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After spending the majority of a year working over seas i was due too come home for a little rest and relaxation. When my wife came to pick me up at the airport i could hardly believe my eyes, my wife is a very tall slender physically fit 50 year old woman but wow the woman at the airport was just drop dead sexy. She was dressed in a black mini skirt with black hose with the seam running up the back of her legs and a black silk blouse that was extremely revealing both by its sheer material and being low cut and halter top type. We greeted each other with a big fat wet juicey kiss full of lots of tongue action. As we made our way to the parking garage i couldnt help but keep looking at her awesome body much like every man in the airport was doing. We had to go up three levels before coming to the top of the garage area where our car was nearly the only one there. Not thinking anything about it i helped my pretty lady into the passenger side front seat, i almost had my breathe taken away when she extended her nice long legs out to get into the car it was legs for ever and man are they awesome to see. After closing her door and making my way to the drivers side and getting inside we felt as though it was time for another nice long smooche i mean it had been a whole year spent apart. Our lips locked and our tongues caressed each others mouths and naturally my wandering hands found their way into her blouse where i found she had on a nice little shelf bra that held her titties up but allowed her nipples to be perked up on top without restrictions wow what a nice feeling after so long away. I instantly felt the hardness of her perky nipples as they stood already erect. My other hand found its way to her knee then worked its way up under her mini skirt to find another surprise she was wearing a garter belt with the hose and some crotchless panties that left her nice love mound exposed. I instantly felt the warm wetness of her already hungry pussy, she said she wasnt sure if she could wait till we made the 45 minute trip home and i agreed we didnt have to so we climbed into the back seat, naturally being the gentleman that i am i allowed her to go first mainly so i could look up her dress as she climbed over but with the miniskirt i didnt have real far to look man did her ass look awesome under that skirt with the black crotchless panties. I made my way to the back seat just in time to have her bury her face into my crotch as she hurriedly pulled down my zipper and found her way to my long hard dick. She began stroking it with her lips up 1 side and down the other till she consumed the whole thing into her hot juicey mouth while i played with her ass and now fully moist pussy rubbing her clit in rythm with her strokes down my dick. She worked me right up to the point of nearly coming in her mouth but stopped and said its been a long time and she doesnt want me to come to early. She then situated herself onto my lap as i unbuttoned her blouse to fully expose her awesome titties. The nipples were like little marshmallows and so sweet. She slid my now throbbing hard dick just inside the opening of her pussy working the tip of it on the nerve endings just inside. She rode that for a while and then turned around and sat down backwards onto my hard dick as i slapped her ass to keep her moving and played with her titties some more as she rubbed my balls she bounced up and down on my lap telling me how much she loved and missed my rock hard cock being inside her pussy. She rode my dick cowgirl style in the backseat till she was nearly exhausted but she was sex starved and wanted some more so she told me to get out of the car and who was i to argue we made our way to the front of the car where she laid down on the hood and commanded me to get busy so I again stuck my long hard cock tip into the opening of her now drinched pussy and worked the tip in and out just barely entering to increase the pleasure i rubbed her fully erect clit with my fingers as she held her long lovely legs skyward allowing me all the access i wished to have. After fucking her long and hard on the hood i told her to slide down and put her stilleto heels on the ground and bend over the front of the car where i slid my dick up and down the crack of her ass occassionally teasing her asshole with the tip. Then once again entering into her pussy i began to slam her from behind as my hips collieded with her ass cheeks and my balls slammed against her taint. as my hands held both her hips and she fingered her clit. Wanting to get another grip i reached around and held onto her boucing titties for a while. We fucked nine ways from sunday in the parking lot before we got into the car and started home. All the way home she had her hand inside my pants keeping my dick hard for more action when arrived home. Once arriving home she disappeared into the bedroom while i poured us some wine taking the wine into the bedroom i found my gorgeous wife laying on the bed in a black nightie that had 3 chains running across the front just crossing her awesome tits going up and tieing onto a lace choker around her neck. and a black lace pany that had a single chain that ran right up her pussy and disappeared inside her pussy lips.... she said this is where the action begins again

my wife says i should write erotic stories about our love life so other women can see what their husbands should be writing about them im not sure let me know what you think

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2010-04-30 01:04:36
Since your wife wants you to write the stories tell her to show you how to do it properly, important to keep a reader's interest.

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2010-04-29 23:12:23
arab sex haifa wahbi porn

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2010-04-29 22:20:26
Please use paragraphs. It's painful trying to read this on a screen.

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