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Brown hair, Green eyes, BB cup tits and an apple ass. Perfect male bait......
The cool fresh air swirled around me, enveloping me in a blanket of fresh moss, buttercups and rain. I walked slowly in the partly cloud covered sky. The sun was gone and the moon was at its highest. I was just walking home from my friends birthday party wich included tuns of guys, 3 male stripers and a fuck tun of alcohol. I was walking home slow and taking in the night not needing a ride, seeing as I wasen't drunk.

I walked down telberstone drive and turned down a vacent allie. It was completely submerged in darkness and I had a weired feeling that someone was watching me. My walk quickened as I reached the middel of the allie when something or someone jumped at me. I screamed and fell waving my arms crazily. " Stop, stop! I didn't do anything!!!!" I looked up to see a friendly face. The homeless man was dirty and smelled like smoke and garbage. " GET OFF ME!!!!!" He moved quickly away and whimpered as he craweled into a corner.

I felt sympathy wash over me and I craweled closer to the sweet young man. " I - I - I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." I took his hand into mine and smiled my most brilliant smile. He smiled back at me and said " I thaught you were one of the people who took my wife away. I am sorry." I noded as I staired into his sad, sad eyes. " Here, come with me and I will get you washed up and dressed in better clothing. Then you can tell me about those people who took your wife" I stood up and helped pulled him up when someone came around the corner.

He was a young guy, about 2 or 3 years older than myself, being 22. He had wonderful green eyes, the same as mine, and gourgous jet black hair. He was taller than me by and inch or 2. He wasn't buff but he was deffinatly not skinny. He was wearing a riped up kiss shirt, dark, dark jeans that look old and worn, he was wearing a choker that had chains and dimond shaped points. His shoe was a black army boot that had seen better days. His clothing were like mine except mine were for girls obviously. My short, short, SHORT shorts were riped and torn and showed quite a bit of my dark violet lace thong. My shirt was pure purple with pictures of wings onthe back. It was also torn to show my matching bra. My choker was different. His thorns that were dimond shape face out wards mine faced inwards meaning I was looking for a master.

His eyes shone in the moon light, showing that he was a sinister man, but I could see deep into those eyes, there was passion and love and care. " I came out to see what was wrong. I could hear you screaming." His voice was deep and carmelized with a very light russian accent.
" Um, thank you. I will be just fine." I started to turn to walk away but the man was suddenly at my side. " I see your collar, mine means dominance. Are you looking for a master?" I noded. All I have ever wanted was a master to treat me like the whore I was. " Come. Come with me to my castle." I noded and told the poor man were I lived and gave him my keys.

The man grabed my hand and pulled me, Pulled me to a large limbo. He grabed out rope and tape and smile exposing his teeth. Thats when I realized what he was, why he was different, A vampire! I tried to strugle but he gave me a swat on the ass " I love it when they fight back." I pulled and pushed but could not get away from his killer grip. I saw the bulge in the front of his jeans and tried to get away but pointles was all it was. ' His forever' was the line that played over and over in my head. knowing this comment would be the last straw. I coulden't wait any longer. " They only fucked you cause they were desprate." He put a hand around my neck and squized his eyes blazing. He realized only seconds after why I was doing this. He laughed and squized tigher. " You like this don't you?" He grabed one of my nipled and pulled, letting go and repeating. I noded my head. He let go of my neck and threw me back against the wall. He crouched down and took my tit into his mouth. He slurped and licked and bit all over my hard tits. " You like this don't you slut?" I moaned in responce to his question. He stood up and tied my hands again. He kneeled down and smacked my pussy 6 times making me yelp like a puppy. " How about this you easy fuck?" He started to nible and suck on my clit feariously. He began to finger my driping wet pussy. I wanted to grab his head and pull his hair but I was tie up.He played and played, like a 2 year old with a new dump truck or Thomas the traing toy. He changed from my tits to my pussy and back. Suckling hard on my niples. He stood up fast
with a hungry face, He riped off his clothing and untied me.

The 10 minutes he was playing with me made him have a hard-on again. It stood straight up at attention, throbing up and down. I guess the taste of pussy was enough to turn him on. He untied me from the wall and through me on to the ground. I fliped over onto my back to see masters face but he turned me back on my stomach. He lifted my ass in the air and without warning, plunged in. He didn't bother starting slow and working his way up, He went from hard to harder. He wraped my long dark brown hair in his hand and pulled my head back to get more leverage. He was pounding me. Not showing any mercy what-so-ever. " Is this what you wanted you stuped cunt?" He asked between breaths. " YES!!!! YES!!!! Fuck!!" I was having the best sex I had ever had, Hard and fast. He slamed my ass making me yelp in pain urging him to go faster. His balls slaped against my body, going a speed I didn't know was real. I moaned and screamed his name " JEREMY!!!!!!!!!!!!" Master slaped me accross the face and slaped my ass several times. " THAT IS NOT MY NAME TO YOU!" I Quickly corrected myself and said master. I was soooo close to cumming and so was he. " Who does this pussy belong to? Huh? Who" I was so close to cumming I could almost not
talk " YOU!!!! MY TIGHT, PINK PUSSY BELONGS TO YOU MASTER!!!!" I camm hard. My cumm squirted everywere and I was screaming in lust and ectasie. My body shook and shook when finaly master yelled " I am sooooo close fuck! Who is your master?" He punded me faster this time hurting me very badly only making the following orgazim better. " You are my Master!" He camm, Shooting several loads of cumm into me I took every shot, enjoying in his warm seed squirting into my body. As soon as he finished I collapsed. He caught his breath and through me off him. " Thats how you fuck a bitch." Before he closed the door he said, " You passed the test, You are now my sex slave." He closed the door with a slam. I smiled to myself. I am going to be happy here, me and my master.

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2013-04-06 18:00:36
i cummed just reading this

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2011-10-27 11:11:14
This makes everything so completely pnialess.


2010-04-24 18:07:28
The story has potential, I loved the dominant element from the vampire. But I agree that you have to improve your spelling and grammar. After all, a good story is not just the plot.... it's also how well it is written. Work on that (spelling checker ftw?), take your time on describing the sexual acts and your next story should be much better :)


2010-04-23 23:36:56
it wasn't bad at all a little short and choppy and yes the grammar and spelling weren't really to the standard I prefer but I did enjoy the supernatural aspect and dominating a slut well who doesn't like that. keep going I think your doing very well.

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2010-04-23 00:21:50
couldnt read it all with all the bad ass spelling, wanneb twilight fan

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