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Ok. Where to begin. Well for starters, my wife and I married at a very young age. She was 15 and I was 18. I think it’s safe to say we grew up together. We have a very above average sex life. We like to have fun and we are very open with each other. Like all girls her age, she has one particular friend that she’s extremely close with and remains close with now. My wife, “Talisha”, is a very lovely woman. She stands at 5’ 4” and weighs 145# with brownish black hair, big beautiful blue eyes and the most wonderful set of 36C breasts one could hope for. Her friend “Becca”. Is a very pretty lady as well. She’s 5’ 2” 140# with sandy blonde hair, green eyes and very cute and suckable 34B breasts. When we were dating I would often go over to Talishas house and spend time with her. On weekends it was not uncommon for Becca to be there spending the night. It was also not uncommon for them to bathe together as well. With that said, it should be extremely obvious that they are very close. Well several years from this time goes by and Talisha and I are well into making our lives together a success, Becca has married her high school sweetheart as well and through all this time they were able to remain real good, close friends. We would all get together from time to time on the weekends and watch a movie, go swimming, or just hang out and talk. Finally one night Beccas husband “Tim” shared with Talisha and myself that Becca wanted to play around with Talisha if she was willing. Well with me being a guy and Tm being a guy we were all for this. Talisha was naturally kind of hesitant but there was never a time she flat out said no. One could see that there was an underlying interest there. After a bit of coaxing and a couple mixed drinks, Talisha agreed. The entire encounter didn’t last maybe 30 minutes but it was sure a joy to watch. This happened several more times and as each encounter would occur, the girls would get more and more comfortable with each other. Naturally with all of us being this close, we were comfortable talking about different things our partners like in bed. Let me just say I’m truly a blessed man to be married to Talisha. She has always let me do anything I want to her. She loves to please. That’s just the way she is and I love her for it. Well it seems our discussion revealed the fact that Becca won’t let Tim cum in her mouth. Talisha does this for me quite often and even told them as much right then and there. Well the discussion soon settles down and the evening winds down and before I know it the workweek is back upon us. I’m at work one day, just a few days after our little conversation and I get a call from Talisha. It seems that she just had got a text from Tim wanting to know if there was a scenario in which she would do for him what Becca wouldn’t in the form of letting him cum in her mouth. Now when she informs me of this, I’m honestly unsure as to how I should react. Should I be angry? About the time I was pondering that, I just so happened to notice how hard my dick had become at the very thought of this. Immediately any anger that may have been there was long gone. I was honestly very sexually aroused at the thought of this. I asked Talisha what her thoughts on this were and she said she was in awe of the question. I then asked her if she would be willing to suck the both of us at the same time. We discussed it for a few more minutes at which time she hesitantly agreed. Much to my surprise maybe 45 minutes later I received a text from Talisha saying that Tim would be to our house that evening by 6pm. This was all I could think about for the rest of the day at work. Well I get home that evening around 5:20pm. I go get myself a shower and change into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Talisha had spent a large part of her day cleaning up the house and putting things in order for our planned evening. She even went so far as to go get her fingernails and sexy little toes painted for this encounter. She had dressed herself in a pair of black Umbro soccer shorts sans panties, a tight t-shirt and no shoes. My how her sexy little bare feet and toes turn me on! By this time it’s around 5:45 and I help her make up the bed and put the finishing touches on the house. Several minutes later, we hear a knock at the door. My heart drops inside my chest just as hers does the same thing. Its time. No backing out now. It’s going to happen. I take a second to kiss her deeply and to tell her to just relax and go with the moment and do her best to have fun with it. I proceed downstairs to answer the door and greet Tim. I lead him upstairs to the bedroom and Talisha is there setting on the side of the bed. It’s kind of an awkward moment in the way that this being all three of our first times at something like this; no one really knows what to say. Suddenly Tim starts to undress and Talisha and I do the same thing. He crawls on the bed first and sits down with his back up against the headboard of the bed on the right side. I set down in the same position on the left of the bed. Talisha crawls on her knees between us and grabs both of our cocks at the same time and begins to stroke us. Her sexy little hands feel so warm and soft on my cock. I’m quite sure it felt the same way for Tim. Talisha does this for a minute or so then, staying on her knees leans over and takes my 8” into her mouth and starts sucking me while still stroking Tim’s 4” of hardness. Tim immediately moves to behind Talisha and motions to her pussy that is wide open for the taking. I nod my approval still not sure what he had in mind for her. I then see him put his face behind her and start to lap at her wetness. I can actually hear the slurping. Immediately the rhythm in which Talisha was sucking my cock with increased at least 5 fold. She absolutely loved this. By this time I’m so horny and ready to explode, I’m trying to think about other things so I don’t cum too quickly. Suddenly he removes his face from my wife’s pussy and reassumes his position on the bed. My wife pulls off of my cock and looks at me as if to say “here goes” and takes his cock into her mouth. Still stroking me with her sexy hands I look over to see her going up and down on his cock and this proves to be too much for me. I blow my load right then and there. With her knowing my cock the way that she does, she just keeps stroking until my cock stops ejaculating and never once looses the rhythm that her mouth had on his cock. Apparently this sight was too much for him as well because I see him place his right hand on the back of Talishas head and thrust his hips straight up against her face. I hear a faint gag come from her and I see her cheeks pooched out to their limits. A few seconds later, he removes his hand from behind her head and she pulls off of his cock. She looks at me with a wad of cum on her chin and attempts two times to swallow the enormous load that she was just force fed. After her second attempt, she runs into the bathroom and closes the door and returns a couple minutes later. By this time Tim is back dressed. Talisha asks us if everybody had a good time. Of course we say we had an excellent time and Tim proceeds to show himself out the door.

The end.

More to come pending positive replies!


2010-06-03 17:03:18
talk about eating and run....

Big DReport

2010-05-24 16:22:50
I know this has to be true. Wish my wife would do that!!!


2010-04-26 19:04:24
The basic plt was excellent, but you could have go a little bit more indepth on the scenario. It would have been more exciting if you went into what you and Tim were feeling. Any story will become more exciting when you add you own (or explain someone elses) feelings to it. Keep up with the work, though. only time will allow you to become better. Just like sex.


2010-04-26 14:59:42
very hot story me and my girlfriend have been talking about it she wants two at the same time deepthrout


2010-04-26 05:33:25
Nice one. Hope your wife enjoyed it as mine does it as well and has no hangups about it!

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