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Yet another poem of lost love...originally posted under 67Goat...
All the trust we’ve built together,
Bonds developed from the start,
Have somehow been ripped in two,
Like you ripped apart my heart.

Funny how you think you know someone,
Because you lie beside them in bed,
But it’s only their words you’ll ever hear,
Not what goes on inside their head.

Now you tell me you want to leave,
With barely a spoken goodbye,
Taking your things and walking out,
And I’m left to wonder why.

Haven’t I been good to you?
So loving and so kind,
But you say you’re moving on,
Just leaving me behind.

I just have to try to realize,
To you I never really did belong,
This is something you had to do,
It’s nothing I did wrong.

So much may happen in life,
So much I’ll never understand,
So many things I’ve had to deal with,
So much of it unplanned.

I just hope someday you realize,
As you’re sitting alone and sad,
That the one you chose to leave,
Was the best you ever had.


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2013-10-13 17:21:20
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2013-04-28 06:32:34
What a lovely lovely poem that's a true picture of life l,, and Loveland regret I know I'm the one. Regretting. It. Cannot tell him because he dead

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2013-02-27 05:54:42
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2013-02-06 00:50:39
I feel this..this is true feeling from the heart..great way to express yourself!!

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2012-09-14 20:56:29
This is very good to read

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