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part 4

She had never dreamed what it could be like to have all these strange males touch her, it was like when the young male had rolled her over on her back and played with her, as a young pet, only multiplied a dozen very harsh times. Her master had stood back and watched the enjoyment she was receiving from all this. By the attention she was getting and the look on her face it was almost blissful, he could not stand to see her enjoy herself, and had walked back over and hooked the leash on her. He then said, your having way to much fun, and first pulled off her blindfold, followed by untying her hands and undoing the belt that held the red ball gag. He then shoved her down on all fours and started leading her around quite briskly, like a common animal, at first she was able to keep up but after several times around through the crowd her knees were getting sore. The sight of her big round bottom wiggling and jiggling along with her large breasts hanging down and swaying back and forth with her nipples occasionally touching the ground was quite stimulating for both her and the horny men. She started to slow, this was met with a stinging lash from his whip she yelped quite loudly and the men roared with laughter each time the whip struck her bottom. He then said you like to suck cocks don't you!!!...Bitch

Lets see just how many cocks you can suck and you can start with mine. He pulled her up short and told her to set bitch! so that she was on her knees and said keep your hands behind your back and if you don't ill whip your ass until you wished you had!. He then hollered out in Spanish amigos get over here!, you guys are next and bring those big hard cocks, shes ready. He tilted her head back by grabbing her ears and said open up bitch, she hated to suck him and kept trying to pull away, he knew she did not want to do this and had slapped her face several times very hard, saying open up bitch, and this had made her open wide, he then jammed his grotesque and very large cock, warts and all past her lips and down deep into her throat and at the same time grabbed her head ramming it back and forth. For several moments she could not breath at all, as her little pet heart was pounding along with trying to suck in some air, her relief came when he did, as she was first gushed with a cumload of his sickening sweet cum that was followed by several more titillating squirts that filled her mouth almost full.

He then pinched her nose closed as he held her head back with it, and told her swallow it all bitch! And I mean all! she was gagging on so much of his warm sickening cum and had reached up with her hands to try and push him away, this resulted in him squirting what was left over her head. He was really mad now and had slapped her several more times even harder, she screamed each time he struck her and this only seemed to make him madder yet. Before she knew what was happening the whip was again cutting into her buttocks, this time with searing pain. She was so terrified that she immediately put her hands behind her back and was now almost gulping down his cum. He finally started to calm down as the next of several males who had each lined up with their hard cocks easily slid into her open mouth. The first man had only pumped into her several times before he to had cummed. Her master was holding her nose again and threatening her with the whip and was again hollering at her to swallow it all!

She was sucking and swallowing this cum much easier as it was not so fowl tasting as her masters had been, this man was quickly followed by another and another she was sucking and gulping them as fast as she could as her master kept slapping her face occasionally, he had stepped back with his whip and was encouraging each man in Spanish to hold her nose as she sucked them, and if she wasn't quite fast enough at it as he thought she should, he would lash out with his whip on her soft and now very red welted ass! she had now sucked and swallowed over a dozen men and was burping up cum from time to time her stomach felt quite full of liquid in a queasy sort of way when her master said up you go. Jo was quite surprised just how stimulated she had become from sucking the cum of all these men that her little pet pussy was almost dripping with anticipation as if it was wanting it, it would not matter, she would have no choice. OMG she thought to her self, as the thought kept rolling around in her head, I really am a bitch, slut and a, whore of a pet !!!....

Her master said lets just see how many big cocks it will take to break that sweet pink little pet cherry snatch of yours! He, had been wondering just how they were going to decide who would be first. Apparently a card game had ensued that had resulted in some heavy betting and twelve men with almost a months pay were hard at it, this was a Mexican version of five card stud a rather appropriate game for what was at hand because more that twelve studs were eager and ready. Navarro his sadistic foreman and two other guys were betting cussing and bitching at each other , trying to out bluff the other when one finally threw up his cards followed by the other, as Navarro's last hand had topped them all. One of them said in broken English well at least we will be second and third!.

They had all been eying, and anticipating sticking their cocks in a virgin pet!. Jo's master had pushed her up next to the table so that all could get a close look, he had turned her around and had bent her over so they could see her red welted bottom and told her to reach back and spread her lips so that they could see her wet and very stimulated little clit!. She felt so helpless in front of these men, and having to do such a humiliating thing, but the soreness of her bottom along with being displayed so vulgarly in front of these strange men had excited her almost to the point of orgasm. The two that had just lost, both gave her a stinging swats on her red bottom, but Navarro who had won, sadistically stuck his thumb in her pussy and was trying to to use it along with her lips and clit to force her over in front of everyone so that they could see first hand how open and ready she was as he removed his hand so that the deflowering of her cherry little pet pussy!!..could begin!

With the gambling out of the way and the winner Navarro, he had motioned for everyone to gather around and that they should be ready to help in the gang rape of this young virgin pet.

Jo was lifted up and laid on her back across the heavy card table and Navarro told several of the men to grab her arms legs and then bend her legs up and had removed her heels, he then said hold them tight!. Now with several men holding her thighs and others her ankles so wide it hurt, and with her bottom on the edge. Navarro first pulled her wet little pet pussy lips apart so that he could get at her now not so tiny clit, she winced in pain as he sadistically pinched pulled and twisted her swollen little clitoris!!!...argggg the pain was awful as he slowly released his grip and then very softly started manipulating it, Jo orgasmed almost immediately followed by another. Navarro still with a sadistic grin was quite amused by the fact that he could sadistically twist pull and abuse her clitoris, followed by softly stroking it and each time this would produce another orgasm.... Her master had walked back over and had forced her mouth open and had placed the red ball gag in buckling it as the same time.

Several of the men that were holding her, had in broken English encouraged Navarro to to keep it up as they had never seen a young pet have so many orgasms in a row. Jo was now going from pain to pleasure, back and forth so many times she could not comprehend only that it was so awesome and sadistically pleasurable. Navarro had unzipped his pants and removed them this produced a perfect dick that was every bit as large as her masters, with the men holding her apart Navarro placed the head of his cock between her pet pussy lips and slowly and forcefully started pushing it in!...

Jo had been played with and whipped hard but her pussy was small for a big pet, and with the expanded butt plug still at the max had made her pussy even smaller yet, she was so wet from all the previous orgasms as well as being very stimulated that her lips mound and opening slowly stretched to allow Navarro's hard cock to penetrate her virgin pet pussy!!! as it went farther and farther she stretched more and more. She was young and soft at first it was just uncomfortable, but as it slowly went deeper her discomfort became almost unbearable. She had never experienced anything like this and did not know what to expect.

Once his cock would go no further he just held it still, this allowed her slit walls to gradually expand she could feel this happen to where it was almost bearable. Just when she was starting to relax some he started to slowly pull out and when the head was just inside her opening he rammed it into her with all the force he could muster. Jo screamed but the ball gag allowed only an Eeeee!!!! squeaking squeal, a small amount of blood squirted out around her broken cherry as each time he trusted in with his 12" cock going from balls hitting her bottom to almost out and then ramming in each time. Less and less along with her cunt juice squirted out until only a small amount was seeping out and around his meat and running down around the plug and onto the table.

It did not take Navarro long before he exploded with a large amount of stored up semen this also squirted out around his cock and ran down and around her butt plug! The initial painful intercourse was starting to fade as Navarro finally pulled out with a grunt! And the next two followed in his place, time for Jo was a blur, as every pent up horny male laborer used her over and over she felt so used and so cheep her little pet pussy was so stretched and sore that it felt as tho it was on fire. Her bottom with the swollen welts was just starting to subside into a warm sensual glow. It was well after midnight when her master returned , he had watched her deflowering and had left her there to be used. Most of the workers had satisfied themselves, some numerous times, her master had pulled her up off the table and had slipped her green heels on along with her leash she was barely able to stand as he almost had to drag her out of the pole barn and back up the hill she could hardly walk and every time she tried to stop it was met with a stinging lash from her masters whip!!!..

It seemed like such a long way back up the hill as he finally lead her into the barn and into her cage, he unhooked her leash removed the ball gag and shoved her to the floor slamming the door and locking the cage, as he walked off he said, just think! You get to do this all over again tomorrow!!!... Jo was so tired and used she hardly was able to comprehend what he had said, she slipped off her heels and sank into her bunk and with in a few minutes was sound asleep.

She woke up late the next morning to the smell of food. She was famished and the food in her bowl was very good, the fact that she had not eaten since the day before had made her even hungrier. Her mouth and lips were a little sore as she ate, and her knees were still bruised and sensitive from being paraded around like a little animal!, but her little pet pussy seemed to still be wide open from the stretching she had endured the day before that left her clit exposed to the air and her bottom was sticking up and wiggling around as she ate her food. Navarro had been standing next to the cage watching her red welted bottom and had commented how red and sore looking her pet pussy looked and that he planned on doing the same later that evening!. Her master said he would be down to hose her off and that after she could rest up and get ready for later that evening. He also said that he had invited several truck drivers that would be staying till Monday and that she should be especially nice to them. So now she would have to accommodate them as well, this brought the the total of horny men to over sixteen!!!...

Saturday night was almost a repeat of Friday with the exception of the extra truck drivers they seemed to be even more brutal as they would probably not get another chance at her and had really had her suck them off several times, as well as fucking her really hard. During the week her master would take her into the special room in the barn and do to her the same thing he did the first night and would bind her up good to where she couldn't move and really fuck her in the ass.

Several times during the week he would tie her with a rope around her waist and up through her slit and her hands behind her back and would put the red ball gag in her mouth and then tie her to the back of his red farm jeep and slowly drive around the farm so that his workers could fondle her and so that she would get her exercise. The next several months went by fast as she had resigned herself to the fact that this was going to be her lot in life and that she truly was a pet slut and a whore her pussy was now easily able to take on almost any cock and she was starting to enjoy sucking any and all of the workers even her masters cum was beginning to taste better.

Late one Saturday night after she had been used well by most of the workers, Navarro was the last, and he had been forcefully face fucking her to the point of really gagging her, to where she could not breath, he had been repeatedly slapping her, so she really bit his dick so hard it left teeth marks, he was quite surprised and screamed obscenities in half Spanish and English as he jerked his sore and bitten cock out. Her leash was not on at the time, as Navarro had carelessly left it unhooked, something her master had told him not to do. Jo was now "terrified" at what he was going to do to her!. Now that she was loose and no one else was around to help him she had ran off into the dark.

At first she had no idea where to go, there were about a dozen small cabins behind the pole barn that housed the workers and behind them was a stream along with a number of trees and overgrowth that ran for several miles out into the farm land. She knew sooner or later she would be found but was scared and uncertain as to just what to do? She had been running between the cabins and was just about to head out into the trees, and under brush. She could hear Navarro still cussing and bitching and yelling that when he found her she was really going to get it! As she passed the back porch of the last cabin she had this overpowering thought in her head of a soft female voice and it had a Spanish accent and was saying, here over here!

Jo stopped as the thought again said down here under the porch, she knelt down and was trying to see just where she was to go, as who ever it was grabbed her and pulled her through a very small opening under the porch, it was dark, she hesitated with her little pet heart pounding, was afraid to stay, and was sure she would be caught!, she tried to pull away but who ever it was held her tight. No sooner had this happened she heard Navarro run by along with several other men hollering again in broken English, she's gone out into the bushes help me find the bitch, she should be easy to find!.and boy when I find her she is going to get it!!!.. She could hear him along with several more men who had joined the search as they moved farther and farther out into the field until she could barely hear them. The voice in her head said, as she was being held tight, you will be safe here with me at least until morning.

As Jo's eyes became accustom to the dark she could now see for the first time a young Latina pet, that was almost the same age as her! And that she could now feel her, big breasts, that were crushed against her back. With her heart pounding and her breasts heaving she heard the men coming back, and heard Navarro say we will have to wait until morning so in the daylight we should be able to find her, she can't have gotten far as he muttered under his breath the boss is going to kill me if his favorite pet gets away.

The voice then said so sweetly everything will be alright as she slowly released her grip and turned her around so that they faced each other. Jo had not seen another pet since she had left the shelter and was surprised that their was another in the camp. She had so many questions. First what was her name, the girl replied Thelma ( Now I want you to think of Thelma Hyatt the incredibly beautiful Latina actress) She two, had very large breasts and was the most beautiful site, and that unless under these terrible circumstances Jo would have never gotten to see or meet her!

Thelma's thoughts went on to say as they hugged one another, she had been smuggled into the country along with her parents several nights before and when crossing the boarder with the coyotes ( smugglers) they had run across the border patrol and during the commotion had been separated from her parents, one of the men in the group knew her father and they both had ran in the same direction and were able to get away in the dark and into the thick underbrush to hide. The Agents weren't to concerned as they had easily taken into custody most of those who were trying to come across into the US.

Thelma had been worried about her parents but knew that they would be eventually returned to there home in Mexico and was quite concerned about the money they had spent that was now gone. The man she had escaped with told her to stay with him and he would see to it that she would be okay, and when he returned to work at the camp he had smuggled her in late one evening. He had made this secluded place under the back porch for her to stay until he could figure a way to send her elsewhere.

This situation was just about the best thing that had ever happened to Jo, Thelma was so beautiful and the way her thoughts came across it sounded so sweet as her accent alone was so delightfully appealing, Jo could not believe the feeling she was getting by just being next to this gorgeous young female pet, at first they hugged and what started as a thankful kiss suddenly became much more and was not at all sisterly either! They were soon passionately kissing one another with careless abandon, oh! It felt so wonderful.

Jo had not had anyone show her any love affection or concern since she had left the pet shelter and even there they were only nice to her. She did not fully understand her new mixed feelings and was even more surprised how wet she was becoming down in her gentiles. She only knew it felt good, and very good, she was so relaxed and was drifting off almost to asleep as she felt Thelma go from kissing her on the lips, to her neck and then to her breasts!

She dared not move wanting it never to stop! She had heard in the shelter about pets that enjoyed being with other pets, but had been raised only to please a master? OMG she felt Thelma's breasts move across her stomach and Thelma's beautiful red lips slowly descend onto her now very wet, and well stimulated pet pussy. As her lips surrounded her clitoris, Jo could not hold back or help herself, she squealed out a very long high pitched screech as she orgasmed. Thelma had tried to put her hand on Jo's mouth but it was to late.

Several of the lights had come on due to the noise and she heard voices, the man who's back porch they were under came out and hollered in Spanish not to worry it was only two cats mating and to go back to sleep. He then said in a low voice to be quiet or they would all be in trouble!. Jo was biting her tongue as Thelma continued loving on Jo's soft but well used sweet pussy, this was so much better than even her first orgasm!!.. , as Thelma seemed to know instinctively just how, where and what to do that made Jo into a "helpless gasping pet" that could not, and did not want to do anything to stop this wonderful feeling.

They had fallen asleep in each others arms and for Jo it was so blissful she did not wake up until almost noon. Late that afternoon they were still holding each other when they heard voices it was about her, the men had been out in the field along the stream and had found nothing?

Navarro was very worried as his boss could be really mean and the fact that his favorite pet was missing was not looking so good for him. It was now late Sunday evening and he had been using the entire crew to help look for her. He had been thinking and paused, saying to himself as much as anyone she could not have gotten into the next county as it was just to far!, and that they had not found any pet foot prints or tracks around the stream or out into the field seemed to confirm this. He then came to the conclusion that she must still be in the camp somewhere?, but where, and said I want you to look in every possible place where a pet could hide and if we can't find her then, we will borrow the dogs.

This last statement had terrified both Thelma and Jo as they had heard about these dogs, they were trained to fight each other and were Illegal not only to have but were quite vicious.

Both of them were now very worried and it would only be a short period of time when they would probably be found, they did not know just what to do, but decided to wait until later that evening and then try to sneak out. Thelma said she knew the way and had several friends of her parents that might be able to help if they could only get there, it was however quite a long distance away.

The men had supposedly looked everywhere but had still not found Jo, or Thelma both were now starting to think that they might have a chance to getaway when she heard her master who had finally returned from town cussing at Navarro , calling him an idiot and when he discovered that they had not already called out the dogs he was even madder yet. Now it was only a matter of time until they were found!

They could hear the dogs yelping some distance away neither knew just what to do and were now more scared than ever. Navarro himself had to be careful around these dogs he had used Jo's green high heels to give them the scent and within only a few minutes there noses were under the porch, Thelma was hitting them on the nose with a stick that only seemed to make them more vicious. Finally the dogs were pulled back and Navarro said come on out we know your under there. Jo slowly came out and they at first thought that the dogs were still carrying on as the dogs hated pets and if let loose would really bite their bottoms. They could not understand why the dogs still wanted under the porch! When to everyone's astonishment Thelma finally appeared. My gawd they now had two beautiful young pets to abuse.

A leash was quickly attached to Jo's collar and some one had come up with another one for Thelma both were lead back up to the pole barn and were tied up with there hands over their heads and there legs apart to poles next to each other. Thelma now that she was in the light was the most beautiful thing these men had ever seen and even Jo was more impressed than ever. Not only did she have a beautiful body her skin was perfect as was her muff but what was really impressive was, that she two had very large breasts, not as big as Jo's but they were even more shapely.

Jo's master had found his whip and had asked Navarro if he wanted to be first to punish her! His sadistic streak along with the fact that she had caused him so much trouble left him almost drooling in anticipation to really whip her and for all he was worth!. Her master had been eying Thelma and could not believe his luck in not only finding Jo but in his new coop of acquiring this beautiful young Latina pet that had cost him nothing. He had walked up and was fondling her breasts, as his hands then went to her shapely soft round bottom, he was saying boy, I am really going to love fucking you in the ass!!!..

The last is in the continuation of part 4

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It's really great that people are sharing this infrmoaiton.

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Good story but you went to far sadisticaly in 18 men to fuck your pet, N you scard her body by whipping her, insted to enjoy her, N only then when you got tired you leave her to the others, to bad you dint let your dog fuck her in the ass, that will be something to see

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