miss then licked her cheeks and swallowed the rest of the cum.

After we had all recovered Lucy then spoke up, “So, Dan still needs to fuck Miss.”
“Fuck yes!!” I replied excitedly.
“NO!” Miss exclaimed, “What have I done!! My career is ruined!! Your parents will find out and they’ll sue me and the school will sack me!! Quick, get your clothes back on both of you. Hopefully no one heard or saw us. If we just sit back down and carry on with our work then we might be able to get away with it.”
“But miss, you like it so much. I thought you’d want to get some more.” Lucy said.
“I may have appeared to enjoy it, but it’s just so wrong. The most important rule in teaching, never do anything with kids that may compromise your career. And I’ve just gone and broke it. Thank you very much!”
“I think that’s what makes it so enjoyable. The thought that it’s dangerous and that anyone could walk in on us at anytime. Doesn’t it just turn you on miss! Doesn’t it make your pussy ooze with excitement!”
“Well...NO! NO! I’m not like that! I will not destroy my career for some stupid teenagers!”
“Oh we’re not stupid miss. You taught us. There’s SO much we can do!” Lucy walked over to Miss Jones again and put both hands on each shoulder. She started rubbing miss’s back and shoulders, giving a sensual massage making miss’s pussy tingle. At first miss protested, but as Lucy worked her magic hands over miss’s body, she fell into Lucy and was lost in complete relaxation. Lucy then moved her hands to miss’s chest and started to caress her tits outside the thin material of her dress. Lucy then grabbed the dress at the neckline and gave a small tug. The dress ripped, exposing Miss Mark’s soft boobs. They were small for her age, but they weren’t too small. Just the right size to fit into Lucy’s hands.
I started to feel left out so I walked over and joined in with the caressing. Miss’s tits were amazing. The smooth flesh was soft and light, the nipples were bumpy and hard. Miss arched her back and started moaning. Once I’d taken over, Lucy went and ripped the rest of the dress off, leaving miss naked but for her shoes, which Miss Jones quickly removed herself. I then started kissing miss’s breasts, sucking on the nipples like a baby. I pulled them and squeezed them with my teeth, bringing moans from miss. I also heard miss moaning as Lucy lapped at her sweet pussy. I then heard Miss Jones moaning and her body started to shiver violently as she flooded Lucy’s mouth with juices. After Lucy had finished, she stood up and ripped the rest of the buttons on her half-done-up shirt, revealing her gorgeous milky boobs. She also pulled up her skirt, revealing her smooth ass and her swollen pussy but she left her short black high heel boots on. I immediately started caressing them, making Lucy moan. Soon though Lucy pushed me away. “It’s time.” She said.

She gently pulled Miss Jones by her arms and made her lay down on the table next to us on her back. She then spread miss’s legs, revealing her perfect pink pussy to my waiting cock. I then positioned myself between her legs with my cock at her entrance. I rubbed my dick up and around her stimulated clit, before I put my cock back at her pussy and pushed in.

It was obvious that she hadn’t been fucked much. She was tight as HELL! I pushed around 3 of my 7 inches into her as I felt her pussy stretch around my hard cock. I’d waited for this moment for 3 years. And it felt amazing! Slowly I inched my dick into her, I could hear her moaning loudly as I did. Soon I was all the way in and it felt AMAZING! I slowly started thrusting in and out of her. Gradually I built speed until I was fucking her hardcore! While I fucked her I looked straight into her deep blue eyes, maintaining eye contact throughout the fuck session.

Soon I felt my balls boil up and quickly pulled my cock out of my teacher and shot a load of jizz all over her tits. She simply looked down and picked up a load of cum with her hand and licked it off. Lucy then came and also licked her hand. It seemed Miss Jones was too horny now to care about her career.
Soon I was hard again and Lucy wanted some action. She lied down on the table where Miss Jones had done but slightly leaned on one side. She stretched one leg out along the table and the other straight up in the air. This gave a perfect view of her pussy. I moved into position and put her leg in the air over my shoulder. She wrapped the other leg around my ass, rubbing the heel along my crack. This really turned me on, so without warning I quickly slammed all of my 7 inches into her at once. She winced and the after a while screamed at the top of her lungs. It’s a wonder no one heard us. The lack of her hymen made it clear she’d been fucked before.

Her pussy was a less tight than Miss Jones’s, which made it clear how much of a slut Lucy is. Like with miss I pumped in and out faster and faster. Miss Jones then seemed to feel a bit left out, and so she got up onto the table and squatted. She lowered her crotch onto Lucy’s face and Lucy immediately started licking away. Miss was swaying up and down as Lucy simply poked her tongue out, tongue-fucking Miss Jones.

We then changed position. We all got up and I lied down on the table. Lucy got on top of me and straddled my penis. She started to jump up and down, riding my cock like a wild horse. Just then Miss Jones sat on my face. She lowered her pussy onto my waiting mouth and I started sucking. As the two girls both got fucked by me, they leant towards each other and started kissing. They fondled each other’s breasts as they did this. God it was a sight! I could see each of them giggling and smiling as their tongues explored each other’s mouths.

After a while I felt Miss Jones started to pulse on top of me, as she filled my mouth with her sweet pussy juice. Meanwhile I felt Lucy do the same and she too started squirting all over my cock. Before long I too was cumming inside of Lucy, and we all moaned as we released our sex juices into each other. Soon after that we simply collapsed.

After a while we each regained our strength. Lucy got off my cock and lied down. Miss Jones went over and licked my cum from her pussy. They then shared a passionate kiss in which they shared the juices inside their mouths. I then joined in and we shared a long three-way kiss.

Soon we discovered that we had no clothes. Well I did. The girls, however, didn’t. Lucy was wearing only her short black high heel boots and her short black skirt that was pulled up over her ass. Her shirt was torn up on the floor and I had her panties and there was no way I was giving them back! Miss Jones was completely naked; her dress had been torn in half by Lucy, now scattered in two pieces. Her cardigan was still intact, along with her shoes, but that was about it. I also had her panties, but again I wasn’t gonna give them back.

So we were stuck. I then thought of an idea. “How about this? We sneak through the school like this, then we go to the P.E. changing rooms and find something in the lost property. There’s bound to be something you can both wear!” I said.
“It sounds good but I’m a teacher. I can’t go round dressed as a pupil! And besides everything will be too small for me.” Miss Jones said.
“No, you’re actually quite short, and extremely thin. You’d fit into most things down there.” Lucy said.
“Exactly.” I replied.
“Okay. It sounds good. Now all we have to do is sneak round the school to get there. Naked. Greaat...” miss said.

Now, there are two floors in my school, and it is in the shape of a pentagon. All the corridors are colour coded. Now, to get to P.E. from English, you must go through the other half of English, then either through top green which is Languages, or bottom green which is just a corridor with the cafeteria next to it. After that there is the brown corridor. Upstairs is Business and Citizenship, and downstairs is one Citizenship classroom and the principal’s office. Then at the end of brown is reception. There is a corridor that leads off from reception that isn’t part of the main pentagon. That is P.E. So, off we went.

We quickly ran across the corridor to the classroom opposite. There was no one in there. I looked out the door down the hall. It was clear. We quickly ran out of the room and down blue corridor. We hid in the class right at the end of English. Through the door I could see into green. There was one teacher going down the corridor, poking his head into each room as he went. We waited for him to go into a class, then we ran round the corner and into the first classroom in green. This was the only one he hadn’t checked. We quickly hid behind a row of filing cabinets at the back of the classroom. After a minute the teacher came in. He walked around the tables to the back. There was a slight gap between two of the cabinets. Unfortunately Miss Jones didn’t realize that one of her boobs had slipped into this gap. The teacher peered through the gap and was greeted by a large erect nipple. His eyes nearly exploded when he saw. He stepped back and then forward again. Same reaction. He then went round the side of the cabinets and saw each of us. Busted.

“Okay, you caught us.” Lucy said loudly to my surprise. She slipped out and went up to him. “So, what’ll it take to make you not tell?” I couldn’t believe what she was doing. I then heard the door slam. Miss Jones had also slipped out and she had closed the door. The teacher shook his head. “Come on sir, you’ve caught two naked girls here, what do you want?” Still the teacher said nothing. “Oh fuck this!” Lucy said, and she bent down and unzipped his trousers. She pulled out his hard cock and started licking it. The teacher protested at first, but then he just closed his eyes and moaned. Miss Jones then came up behind him and kissed him on the lips. She then offered her tits to him. He reached out and squeezed and pulled them. I just stood in amazement. I think it was safe to say we had turned Miss Jones into a total slut.
Soon Lucy stood up and bent over against the desk at the front of the class. Her ass poked out and she wiggled it at him. “Mmm sir, I’ve been a naughty girl. I think you need to punish me.” She said in a sexy voice, licking her lips. The teacher went over and started spanking her ass. He slapped it again and again, each time Lucy cried out in pleasure. Soon Lucy’s ass cheeks were bright red. The teacher then got his cock and rammed it into Lucy’s hot pussy, making her scream. He pulled in and out of her again and again. Meanwhile Miss Jones and I stood at the back making out, half watching Lucy and the other teacher, half fondling each other.

Soon the teacher was moaning loudly as he emptied his balls into Lucy’s deep cunt. She moaned loudly as she also orgasmed. Before long, Lucy got up, gave the man a small peck on the cheek, as did Miss Jones and we left and ran down the corridor to the classroom at the end, leaving the teacher in the classroom completely gobsmacked. His cum still dribbling down Lucy’s leg.
We got to the end of the brown corridor easily, with no more hassle. Next we had to get past reception. To our luck the only person there was the main receptionist. Usually there are parents waiting for their children and teachers leaving. Somehow we had to distract the receptionist. Since I was the only one with clothes, I had to do it. I quickly ran down the stairs and walked up to the receptionist. “Quick I just saw some teenagers smoking in the toilets!” I cried.
“Come on, show me!” the receptionist replied. I led him away down D.T. to the Science toilets. Meanwhile Miss Jones and Lucy ran past the desk and into the changing rooms. Safe at last! Obviously when we got to the toilets there was no one there. I swore there were but he seemed to think I was just weird. So he just walked back to the desk and I walked through into P.E.

When I got their I was met by one of the most amazing sights in the world. In the girls changing rooms was Lucy Hamilton, wearing an extremely tight white shirt, probably a Year 7’s, with the top 4 buttons undone, showing some amazing cleavage. Underneath she had a black pleated skirt that was way, way, way too small for her. At least a quarter of her ass was on display! On her feet she still wore her incredibly sexy small black high heel boots. Also there was Miss Jones, also wearing an even tighter white shirt. She had 5 top buttons undone, and the bottom of the shirt had been tied into a knot, clearly showing her firm toned stomach. She also wore an even smaller black pleated skirt. This one showed half of her beautiful ass at least. At the bottom of her heavenly legs she had “fuck me” style pumped high heels, with the front toes open. Miss Jones’s outfit looked like one that could only be found in a porn film. I loved it. Both had messed up their hair and wore beaming smiles on their beautiful radiant faces. The girls then found some joke nerd glasses (you know, the 3D glasses with the lenses poked out) and had put them on. No one would recognise Miss Jones’s sophisticated, conservative look.

As we left the changing rooms, me in the middle with a girl on each arm, the receptionist was firstly met with a pair of beautiful asses with black skirts swaying with their hips. We exited through the main entrance and got into Miss Jones’s car. She drove us to her house, as made phone calls to our parents explaining that we were sleeping over at a certain friend’s house. One thing was for sure.
Those outfits wouldn’t stay on for very long.

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2015-07-10 16:47:12
That was a great story

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2014-05-02 00:02:14
Well done !! Great story but they part where emma takes his hand up her skirt make that more real like she saw u had a boner or sumthing like that other wise flippen good story keep writing :)

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2011-08-20 12:27:31
Kinda annoyed how this other fuck keeps nitpicking yourstory. you obviously said it wasnt real! and thats what makes fiction great- being unrealistic. love your work here sir, id like to get A bit of that action myself ;)

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2011-01-29 14:08:07
I used to have a friend called emma and she was blonde too,
i didn't fuck her though cos we only knew each other until she was 11!
she was SO hot though but she woould have bled like gas

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2011-01-29 14:08:03
I used to have a friend called emma and she was blonde too,
i didn't fuck her though cos we only knew each other until she was 11!
she was SO hot though but she woould have bled like gas

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