Okay, let me start out by saying i was stupid as a kid. I was 9 years old and i had beaten the shit out of a 1st grader. I got expelled and my parents didn't trust me much, so even when i was 12 i still had to have a babysitter.

My parents tried getting my babysitter to come over, butshe and her family were on vacation. So they had to callup another one. I was upstairs watching Family Feud on TV and my parents yelled up that the babysitter was here. Whatever, like I cared much. I went down stairs and expected to see a granny or something, she was not. When i saw her my jaw dropped. She was tall, blonde, big breasted, and as i was geussing she was about 16. "HI" she said in a perky voice. I ran back up stairs, ran into the bathroom, closed the door, and started jacking off. She was the only thing i could think of as i pounded my rod. I finished up and went back down stairs to get a drink. Except this time when i saw her she was lying on the couch, watching TV, with her feet towards me. I wasn't much of a big deal except that i could see up her skirt and she wasn't wearing panties. I got my drink and walked into the room acting cool, I sat downon the chair next to the couch. The perfect angle in which to watch her pussy. "You like what you see don't you?" she said. "What are you talking about?" "You were looking up my skirt, I saw you besides you have erection I can see it" I looked down at my pants, the tent was sprug up

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2014-12-31 22:09:23
never end a story with a preposition

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2014-11-13 04:18:23
come on you could of gone so far with this

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2014-08-24 02:47:28
da fuck is this not what i was thinking after the title


2012-05-22 15:27:52
let me guess, you had to write an essay titled 'my most embarsasing moment' for your fourth grade english teacher. Only, the irony is that your essay is the embarrasing moment. so good marks for hidden curriculum. Otherwise.... yeah, i'm going to stick with no comment. but i agree the story could have potential.If you let somebody (anybody) else write it.

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2011-09-30 00:52:27
are you fucking stupid?!

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